June 13, 2011

V. B. Rose [Chapter 57]

Originally posted on March 14, 2007 @ tatsukida.pitas.com

Flashback: Ririko is standing in front of VBR as she wonders what should she do 1. See Aoi or 2. Go and disturb the others while at work. She chooses one but after a brief thought, she decided on two though she really wanted to see Aoi. Blushing, she turned around while carrying her umbrella. Then, she bumped into Aoi. She apologized as Aoi asked if she is okay as he held up her umbrella to her. Ririko blushed as she thanked him. Aoi said that it seems to start to snow already as the snow is falling down. Ririko then noticed that Aoi is carrying a bag so she asked wasn’t he at the store. Aoi smiled ans says he wasn’t for he went to buy some cloth and silk flowers. Ririko asked where is Yukari. Aoi said that he went with Lan to the zoo. Ririko is shocked for she just saw Lan going out alone. She rushed in VBR to find Yukari sitting near the post of the store, ‘frozen’ [he is like stiff and not reacting even if Ririko is in front of him] She dropped her umbrella in shock and quickly calls for Aoi. He is puzzled as Ririko points out Yukari that Aoi is alarmed and quickly runs toward Yukari, calling his name.

If Aoi came a bit later, Yukari would have gotten a bad case of pneumonia. At the living room, Lan is sitting, feeling really remorseful as Aoi is standing angrily. Aoi shouted if she knew what she just did. Lan kept silent. Aoi shouted how could she leave Yukari alone by himself, he is just five years old and does she knew what kind of feelings that Yukari had to wait for her like that. Yukari is on bed, sleeping. Aoi shouted that Yukari could have gotten pneumonia. Lan tried to say I just...time.. Aoi shouted ‘time’, the only time that she is interested in is the time for herself that she would even leave Yukari outside all alone by himself. Lan couldn’t answer as he is right. Aoi then said that it is enough, he understands, she is a failure of a mother. Lan is stunned. Aoi proceeded to remove his ring as he told her that from now on, she can do anything she wants. Lan tries to protest but Aoi then told her, let’s divorce. Lan looked really shock as Aoi puts his ring on the table. Aoi told her that he will be the one who will take care of Yukari, so goodbye Lan. Around then, Yukari woked up. End flashback.

Lan holding her arms tells Ageha that even if she doesn’t have the qualifications/right but remembering these memories opens up the painful wounds – Aoi telling her he wants to divorce and losing Yukari. Ageha looks sad for Lan. Lan continued that after she left that house, when she went to Tokyo to walk/shop around, she is discovered by a talent scout of a showbiz company where she currently works for and that is how she got into the showbiz industry. Lan says that it is because she is busy and she felt that she doesn’t have the right to see them so she never went to see them. She then says no, it is more like she is afraid because she knew in that family, there’s no place for her anymore. There is a scene of Aoi asking Ririko to help in in something as Yukari is already in high school rejoicing that he is now taller than Ririko. Ageha then asks so why did she come now. Lan looks a bit surprised and then says that someone she knew has told her that he has heard of Yukari and that there are pictures on the web. Flashback: Her hairdresser said that on his friend’s webpage, has your son’s pictures. Lan asked webpage. The hairdresser then later showed the pictures to her. [Did he just do her hair while wearing sunglasses? ^^;;] Lan thought that it is Aoi who haven’t changed at all – still the same as that time. Lan gasped as she covered her mouth and was in tears. End flashback. Lan becomes emotional as she exclaims that she doesn’t believe, until now, she still can’t believe that Aoi is no longer here. Lan cries that she can’t go to the store nor get in touch with because she still can’t accept this reality so she didn’t went to participate in Aoi’s burial rites for if she sees Aoi’s face, she will feel really remorseful and regret as she will never have a chance to apologize and just thinking of that, she doesn’t have the courage to go. Ageha feels sorry for her.

After regaining her composure, still crying, Lan says that she doesn’t want to regret anymore so after seeing the pictures on the web, she wanted to hear the voice so she decided to call VBR by telephone. Flashback of her calling as she is really nervous that her heart is beating fast. Then, she thought that Aoi is still alive as Yukari answers the phone, this is Aisaka [Yukari’s surname]. Yukari got hung up as he thought, this again. End flashback. Lan says that she can’t say anything that she quickly hanged up the phone. She did it a few number of that times. Lan laughs that one time, a girl whom she has never heard before answered that she was extremely surprised by it. Ageha remembers as she asks if Lan was the one who kept on calling but won’t answer. Lan nods her head. Ageha shouted that girl is her. Lan pauses and then Lan screams if it was Ageha who was in the picture with Yukari as she thought Ageha looks familiar. Ageha sweatdrops and asked, did you realize that only now. Lan smiles and says that she is really impulsive that even if she has no right, she has appeared but then, after seeing the pictures on the web has made uneasy/excited – something like can’t keep still. Using the car as a gift excuse, she hurriedly went there. Though upon arriving there, it seems like the Yukari [Sakura] she had left and divorced Aoi [Yukari] has appeared before her that for a moment, she doesn’t know what happened as if time had stopped. [That is why she reacted in surprise earlier when meeting them] Ageha looks at Lan worriedly as Lan pauses and then smiles as she started to giggle. Lan says that it seems that Yukari’s character has become like Ririko as she remembers them getting angry at the same time.

Lan then looks sad as she grips her hands and say she really doesn’t have the right to see Yukari..doesn’t have the right to ask for forgiveness. Ageha looks at her and says that it is already late. Lan looks at her in surprise. Ageha tells her that regarding Yukari’s feelings, at first, she doesn’t understand how deep Yukari’s feelings/way of thinking is but if there is one whom Yukari doesn’t wanted to see the face of, he will immediately drive that person away – that is Yukari. Ageha blushed a bit as Lan calls her name. [Ageha just told her in an indirect way that if Yukari hates Lan, he would have driven her away already] Ageha then says, yup, that is the kind of person he is as she thought gloomily for she was tossed away from VBR twice. Lan puzzled a bit by that. Ageha then smiles as she stands up and offers her hand to Lan. Ageha says let’s go home to where Yukari is, no need to discuss how to do say it but just sorry and then it can be a new start. Lan looks at Ageha as she remembers the time when Aoi welcomes her back. Lan gets teary eyed and smiles as she takes Ageha’s hand and says, yes. At VBR, Ririko and Yukari are still sitting at the living room as Yukari tells Ririko that he has something he wants to tell Lan.

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