June 13, 2011

V. B. Rose [Chapter 59]

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The next day, Lan went to Aoi’s tomb to pay her respects and after that she went back to Tokyo, smiling, says see you next time, this really suits Lan’s nature. And the next time they see each other again, it will definitely be the same kind of smiling face, still really happy. At a store, Ageha tells Mamoru that it has been only a few days since Lan stayed but those times left quite a deep impression that it is hard for her to forget the days she spent with her but everyone is happy so things turned out okay. Ageha pauses then looks at Mamoru who is looking at her mobile phone. Ageha asks if Mamoru is listening. No response so Ageha looks at what Mamoru is looking at on her phone. It is a wallpaper of Lan hugging Mamoru. Ageha asks if taking a picture with Lan really makes Mamoru happy. Mamoru says it does as it is the real person herself. Mamoru says that they manage to buy a gift for White day without a problem. [Reminder: Yukari gave his gift to Ageha for White day so it is now Ageha’s turn to give Yukari for Valentine’s Day.] Ageha thanks her for accompanying her as if she is alone, she will not know what to get. Ryuu asks if they will have a White Day date. Ryuu introduces himself to the audience, been a long time, I’m Ryuu, the one who has a bit dark nature but won’t let Ageha know about it. Ageha flustered and tells Ryuu not to be like that [teasing her], there is no date, this is just a belated Valentine’s gift, and she will give it while at work. Mamoru thought that Ryuu is emitting resentment.

The siblings say but it is still the same being lovey dovey. Ageha blushed and is embarrassed at it as she thought that is no way to refute it though. The siblings smile and mentally talk with each other. Ryuu says Ageha is so cute. Mamoru says she is cute. Ryuu says it is caused by Yukari, right. Mamoru says as it is ‘caused’ [by Yukari], should they pay homage to him. Ryuu asks, pay homage. Ryuu then zaps Yukari with evil chi. At VBR, Yukari is zapped as Yukari freezes while Mitsuya is photocopying something. To Mitsuya’s surprise, Yukari suddenly shouts, ah, that evil chi, it has been a long time that cannot be understood thing has appeared. Yukari keeps on shouting as Mitsuya tries to calm him down. Back at the store, Ryuu smiles as Mamoru says, Ryuu, really. Mamoru asks when will Ageha go to work at the store. Ageha says that there is something strange about it. Mamoru asks, strange. Ageha says that Mitsuya called her yesterday and told her to wear something lightweight/easy to wear outfit and she should come around 9am. Mamoru asks what are they going to do. Ageha says that she doesn’t know and since it is something lightweight, could it be they are going to do some general cleaning. Mamoru darkly thought if Ageha is going to be bullied, she is going to curse him [Mitsuya]. Ageha happily thought that no matter what it is, she is going to obediently listen since from Mitsuya’s tone, it seems to be something interesting.

At VBR on 9am, Ageha is surprised to see Maki and Manyou who greet her. Ageha greets them and says it has been a long time. Holding an outfit in suit bag, the couple says the princess is now going to change an outfit. Ageha is surprised. Maki says that it is the new outfit from ‘Q’ so he wants to see Ageha wearing it and he was the one who picked it. Manyou says that she will be the one responsible for hair and make-up. The couple smiling tells her to dress up. The two then drag Ageha to the store as they are happy in helping dress up a girl. While dressing up, Ageha looks a bit scared over the couple’s insistence when she heard Yukari and Mitsuya just realize that Ageha has arrived. Mitsuya happily asks if Ageha is surprised. Manyou toss the two away telling them to go away and just crawl up in that corner. Ageha peeks out saying that she is already dressed up when Manyou pulls her out and put her on a chair. She then puts a cover to protect Ageha’s clothes. Ageha asks what is this about. Manyou apologizes for surprising her. Manyou explains that she is currently on maternal leave and she really wants to have someone as her model so she hopes that Ageha could help her since usually, it is only her siblings whom she can use as her models. Ageha is embarrassed as she says it is okay and thought that she is really happy.

Suddenly, Ageha felt someone touching her legs. She looks down and is surprised to see a little girl with black hair and blue eyes. Ageha thought the girl is really cute as the girl is still wobbly while she is standing. Suddenly, the girl loses her balance that Ageha quickly catches her. Manyou praises Ageha for saving the girl. She carries the girl and tells her to go to her father. The girl hugs Manyou and then she is passes on to Maki. Ageha asks if this is the girl Nichina he mentioned before. [I totally forgot when this is mentioned before ^^; ] Maki says she is his beloved daughter, aren’t they alike. Ageha says super alike but the eyes are blue. Manyou says that the blue eyes are from Maki’s mother side who is a half-French, half-Japanese while the black hair is from her. Manyou whispers that she wishes that Nichina doesn’t have that much similarities with Maki, and it will be okay. Maki shouts, what does she mean by that, how irritating of her. Manyou shouts for him to keep quiet, stupid. Ageha is amused over their silly fight. Ageha says is Nichina already at the age of grabbing things and trying to stand. Manyou says yes, because she is only four months away from becoming one year old – 8 months old. Ageha muses that it is the same year when Madoka was born and there is really quite a big difference [of development] per month. Manyou agrees. A scene shows that Madoka is already trying to grab things as she is already 5 months old. Maki says if her daughter grows up, he will protect her from any evil pests coming close to her. Maki hugs Nichina tight. Ageha is shock as Manyou holds up a lamp, shouting, he is the biggest pest. Ouch! Manyou continues doing Ageha’s hair, saying for Ageha to wait as she will finished dividing Ageha’s hair and now she is going to do the hairdo. Ageha looks at unconscious Maki lying down on the sofa as Nichina is calling out to him. Ageha asks what about Maki. Manyou says to leave him be, he will go home later on by himself.

