June 13, 2011

V. B. Rose [Chapter 58]

Originally posted on June 7, 2007 @ tatsukida.pitas.com

If only that time, I would just wait inside the house. If only I have said those words, things won’t turn out that way. The last scene is when Yukari tells Ririko that there is something he wants to tell to Lan. Ririko asks Yukari if he blames Lan [for what happened]. Yukari glances at her and remembers the past when his father is holding him, telling him that it isn’t Yukari’s fault but then, it isn’t his mother’s fault either so don’t blame her. Young Yukari then notices that his father is crying. He looks up and his father tells him that it is just because they are still young and that there will be a time when this will ultimately happen for his mother isn’t the type to keep still/stay there. His father apologizes to him. Yukari smiles as he tells this to Ririko that this is what his father had told him. Yukari says but as a child, he would feel that it is his fault, if only he didn’t get sick at that time, those two wouldn’t have separated. Yukari looks troubled as he says, if only he had said ‘don’t go’ things won’t turn out that way and he can’t stop himself from thinking that way. Ririko looks sad for Yukari. Yukari stops and looks at Ririko and smiles as he tells her that it is really good that Ririko is there because of Ririko, and being with Ririko, his father has found happiness and he is very happy about that. Yukari adds that it is because of Ririko that he has found his own path [goal in life]. Ririko blushes as Yukari thanks her.

Ririko goes into ‘sister mode’ as she says that he is actually a troublesome kid. Yukari says isn’t that because of her influence. Ririko sighs and says that Yukari is always cold with people and no matter who, he would go away from them, does he know how much worried she is about him. Yukari laughs at this and says that even if he is like that, he still found friends – good friends and comrades, so he is really lucky. A scene of him with Mitsuya, Natsuna and Tsuyu. Yukari says and also... He remembers Ageha calling out his name and smiling. Yukari thought, someone whom he wants to cherish. Ririko says that Yukari has changed. Ririko teases Yukari asking who is he thinking when he said, and also. Yukari angrily shouts for her to stop being noisy, she already knows so she don’t have to ask. Ririko teases that he is being embarrassed. Then, Yukari asks how did Ageha traveled – by bus or train. Ririko says didn’t Lan drive her own car. Yukari is shock as he remembers his mother’s driving – he is scared as a young boy when Lan says, see how I overtake that car. Ririko teases did he realize this just now. Yukari panicks and asks Ririko what to do, should they call the police. Ririko looks uninterested as she comments that Yukari is like an overprotective mother. Yukari shouts what is she talking about, this is about a person’s life, father in heaven, save her. Just then, Ageha comes in to say that she is back. Yukari quickly hugs Ageha as Ageha is wondering what has happened. Yukari says it is a good thing that nothing has happened to her. Ageha blushes and hugs him back, saying I made you worry. Ririko snickers as she says that Yukari is really becoming like Aoi. Yukari angrily shouts for her to stop being noisy.

Ririko then asks where is Lan. Ageha says that she is there. They all look at the door and notice Lan nervously peeking from the door. She goes to Yukari and apologizes for taking Ageha. Yukari looks a bit speechless and says that it doesn’t matter for Ageha has come back safely. Ageha and Lan are surprised about this. Yukari asks why did she come back. Lan becomes nervous as Ageha is worriedly thinking that Yukari asked the same question as she did, Lan looks stiff, do your best, Lan. Lan asks Yukari not to get angry and just listen to what she has to say. Looking at a bit surprised Yukari, Lan asks if she can go clean [pay respects] to Aoi’s tomb. She then thanks Ririko for sending her a postcard. Yukari looks at Ririko in surprise as Ririko says that she felt that it is something important. A flashback of Lan getting a postcard to inform her about the third death anniversary of Aoi. Lan says that she really doesn’t want to go because she still believes that Aoi is still alive. She also knows that she cannot go back for she doesn’t have the face to do so. But when she saw him on the webpage, she really wants to see him and in the end, it does seem to be just acted on impulse. The three were surprised. Yukari asks isn’t it so for the way she came does seem like her typical impulsive attitude – giving him a car and wanting to see VBR. Lan says that it is because if she didn’t do that in a comedic way, she might lose her nerve and she is afraid. Yukari asks what is she afraid of. Lan with tears on her eyes and holding her hands together says that if Yukari rejects her, she will be really hurt that she would want to die.

Yukari sighs and says that he doesn’t plan on saying that but there is indeed something he wants to say and that is, even if there is no other reason, she is most welcome to come back anytime. Lan is surprised by this. Yukari muses that the house doesn’t have that much rooms though. He tells her that when he is young he regrets that saying it ‘don’t go’ for he doesn’t understand her that he became quite rebellious during his high school years but then the current him still doesn’t understand much but it doesn’t matter anymore. Looking at Lan, he tells her there is only one thing he wants to say now and that is be careful on your way back, mother, and if you are free, why don’t she come back but it has to be on holidays. Lan cries as Yukari calls her mother. She then hugs him and smiles, saying, yes, I’m going now. Yukari is a bit teary eyed too and hugs her back. Ageha and Ririko looks at them smiling. Ageha thought, this scenario is like the time when on waits for along time for winter to finally become spring.

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