June 13, 2011

V. B. Rose [Chapter 64 - 67]

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At her house, Tsuyu is holding on a portfolio as she is deeply thinking about something. Her young looking father tells her it is okay if she doesn’t want to go. Looking a bit troubled, Tsuyu says she will go else her aunt will be quite troubled about it. It is already spring in April. Ageha is now a third year student. She is given a paper to think of her ‘ambition/goal’ after high school. While standing in front of VBR, she is quite troubled about it and can’t think of something especially since her situation isn’t the same as her sister. Maybe she should consult her teacher about what profession would be good. The door suddenly opens. Mitsuya hugs Ageha tight and shouts that something bad happened. Ageha freaks out that Mitsuya’s habit of hugging her has reappeared. Ageha grabs him and flips him backward then toss him away. Ageha then asked him what is wrong. Mitsuya’s head hurts and says that Ageha has developed good instincts. Mitsuya cries and points inside. He says that something happened to Yukari. Ageha asks what is the matter. Mitsuya says that Yukari is unhappy in love. She quickly goes inside to see Yukari talking with Maki. To her surprise, Yukari just got a new haircut. Ageha freaks out that it is true, she doesn’t remember being dumped. [I don’t get it ^^;; New hairstyle = new love?]

Yukari slaps her head and says what foolishness is she talking about. Maki says it looks ‘fresh’ on Yukari. Ageha realizes that it was Maki who cut Yukari’s hair. She asks Yukari if he had any change of heart thus changed his hairstyle. Yukari says nothing has changed, it is just that it has been three years since his father’ death anniversary so he can now cut his hair a bit. While Yukari and Maki are talking, Ageha looks at Yukari’s new hairstyle and thought it is really nice. She kept on looking at him that the other guys smile over it and this made Yukari blush. Maki pushes Yukari to Ageha and says why don’t they go lovey-dovey while Mitsuya says he is going to Rosa. The two quickly leave. Yukari falls down on Ageha. He had to pull her up and says, really those two. He tells Ageha that he has something he wants her to do. He looks a bit puzzled as to why Ageha is looking around. He was pleasantly surprised when Ageha hugs him from behind. He asks what is it. Ageha smiles and says that she thinks his haircut looks good on him. Yukari gives her a kiss. Just as they are about to kiss again, Tsuyu calls out, good afternoon. The two quickly separate and nervously says hi. Tsuyu realizes something is up that she quickly turns around and says sorry for interrupting. The two shout for her not to leave.

Dark Mitsuya is then in front of Tsuyu who asks her why is she like that [interrupting], when the two finally had an opportunity to be together alone. Tsuyu gets really nervous and says that she has come to make a delivery. Mitsuya asks then why do you seem to be going out. Tsuyu stammers for an answer. He then asks that since before, he wanted to know why won’t she look at him when they are talking. Tsuyu shouts that she can’t. Mitsuya asks why. Tsuyu says after doing that thing, I have no face to look at him. Mitsuya says so she is conscious of that. He darkly smiles and says so why do you still come here. Tsuyu freaks out. Ageha feels sorry for Tsuyu for it is like a snake staring at a frog. Yukari says that they should go back to work. Ageha wonders if Tsuyu will be okay. Ageha remembers from Mitsuya’s story about the girl he likes whom he can’t forget. Would he still have the same feelings for her? Ageha just mentally cheers Tsuyu to do her best. Upstairs, Ageha asks why does Mitsuya always like to scare Tsuyu. Yukari says it is because Mitsuya is a guy who have fallen in love while he was still in elementary. Ageha is shock and screams out loud. Yukari tells her to keep it down. Ageha asks really, really, and the girl is.. Yukari quickly covers Ageha’s mouth. Yukari says it is more or less like that but he doesn’t know the details. Ageha is really thrilled about this information that the two knew each other since elementary and it could be that up to now, they still like each other. Yukari tells Ageha to quit it and just work already. All of a sudden, Mitsuya sneezes. He asks Tsuyu if she is saying bad things about him. This freaks out Tsuyu.

