June 13, 2011

V. B. Rose [Chapter 53]

Originally posted on February 13, 2007 @ tatsukida.pitas.com

And so the wedding exhibit has ended, while working at VBR, something new has happened. Ageha is busy sewing something when the phone started ringing. Ageha calls out to Yukari about the phone. Yukari says that he is busy doing something else so could she answer it and ask the person’s name and number that he can return call. Ageha hurries and answer it as she says, hello, this is VBR. To her surprise, the other caller shouted, ‘Eh?!’ Ageha is puzzled by the answer and before she knew it, she got hanged up. Ageha panicks that she got hanged up on and thought the caller seems surprised and it is a woman/girl’s voice. Yukari came in and asks who called. Ageha can’t say it but just says that she got hanged up on. Surprised, Yukari quickly asks if it is the phone call which doesn’t answers/no voice. Ageha thought no voice when she heard a surprised female voice. Ageha pauses for a bit, thinking then says, could it be a wrong number. Yukari says it that so and wonders what it is about. Ageha is then thinking that it surely is a wrong number but if not. Ageha then looks in shock as she shouted could it be Yukari’s admirer who just wants to hear Yukari’s voice. Yukari says that it couldn’t be and what’s that about admirer.

Ageha explains that it could be one of Yukari’s classmate who follows him while he is walking the streets then Ageha pauses. Ageha then holds Yukari’s hand and shouted, what now, Yukari, escape. [Ageha must be thinking that Yukari has a stalker] Yukari asks if her brain is still there as he hits her forehead to stop saying those nonsense things. Ageha thought that it is because having a good looking boyfriend makes her a bit worried as she holds her head, thinking it doesn’t hurt. Yukari then notices the ring on her finger and asks if she wears it in school. Ageha blushes and tells Yukari that she removes it at school but puts it on when she is at the store. Yukari smiles and touches her face saying that is good. Ageha then smiles. Mitsuya then comes in, asking if they are finished being lovey-dovey. Ageha is embarrassed by what he said. Mitsuya then tells them that the pictures they have taken before are already in the webpage. They didn’t react and only with ‘ah/okay’. Yukari isn’t interested while Ageha doesn’t understand what it means. Mitsuya thought what a cold response. Mitsuya then tells Ageha isn’t her second year exams will start tomorrow. Yukari says that’s right so she should do her best and don’t go to VBR in the meantime [to concentrate on her studies]. Ageha salutes and says that she will. They then went back to their work as Ageha thought, ‘web site?’

The next day at school, in 2-A section, class rep and Mika happily tells Ageha that they saw the website and seeing a person they know on it is really surprising. Ageha asks, huh, what is it. Class rep says that she makes a [Q] model and if the one with her also a model. Ageha wonders, ‘cue’ [misheard Q] Mika explains that it means ‘really cute’ and that she seems to have many jobs. After a pause, Ageha freaks out and asks if they are talking about the pictures as they are [Q]. The class rep says that her reaction is delayed, didn’t she saw them on the website at home. Ageha says that she doesn’t use a computer though her father has one. Mika says is that so. The class rep tells her to wait. She then takes out her laptop and cellphone and started typing as Ageha is shocked that she has her own computer. Class rep says it is up as she clicks the ‘what’s new’ link and Ageha sees her photos. Ageha thought that it doesn’t seem to be her in the picture. Ageha exclaims that class rep is really great as class rep says that she is the one is great. She then looks at Yukari’s pictures and thought, he looks handsome and started blushing. She then thought that Yukari is like a demon and since she is still has exams, she can’t go to the store. Just then, the bell rings as Ageha thought even so, there is something to look forward to later on.

At Natsuna’s place, the three girls are gathered together. As usual, Tsuyu and Ageha are smiling while Natsuna doesn’t have much reaction. They are going to have a ‘exchange’ gift of the things they want as Tsuyu and Ageha exclaims let the exchange gift start!’ Tsuyu then gives Ageha a jewelry – pink butterfly with a small strawberry. Ageha thinks it is cute as she tells Tsuyu that she will use it properly. Ageha then gives Tsuyu a bag [circle handles with the ‘body’ made of butterfly pattern cloth] which Tsuyu likes. To Natsuna’s surprise, Ageha is also giving her something. She opens it and it is also a bag [rectangle shaped with cottony handles and designs] Ageha explains how she made it and that it has been a long time she made a bag that she thought she would want to make one for Natsuna. [Probably also as an exchange for the valentine conversation and gift = perfume] Natsuna carefully inspects it and finally hugs it and thanks Ageha. Ageha is happy as Ageha and Tsuyu thought that Natsuna looks cute. Natsuna is still hugging the bag, now with rabbit ears sprouting. Natsuna then mentions about seeing the pictures in the website. Ageha thanks her. Ageha confess that she only see them today with the help of her friend because she doesn’t have internet. Natsuna then says that she will show her a certain website wherein Yukari is really funny. Ageha also sprouts bunny ears as she is excited to see it, too. Tsuyu then says that everyone also saw her pictures that it would be funny that she is embarrassed. Natsuna holds up Tsuyu’s hands, saying Tsuyu’s is great and pretty. Tsuyu is at first confused and starts laughing. Ageha thought that she can’t quite understand the two as she thought a website can be seen by someone when they know it.

Exams has gone smoothly and finally on the last day, Ageha gleefully says that exams are finally over and she can go to work at the store again. She happily walks to the store, thinking even if she wasn’t told to go to work that day, she is just going there to ‘play/hang around’. Then, she sees Ririko putting on a scarf on Sakura in front of VBR. Ageha calls out to the two as Sakura quickly runs to Ageha and glomps her. Ageha hugs back as she is kneeling on the floor to reach Sakura’s height. Sakura asks if Ageha has finished her exams. Ageha says that Sakura really knows a lot. Ririko then smiles and put on a cat face saying hehe, I also know a lot of things. Ageha tells her not to say things randomly. A car then passes by and breaks near them that Ageha thought she will be hit that she holds on to Sakura while Ririko is on a pose of covering the two. Someone comes out of the car and to Ageha’s surprise, it is Lan, Yukari’s mother.

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