June 13, 2011

V. B. Rose [Chapter 63]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on December 8, 2007

After Yukari called Mitsuya telling him that something happened to his father, Mitsuya hurriedly runs to VBR as he wonders what happened. Mitsuya then exclaims, you fell down the stairs and broke your right arm! Aoi’s right arm is in a cast and his face has a bit of bandages. Aoi just smiles and says it is quite embarrassing. He was carrying too many packages of the merchandise from upstairs to downstairs that he didn’t see where he is walking. Flashback: A scene of Aoi and Yukari carrying packages and were walking downstairs. Yukari told him to be careful. Before he knew it, Aoi has already fallen down. End flashback. Yukari, Mitsuya and Ririko look at Aoi stunned. Aoi gives them a v-sign and says but he did protect the merchandise. Yukari and Ririko scream at him that he should be protecting himself. After more screaming and reprimands from Yukari and Ririko, Aoi assures them that it is nothing, he can still work. Yukari gives him a glare that Aoi whimpers like a cat and apologizes. Ririko agrees with Yukari that Aoi is in no condition to work. Mitsuya asks what about the pending work. Yukari exclaims that Aoi can’t do it. Aoi cheerfully says that he is okay until Yukari hits his injured arm. Mitsuya is shock over what Yukari just did as Aoi is bracing himself from the pain. Yukari tells Mitsuya that this is the current situation and they have only three weeks left before finishing the gown. Aoi tries to tell him that he can still do it but Yukari isn’t convinced that in his condition, he can make the gown satisfactory. He shouts to Ririko to bring Aoi to her house and make him rest there. Ririko grabs Aoi and drags him away as Aoi is still protesting.

Yukari then calls out to Mitsuya to follow him to the work station upstairs. Yukari slams his hand on the table and tells Mitsuya that this is the unfinished pattern that Aoi is making. They are going to finish the gown. After a pause, Mitsuya screams in shock. Shaking his hand left to right, Mitsuya that they can’t, what is he saying. Yukari says he is talking in Japanese. Mitsuya says he didn’t mean that. Yukari admits that his current ability, he can’t do it but Mitsuya can for he is good in pattern-making. Yukari tells him that he wants to protect his father’s dream – Velvet Blue Rose – the ‘possibility’ of it existing, so that it can satisfy the clients’ wishes. Yukari asks, I beg of you. Upon noticing how serious Yukari is, Mitsuya agrees to help him. They work over the gown the whole night until in the morning, the basic form of the gown is finally finished. They praise each other for it. Yukari is about to thank him when Yukari suddenly falls down. Mitsuya asks what happened. Yukari apologizes and says that if he didn’t get enough sleep, he becomes anemic and because of that, he wasn’t able to go to school. Mitsuya is touched and thought that Aoi has such a good son.

Mitsuya is about to go to get some water for him when Yukari holds Mitsuya’s shirt. Yukari apologizes about what happened yesterday and as Mitsuya said, he didn’t know anything yet he said those things. Yukari says it is because he remembered his own problem that he cannot bear to let things be. Mitsuya is silent then remembers someone saying, you don’t have to be too angry. Mitsuya sits beside Yukari and says that he has liked a girl before and up to now, he still can’t forget her. He is also in pain that he has become insensitive to other’s pain so he can’t be nice to others. It is because I have used up all my niceness on that girl but being with you, even if it is good or bad, I manage to feel something again. He now has an reaction unlike before. Mitsuya happily tells Yukari that making patterns with him is really fun that his heart is beating fast. Mitsuya begins to fret that he just said some weird things. Yukari holds his chest and asks Mitsuya if he would want to work with him. Mitsuya is surprised and happy about that, so he agrees.

Back at the present, Mitsuya says that was quite nostalgic. He then senses some sparkling from behind him. He knows it is from Ageha who is really happy over this. She tells Mitsuya that it is like falling in love twice. Mitsuya tells her that he knew that she is going to say that. Mitsuya makes a face and says but he isn’t going to deny it. Ageha agrees as she squeals. They heard a loud dropping of things and realize that Yukari is standing there. Yukari angrily shouts, you said it, you said it, didn’t you. Mitsuya makes a face again and apologizes to Yukari. Yukari says about he is bad in his studies and being very afraid of dogs. Yukari freezes when Mitsuya says he doesn’t say anything about that. Ageha asks if Yukari is also afraid of Tsuyako. Mitsuya says of course because Tsuyako is big already. Yukari falls down on the floor and gloomily thought that he has dug his own grave. Ageha calls out to him and says that feelings are surging, as if it is spring. Yukari pokes her and twist his knuckle on Ageha’s head. He angrily tells her not to thing of such things. Yukari also tells Mitsuya to stop such things, too. Ageha happily looks at the two and thought that they are like that before when they were working. She smiles at them and the two asks what’s up. Ageha says it’s nothing. And these are the two’s important memories.

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