The next day, Ageha is looking at Mitsuya in anticipation while he is working. She keeps on thinking dreamily that Mitsuya asks if there is something she wants to ask. Ageha says Tsuyu will be coming today. Mitsuya calls Tsuyu stupid for bringing back what she should have delivered yesterday. Ageha asks and who caused that. Mitsuya says it isn’t his fault. Mitsuya starts to cough that Ageha asks if he has a cold. Mitsuya sniffs and says he doesn’t think so. Ageha happily says that she brought something for everyone. It is a couple of juice pack – one orange flavor while the other is grape flavor. She says it is 100% fruit juice and with it, his cold will go away. Mitsuya holds the two juices and asks if one of them is Tsuyu’s. Ageha happily says it is. To her shock, Mitsuya drinks the two at the same time. Mitsuya tells Ageha that they tasted strange. Ageha shouts that isn’t the way to drink it. Mitsuya says that he will tell her why Tsuyu can’t drink those because if something doesn’t agree with Tsuyu, she will get feverish. [The scans are cut so I’m partly guessing that] Ageha then just giggles because he knows about that and asks why did he have to drink all of Tsuyu’s juice. Mitsuya just says because he is thirsty. Ageha says he just said that it tasted weird. Ageha tells him if he treats Tsuyu nicely then things would be better between them. Mitsuya flicks Ageha’s forehead and says there is something wrong with her eyes. Ageha cries over it. Mitsuya sighs and asks her does she know why Tsuyu acts that way towards him. [Scans are cut as Ageha asks if it is because of something, probably because Mitsuya is always scaring Tsuyu] Mitsuya says she is wrong. He looks cold as he says that Tsuyu feels ashamed toward him. Ageha is surprised by this. Dark Mitsuya smiles and says, do you want me to tell you a secret, Ageha? Ageha happily asks what is it. He tells her that in grade six, he was dumped. A scene of young Tsuyu bowing to Mitsuya, saying sorry. Ageha is utterly shock.

How could it be that Mitsuya was rejected by Tsuyu, Ageha thought. Just then, they hear Tsuyu calling out if anyone is there, are they at the work area. Mitsuya is telling Ageha that if she dare say anything about.. Ageha has already stand up and quickly runs out. She goes to Tsuyu who is surprised asking what is the matter. Ageha grabs her and scarily tell Tsuyu, you are coming with me. Tsuyu is puzzled as Ageha takes her to the nearby café. While having some drinks, Tsuyu asks didn’t Ageha knew. After a pause, Ageha realized what she just did and asks if Tsuyu was angry since she was really surprised when she just recently heard of what happened then. Tsuyu just slightly smiles and says that it is because of family affairs that she has to move away. Ageha asks if it is when she was in elementary. Tsuyu says that’s right and the reason is ‘divorce’. She went with her father and moved to his hometown. And the reason behind that is her mother really loves her younger brother but treats her quite harshly so she was really pressured. Compare to her outstanding brother, she is quite disappointing. Tsuyu smiles as she remembers the past. At that time – Flashback: In section 4-1, young Tsuyu is reading a book alone in the classroom. Mitsuya approached her and told she that he have read that book and he thinks it is interesting. He asked her if she likes that book. Tsuyu blushed and said yes. Mitsuya offered to bring some more book like that for her to read. Tsuyu thanked him. She is just an ordinary student but then, not really ordinary, and the first one who befriend her was Mitsuya. Mitsuya pulled her to go to his house. Tsuyu asked if she can really go. At his house, Mitsuya showed to her his younger brother, Shizuya who was 6 years old then. Tsuyu exclaimed they look alike. Mitsuya told her that their dog has just given birth. Tsuyu happily asked if she can see it. Tsuyu hugged the puppy – Tsuyako as they were laughing together. End flashback.

Tsuyu tells Ageha that those were really dear memories to her, her most precious treasure. Ageha exclaims that it is obvious they like each other so why did she rejected him. Tsuyu looks sad and says it is because being separate is really painful. There is also a classmate who also likes Mitsuya. Flashback: One day in school, that classmate with her friends called out to Tsuyu and said that Tsuyu’s relationship with Mitsuya is quite good and she likes Mitsuya. Tsuyu stared at the girl and thought the girl was blushing. Both of their feelings were the same. Tsuyu can only say that she doesn’t know. [It seems to be a Japanese thing, the first one who likes the guy, the girl has a right to him even if they aren’t lovers yet. This was in Skip beat! and Bokutachi wa Shitte Shimatta] At Mitsuya’s house, Mitsuya told Tsuyu that he has seen her talking with some girls, that is a rare sight. Tsuyako the puppy is licking Tsuyu’s face as she is in a daze. Then, Tsuyu snapped out of it as Mitsuya repeated what he just said. He looked closely at her that this made Tsuyu embarrassed. She remembered the girl who also blushed as she said she liked Mitsuya. Mitsuya said that Tsuyu looked listless lately, what happened. Tsuyu remembered what her father said about living with him together, even if they are going to a far away place, but it will be good for her to be independent. His father apologized to her for giving her such painful memories. Because Mitsuya is here so I don’t want to leave. Even if it is hurts, I pretended that nothing is wrong. But now, just the thought of leaving Mitsuya makes me really sad. Mitsuya is surprised to see Tsuyu crying.

