June 13, 2011

Parfait Tic! [Chapter 143]

Originally posted on May 30, 2007 @ tatsukida.pitas.com

Fuuko is surprised when Daiya asked if he can hug her. Daiya then says, one last time. Fuuko looks at Daiya then looks away. She thought that she is stupid, up to this time, can I hug you, malicious heart, afraid of expecting for a second – basically Fuuko berates herself from expecting something else. Fuuko says yes. She smiles at Daiya and says, one last time. Daiya then hugs her. So sad. So painful. But I won’t cry. I cannot cry. As this time has come, didn’t I tell myself this many times already. Ah..it has ended. [I think she meant the embrace] Daiya lets her go and says let’s go. As they walk down the stairs, Fuuko tries to stop from crying as Daiya looks a bit sad. A teacher screams what are they doing there. They apologized, saying that they went out the wrong door and they were just drinking some juice. The teacher tells them to go back to sleep. They left as they say they will. They bid each other goodnight and went back to their own rooms. After closing the door behind them, they started to cry.

Even when I have decided not to cry, but when I am alone, my heart is more likely to be moved and my tears would just kept on falling. The next day as the school trip continues, Fuuko looks at Daiya who seems to be back to himself. At the bus, Daiya started to rap on the microphone of the bus. After Daiya raps about their school trip hoping it will continue forever though today is the last day and they are all tired. Everyone enjoys his rap. Then, Daiya thanks them and tells them that he is going to China. The others wondered if it is a field trip. Daiya says it is true. Everyone is shock except Ichi. They asked when is he leaving. Daiya says by the beginning [first week?] of next month. They can’t believe it for only a short time left before Daiya leaves. Mako looks at her seatmate Fuuko who is hiding behind the curtains. Fuuko is crying. Daiya, by next month, will be going to a faraway place, will he think of her smile.

Isocchi presents a gift to Akiou, saying he is back. Akiou says, this is my home, thanks. Isocchi is shock as he apologizes and says that isn’t what he meant. The gift is a keychain of Tokyo tower. Akiou is speechless as Isocchi says that not seeing her, he is lonely, will it be like this, when she leaves for that place, they can’t see each other, he isn’t sure if he can endure it. Akiou blushed and looks away as she says ‘you go’, if he really is confident in saying this to her, she won’t leave. Isocchi looks surprised. She then says if he cannot say those words, he must however say ‘don’t go’ and I will also not go. Isocchi is confused and asks what does that mean. Looking at him while blushing, Akiou says that she wants him with feelings of commitment to love her for right now, she doesn’t know when their relationship is going to deteriorate, she is afraid, she is really worried and really tired or is it okay to be by herself.

At Fuuko’s house, the boys gave a gift to Fuuko’s mother as thanks for the bento box. Fuuko’s sister says no need to thank. Fuuko’s mother reprimands her for saying that and thanks the boys, she is really happy. Daiya thanks her again and says that there is something he has to say. Fuuko looks surprise. Daiya says that he is going to leave already but what about this guy [Ichi] for he can’t cook his own meal. Ichi uses his knee to hit Daiya’s back. Ichi says that even if it is far, but he has decided to go to his grandparents’ place and will go to school from there. Fuuko doesn’t react as her mother and sister are surprised as they exclaimed you are saying leaving this place. Fuuko’s mother and sister are disappointed as her sister says that in shoujo manga, their existence is important. Her mother agrees. This is..is that so, not right, I can still meet with Ichi at school only Daiya is going to leave for a far place but, I think that upon returning back to the country, more or less, we will meet again. At this apartment is the place where we met. Fuuko says that she will ‘greet’ them next time and if they need help in moving, just say so. Fuuko tries to smile but she is looking flustered/about to cry as the boys just look at her. If they haven’t met, their existence will be far away. A bit of flashback on the day when the boys moved into the upper floor. Then, she won’t be saying what she is saying today, she won’t also have fallen in love. Lying on her bed, she says that thinking like this is great, a strange place, ha ha. Tears started to come out of her eyes. And everything has become the past.

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