June 13, 2011

Parfait Tic! [Chapter 141]

Originally posted on April 18, 2007 @ tatsukida.pitas.com

Ichi is looking at Fuuko as he is removing his necktie. He says, I want to do it, but...The next scene is they are in the train playing poker. [I’m not quite sure what kind of poker they are playing but one guy tends to ‘flirt’ to throw off the players. Fuuko managed to keep her ‘poker face’ while Ichi is flirting] Fuuko thinks that from this day on, she will be happy throughout the excursion. She is holding intently to her cards. One of the girl laughs and tells Ichi to do it again. Ichi is shocked. One of them says it feels perverted/horny. Ichi thought, perverted that he angrily says he doesn’t want to say it anymore. The others call out to him to say it. One of the girls then tells him to join up with Fuuko since they don’t seem to know this game. Fuuko then looks at Ichi and says, it is Ichi, huh. Ichi then says, sorry, it is me, can you really play poker.

Meanwhile, near the train’s door, Isocchi is busy whining to Daiya about Akiou who just sent him a sms/text message that saying, Then, go. Daiya asks what brought that about. Isocchi says it is because he earlier sent a message telling Akiou to talk about it when he returns from the school trip, is it really over/can’t they continue the relationship, can’t we talk about it first. Isocchi then asks Daiya if it is over. He then grabs Daiya shouting, don’t abandon me. Some girls are looking at them as Daiya tries to tell them that it isn’t him but a different person since they might misunderstand the scene. Isocchi calms down a bit and says because..but being separated/being far apart is problematic, if they separated, isn’t it like it is over. Daiya looks at him and then smiles. Daiya says it is. Isocchi starts to cry again and punches Daiya who tries to shield his blows with his hands. Isocchi calls him stone-hearted, isn’t he suppose to comfort him. Daiya says but it is like that, being separated means it is over.

Fuuko gets nice cards as her face lightens up. She then sparklingly looks at Ichi and thought, isn’t this really good cards. The others sweatdrop for Fuuko just gave away what kind of cards she have. Ichi then tells her to put on her poker face. Fuuko then looks surprised as Ichi notices it. Fuuko just sees Daiya walking down the aisle as someone offers a Pocky? stick [slender cigarette like biscuit with chocolate coating] to Daiya. Daiya smiles as that person asks where he went. Daiya then says, he will start. Fuuko then looks determined. Daiya looks at her and smiles while waving his Pocky stick. He mouths the words, do you want? Fuuko blushes and thought, what is that. Fuuko thought that is embarrassing as she kept on waving her cards and whispers, no use, no use. Ichi then pinches her face and reminds her to use her poker face. Fuuko looks at Ichi and apologizes as the other says they are going to play now. Fuuko then plays with the others as Daiya is looking at her. I will not pretend it didn’t happen, liking Daiya, if I didn’t admit it, then my ‘feelings’ would seem pitiful.

The students then walk around the lake, and ate lunch together. Fuuko is looking around as Mako calls out for her that they eat together. Fuuko wonders if Daiya ate already, it would most probably so. They then went to explore a ship while others pretend to do a ‘Titanic’ pose. While at the school excursion, there is a chance of being together, but I haven’t thought that there is a possibility of separating with others. At the bus, Fuuko thought that Daiya is seated quite far away why would the ‘energetic’ group sit at the back. Daiya and others are laughing at something. I want to have more memories, want to have more smiling her, to be the ones that Daiya will remember of her. At a field, Fuuko is shock that she missed sight of Daiya again. She kept looking around where Daiya is when Mako shoved Fuuko’s head sideways, telling her that person is there. Fuuko then sees Daiya with some guys looking at something. Just as Fuuko takes a picture of Daiya, Daiya looks at her. Fuuko is extremely embarrassed that she quickly grabbed Mako and runs away. Daiya’s friends are saying that it is hot and asks Daiya what he thinks but Daiya kept on looking at where Fuuko runs away. Fuuko thought that this isn’t the time to be running far away since Daiya is already leaving. Fuuko tells Mako that she has an idea.

Fuuko with Mako asks two other girls to exchange places with them. The other girls agree and asks what is the reason. Mako is going to use a different alibi when Fuuko tells them that she wants to be with Daiya. The other girls were shocked by it for didn’t they broke up already. Someone overhears them. Why is it at the school excursion, she no longer has that ‘hesitant’ feeling. This is already the last day as they are going to some different place. Time won’t stop, it will only move on. Fuuko goes up the bus as she notices that Ichi is looking at her while he is sitting on the seat with another person. The other person is saying that later on, it will be the girl’s turn to take a bath. Looking out the window to see the night sky, Ichi asks Fuuko if she asked to exchange places to Daiya’s group. Fuuko is surprised and asks how did he knew. Ichi says he eavesdropped. Fuuko is speechless. Ichi then comments that Fuuko is really proactive. Fuuko tells him that she wants to create many memories. Ichi then asks, then what. Fuuko is surprised and looks at Ichi who is looking at her while his head is resting on his hands. Fuuko smiles and says, that is all there is to it. Ichi looks surprised. Fuuko then shouts that she is leaving for the time to take a bath is soon over so Ichi should hurry up to. Ichi shouted, how can that be. Fuuko leaves. To create happy memories that I can keep, other than this, what can I do? This is the biggest limitation of the possible things that I can do.

While taking a bath, Ichi’s friend that they are going to Yokohama next and it will be a free day [do what you want]. The other guy then says that he has a favor to ask Ichi. As everyone are in the meeting place, excited as they can do what they want, Daiya is surprised that Fuuko and Mako are now part of his group. Fuuko smiles and says that they trade places. Daiya is speechless as they wondered where is the other guy/person in their group. Daiya then asks Fuuko, why. Fuuko turns around and smiles. She then grabs on to Daiya, pulling his right arm as she blushes. She says right now, stay by my side. Daiya looks surprise. Just then, someone slaps/slicing motion Fuuko’s hand from Daiya. They turned back and to their shock, it is Ichi. Ichi says I’m also included/there is still me *heart* Fuuko looks really irritated as a girl says that she heard that the other guy switched places with Ichi since the other guy is interested with the other girl in Ichi’s group.

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