June 13, 2011

Penguin Revolution [Chapter 32]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on September 25, 2007

Everyone is jogging in the forest as the animals angrily greet them for disturbing their homes. Ryou chats with Yukari that the place is really something. Then, Ryou notices that he just walked over a rope on the ground. He wonders what it is until they hear a loud rolling sound. The others shout for them to runaway for a huge boulder is coming their way. Everyone is shock. Flashback: The president tells them that he wants them to train in that island for that place has a special environment that would help them succeed in their performance. He will give them a traveling schedule/itinerary though they might have to randomly adapt to the circumstances. Smiling, he says in a low voice, I don’t think anyone would die but there are many traps prepared so they should be careful. Good luck! His audience thought, what did he just say?! End flashback. While they were running, they shout that this could be the trap that the president is talking about. While everyone is running, Narazaki is safe on top of the trees and thought that everyone else is weak. The boulder then falls down a cliff and everyone is safe. While everyone is asking if everyone is okay, they realize that many other people aren’t with them anymore. Ryou and Ayaori notice that Yukari isn’t with them. Ryou plans to find her and he seems displeased when Ayaori offers to help, too. While Ayaori is calling out to Yukari, Ryou remembers Ayaori’s reaction when Yukari gave him some onigiri before. Ryou then tries to ask Ayaori what does he think about Yukari but he has a hard time saying it. Ayaori asks what is it then he steps on a disc on the ground which has a string tied to a tree. It starts to beep out loud and fast that the two boys quickly run away. Elsewhere in the forest, Yukari sees a huge explosion. She realizes that the others are there and how could a manager like her be separated from them. She then loses her footing and fell down a cliff.

Breathing hard, the two boys rest on a tree. Ryou asks if he is still alive. Ayaori says pretty much. They lament that everyone has pretty much separated into different directions and that itinerary is really pretty harsh. Ryou wonders what is the president thinking. Ayaori then asks Ryou what was he saying earlier regarding Yukari. After being surprised, Ryou says it is nothing, it is no big deal, something that his heart is asking. Ayaori asks is that okay. Ryou says it is. Just when Ryou is about to go, Ayaori says it seems that the two of them [Ryou and Yukari] are getting along with each other. Ryou says he can say that. Ryou stops when Ayaori says that the manager/Yukari is a good person, is a nice guy. This shock Ryou as he remembers Ayaori just said that the two of them are getting along with each other. Does it mean that Ayaori likes Yukari? Ayaori walks ahead of him. Meanwhile, Yukari got caught on the tree which she considers lucky of her. She jumps down and looks up to the cliff where she fell. She is pretty much lost and wonders where she is. To her surprise, she finds a castle in front of her. She wonders if this is Peacock’s villa. She noticed a shadow on the window that she decides to go in and ask for directions. She enters the place while keep shouting if anyone is there. She notices a door ajar so she went in. To her surprise, she finds Youko sleeping with tubes inserted on machines. Yukari looks at her from the glass and wonders what Youko is doing in a place like that. She also wonders about all the equipment. She remembers Youko telling her before that right now, her body is okay when she asked how is Youko. Yukari wonders but what about now. Youko opens her eyes and smiles at Yukari. Youko says, you have found me.

Youko invites Yukari for tea as they sit in the living room. Youko tells her that she stays there after being released from the hospital. Since that place is an abandoned island owned by Peacock, she stays there to avoid the media. She asks Yukari about the training. Yukari says it is such a strict training that there are boulders and explosions. Youko smiles and that it seems that the president is having fun. Yukari thought that he is after showing them a v-sign and wishing them luck with a smile before the training. Youko explains that the president is strict but he has his own way of doing it that it will have a good outcome because when one is pressured, they become strong. A scene of a lion throwing its cubs down the cliff. Youko then teases Yukari by saying that if she is free, she would also want to participate in it. Smiling, Youko tells Yukari to keep her situation a secret from Ryou. Youko bids Yukari goodbye after giving her a map. Youko thought that it isn’t quite far away. She is then called out by the president. Yukari apologizes and says that she got lost. The president says it is okay for the others haven’t arrived yet to the training ground as everyone is doing their best. He then asks if she has seen Youko. Youko says she did. The president decides to confide something to Yukari. He tells Yukari that after the play, Youko will have a surgery to remove a fist-size tumor in her head. Yukari is surprised by this as the president looks a bit melancholic. He tells her that they don’t know if it is because of the accident or not, but one of the reason why she kept on sleeping is that tumor. It is such a troublesome surgery so she wants to perform in that play. Yukari asks what does he mean by troublesome surgery. The president says the chance of success is 0% so keep it a secret.

The two boys then find Yukari. Yukari hugs the two which made Ayaori blush while Ryou freaking out. Ryou exclaims what is the matter. Remembering what the president just said about the surgery, Yukari thought what can she do. Back at the castle, Youko is looking out the window and says that the president doesn’t know how to let go of that. [I think she is saying that the president told her condition to Yukari] The president says that he also thinks of his situation and that he is a stubborn/irritating person. Youko asks why is he spoiling Yukari, does he trust her that much. The president becomes melancholic again and says, ah, ah, I really trust her, trust her so much that I want to take away her dream. Back to the trio, the three are breathing hard as they finally arrived at the training ground. They look at the itinerary and that they will soon find the play’s ‘stairway’. Ryou then hears something. They discover a waterfall. Ryou and Ayaori looks into the water and it is quite clear. Yukari sees a bird comes out of the waterfall so she thought that there is something behind it. She tries to look but falls down. Ryou shouts to her. Yukari reprimands herself for leaving by herself again. When she opened her eyes, she finds Ryou calling out to her and asking if she is alright. Yukari blushes and says yes. Ryou looks around as to how they can get out since they are inside the waterfall. The two then sees a stairway leading out of the place. Yukari says, it is the ‘stairway’.

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