June 13, 2011

Parfait Tic! [Chapter 137]

Originally posted on February 21, 2007 @ tatsukida.pitas.com

Fuuko is stunned to learn that either Daiya or Ichi will be going to China. Her mother asked if she is alright. Daiya’s mother apologize as she says that since their company in China has two factories and currently, will add another one. Their fathers wanted them to take in charge so sooner or later, the company will be passed on to either Daiya or Ichi/both of them so it is decided that the two of them would go to China earlier. Fuuko is still stunned over the news as Daiya’s mother tells the flustered Fuuko that who will go is up to the two and for Fuuko to just watch/not meddle in it. Fuuko says, yes as her mother looked worried for her. While going upstairs, Ichi’s mother tells Daiya’s mother what did she meant about just watch for isn’t this a really important turning point for the kids. Daiya’s mother says it is for they are all just 16 years old. Inside the house, Fuuko’s mother tries to cheer up Fuuko by saying that China is just near and it isn’t like Daiya has already decided to go. Fuuko finally told her mother that she and Daiya has broken up. She then tells her mom that the important thing now is for her to study as she hurries back to her room, thinking that is right for no matter who goes, it is none of her business.

At school, while putting their shoes inside the locker, Ichi asked if Fuuko learned about the going to China thing. Fuuko looks flustered as she shouts, isn’t that great, going abroad to be with people of not the same world. Ichi then says that they will be going to China for a while and after that, decide who will go. Fuuko then turns around to face Ichi and shouts, Ah, is that so. Surprising Ichi as Fuuko quickly runs away, telling herself that it isn’t her business. Then, their teacher says that it is time for school vacation/trip [after summer break, I think] and everyone to get papers for their homeworks. As everyone is getting papers, Fuuko noticed that Daiya is standing beside her as they reach for the same paper. Flustered, Fuuko says that she got double papers and quickly lets of the paper. She is still thinking about what is going to and why is Daiya standing beside her. Fuuko then tells Mako that she forgot a paper so she will line up again. Fuuko kept on thinking to not think about it for it has nothing to do with her. Elsewhere, Kagechika is asking Ichi where is he going to college as Ichi tells her it is none of her business and even teases her that he will go to an all-boys university. Frustrated, Kagechika asks if she is really troublesome to him. Ichi finally says that why don’t she just test around for college is an important decision.

On the day of the community cleaning, Fuuko decided to force herself to smile. Fuuko is assigned to play with the kids as the adults are working. The boys are assigned to help in getting the garbage. Fuuko turns around to see the two and she greets them a good morning. They were surprised as Fuuko quickly goes to the children asking them what is she acting as. The kids says cockroach. Ichi then asks that girl, who would protect her. Daiya answers who knows. Later on, Fuuko has just finished weeding as an adult told her to rest. Fuuko then orders the kids to shift places momentarily. Then, she hears the older women blushing about being young is great, I like that one ^^; Fuuko turns around to see Daiya half-naked, carrying a basket of garbage/weeds. Fuuko remembers how she laid down on his lap that she quickly turns away. Daiya then asks her to put the weeds she pulled on the basket. Fuuko says that there is dirt on his face as she remembers sneezing/wiping her nose on Daiya’s shirt before. Daiya wipes near his mouth as he asks really, where. Daiya is surprised to see Fuuko crying. Fuuko thought she has no business..that is a lie, for she has too many memories with him as she remembers all the times they had spent together. Fuuko then rubs his nose saying that the dirt is here then she quickly runs away shouting, stupid. The kids are calling for her as Daiya is surprised. Elsewhere, Fuuko holds a shrub, crying as she thought, don’t go..don’t go to that distant place.

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