June 13, 2011

V. B. Rose [Chapter 61]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on September 5, 2007

The first scene is a narration of young Yukari saying that dealing with people is really such a bother. I am fine by myself so I don’t want to deal with things that doesn’t concern me nor deal with bored people who butts in my life. Young Mitsuya arrives home and is greeted by his dog, Tsuyako. Mitsuya perks up when he sees his dog. He then gives it some orders like stop, sit and lie down which the dog obediently obeyed. Mitsuya glomps his dog and says that it is really obedient and he is now back home. Mitsuya is then greeted by Shizuya. Mitsuya is shock that Shizuya is covered with band aid and patches. He worriedly asks why he is wounded. Shizuya happily announce that he had a fight with somebody. Showing of his fist, Shizuya proudly tells his brother that he used that fist. Mitsuya sweatdrops and asks if Shizuya knew what he is saying, did he had a quarrel with someone. The dog is now happily glomping Shizuya. Shizuya tells his brother that they made up already. Mitsuya asks didn’t they had a fight and now they have made up, why so fast. Shizuya says because they are friends. Mitsuya is surprised to hear this – friend?

Inside his room, Mitsuya lies down on the bed and remembers Yukari threatening him that he won’t let him off if Mitsuya looks down on him. [The other translation is Mitsuya thinking of Yukari as a fool.] Mitsuya wonders if Yukari should be that angry because of that [Mitsuya just tells Yukari that he saw Yukari’s mother on tv], could that be called a ‘fight’? Turns around in bed, Mitsuya wonders what could he have said that made Yukari angry. He gloomily thought that he knows he is quite bothersome. I’m slow [witted] regarding feeling ‘pain’. About myself, about others, I don’t care for either of those. A scene of a young long-haired girl’s back. [I think it is Tsuyu] Uneasy, Mitsuya thought why is he tense about this being so concerned about making Yukari angry. Shouldn’t I be happy that I will have another opportunity to talk with him again? Mitsuya then remembers the book that will open the opportunity to talk with Yukari again. He reminds himself to give the book back to Yukari. Mitsuya thought that it seems to be a precious book to Yukari. What kind of book is it? The title of the book is Dressmaking I. Flipping through the pages, Mitsuya thought it is how to make clothes. Does he like this kind of book? Mitsuya is amused how clothes are made and starts to read the book.

The next day, during attendance call, Mitsuya learns that Yukari is absent because he has a cold. Mitsuya is frustrated for he really want to talk to Yukari and apologize already. The next day, Yukari is still absent as well as on the next, next day. Mitsuya wonders if Yukari’s cold is really bad. Mitsuya thought that if this goes on, he might not be able to return Yukari’s book. Compared to that, I don’t want him to have this irritating memory in his mind for such a long time. Mitsuya then decides to do something. The next day after school, Mitsuya decides to go to Yukari’s house. He is astonished to see VBR for it is the first time he has seen such a huge house. There is no doorbell. After standing there for some time, Mitsuya opens the door and calls out if anyone is there. Someone shouts for Yukari to greet the customer downstairs. Climbing down the stairs, Yukari happily says welcome. Both Mitsuya and Yukari are shock. Mitsuya is surprised over Yukari’s expression while Yukari is surprised to see that it was Mitsuya. Yukari quickly goes to his anti-social expression and says it’s just you. Mitsuya is puzzled for Yukari looks healthy and what’s with the ‘welcome’. Yukari asks what do you want? Mitsuya thought that he already knew what to say but right now, he is loss for words. He tries to say that he is going to return the book.

