June 13, 2011

Parfait Tic! [Chapter 140]

Originally posted on February 24, 2007 @ tatsukida.pitas.com

Fuuko awaits their answer as they say, the one who is going to China is. Daiya then says, it is me. Fuuko is stunned and thought, it is Daiya as the two boys are expressionless. Fuuko thought, so it is Daiya who is going far away. She then forces a smile and asks how they decided on that, did something happen in China. Ichi says that it doesn’t matter which of them goes but he is still school president and he doesn’t want to just leave just like that for he wants to do it well. Fuuko says if that is the case, he is right for it isn’t good to just leave something after being elected into it [the position]. Daiya then smiles and says that he has nothing there to prevent him for leaving. Ichi then looks at Daiya. Fuuko is all flustered as she says, really, for there will be many girls who will be lonely if he leaves, second year and third year girls, Daiya has lots of fans, there are even first year. Fuuko stops as she looks down, still stunned and thought, even ‘here’ [meaning her] so it seems that even ‘her’ can’t be ‘a reason for Daiya to stay’. Fuuko asks when is he leaving. Daiya says when the first semester/term ends. Fuuko forces herself to look at them and smiles as she tells them, she will be lonely then but there is no other way. The boys just look at her and Fuuko is silent. She then says that she will see them later as she has to help her sister in drawing the manga.

Inside her house, Misora calls her name as Fuuko is just standing at the door. Fuuko smiles and quickly walks away, apologizing as she will help her with the manga later on. Misora quickly grabbed hold of Fuuko as Fuuko asks what is Misora doing. At the boys’ apartment, Ichi sits down near the floor where they leave their shoes as he says that it makes one really troublesome/bothering [Okay, it is hard to explain but more like, what happened is really bothering him] Daiya looks at Ichi’s way. Ichi continues that Daiya is, Fuuko is, just lying. Daiya doesn’t say anything. Ichi then says, even if they tell each other their true feelings, he won’t mind. Daiya asks what..there is no need, remember, it is much better to severe/cut it [their relationship] as he goes to his room. At a park, Akiou and Issochi are walking with holding hands. Issochi says if Akiou goes to ‘Hwa ni Da’ [maybe some school], they won’t see each other like that anymore. Akiou says that they still can for she can do many parttime jobs to earn for the transportation expenses. Issochi cries that if she has to work many jobs, then they really won’t have time to see each other. Akiou is surprised for she haven’t thought of it. Issochi then whines about knowing that going to that school, her parents will be relieved, the teachers will be happy and also good for Akiou but he will be lonely. Akiou then lets his hand go and asks him, so we should break up. Issochi is surprised. Akiou says that if they don’t really talk about it, then this [breaking up] should happen. She then grabs Issochi’s collar and shouted, you useless guy. Surprising Issochi as Akiou then quickly runs away.

Fuuko is fixing her things for the school trip [sorry, I was wrong, it is about the trip when they get those papers before ^^;]as she thought, [he] will really leave, even though it [time] is very near yet it seems far away. On her bed, Fuuko is in pajamas and holding a small towel. She shouted to herself that she can now freely cry. She then thought that this is what she has decided. I will cry, cry everything out, cry the whole night long for tomorrow, she will smile. Fuuko cries as she thought for tomorrow, she will cry all her pain today. The next day, Fuuko is already smiling as her friends are surprised to learn that it is Daiya who is leaving. Fuuko laughs and says that she isn’t ready yet to see the others because her eyes must be swollen but with cold and hot compress, her eyes managed to look normal. Her friends are worried about her. Fuuko smiles at them and says that she has decided not to forget, she wants to smile, make Daiya smile and make many good memories as she will never forget that she had loved Daiya. They were speechless then Mako says, stupid, what does Fuuko uses ‘had loved’ only now. As they head back to the classroom, Fuuko sees Daiya and she happily waves at her while smiling. This surprises Daiya and Ichi has seen it. She thought that the time she has spent with Daiya, hers, Daiya’s, let this portion of love become a memory.

At the train station, everyone checks their things as they comment it is a good thing that the weather is nice. With a smile, Fuuko approaches the two boys. Fuuko’s feet hurt as she asks them why did they left early. She then gives Ichi a bento box and also Daiya, saying that it is from her mother. Ichi says that he already bought one from the store. Fuuko is surprised and asks Daiya if he bought one, too. Daiya sweatdrops and tries to say that he did. Fuuko then goes dark and says, isn’t this the time when they grow up [growth stage], they should finish it all up for they are at the growth stage of after eating they will become hungry again. She then murmurs that carrying three bento boxes are very heavy, she already has a lot of luggage/bags. The boys sweatdrop as Ichi says he will eat and Daiya says, no problem, no problem. Fuuko then happily smiles at them saying that if they eat lots, they will grow taller faster. Ichi looks glum as Daiya smiles. Fuuko thought that she is finished crying last night for she has realized that trying her best to forget will only result to more pain. Mako then arrives as she and Fuuko greet each other a good morning. A girl then says that they should take a picture. Someone asks if it is okay to do it there. The girl says it is okay. She then takes a picture as Fuuko thought, I will remember in my heart, one day, I can smile on my own, like how I’m smiling today. Everyone is giving their smiles except for Ichi.

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