The two guys are looking at them as Yukari seems a bit bored – his existence isn’t needed. Manyou asks him to take care of Nichina. Yukari is then playing with Nichina by putting her on his shoulder. Mitsuya comments that is cute. A note says that Yukari knows how to take care of kids because of Sakura. Ageha muses that Yukari is carrying Nichina like a luggage. Manyou notices that Ageha’s hair is curly and asks if she did that. Ageha says it is naturally curly/wavy. Manyou comments that is really admirable. Ageha says it isn’t for while she is in elementary and jr. high, older students will say, what curly hair, trying-to-be-older brat, why don’t you cut it. Manyou says she understands as she has a friend who had a problem with that kind of bullying because of her hair color so she helped the friend fix her hair – something like that. Ageha comments that a handkerchief can also help. Ageha tells her that because she has a friend, Mamoru that she doesn’t mind such things anymore. It seems as if she just goes with the flow, following with Mamoru and doesn’t interfere with anything and when she meets with those bullying students, for some mysterious reason, they ignore her in those circumstances. [In short, it is thanks to Mamoru who indirectly threaten them not to do anything to Ageha else they want to be ‘cursed’] Yukari and Mitsuya looks speechless. Yukari thought Ageha, your past as a student is really gloomy, for he thought before that she is just oblivious to everything. Ageha smiles and says that it is a good thing that there are many good people in high school, so she is happy but if there are any problems, she would still go to Mamoru out of habit. The adults become hot-blooded. Manyou tightly holds on to Ageha’s shoulder and shouts, Ageha, today I’m going to help you become ordinary and yet cute. Ageha thanks her as she is confused why Manyou is like that. Manyou asks Yukari if he has a 5cm wide lace for about one meter. Yukari shouts he will quickly get one for her. Mitsuya volunteers to pick which one will suit Ageha.

Manyou uses the lace as Ageha’s hairband, while the rest of her hair is braided. Manyou is satisfied with her work as Ageha goes to show herself to the two guys. Ageha is thrilled over how she looks as it is really cute and that the Q outfit really looks cute. Mitsuya comments that the long socks matches perfectly. Yukari goes back to his habit of just staring at Ageha that Ageha becomes embarrassed as she wonders what is the matter. Mitsuya smiles and then tosses Yukari and Ageha out of the store, shouting for Yukari to take Ageha out. Yukari shouts what is that about, there is still work. Mitsuya tells him to just double-work/work overtime when he gets back. Yukari is about to protest when Manyou jumps out and hits Yukari’s head with her knee. Yukari is knocked out as Ageha calls out for Yukari. Carrying Nichina, Manyou says that she is going ahead, she will bother Ageha next time – something like ask a favor to fix Ageha’s hair again. Nichina waves to them, goodbye. Mitsuya peeks out the door and says, at Sanagawa coastal area, the rapeseed/canola flowers are prettily in full bloom now. He closes the door, leaving a stunned Ageha and Yukari still laying on the floor. Feeling defeated by the others, Yukari asks if she wants to go.

At the flower fields, Ageha is really thrilled to see all the pretty flowers as the costal area is filled with yellow rapeseed flowers. Yukari says that it is already flower blooming season as next month [April] is sakura/cherry blossoms. Ageha says that spring is nice and is about to run when Yukari tells her that running is dangerous. Ageha smiles and says if only she has a camera. Yukari smiles at her. Ageha asks what is the matter. Yukari says that it is because Ageha is smiling and is happy. Ageha looks at him and says, it is because she is with Yukari. Ageha blushes a bit as Yukari looks a bit surprised. He thought she is really cute and really innocent. He hugs her. Ageha tells him that after the thing about Lan, it seems that Yukari seems to breath lighter as if his burden is lifted, it is because of this happy incident that makes Ageha really happy. Yukari blushes a bit and kisses Ageha’s forehead. Ageha is a bit surprised as she starts blushing. Yukari tells her should they walk leisurely. Ageha agrees as they hold hands. Ageha then realizes that she forgot to bring the Valentine’s gift and left it at the store. Yukari says that he can wait for it. Ageha giggles. So, Ageha and Yukari walks around the yellow flower fields as Ageha happily thought that another happy peaceful day has passed.

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