June 13, 2011

Penguin Revolution [Chapter 31]

Originally posted on August 17, 2007 @ tatsukida.pitas.com

Narazaki is meditating on top of the building when he notices Yukari as male entering the building with Ryou. He exclaims that he has already returned. Then, he noticed that both Ryou and Yukari seems to be blushing-smiling at each other. In the president’s room, the president thanks Yukari for her hard work. She says it is nothing though she is really surprised to have seen Youko in Morocco. She even got to talk with her so she is very happy as well as her mother. A flashback of her mother accompanying her to watch Youko’s movie before. Yukari confesses that her mother is a fan of Youko. Yukari then exclaims that she is really surprised that Ayaori and Ryou are alternates to the play. The president says she is mistaken for the alternates are Ryou and Youko. Yukari is stunned as she thought that it would seem that Ryou is becoming an ‘actress’. The president says while conscious, it could be said that Ryou and Youko will ‘combine’ but Youko should not lose. In the studio, Ryou is practicing his dance/moves. Then, he lies down on the floor remembering Youko saying about the two young men having talent. Ryou wonders if Youko had watched the movie, that is why she has awaken again, if it is true. He remembers the two of them reading to Youko. His thoughts continue, if it is true, could it be because of him [Ayaori]. Yukari then peeks in and calls out to Ryou. Ryou sits up. Yukari breaks the news to him.

Ryou becomes gloomy that it is another female role and he might really live as an ‘actress’. Yukari says not to worry for Ryou can become like a guy. Ryou weeps, like a guy. Yukari gives him a thumbs up. Yukari cheers him up for being in the same role as Youko, he is already near [the goal] and he should be more confident. Ryou laughs and says, that is right. Ryou gets embarrassed being cheered up like that. To Ryou’s surprise, Yukari is also blushing over him. They were interrupted when Narazaki appears from behind. Narazaki draws his bokuto and tries to hit Ryou. Yukari made Ryou trip backwards to avoid Narazaki’s attack though Ryou hit the floor hard. ^^;; Narazaki says slice after he had missed. Yukari screams at Narazaki that what he did is really dangerous, it is okay trying to hit him/her but why does he have to hit Ryou and even saying ‘slice’. Narazaki blushes at her and welcomes her back. Yukari shouts I’m back though this isn’t the time for saying this. Narazaki asks what had happened in Morocco. Yukari stammers as she says yes..yes..a lot of things. Still blushing, Narazaki says that he/she has changed and has become more pretty. This take Yukari by surprise that she starts to blush over what he just said. Narazaki was about to say but... He then quickly evades Ryou’s shoe that is thrown at him. Ryou quickly grabs blushing Yukari and runs out of the studio. As they run out, Narazaki touches his chest and asks, but..why..do I feel pain? While Ryou is still running, Yukari is all dizzy and says that Narazaki just said something strange. Ryou tells her not to mind what Narazaki said for he is a weirdo for Yukari should be defined as ‘cute’. This surprises Yukari. Ryou stops running as he realizes what he just said. The two are blushing even more as Ryou apologizes to her.

At the hospital, Youko seems to be in the ICU as all sorts of tubes are connected to her. The president worriedly looks at her. Youko smiles and says why is he having such an expression. She tells him to relax for she doesn’t plan on sleeping yet. The president slightly smiles and says Yes. Back at the apartment, Ayaori greets the two upon their return. Ryou asks didn’t he have a shooting. Ayaori says he will leave in a moment for there is still a bit of free time. He then asks why are their faces all red. The two were shock as they exclaim that it is nothing. Ayaori doesn’t seem to buy it as he stands up and prepares to go out. Ryou asks if he is leaving already. Ayaori says yes for it is already time. Somehow, Yukari has already changed clothes and tells Ayaori to wait for a while. Ayaori wonders what’s up. Yukari quickly takes some rice and makes some onigiri [riceball]. She gives three of them to Ayaori as she tells him to eat it while shooting so that he won’t become hungry. Ayaori is surprised then he smiles while blushing a bit. Ayaori says, yes. Ryou notices Ayaori’s gentle expression. After he left, Yukari asks what’s wrong with Ryou who kept still and didn’t greet Ayaori to take care [on his way]. Ryou says it is nothing. Yukari happily says that she still has to cook dinner and do some house chores. She wonders what should she cook for dinner. Ryou is still thinking about Ayaori’s reaction when the doorbell rang. Ryou answers it as he shouts if Ayaori forgot something. To his surprise, two men in black with sunglasses tells him to go with them. After the shooting, everyone is awed by Ayaori as everyone greet each other good work. His manager asks if he wants to eat something before going home. Ayaori says he will just eat at home. Then, a couple of men in black also came to get Ayaori as well as other Penguin actors.

In a ship, inside an audience hall, it turned out that it is the president who called them. He laughs and asks if he has startled them. Narazaki is happy that he is seated beside Yukari. The president thanks them for coming there after work for this is an entrusted work. He says that because of everybody’s work, ‘Dream Stairway’ has become a success and things flowed smoothly as Peacock’s ‘offering’ and the next ‘offering’ is now the stage drama ‘Dream Stairway’ wherein the cast is Ayaori, Ryou and Youko. Ryou looks a bit nervous. He tells them that everyone has a ‘substitute’ so if they can’t act it is okay but in this offering, it would be a rare experience so he would hope that they would all participate that is why he needs their strength. Everyone is a bit nervous of the challenge. Fukadu [number 8 peacock] asks if everyone there are already the chosen ones, he finds it a great honor. The president thanks him. Yukari is awed by Fukadu’s confidence. Then, they heard an announcement that they have already arrived in their destination. The president tells them that they are now in the place where they will practice for the place so that they will come up with great performances. He opens the windows as he mentions that it is already sunrise. From the window, they see an island. The president says that this is Peacock’s deserted island where the play will be done. A narration says now starts the strict training.

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