Mitsuya held her face and kissed her. Tsuyu is surprised by that. He hugged her and told her, I think you should know that I like you. Can you give me your answer? Tsuyu is happy about this but then, she remembered what her father said about moving to a far away place. She told him to give her about a week time for her answer. End flashback. Ageha asks then why did she have to reject Mitsuya. Tsuyu said that Mitsuya confessing to her had made her really happy, really delighted but she won’t be there at that place after some time. Ageha exclaims what kind of reason is that, long distance relationship can work. Tsuyu shakes her head and says if she goes to a far place, he would still be the same liking himself/confident, but she doesn’t have self-confidence. [especially since that other girl likes him, I think] On the contrary, if the girl whom Mitsuya likes said ‘goodbye’, he will definitely be sad. Tsuyu says she is really happy to have met Ageha for it enables her to see Mitsuya many times again, face to face. Being together for a day, is now more than it was before. Right now, I really feel happy. A scene of Mitsuya teasing Tsuyu to give her bag to him. Tsuyu then looks sad and says, but this ‘happiness’ will also soon end, no, it has already ended. Ageha worriedly asks what does she mean. Tsuyu smiled at her and said, I have been persuaded by my aunt to go to a matchmaking date.

At VBR, Yukari returns to find Mitsuya sleeping on the table. Yukari wakes him up and says he will catch a cold [if he sleep there]. Mitsuya wakes up and weakly says that Yukari has return. Yukari is surprised when Mitsuya coughs out loud. Yukari asks if he already has a cold. Mitsuya says it is nothing but his head aches. Yukari shouts for him to go to the clinic, what’s up with him. Yukari tries to find some cold medicine. Mitsuya says that he told about his past to Ageha already. Yukari looks surprised and asks what did he told her. Mitsuya smiles and says about Tsuyu and Ageha would have probably went to ask Tsuyu herself about it. Yukari sighs and tosses a box of medicine on the table. Yukari tells Mitsuya to be a bit honest, when Tsuyu had a broken leg, [before Tsuyu met Ageha] wasn’t he the one who brought flowers for her. Right now, you still like her, right? Mitsuya starts to tease Yukari saying he never thought that Yukari will be talking about love stuff. Yukari gets embarrassed and shouts for him to shut up, he has no right to tell him. The two were then surprised to hear someone loudly and hurriedly climbing up the stairs. Ageha slams the door open and calls out to Mitsuya. She slaps him. Mitsuya is shock as Ageha reprimands him that he is hiding his own feelings. He is always like a kid bullying someone. Do you know? Tsuyu is going to a matchmaking date! Mitsuya says, what, how can.. Mitsuya then faints and falls on the floor.

A scene of young Mitsuya looking at young Tsuyu who is hurrying to some place. Ever since before, I can’t get that face out of my mind. At VBR, while gathering some shoe boxes, Ageha asks if Mitsuya’s health will be okay. Yukari, who is checking on a gown, tells her that it is just a cold and the doctor said that resting for 2-3 days, it will be gone. It seemed that they had forced him to rest at his house since he will keep on working if he stays at VBR. Yukari says there will be no problem if he went back home. After a pause, Ageha asks if Mitsuya will be okay. Yukari says didn’t he just said.. Ageha says about the thing with Tsuyu. Yukari looks a bit surprised and becomes thoughtful. He said that it is the two’s affair and they can’t really quite interfere. Ageha is a bit frustrated about this. Yukari thinks for a while and says that there is something he can do first to ‘force things’. He calls someone on the phone as Ageha wonders what he meant. Ageha thought Tsuyu, going to a matchmaking date is quite abrupt. At Mitsuya’s house, Shizuya bring some congee to his brother who is lying on bed. Mitsuya calls Shizuya to him. When Shizuya approaches him, Mitsuya quickly hugs him. Mitsuya shouts if he infects someone else with his germs, he will get better soon. Shizuya shouts that he is a third year student who is currently having exam [for college]. As Shizuya freaks out and goes out of the room, he shouts that his brother is stupid. He was such in a hurry that he fell down the stairs. Mitsuya just laughs and says Shizuya is really cute. He suddenly pauses then goes back to sleep. He then dreamt of young Tsuyu whom he always looking at.