Someone from behind asks isn’t it a customer. Yukari greets him father. Mitsuya is shock to see Yukari’s father who is so young and both of them look so alike. Aoi then smiles and exclaims that Mitsuya must be Yukari’s friend. He introduces himself as Yukari’s father. Aoi pushes Mitsuya inside and welcomes him in. Aoi says he will prepare some tea for them and he never thought that one day, Yukari will bring a friend home to play. Yukari tries to protest that his father is mistaken. Aoi is already happily asking Ririko if they have some snack inside the house. Ririko replies that they have. The two boys just stand there. Yukari finally gives up and invites Mitsuya upstairs. While going up, Mitsuya is amazed over a wedding dress displayed on a mannequin. Upstairs is a mess with all sorts of boxes and sewing materials on the floor. Yukari tells him to sit wherever he like. Mitsuya is amazed that Yukari’s house is also their store. While keeping some stuff in the boxes, Yukari tells him that the building in front is the one selling the dresses while it is in that place where the wedding dresses are made. Mitsuya asks how is Yukari’s cold. Yukari says that it is just a lie. Mitsuya is shock. Yukari explains that there are a lot of order for wedding dresses lately so he is helping out. Mitsuya exclaims so you give that excuse to stay home. Yukari tells him that this situation is quite normal. Mitsuya is even more shock and thought, normal?! what about education?

Yukari then says, oh ya, why are you here? Mitsuya then returns the book that Yukari left. Yukari thought ah, so I left it there. Taking the book, Yukari thanks him. Mitsuya asks if Yukari can also make clothes. Yukari says he can sew. After thinking a bit, he tells Mitsuya in a low tone that he has already made a ‘design’ though he is currently doing a pattern. Mitsuya happily asks pattern and looks at Yukari, waiting for him to continue. Yukari sighs and explains to Mitsuya that in making a dress, one has to make a ‘design’. Mitsuya happily says that he has read it in the book. Yukari says ah, you have read the book so explanation is easier. We go outside and look at magazines to see which designs are quite good. A scene of Yukari and Aoi window shopping as Yukari points out to a dress that it looks nice. Aoi says that it is indeed cute so why not try it out. Then, one will analyze how to create a pattern on the paper. It is quite hard yet interesting. His father is good at it. Another scene of Yukari trying hard on how to make a pattern of the dress they saw. Then, another scene of Yukari freaking out that the outcome of the dress from his pattern didn’t turn out the same way. Yukari sighs that he is still on a battle on how to make patterns from the designs.

Mitsuya is thinking about what Yukari just said just when Ririko came up with some tea and snacks for them. Mitsuya pulls out a book on amusement park with a bunny as mascot. Mitsuya asks if Yukari simply means that it is like making the bunny on this book into a stuffed toy. Yukari says that’s right. Mitsuya then tells him to wait a minute. Yukari looks at Mitsuya who quickly draws on a paper. He shows it to Yukari and says that he can make this into the real thing. Mitsuya creates a pattern then starts sewing. Finally, Mitsuya creates a cute bunny. Yukari holds the bunny and is surprised at what Mitsuya did. Yukari praises Mitsuya that he is quite good and it is really cute. Mitsuya tells him that it is really interesting to make things drawn on paper into something solid that he got interested in the book. Yukari is shock as he asks that Mitsuya just read that book and he already knows how to do it. Mitsuya apologizes for reading it. Yukari put his head on the table and groans. He thought that it seems there is no meaning to the hardships he had suffered [since Mitsuya can easily do it]. Mitsuya wonders if there is something that he shouldn’t have said. Yukari then sits up and apologizes for kicking the table before [sorry, it turned out that Yukari kicked the table not Mitsuya from last chapter ^^;]

Mitsuya asks why did Yukari smile before. Yukari says that if he gets angry at first, it would seem that he is easily irritated that others would make fun of him. Basically, it is to see what his reaction would be. If Mitsuya easily gets agitated and hit him, he won’t hesitate to hit Mitsuya back. Yukari laughs that it is quite dangerous. Mitsuya is surprised to see Yukari happily laughing. Mitsuya asks if he can go back there some other time. Yukari asks does he want to come back. Mitsuya smiles and says yes. Ah, Yukari, having met you has really saved me. [The other translation says, gives a lot of comfort to me] But I think you don’t know that.

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