June 13, 2011

Penguin Revolution [Chapter 33]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on December 6, 2007

It turned out that the cave that they found is just separated by the waterfall from where Yukari fell. Yukari looks at the stairway and says that the whole place is very spacious. Ryou agrees and that it is like a stage. While Ryou is drying her hair with a towel, Yukari asks if this is the place. Ryou says it could be for the president likes this—They then see a script on the steps of the staircase. Since it is there, they think that there is a way out of that place [other than the one they came through]. Ryou says that if it is that place, it would be hard for the audience to go there because of the waterfall. They were interrupted by the president who says they are too naïve for the waterfall is nothing since it can be parted into two. They notice that the president is on a spotlight. The president says that they did well for there are only the two of them who arrived there. They were interrupted when Ayaori comes above the water. Yukari goes to help Ayaori dry up as the president says it is now the three of them. He tells them that this is indeed the stage and they can do some research while reading the script. The president then left. Ayaori is already reading the script. Yukari looks up and realizes that the president uses the light coming into the cave as a spotlight. Yukari muses that making the cave like that isn’t an ordinary matter and this is the president’s dream.

The story is about an unsmiling tyrant that people are made to try and make him laugh but if they couldn’t, they will be killed. Soon, the tyrant prohibits anyone to laugh. Their world is then covered in darkness and everyone is in despair. One day, a beautiful dancing lady captivated the king’s heart with her dancing and because of love, the king starts to laugh. While still walking, Ryou says the story is somewhat like of ‘Amano-Iawto’ story. Yukari asks if it is about Amaterasu, the sun god who is hiding in the cave. Ryou says that’s right. Because Amaterasu has hid in a cave, it caused problems to people since the world is plunged into darkness. A certain goddess dances near the entrance of the cave and made many people laugh. Because of the commotion, it made Amaterasu curious that she was entice to go out of the cave. That goddess is quite artistic. Even if the story isn’t exactly the same, the roles are the same in essence. Ryou says the one playing the king will be Ayaori. They are surprised as they had reached their destination – a building. Yukari puts on her wig and asks out loud if everyone else is back. Ayaori gives Ryou the script. Ryou asks if is okay for him to be holding the script. Ayaori says it is because he has already memorized the script. Ryou is surprised and just nervously smile as Ayaori walks ahead.

In the indoor hot spring, Yukari is enjoying herself. She would have wanted to join Ryou and Ayaori in the outdoor hot spring but since she is a girl, she didn’t and she is satisfied there. She wonders how are the others for many of them haven’t reach that place. Some of them are grouped together as they stopped walking when it got dark. I think that is Kaname who is whining at Kaneda, his manager. Fukadu can’t do anything as the person he is with is too tired to walk. Everyone is having a hard time except for Narazaki who is happily cooking a boar which he had killed. Yukari remembers the time when she is like ‘playing a game’ before – when she and father suddenly pack their things to escape – so she is relax about all of this and it is good thing that they have found the stage. She thought that when she saw Youko before on stage, she doesn’t remember the plot of the play but when she saw Youko’s wings but she felt that her world has changed since then. She wonders if Ryou is pressured by all of this.

In the outdoor hot spring, Ryou is reading the script and thinks outloud that from the whole play, it seems that the ‘king’ is the one who is the focus all throughout the play. Ayaori stands up and says that is true though the female lead role can also swallow/eat up that role but I don’t plan to let myself be eaten. Ayaori smiles and asks Ryou, what do you think? Ryou exclaims he will also not let himself by eaten by Ayaori. Ayaori says that’s good, I’ll be waiting. [I think the ‘eat’ here is being out staged/outshined so basically, Ayaori is challenging Ryou. ] As the two are about to go out of the hot spring, they meet with two other guys who mentioned that their companions went to the indoor hot spring. The two boys were worried about Yukari that they quickly ran to the place. Ryou, together with Ayaori, opens the door and shouts for Yukari. They were surprised to see that Yukari is just about to open the door. Yukari beats them up – three lumps on the head for Yukari and one lump on the head for Ayaori. Yukari shouts what the hell were they doing rushing in when she is about to open the door. It turned out that Yukari has already come out of the bath when the other two guys came in. Yukari then apologizes for hitting Ayaori [She still doesn’t know that he knows she is a girl] but reprimands him for not knocking first before entering. Ryou realizes that Ayaori already knew that Yukari is a girl that is why he also ran very quickly along with him and does Ayaori like her? Ryou remembers earlier when Ayaori asks, what do you think? Ryou wonders if Ayaori have to say that. Blushing all over, he thought of Yukari smiling and realizes that he also likes Yukari.

An alarm clock is ringing. Yukari wakes up and closes it. She thought that even if it should be training but being able to sleep in a bedroom, it felt as if she is in a hotel. Smiling, Yukari encourages herself to do her best for the day. At the first dining hall, the president asks everyone how was the first day of training. Everyone else is gloomy and tired for they got lost but everyone has safely arrived at the place. The president says that there are many more games later on and compared to what they experienced yesterday, that was just an appetizer. Everyone becomes gloomier for they don’t feel happy at all. He then tells everyone that he is now going to talk about the play. The play will be done in three places. They will just prepare the one in the waterfall so that they audience can get in. The play will also have three parts and there are two people in the female leading role. The two will switch each day. The first to perform will be Ryou. The second to perform will be Youko. On the third day, the audience will decide who will perform based on their previous performances. Yukari is surprised by this arrangement but seeing that Ryou is blushing and happy, she also blushes. She thought that Ryou’s reaction is he is very anxious to try it and this way, his talent can be-- Yukari is then surprised when Ayaori stands up from the table and says that he is finished eating. Yukari and Ryou were surprised. Yukari tries to tell him to finish his food. Ayaori just keeps on walking that Yukari chases after him. She asks what is the matter, he haven’t finished eating, does his stomach hurt. Ayaori is already at the door when he turns around to Yukari. Ayaori darkly tells Yukari, for the meantime, please do not talk to me. Yukari is surprised as Ayaori closes the door on her.

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