June 13, 2011

V. B. Rose [Chapter 60]

Originally posted on July 21, 2007 @ tatsukida.pitas.com

Mitsugaya: So-called fate, isn’t just coincidence, I think that one should really want that thing to makes things inevitable. While reading a designer book, Ageha asks the two guys, Yukari and Mitsuya, how long have you been living together. This stunned the two. The two guys were shock by how Ageha phrased her question. Yukari angrily reprimands Ageha for asking it that way, as if they are a couple. Ageha says is that so, so, ‘when did you guys became intimate’. Yukari angrily says, he would want to grab Ageha’s head. He pulls Ageha’s head as Ageha shouts that her head might become long. Mitsuya asks could it be she is asking how long do they know each other. Ageha happily says that’s right. Mitsuya says that Ageha asked a good question. He grabs Yukari and says that this coming spring, they would have known each other for 10 years already. Mitsuya holds Yukari’s hands. Sparkling, Mitsuya says that they are now on their 10-year diamond marriage. Yukari angrily tells him not to use that kind of comparison. Curious and excited, Ageha asks, then what, then what. Mitsuya says and then. Yukari angrily says, don’t ask, don’t answer. Mitsuya poses and imitates Yukari. He says, ‘Mitsuya, do you want to be with me?’ Ageha loves it as Yukari shouts for Mitsuya to quit inventing things. Ageha tells Yukari not to be stingy/mean. Yukari shouts that this isn’t about being stingy. Just then, Ririko calls for Yukari to come and help her. Yukari shouts that he will go right now. Looking at the two, Yukari warns Mitsuya to not tell too much. Mitsuya says yes. Yukari warns again, you know, okay. Smiling, Mitsuya says yes, again. Ageha just playful pouts at him.

After Yukari left and a pause, Ageha excited asks, and then, and then. Mitsuya says junior high Yukari is really cute. Ageha exclaims so he is and that he must be like what he is today –charming like a prince. Ageha envisions girls screaming while Yukari is walking to school. Mitsuya says it isn’t like that, Yukari isn’t charming at all and he is just plain and simple. Ageha is puzzled and thought, what. Mitsuya explains that Yukari before isn’t exactly the same as the present. During junior high, he is only 150cm [4.9 ft] high. Currently, he is 178cm [5.8 ft]. Ageha is shock by this. Mitsuya says that the students in their year aren’t that many nor few. They didn’t study in the same elementary school and it is only on second year when they became classmates. So, he has never met Yukari before. While still young, what do girls look for in a guy. 1. cool 2. athletic 3. has a sense of humor 4. tall height. Enumerating these, there are still other qualities but which one is most important. Ageha says she doesn’t know but she thinks it is the ‘base/foundation/character?’ that is important. Mitsuya exclaims that the most important point is pretty cute guy. Ageha reacts, huh. Mitsuya says he doesn’t care about the others. The first time they met is when he is in second year junior high, it is the start of a bright May. Ageha asks why May and not April. Mitsuya says that is right, it is on May. Mitsuya explains why it is May.

Flashback until the end of the chapter: Mitsuya is the center of attention in his clas. Both boy and girl students surround him. They thought that Mitsuya is cool and carefree. Mitsuya then notices a ‘boy’ sitting by his lonesome, reading a book, across the classroom. Mitsuya asks who is that person. His classmates tell him that it is Yukari Aisaka. Another boy says Yukari used to be his classmate in elementary. Mitsuya wonders if he is a boy for he is so quiet. The other boy says that he has never talked with Yukari, don’t know him much except he is just a plain and simple boy. One asks Mitsuya if he knows ‘Ran’ the actress. Mitsuya says he knows her. The boy says that he heard that Yukari is her son. Mitsuya is shock as how could the son of a famous actress be in that place. The boy says it seems they are divorced. Mitsuya observes Yukari a bit and thought that Yukari doesn’t give out much presence that he didn’t even notice this.

Just when Mitsuya is about to not be bothered with Yukari, he heard someone call out to Yukari to return a book to him. The boy thanks him for the book. Yukari says he read it quite fast. The boy replies that it is interesting. Just then, the wind blows in the window. Yukari smiles and says, really. Mitsuya is shock and thought Yukari is really cute. He realizes that Yukari isn’t the simple and plain boy that others say. Yukari doesn’t talk much, has a kind, high pitched voice and has a smile that won’t look good in others. Mitsuya goes to Yukari who is reading a book. Standing in front of Yukari, Mitsuya thought that somehow in an impulse, he is motivated to talk to Yukari. Mitsuya notice that looking up close, Yukari is really a pretty boy/bishonen. Mitsuya says to Yukari, hi, what are you reading. Mitsuya smiles at him. Yukari looks at him for a while then snubs him by looking away. Sweatdrops, Mitsuya thought that he was just snubbed. Yukari goes back to reading his book. And so, their first trying to know each other has failed.

The next scenes are Mitsuya chasing after Yukari while Yukari kept on avoiding him. Mitsuya is depressed as he learns that Yukari has a skill in hiding though this won’t deter him. He exclaims that even if the mountain is high, for mountaineers, the higher the mountain, the better the reward. Some students wonder what is Mitsuya talking about. Mitsuya realizes that he have such a feeling in him – can’t let go of someone he finds interesting. Mitsuya wonders how to get Yukari to talk to him and why does Yukari kept on avoiding him. Mitsuya then changed his goal and decided to just get Yukari to smile at him. While reading a book, Yukari suddenly feels a ‘bad chi/feeling’ and wonders what that is about. Three days later, Yukari is shock to find Mitsuya waiting for him outside a room. Mitsuya happily says that he has finally able to guess where Yukari goes so he decided to wait there. Yukari thought that Mitsuya is really annoying. He sighs and asks Mitsuya, why. Mitsuya starts to explain his theory how he found Yukari there. Yukari says not that, why is Mitsuya focusing on him. Mitsuya is surprised and smiles. He answers that he finds Yukari interesting. Yukari repeats the word interesting and starts to leave. Mitsuya shouts for Yukari to wait and holds his sleeve.

Mitsuya thought that there won’t be another chance to talk with Yukari again. Mitsuya says that Yukari is like a girl, his name and his appearance, he has seen Yukari’s mother on tv, she is really a beautiful person. Yukari smiles at him and this surprises Mitsuya. Dropping his book, Yukari kicks Mitsuya and grabs him by the collar. Yukari angrily says whether it is a boy or a girl, he will show those people who look down on/belittle him. He lets go of Mitsuya and quickly walks away. After recovering from his shock, Mitsuya thought that Yukari is really cool and is really interesting. Mitsuya wants to become friends with Yukari. He then notices the book left by Yukari. Holding it, Mitsuya thought since Yukari left it, he has to return it. Mitsuya thought isn’t it like Cinderella leaving a glass slipper and returning it would have a happy result. Mitsuya smiles and thought that he just have another excuse to talk with Yukari.

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