June 13, 2011

Parfait Tic! [Chapter 144]

Originally posted on June 19, 2007 @ tatsukida.pitas.com

Everyone is talking about Daiya going to China as Issochi and Akiou overheard the others. Issochi confronts Daiya about it and Daiya admits that it is true. Issochi wonders why everyone is going to a far away place. Daiya asks what is he talking about as he playfully pats Issochi’s head saying, that even if couples separate [because of work], the husband still keeps in contact with letters so it is okay. Issochi sadly says they divorced. Daiya is surprised as Issochi looks as if he is stopping himself from crying. The scene changes to Fuuko who is equally shock as she screams, break-break-break-up! Akiou says that about her affairs isn’t important but Daiya going to China is. Fuuko protests about that and asks why. The two then argues which is more important, China or the reason [for the break up]. The two then sigh as Akiou tells Fuuko that the two are equally troublesome. Fuuko agrees. Fuuko says that she is really okay for she already knew about the China thing and since they have already broken up, she doesn’t have the right to say anything. Fuuko is crying as Akiou says that her facial expressions and words doesn’t match. Fuuko denies it as she is still crying. Then, Akiou says if only that guy [Issochi] is a bit more firm [strong determination] then she..if only he is more firm. Fuuko thought that Akiou is crying. The two girls comfort each other. Why, even when they like each other, progress doesn’t turn out smoothly, is it because of love that it doesn’t turn out smoothly?

Fuuko looks a bit surprised at Daiya as she goes under his arm while Daiya is standing at the door. Fuuko asks where is he going. Daiya says to the office. Fuuko thought maybe to discuss about going to China. Fuuko smiles and says that he will be leaving soon. Daiya smiles and says ya, time flies fast. Fuuko tells him to go ahead else he might not reach the office by the time the school break ends. Students on the hallway started going to Daiya asking him if it is really true he is going to China as Daiya tries to keep on walking saying he is going to the office. In class, Fuuko suggests that they have a farewell party. Everyone likes the idea and wonders where they will do it. One suggests a karaoke bar but another says they might just end up singing and it isn’t a farewell party anymore. Ichi asks how about the place where he works. Everyone agrees to do it in the okonomiyaki restaurant where Daiya used to work. The others say that Fuuko and Ichi will be responsible for taking in charge over this. Fuuko becomes uneasy as Ichi becomes gloomy.

Fuuko’s curly haired teacher gives Fuuko some brochures of beauty schools for hairdressing and that she can try to apply next year. Much to the teacher’s dismay, Fuuko doesn’t seem to be listening as she is raving over the haircut shown on the brochures. Holding on to them, Fuuko thought that since learning about Daiya leaving to China, she has forgotten about this faraway dream of hers, but seeing the brochures, she has become excited all over again. She then sees Daiya bidding some person goodbye as that person tells him to go to the farewell party. Daiya notices her and greets her. He asks her what are those she carrying. She says they are about beauty schools. Daiya agrees that it is good for her to become a hairstylist. Fuuko laughs and says that the only thing hindering her from attaining that goal is her stupidity. Daiya says it will be no problem, Fuuko will succeed in becoming a hairstylist. Fuuko says that if he returns to the country, she is going to give him a haircut. Daiya jokes she better not cut off his ears.

Fuuko thought that Daiya will be leaving soon as everyone now knows about it, Daiya joking around, she will certainly miss it. Fuuko sits down as she looks at her organizer with some information on how to do the farewell party. Ichi arrives and apologizes for the school meeting took a long time. Kagechika gloomily comes out from Ichi’s back saying, so that is why Ichi rushed the meeting, it is because of Fuuko. Ichi angrily shouts for her to stop following him, being nosy. Kagechika apologizes as Ichi tries to explain. Fuuko ends up being the one telling Kagechika they are just going to talk about Daiya’s farewell party on the way home. Kagechika mentions that she has heard it from Daiya fans who were making a fuss about it that Daiya will be going to Alaska. Ichi corrects her saying it is China, rumors are really scary. Kagechika tries to help by offering to help out with flowers as she knows of a good flower shop. Ichi bluntly tells her that it is really not needed. Kagechika is stunned and flustered by Ichi’s refusal. Ichi quickly takes Fuuko’s hand and says they are leaving. Kagechika shouts that Ichi is a fool, just because the rival leaves, how disappointing. After they were farther away, Ichi lets go of Fuuko’s hand as they are catching their breath. Ichi angrily says, really, that person. Fuuko says that Kagechika will be uneasy. Ichi looks back at her and asks, uneasy about what? Fuuko becomes nervous as Ichi is looking at her. Ichi quickly turns away and says Kagechika being uneasy what is it to me, I know but it isn’t my business, I think of you. Ichi pauses as Fuuko is puzzled. Ichi says that girl says that he is disappointing. Fuuko remembers what Kagechika shouts and asks, really. Ichi turns around and says that it means, that guy haven’t left yet, he is already moving, is it quite disappointing. Fuuko is surprised and asks what did he just say. Ichi says, I’ll say it again one last time, listen up.

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