June 13, 2011

V. B. Rose [Chapter 56]

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Ageha is surprised that Yukari is a product of a shotgun wedding. Lan screams with tears if Ageha is intimidated by her. Surprised, Ageha denies it but then, she says, that she is, self-loathing. Ageha then remembered when she is saying things about her sister’s own shotgun wedding last year, Yukari is very angry at her. Ageha thought that it is because she is only thinking of herself and now that the baby is born and is so cute, she doesn’t oppose it anymore. Ageha mentally apologizes to Yukari for she is doesn’t have the nerve. Lan asks Ageha what is wrong. Ageha then sits closer to Lan and thanks her for giving birth to Yukari. Ageha felt that she is going to cry soon as she apologizes about it while Lan looks surprised and then smiles. She wipes Ageha’s tears and says that Ageha is such a nice girl. Shaking her head, Ageha quickly denies that she is a nice girl. Lan says that she is and she is considerate just like Aoi. Ageha looks surprised as Lan tells her that when she tells Aoi that she is pregnant, he told her. Flashback: Aoi said baby. Lan looked extremely nervous and embarrassed. He then held Lan’s shoulder and called out her name, surprising Lan. Aoi hugged her and thanked her saying that from now on, they are going to be a family. Lan is in tears. End flashback.

Lan says that she is really happy. Aoi told her ‘you can stay here.’ and it gave her a place she can stay momentarily. Lan says that there are people saying that she is so young, at that time, Yukari is in her belly, Aoi by my side, she is very happy. Ageha listens and is surprised as Lan exclaims that it is then they used up all her grandma’s inheritance to build VBR. Ageha looks surprised [actually, I can’t describe her reaction it is like she can’t believe what she just heard shock] and asks, build? Lan then happily says that they want their own place/residence and of course, that time Aoi was being scolded about it but then, it is Aoi’s dream to have a wedding design store. Ageha looks surprised then wonders when did grandma died then, is this the time to think about that. Lan says that her grandma and Aoi are her most cherished people, she doesn’t care for money for as long as they are still living, it is okay. Ageha is surprised by what she said as Lan seems solemn. Lan then smiles and says then Yukari is born, it can be said that it is a child who has a very strong resemblance with Aoi that she wants to find if any part of Yukari looks like her. Flashback of Aoi and Ririko asking what is Lan doing as she is looking intently at baby Yukari. Lan tells them she is looking if there is any part which resembles her. End flashback. Ageha wonders if Ririko also did the same thing [to Sakura].

Lan says that when she gave birth to Yukari, it is an indescribable feeling as she remembers seeing baby Yukari and hugs him after giving to birth. Lan smiles that it is a feeling that won’t stop and she is really really happy/lucky. Ageha looks at Lan as she smiles and then looks sad. Lan says but dream and reality isn’t the same for to have a ‘happy family’ both parties needed to do their best for just depending on one person isn’t enough. Lan says that she is negligent/ failed in her duty because she is still young and just wants to ‘play’ around as if it is just a game that she can’t just stay/keep still for a long while at the house. Flashback: Yukari is three years old and Lan is 21 years old. Yukari holding a toy fish and wearing a penguin backpack asked Lan who is putting on her earring if they are going to see the fish. Lan looked surprise and asks, is it today. Yukari insisted that today they are going to see the sea otter [at the aquarium]. Lan composes herself then hugs Yukari apologizing and that they will go next week. Yukari asks what about today. Lan says that the sea otters are sleeping in their house today. End flashback. Ageha looks surprised as she sweatdrops looking at Lan who is really embarrassed by it. Lan gloomily says that she also thought that lie is really something. Ageha asks if the lie worked. Lan says at first, it did.

At VBR, Ririko says that she hates this side of Lan. Yukari looks at her. Ririko says Lan’s ‘standing up people’ [failure in keeping appointments] for she just depends on Aoi, leaves Yukari aside and goes out with her former friends, always giving all sorts of reason to Aoi. Ririko says that she really hates lying Lan. Ririko pauses as Yukari looks at her then smiles. Yukari tells her not to be like that for there was a day when he can hug all the cats he want as he happily thought of the cute cats [sea otters ^^;] Ririko says that it can be said that Yukari is her family’s child for he is always left in her house. Yukari happily smiles and says that is true for he even has a sister. Flashback: Ririko came home to find Yukari surrounded by cats while feeding some cat? food to them. Ririko shouted doesn’t he think that there is too much food there. Yukari said because it is delicious. Ririko shouted for him not to eat it. End flashback. Ririko says that being strict is a must. She then smiles and says that Yukari really likes Lan. Surprised, Yukari asks why did she say that. Ririko says that even if it is like that – Flashback: When Lan comes back, upon seeing her – Lan arrived with hands outstretched, called out to Yukari that he have waited. Yukari called out to her and they hugged. Lan apologized as Yukari welcomed her home. Ririko looks a bit dissatisfied/disappointed [I guess at Lan] Then, Aoi said, you are back, Lan. Lan looked surprised as Yukari calls out to his father. Aoi hugged Yukari asking if he was a good boy and to thank Ririko [for taking care of him] Flustered, Lan calls out to Aoi. Aoi then welcomes her back as Aoi is in tears. End flashback

Back to Lan and Ageha, Lan says that no matter how many times she went out [with others], even if she is a failure of a mother, but still Aoi and Yukari always welcome her back and those are such nice memories. As Lan puts her hands on her face, she tells Ageha but still, she is such a rotten woman, for she herself is the one who destroyed this ‘family’s bonds’ Ageha looks a bit sorry for Lan as Lan says at that time, if only that day, she didn’t answer the telephone, it would have been avoided. Flashback: Lan is dressing up Yukari when the phone started ringing. Lan said that Aoi is out and it is their business phone. Yukari happily called out to her asking if he will see Mr. Elephant. Lan smiled and says that a really tall giraffe is also waiting to see him. Yukari happily says, really. They are going to the zoo. Lan then answers the phone that this is VBR store. The one who is calling turned out to be a Lan’s friend from Tokyo. Lan tells that person that she can’t go to Tokyo now since it is far away. That person told her that he/she will be at a certain store, waiting for her. Lan and Yukari looked at each other as Lan remembered her friend telling her to accompany him/her for a while since they haven’t met for such a long time. Lan narrates that to be honest, she hesitated, but she is really stupid, she wasn’t able to control her weak heart. Lan thought that meeting that person for a while then come back, it will be alright. Lan apologized to Yukari saying that she will come back and it will be for a while so wait for her. Yukari looked surprised and is about to hold on her but decided not to. Yukari quietly said okay. Lan then told him to wait inside the house and she will be right back. Yukari just stood there. Carrying a cat, Ririko then notices that Lan is going out again so it means that Aoi is at the store. Yukari is already freezing as he is waiting outside the house. Ririko then looks up and says it is snowing. Lan narrates that she is the one who destroyed the place where she can stay, the one who caused things to ruin is her. The scenes are of Yukari waiting outside in the snow, Lan running and Aoi at a store buying some cloths.

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