June 13, 2011

Parfait Tic! [Chapter 148-149 (Last Chapter)] -Fin-

Originally posted on July 14, 2007 @ tatsukida.pitas.com

To put away these memories of Daiya..these treasures..can I do it? At school, Daiya coughs as he stands in front of his classmates. He says it is his last day of school. With his arms up, he shouts, Love Everybody. Everyone laughs at him. The others say it would be more romantic to say, I love everybody. Someone asks when Daiya will be leaving. Still smiling, Daiya says it is a secret for if they knew, they will come and that it will make him cry. Fuuko seems to be staring elsewhere while Ichi glances at her. Smile..and say bye-bye to him. At tennis practice, Daiya says goodbye to others. Akiou looks at him. Fuuko looks away while holding her racket. Akiou says is it okay like this. Frustrated, Fuuko asks but what should she do. Akiou says she is childish. Fuuko is embarrassed-shock by that. Akiou says but no matter what happen from now, to ‘like’ is to ‘like’, isn’t it okay. Fuuko looks surprised. Akiou says that person told her to just decide on what you want to do now and then see what is the outcome. Akiou looks away embarrassed. Fuuko realizes what she is saying [that the two has reconciled]. But I have already seen it. I even measured the distance in the map. It is just too far.

Soon, the moving van has come to pick up the boys’ stuff. The boys ring the bell and gives Fuuko’s parents a thank you gift. Daiya says he is really happy while there, uncle [Fuuko’s father – uncle is just for respect not really blood related], aunt’s [Fuuko’s mother] food is delicious, sister [Fuuko’s sister] has become like a family. They were touched. Ichi says, same here, too. Daiya is shock as they laugh. Daiya then says, Fuu-chan, goodbye. Daiya smiles at her while Fuuko is expressionless. Ichi looks away. Flustered, Fuuko smiles and finally says, Bye-bye. Fuuko goes to her room and says that she is going to arrange her things to change the mood since it is still early in the morning. Her mother looks at her worriedly. In the car, Ichi asks Daiya just saying goodbye, isn’t that too stupid. Ichi says I can continue on watching that person even though that person finds it troublesome. Daiya looks at Ichi in surprise. I have said it before, I feel that I’m troublesome for Daiya. A flashback of Daiya saying that he has started to hate himself. Daiya’s brightness might fade away. I have decided to stay silent and just wait for the next day. Fuuko is cleaning her room and has become a bit dirty. Then, she sees something sparkling at the book shelf. She picks it up and it is the missing heart charm.

She starts crying and quickly open her organizer to find Koto’s mobile number. Fuuko asks where is Daiya. Koto says didn’t she know, Daiya is going to China today. Fuuko quickly runs while holding the heart charm. Daiya’s name would become just another four letter character. Birthday will be something that will be forgotten. Face and image, will just some faraway form tomorrow. I don’t want that. Fuuko tries to call a cab but ends up soaking wet when the water puddle gets splashed on her as a car passes by. Holding the heart, Fuuko thought, I won’t want it to be like this. At the train station, Daiya and others [Koto and Grandparents included] are waiting. Someone tells Daiya to come back during ghost/lantern festival. [I wonder if it is Ichi joking] Daiya says, Ichi..I had just used you as an alibi, but no matter if it is you or it is me, as well as Fuuko, no matter who gets hurt by whom, don’t ever give up the thing you like. Daiya smiles at Ichi and Ichi looks surprised. Fuuko is rushing through the crowd. Sorry, Daiya. I’m not gentle, giving problems to Daiya, and even made Daiya’s smile fade. Just then, the train arrives. The announcement apologizes for the delay. Fuuko sees Daiya and shouts, hey, Daiya! Daiya and Ichi turns around to find Fuuko standing there. But... Ichi is about to say that she is really dirty. Fuuko tells Ichi, I like Daiya. This surprises Ichi. Grandparents and Koto look at the scene. Daiya looks at her as Fuuko opens her palm. On her palm, is the heart charm. She shouts, I like Daiya!

They all just stand there. Another announcement says that the train is leaving. Fuuko is surprised and is about to say, Daiya.. Ichi looks away and pushes Fuuko to Daiya. This surprises the two. Fuuko thought, what. Ichi boards the train and tosses his coat to Fuuko. Ichi says why don’t you two stay in this small country, and be lovey-dovey [literally say sweet nothings to each other]. Fuuko tries to call him but the train has already started moving. Fuuko chases the train and shouts, hey, wait. Daiya runs after her saying that is dangerous. The train has left and the two were shock. No way. Grandpa is amused, Grandma is surprised and Koto is freaking out. Daiya tells Fuuko that they will chase by riding another train. Sitting in his seat, Ichi looks around and realizes that he doesn’t have a luggage. He puts out both his hands [meaning he has nothing] but to his surprise, someone puts gives him a small meal. The conductor must have thought he wanted to order food. Ichi then just looks out the window.

