June 13, 2011

V. B. Rose [Chapter 62]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on September 7, 2007

Mitsuya’s narration: Just seeing one part of that person, can one already understand that person? So called ‘like/love’, is it a simple thing? Because of this, it is just an idea/part of love. Mitsuya happily greets Yukari asking if he can go to their house after club activities. Yukari answers sure. With puppy ears, Mitsuya says he is going to study the next level in making patterns with Yukari’s dad. Yukari says that he haven’t reached that part yet. The other students are in shock and says in unison that it is quite a queer duo. Mitsuya asks what will they study next. Yukari says that his father would probably think of something hard for them to do. For the others, their friendship is really shocking because their nature is quite different from each other. Most of the others’ reaction is that it is quite strange. In VBR, while holding some boxes, Yukari shouts to Ririko where is the embroidery with pearls and also the S-style shoes. At the store, Yukari is hardworking. Ririko shouts that it is near the chair. Yukari shouts back which chair. Mitsuya happily sews, minding his own business as he got used to the shouting. Mitsuya thought that Yukari’s energy isn’t the same as when he is in school. Yukari turns around and looks at Mitsuya. He shouts at him, go away. Mitsuya timidly says yes. He is also strict. Yukari then happily opens a box and thought yes, this is it. Mitsuya thought ah, what he is looking for is actually on my feet. Yukari acts like a grown up though his mouth is quite foul.

Ririko shouts at Yukari to stop eating the snacks for the guests/customers. Yukari shouts back, who is doing such a thing, stupid. In reality, they are eating the cookies. Mitsuya thought but aren’t we eating them. Ririko finds Yukari and Mitsuya behind the sofa, eating. Ririko shouts, I found you, little brats. Holding the tray of cookies, Yukari shouts for Mitsuya to make a run for it. Ririko chases them calling for Yukari to stop. Then, I will see an expression that Yukari rarely shows. Yukari smiles at Mitsuya while shouting at Ririko, you’re too noisy, stupid. The two boys then happily run away. Whenever we are at the house, when Aoi has spare time, he would teach us how to make patterns. I find it interesting that before I knew it, I’m have really gotten into it. Mitsuya then shows Yukari a dress he has made. Yukari applauds him. Aoi praises Mitsuya for understanding it so fast that Mitsuya is suitable for this kind of work. Mitsuya blushes. Yukari pats him saying not to be embarrassed. Aoi says about Yukari’s sewing has gotten better. Yukari side comments that it is not enough. Aoi eagerly shouts at Yukari saying it isn’t true for Yukari has helped him a lot. Yukari blushed a bit.

Having an idea, Aoi exclaims if Mitsuya would like to help out Yukari. Mitsuya is surprised. Yukari is also surprised and shouts at his father, is there something wrong with your head, do not ask someone that, look, he is really stunned. Aoi tries to calm Yukari down and says that it is just a suggestion. Mitsuya blushed a bit. No, I am really happy because I have a goal of ‘being needed’. I am what other people would say as the type of person who can do anything no matter. Since childhood, I learn something and I can easily do it. Because of this, no matter what I do, I find it boring. But when I came here, I feel as if I’m a normal person. A scene of Mitsuya playfully asking Yukari what are those designs he is making. Yukari quickly hides the papers and says it isn’t something he want others to see. Because, there is a part that my heart is lacking. Always maintaining the situation of that missing part.

Behind a school building, a girl confesses to Mitsuya that she likes him. Mitsuya smiles and says, sorry, I don’t know who you are. The girl tearfully runs away. For a moment, Mitsuya’s expression became cold. He touches his heart then thought that nothing has changed. Mitsuya leaves and didn’t notice Yukari who just saw what happened. Back in the classroom, Yukari overhears two boys and two girls chatting. A boy says that first year’s Kinoshita is such a waste, doesn’t they think she is cute. A girl says that she looks ordinary. Another boy says that she will definitely be rejected by Mitsuya. The girl says that nothing can be done about that, for Mitsuya isn’t interested in any of the girls that approach him. Mitsuya has many girl friends because he is likeable. The boy says did they know that when Mitsuya rejects a girl, he would smile and say, I don’t know who you are. The girl says that if that happened to her, she would have collapsed. This made Yukari angry and he asks them if this is all true. They were surprised that Yukari actually talked to them. They then say how can he ask if it is true or not, this isn’t the first time it happened. Yukari says that he has seen the girl crying. The boys were shock and shout that they have an eyewitness. The girls screams what a coincidence. The boy asks if it is much cruel now or before. Before, he said to a girl, wait for me but after that, while that girl is waiting, Mitsuya went home already. The others laugh that it is so cruel. This made Yukari remember his ‘waiting’ and his mom didn’t come back. Yukari tells them not to make a joke of other people’s pain. He shouts at them that they are really mean. Yukari runs off as the others were stunned. They wonder what made Yukari angry at them. Being shouted at makes them angry.

Yukari is running when he meets Mitsuya at the staircase. Mitsuya greets him. To Mitsuya’s shock, Yukari pushes him to the wall and grabs his collar. Yukari angrily shouts at Mitsuya not to do things as he pleases. Mitsuya is confused. Yukari says that girl is crying, do not casually trample on other people’s true feelings. Mitsuya says so he saw it. Mitsuya smiles and pulls Yukari’s hands off him. He tells Yukari but this has nothing to do with him. Yukari is embarrassed and says that it is true that it has nothing to do with him but it makes him angry. Think of the other party who is eagerly waiting. Didn’t he know that he is going to hurt that person’s feelings? Your action is quite mean. Mitsuya remembers some scenes – a girl leaving him and standing near an empty seat in the classroom. Mitsuya gets angry and grabs Yukari’s collar. He shouts at Yukari what do you know, when you actually don’t know anything. Yukari shouts back, that’s right, I don’t know anything but I don’t want to see you doing this kind of thing. They break it up when someone shouts what are they doing there. One side eagerly waiting. A scene of Mitsuya with his puppy, waiting for someone.

In his room, Mitsuya lies down on his bed while his dog whimpers beside him. Ever since that day, my heart doesn’t feel any pain. Feeling of loss, nothing disturbs my heart but being able to meet with Yukari, my heart starts to waver and be disturbed. A feeling that is different from ‘being in love’. He remembers the time when they are going to practice on a nice piece of cloth. Mitsuya’s thoughts were disturbed when Tsuyako puts a book on Mitsuya’s bed. Mitsuya sees that it is an album. There is a picture of Mitsuya with a girl who carries Tsuyako when it was still a puppy. Tsuyako looks at Mitsuya. Mitsuya smiles. He hugs his dog and thanks it. He says that he can cheer up without looking at the picture. He wonders if Yukari is going to talk to him again. He looks determined and tells Tsuyako that he is going to Yukari’s house. He then hears a knock on the door. It is Shizuya telling him that someone named Yukari is on the phone. Mitsuya is shock that Yukari called. After calming down a bit, he answers the phone. Mitsuya hears Yukari’s frantic voice, calling him to go to his house at once, something happened to his father. Mitsuya is shock.

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