Flashback: A girl told young Mitsuya that the committee meeting is about to start. Mitsuya said he forgot something in class. When he is about to enter the classroom, he found Tsuyu by herself reading a book. He quickly hid from the door and thought, it is that girl. He peeked inside and why is she in class by herself after dismissal and he never seen her playing with others. He is surprised when Tsuyu started to look right and left. Then, she laughed about what she had been reading. Mitsuya blushed over this so he approached her and asked if she finds it interesting. He had also read it and he really liked it. He wanted to get close to Tsuyu so because of her, he has been going home late. After the committee meeting, Mitsuya is surprised that Tsuyu is still in school. Tsuyu embarrassingly said she always go home late. [obviously avoiding her mother] Since she had a hard time having friends, it is a good opportunity for him. He happily told not to stay at school, just go to his house. Tsuyu asked if she can. His sole wish is to make her stay beside him. Tsuyu happily looked at the bookcase in Mitsuya’s room and said that there are many good books. He told her that she can borrow the ones she like and if she is free, she can come to his house. So after school and during no school days, they spend time together playing with Shizuya and reading books. In those days, she looks quite energetic. She never told him about her family but it doesn’t matter to him. While reading, he glanced at her and found her looking at him. She become embarrassed that she quickly hid her face in the book. After a pause, she looked at him and smiled. He also smiled back at her which made her blush. They really had a great time together. It was like that everyday until they were in grade six.

After class, Mitsuya asked if she would want to go to his house. But Tsuyu is staring into space then is surprised to see him. Mitsuya thought that she has been like that lately. He asked her again. Tsuyu apologized and said that she can’t because today her mother wanted her to come home early. She sadly said her mother doesn’t want her to come home late and that she should study hard. She laughed and said it is because she isn’t intelligent. Mitsuya asked how could that be, won’t she going up a level [he think she is failing]. Tsuyu laughed and said that isn’t it, since for her mother, if it isn’t ‘first’ in class, it has no meaning. Mitsuya is 5th in class while Tsuyu is 3rd. Mitsuya thought that it is the first time he actually heard her talk about her family and it seems that there is quite a problem between Tsuyu and her mother. Mitsuya said so how about next time. Tsuyu just laughed it off and said okay. And then, that day came. At Mitsuya’s house, Mitsuya asked Tsuyu why does she look listless lately. He is still confused as to what made Tsuyu cry all of a sudden and the only thing he can think of is to comfort her. He kissed her and wiped her tears from her face. He hugged her and confessed that he likes her. Tsuyu looked happy then suddenly freezes which Mitsuya noticed. She asked him to wait for a week for her answer. After she left, he wondered why does he have to wait for a week. Is it because the kiss is too fast. He started to blush over what he just did and he fell asleep wondering what kind of face would he show to her tomorrow. I really didn’t know what will happen after a week. Outside the school building, Mitsuya told Tsuyu that her listlessness can really make one really worried, so what is it. Facing away from him, Tsuyu said that there is something happening in her family so she was really busy. He asked what happened. Tsuyu said that he will know tomorrow and about what he asked before. Mitsuya become tense as Tsuyu faces towards him. She bowed and said, sorry. Mitsuya is stunned as Tsuyu ran away, crying. That day, he doesn’t know what had happened until the next day. The teacher told the class that Tsuyu has transferred school. Mitsuya was shock that he never heard anything about this and his mind went blank. It seemed that he heard something collapsed within him. End flashback.

Mitsuya wakes up and thought that he had a bad dream. He hides inside his blanket then starts to cough loudly. This forces Mitsuya to climb out of the blanket. He thinks that having a cold is quite hard. He wonders if Tsuyu’s heart has gotten tired already. He then falls asleep again. Flashback: The other girl who likes Mitsuya also confessed to him and told him not to answer right away. Mitsuya told the girl to wait for a week for his answer. Mitsuya moped at his bed, thinking that this thing is quite a hassle. He then remembered Tsuyu’s apology. He wondered why Tsuyu didn’t say anything and just left. The next day, the other girl blushed and greeted him with a bow. The others were asking what is the matter as Mitsuya started to look dark. After a week, near the shoe lockers, Mitsuya apologized to the girl and said he still can’t. The girl cried and ran away. Mitsuya sighed and sat on the floor. He thought, what a relief, finally she let me be. He suddenly caught himself and wondered if Tsuyu also thought of the same thing as he did after the rejection. He tried to convince himself that Tsuyu isn’t that kind of person. He is in anguish as to why Tsuyu didn’t say anything. His heart is in turmoil.