Ichi, what is he thinking when he board the train? Fuuko and Daiya is already riding on another train. Fuuko asks if they can chase him. Daiya says that person doesn’t have anything, generally saying, he doesn’t have any money nor passport. Fuuko asks what is he thinking. The two become silent as if they already knew. Daiya smiles and plays Fuuko’s hair bangs. He asks her if she is worried. Daiya lets go of her hair and says, he [Ichi] isn’t an outsider, do not ignore that person’s existence, this is something I clearly know. Daiya then touches her cheek with the back of his hand. Daiya says, but if that person cannot even look at her, he will feel like a fool. Fuuko starts crying. Daiya says, sorry for making you cry but this way, the feelings are true. Daiya smiles and says, I like you, Fuuko. Fuuko is flustered as she kept on crying. Daiya laughs and says if he [Ichi] is an outsider then they don’t have to be far apart. Fuuko says, it isn’t far apart/away. Daiya then says, yes. He then kisses her. The road has now come to the present. After the kiss, the two starts to laugh. Now..

They have arrived at a stop as Fuuko wonders for how long has they been standing. The door has closed when Fuuko sees Ichi walking at the stop. She slams her face on the glass door and shouts, hey. Daiya is surprised. They finally meet with Ichi. Ichi says what is it, really, he can’t go abroad without anything. The two suppress their laugh. A bit irk/embarrassed, Ichi turns around and says he is going ahead as he has to get his stuff first. The two calls out to Ichi. Ichi looks back to see them smiling at him. Daiya says he will go. Ichi tries to punch him as Daiya blocks it. Ichi shouts for him to quit joking around, acting as if nothing, I’m going to steal her. Daiya smiles and says, go ahead and try. Fuuko puts on Ichi’s coat on him and smiles. She also says, go ahead and try. [The mangaka made a mistake there – a scene had Ichi’s coat on before Fuuko gives it back to him =P ] When we meet, I don’t know how I’m going to return the coat to you but unconsciously, I can smile like this. Ichi then starts to argue as the two were laughing. Yesterday has build up to become today. Yesterday and Today will build up as Tomorrow.

Misora comes in Fuuko’s room crying that the serialization has ended and does her school has any new material that she can use for her stories. Fuuko looks at her and says, what. It has been two years since Daiya left. She is now in first year of a beauty styling school. Fuuko gets an email on her mobile phone. It is Akiou who send her a picture of a baby through ultrasound. Fuuko is surprised as Akiou says it is already three months old. Fuuko emails back, hope your baby will become healthy, so happy, today is also my happiest day. Many things happen everyday, so when Daiya returns, I will tell him lots of things. I have thought of this many times. Waiting..to meet him again. At the parlor, Kagechika explains that she came in a good time, long time no see, president. Gloomily, Ichi asks Fuuko what is Kagechika doing there. Fuuko says that Kagechika is her chatmate. Kagechika shouts that she has heard that Daiya will be coming back that day so she thought that Ichi will also be there. Ichi shouts for her to quit calling him president. Kagechika explains that it is because Ichi isn’t in her college so for her, time has stopped when Ichi is still president. Ichi grabs Kagechika’s hair bun and toss it away, shouting, hey you, until when do you plan on wearing that. Kagechika chases after it and puts it back on, saying in her heart, Fuuko is still a ‘rival’. Ichi says that’s enough, using his time, she did have a bit of contribution. Kagechika is really happy until Ichi says, but for today, go away. Kagechika shouts that she will come back. Ichi shouts don’t come back. There are days that are clear. There are days that are cloudy. There are days when it keeps on raining non-stop. Everyday is not the same. Fuuko turns around and sees, Daiya smiling at her, waving with his bag. Fuuko smiles back. The last scene is of Fuuko cutting Daiya’s hair while Ichi is being playful with the water spray. But, I can see the dazzling sky, from now on, I will also live a richly colorful life. The End.


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  2. Omg! Thank youuuu! I was Team Icchi up until ch. 60 then, I become Team Daiya around ch. 80. Around chapters 120, Fuuko was so frustrating, I want to drop reading it but I know deep down that I really want to see her and Daiya become okay. This gives is heart-warming. I love Daiyaaaaa! Thank you again!

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