June 13, 2011

V. B. Rose [Chapter 54]

Originally posted on February 16, 2007 @ tatsukida.pitas.com

As Ageha is surprised to see Yukari’s mom, Lan then notices Sakura. Lan quickly goes to Sakura shouting, what happened, Yukari, why are you still small after all this time. Ageha feels like fainting as Ririko is like ‘huh?’ Someone says that it cannot happen. Sakura perks up and Lan looks behind him to see Yukari who thought that Lan’s reaction is like Ageha’s and Mitsuya is surprise to see Lan. Lan then exclaims calling Yukari as Aoi asking what happened, how did you manage to stop time, a youth medicine, teach me. Yukari angrily says, stupid. Ririko calls out to Lan for being like that and that is Yukari. She looks back and looks at Ririko. Lan looks shocked as she is shaking as she says that Ririko has really haven’t changed. Ririko angrily says, don’t mind me as she says is Lan treating her as a elementary kid. Then, Lan pauses and freaks out that Yukari is all grown up. Yukari says that her reaction is slow and if she only think, she can easily guess it. Lan then looks a bit tearful eyes as she says that Yukari has grown up to become like Ririko, mouth only says bad/mean things. Yukari and Ririko both angrily shouted sarcastically, really sorry as what Lan says made them angry.

Yukari then looks at the car and says that he heard a car break/stopping very loudly that he came out to see what it was and it just turned out to be Lan. It seems that Lan can’t park for the car is sideways slanting from the sidewalk. Ririko then freaks out if Lan is the one who drove for they have asked the police and others to not let Lan drive for she drives like a tornado and it is a good thing no one got hurt. Lan says but she is driving herself while at work. Ririko and Yukari shouted not to be naïve as Lan says not for them to be ‘too much’/looking down on her. Ririko looks at the car and says that it seems flashy as Lan says that it is a BM. Yukari and Ririko wonders if she meant BMW. Lan says that’s it and even if it is a bit late, this is a gift [the car] for Yukari. Yukari freaks out/pukes blood as he shouted that Lan is wasting money. Lan says, it is no problem for she has already paid for the license, insurance, etc of the car. Yukari says that it isn’t the problem. Lan says so it seems Yukari doesn’t like the color red and then talks about why she chose that color. Yukari is weakening as he says for Lan to listen to what he is saying then firmly says that he is really grateful for all the things that she has been giving him but this one [he points to the car] take it back. Lan asks, are you sure. Yukari insists he is for he is satisfied with his father’s car. Lan asks if he is still driving that ‘going to be wreck’ car. Yukari says not to mind that. Lan says that if that is Yukari’s wish, she can’t do anything about it. Yukari then sighs relieve for he finally got his point across.

Lan then sweetly asks if she can see inside of VBR. Yukari and Ririko thought will it ever end as Ageha looked surprised. Inside VBR, Lan exclaims that nothing has changed and it is like Ririko who haven’t changed much. Ririko angrily shouts that Lan is exaggerating. Lan asks Yukari if there is anything he needs, she can help. Yukari sternly says nothing and don’t randomly buy things but then, Lan isn’t listening. Lan then looks at the sofa, commenting the cover has been changed and it makes her feel nostalgic. Then she saw her picture on the table. Holding it up, she asks Ririko if she is still beautiful. Ririko teases that she is now old. Lan pats Ririko’s head saying that Ririko really haven’t changed. Ririko says that she hopes that Lan grow up a bit. Lan then goes tearfully as she asks Ririko not to discuss about age. Ririko and Yukari says that no one is talking about it. Ageha is a bit stunned as she thought is this really Lan, the actress, it is amazing that she met such a person. Lan then notices her and asks if she is works there. Ageha is surprised and quickly says she does. Lan thought she is cute and asks if she is a high schooler. Ageha says yes.