Soon, he is in junior high school, he was happily greeted by some girls as he passed by. He waved back at them and smiled. The girls thought that he was really cute. His two friends were surprised that Mitsuya is quite popular and those were second year students. Mitsuya has already learned that because of Tsuyu’s mother, being quite distant to Tsuyu that she has moved away with her father. It is really no big deal as he moved on. Mitsuya is talking with some girls about going to a movie. No, it should be because there is no other way he can go, he has become desperate because of his attachment to Tsuyu. No matter who the girl, I will do that unduly thing. A girl confessed to Mitsuya that she liked him and can they go steady. Mitsuya looked surprised then he smiled. He told the girl that he doesn’t know her. The girl is shock and ran off. He would then think that even after doing that, he doesn’t feel hurt at all. His heart only ached at that time when he got involved with Tsuyu. It must have been fate that he had met Yukari who had saved him. A scene of Mitsuya happily making a dress with Yukari. Then when they are now in high school [it seems they went to different schools], at VBR, Yukari exclaimed to Mitsuya that he has met an interesting person. Since Mitsuya kept on staring at him, Yukari asked what is the matter. Mitsuya asked did Yukari just grew taller. Yukari is really happy that Mitsuya noticed but he is still quite far from his father’s height. Mitsuya thought that Yukari looked really pretty. He asked so what about the person he met. Yukari happily said it is a girl in the same year as he is. She has glasses and easily get confused-not see straight [something like being clumsy] but her craftwork is really great. Mitsuya asked if Yukari had seen it.

Yukari unwrapped something to show it to Mitsuya. It is a small crown. Mitsuya exclaimed that it is really great. Yukari said her house is far away, so next time, she will come to the store. Mitsuya smiles and thought, he can’t wait to meet her. Mitsuya asked so what is her name. Yukari froze and said, ‘duty/craft person’. Mitsuya realized that Yukari just forgot her name. He asked if she was cute. Yukari said being cute has a wide range of meaning. Mitsuya said he can’t wait to see her then. Later on, Yukari happily come back to the store to show off something new that Tsuyu made as both Mitsuya and Yukari’s father asked what is it. While sewing, Yukari told Mitsuya that ‘duty person’ is really great, she likes bishoujo [pretty girls like Ageha] and really passionate in making women’s wear. Mitsuya’s narration: Because of all this, it has made me quite interested with this person but I have never thought that person is someone I knew and she is the same as that person. In spring, second year high school, Yukari introduced ‘duty person’. Both Mitsuya and Tsuyu are surprised. Tsuyu quickly hide behind Yukari as she is shivering. Yukari asked her what is the matter. Mitsuya’s narration: Meeting her again, what should I be feeling but you want to escape again. [since she is hiding behind Yukari] Tsuyu peeks out to look at Mitsuya. Mitsuya thought but I’m not the same as before, if you are like that, then I would change the way I treat you. Mitsuya becomes Dark Mitsuya and coldly said, Tsuyu, you haven’t changed. Tsuyu looks a bit sad.

Mitsuya’s narration: I won’t let you escape again. I won’t give you that opportunity again. Use the same way you have made me felt before. Use my existence to bind your heart. For me, it is something I cannot avoid doing. A scene of Mitsuya saying that her hair is quite short that it is like a hard helmet. Tsuyu is freaking out. Another scene of you have just come, why don’t you stay and chat for a while. [when she went to VBR just to see Ageha] Mitsuya is grabbing her bag as Tsuyu is again freaking out. Being a villain is also quite good, it is quite anticipated and enjoyable to be able to become together again. End flashback. Mitsuya wakes up again and thought it was another dream. He suddenly remembered what Ageha said about hiding his feelings, being like a child who is bullying someone and Tsuyu is going to a matchmaking date. He tells himself that it won’t be the same like before. He hears a loud knock on the door. It was Tsuyako. He happily hugs his dog and asks if it was worried about him. He says he is alright, and he is quite cute. Mitsuya is then surprised to see Tsuyu standing outside his room.

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