June 13, 2011

V. B. Rose [Chapter 55]

Originally posted on February 19, 2007 @ tatsukida.pitas.com

At VBR, Ririko finds Yukari just sitting there, lifeless and gloomy. She asks where is Lan. Yukari says that Lan, together with Ageha, went out. Ririko says what did Yukari talked too much about. Yukari says that he isn’t careful that he told her that Ageha is his girlfriend. Ririko then sits and says, ah, now it/she has become a ‘toy’. Yukari says he thinks so, too. At the fourth floor of a department store in the Ladies’ Wear. Ageha comes out of the dressing room, wearing a cute dress as she says that she has put it on. Lan exclaims that it looks good on her. The saleslady says that it is because of Ageha’s white complexion that any color suits her. Lan agrees as the two talked about the other outfits that will suit Ageha, Ageha is a bit stunned and tries to say something but the two are just busy talking. Later on, carrying lots of shopping bags, Ageha tries to tell Lan that she can accept all of those things for they are quite a lot. Lan says that they have to go to some more stores. Ageha says that these are a lot already. Lan asks what is she talking about for they haven’t bought shoes and bags yet. Lan happily says for her not to worry for girls love to shop and that as a young girl, she should have lots of dates. Ageha is shaking as she thought for Yukari to save her.

Just then, Ageha noticed that it is a text message from Yukari. It writes, ‘Dona Dona Good Luck’ Ageha is stunned then realized that she is being sold out. [Dona Dona is a English song about a calf being sold/slaughtered] Lan is still busy buying clothes and while picking a sweater, the ladies asks if she is Ran the actress. Ageha got nervous for they are found out. Lan looks surprised and smiles as she denies it saying, do we look alike for many people have said that. Ageha is shock about it as the saleslady believed Lan. Lan bids the saleslady goodbye as they thank her for her patronage. Lan has the things she bought be delivered to Ageha’s house. After they left, Ageha freaks out as to why haven’t they realized it. Lan reminds her that as an actress she has to act like that but she is currently ‘herself’ and not ‘Ran’ the actress. Ageha sweatdrops and thought that it is true for the Lan as actress Ran on tv isn’t like the one she is currently with, who is all energetic. Just then, Ageha notices that Yukari has sent another sms/text to her, asking her to make Lan’s visit happy/memorable up to the end. Ageha is surprised and then looks at Lan who is happily picking up a bag which she thought is cute. To Lan’s surprise, Ageha is now standing beside her. Ageha says that she might be a bit disrespectful saying it that if an ‘actress’ is forced to do that [act/behave like an actress] then for her, she thinks that Lan’s true nature/behavior is much cuter and that it suits Lan better. Ageha then thought that she came on too strong as Lan seems surprised and extends her hand to Ageha as she calls Ageha’s name. Ageha is tense that she said something wrong but to her surprise, Lan hugs her and says she likes Ageha. She then asks Ageha if she would like to accompany her in window shopping. Ageha agrees. And so they shopped around.

While sitting on a lounge and drinking coffee, Lan exclaims that shopping makes her feel good and the coffee is delicious. Ageha though wonders if buying too much things really makes one feel good as she fears she is in a surprise when she sees all the things delivered to her house tomorrow. She is carrying only one shopping bag which she bought for herself. Lan then looking sad asks Ageha her what would make Yukari happy for he doesn’t like the car. Ageha thought that she doesn’t think that is the problem. Lan asks if he wants a branch of VBR, leave it to her. Ageha shouts that Lan thinks too much for just having one store keeps one busy already. Lan sighs for she can’t think of any other things. Ageha then says that she thinks it is something that money cannot buy for giving one-sidedly seems a bit..Lan then looks a bit sad as there is a flashback of her giving Aoi gifts for Valentine’s day. Lan says that someone has said the same thing to her, you always use money to solve things but she still doesn’t know why is that strange for that is the kind of family she is brought up in. Ageha looks a bit surprised as Lan continues that maybe it is because how she is brought up and how she thinks is the reason why she is like that. Her brother and sister are always commended by her parents for being studious while for the girl who isn’t [Lan], they would give her money so that she will listen to them. That is her family. Lan says that if she isn’t good at something, she isn’t, she isn’t a robot. Lan looks a bit nostalgic as she repeats that she isn’t a robot. Ageha feels sorry for her that Ageha holds her hands to comfort her.

Lan smiles at Ageha’s gesture and says that if Ageha wants, she will tell her the rest of what happened in the past. Flashback: Lan thought that in her family, she doesn’t have her own free will so she would always go to her friends’ house until in the end, she decided to leave her home and live at her grandmother [mother side]. She loves her grandma that even if she doesn’t have anything, she doesn’t want anything from her, that her grandma is happy already just because she is there beside her as that is what her grandma told her. Her grandma has already passed away but her house used to be nearby Rosa. It is when she is 16 years old when she first met Aoi. Aoi is carrying young Ririko then he greets her a good afternoon. She blushes as she greets back. She says that from the moment she saw him, it made her heart beat and it could be because of his gentle smiling face. Aoi is 19 years old at that time. He is helping his mother at Rosa, while studying college. He gives off a nice feeling/atmosphere that most of the time when she leaves the house, she goes to see him..drinking tea together, going out for a stroll together, and time passes by fast.

One time, Lan exclaims in surprise “Why” to Aoi, why ask this strange question, aren’t I a blue chip. [I’m guessing she is saying something like she is high maintenance-kind of person] Aoi is puzzled. Lan asks if a person like her is really possible. Aoi says yes and smiles as he tells Lan that she is she [who she is] and he likes her character/behavior. Lan is in tears as she blushes as Aoi hugs her. Lan says that at that time, she doesn’t ask for anything more for no one has ever made her happy as that. Lan kisses Aoi and exclaims that she really likes him. She then is in a white gown as she is in front of a sink, covering her mouth. She thought that she has received a gift which she can’t imagine. [End flashback] Lan then smiles and blushes as she thought of it and says that it is something that money cannot buy, an utmost happiness. Lan then makes a face as she asks Ageha can she guess what is it. Ageha asks what is it as she thought that Lan looks cute. With all glitters, Lan confess that Aoi actually proposed to her that she became an 18 years old mother. Ageha is shocked when she heard this.

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