Then, Lan quickly covers Ageha’s mouth then looks at the mirror and says that it seems her skin isn’t as it was before. Ririko says not to compare it with a 17 year old. Lan is already 41 while Ririko is 29 years old. Lan says but her heart is always a 17 year old. Ririko says that would be problematic for she cannot discern her from a high schooler [Lan acts like a high schooler] Lan asks if that is a problem and Ririko says it is sad. Ageha wonders what the two’s relationship is good. Lan is then surprised as she looks at her watch saying that she has to register for a room at a hotel so she has to go. Yukari and Ririko are surprised. Lan says that no to worry for she will be back tomorrow. Yukari and Ririko are double surprised. Ririko asks Lan what about her work, what is that hotel about, how could an actress be acting like that, isn’t she suppose to be doing a movie for Ririko is up to date with showbiz/entertainment news. Lan then smiles and points to her cheeks as she cutely says that she is on vacation. Yukari, Ririko and Ageha are surprised as VBR shook as they exclaim in surprise.

Later on, at the car, Ageha and Yukari still looked a bit stunned/speechless as to what happened earlier. Yukari apologizes regarding his mother. Ageha says that she is the one who should apologize for coming at the store when she suppose to go there tomorrow but his mother is quite energetic. Yukari says that she noticed and that she is still the same as he remembered. Ageha nervously says is that so then asks for how long have they haven’t meet each other. Yukari says 23-5. Ageha darkly thought, 18 [years], happened even before she is born. Yukari sighs and seems to be thinking. Ageha thought that Yukari haven’t seen his mother for 18 years what could he be thinking. Yukari is surprised as Ageha holds his arm. Ageha worriedly asks if Yukari is okay. Yukari is surprised and then smiles as he kisses Ageha and thanks her [for her concern].

Ageha comes in her house, steaming as she is blushing thinking she got thanked and even a good night kiss. Ageha is then surprised to see her sister, Makoto calling out to her. Ageha happily asks why is she there. Makoto says she is going to get her land title? Ageha then looks for Madoka if Makoto brought her. Makoto says she did and calls out to Madoka. Madoka then looks a them and said, ‘hi’ She is currently four months old. Makoto and Ageha goes all blushing as their mother thought foolish sisters. The two then happily asks each other that Madoka has ‘appeal’. Makoto then hugs Madoka, crying that when she thinks of Madoka going to kindergarten, she is worried that that there would be stared by stalkers. Ageha says that she wants to go, too. Note says stupid mom, stupid aunt. Their mother then says while drinking coffee, what to do then that she has to let go, live easy, then start looking for work. Makoto cries and says that no, no, I don’t want to let go as she and Ageha hugs Madoka. Their mother asks, what do they think of kindergarten then. Makoto then is shock for she is the one who lets go of Ageha [to go to kindergarten] Ageha cries for her sister as their mom says that is why she became more relaxed. Ageha comments that having one’s child, it is really hard to let go. Makoto plays with and says that until then, she can’t wait to watch Madoka grows up. Ageha smiles at her sister then suddenly thought that Lan left Yukari when he is just 5 years old so 18 years ago, what could have Lan felt then when she left.

The next day at VBR, Mamoru is peeking through the door at Lan as Ageha says not to look secretly from outside for why don’t she go inside and meet Lan. Mamoru who is a fan of Lan for 12 years tells Ageha that it is more great to look/appreciate what one likes. Ageha says is that so. Ryuu tells her sister not to be too overpowering. Inside, Yukari felt a presence as if there is something behind him. He turns around and freaks out to see the trio looking inside. [I’m guessing he is more afraid of Ryuu looking with that glint in his eye ^^;] Ageha says that they were noticed. Lan asks if they are his friends. Yukari opens the door and tells them it is okay so go inside for what they are doing is bad for his heart. Mamoru thanks him for his offer but it is okay as she tells Ryuu that they are leaving. The two siblings then happily tells Yukari that they will be back the next day as Yukari freaks out that they will be back. Ageha apologizes for her friends as Yukari says it is okay for he has more or less got used to it. Lan then greets Ageha as a worker and tells her to do her best. Ageha says she will and tells Lan her name. Yukari then musters his courage as he blushes and tells his mother that Ageha is his girlfriend. Lan is surprised and just looks at Ageha as Ageha grows tense at the silence. Lan then grabbed Ageha’s hand and got her coat as she pulls Ageha saying that they are going shopping, surprising both Ageha and Yukari.

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