June 13, 2011

V. B. Rose [Chapter 52]

Originally posted on February 9, 2007 @ tatsukida.pitas.com

Midway down the stairs, Ageha pauses as she wonders why is Yukari there. Then, she remembers where she is as she tries to calm herself and tells her that the performance isn’t over yet. She then is beside Yukari who holds out her hand, telling her to give him her hand. Ageha blushes as she did as she is told. She looks at Yukari as her heart is going crazy as she thought wow, he really looks like a groom, prince on white horse. Yukari tightens his hold on her hand as his head signals sideways. It reminded Ageha that she is there to show off everyone’s efforts on the gown and that she is to do her best as she looks at the audience. She remembers Yukari telling her not to worry as she thought everything is going smoothly for everything is looking at her and she is a bit nervous. She looks at Yukari and thought that she is able to relax with Yukari there beside her. The guests are awed by her. Ageha then thought but the main thing is the gown, not only her as she lets go off Yukari’s arm. She pulls down the strings on her hair as two curly strands of hair fell down [think Sailormoon] then, she removes her shirt to reveal a different version of the shirt with her legs shown. The guests are surprised by it.

Yukari holds her hand again as they walk by then the spotlight is on them as they are near the door. They bowed and stayed bowing even when the door is closed. They then goes on their knees as they exclaims that it is finally over. Ageha then asks Yukari where he got the clothes. Yukari says that he borrowed it from Kyouichi for he thought he wanted to surprise her. Ageha shouts that she is really surprised as Yukari laughs. Ageha then says but.. Yukari asks but what.. Ageha steams as she thought that he looks great. Yukari stands up and pats her head. He says really, you too for she managed to do the skirt thing without a problem. Ageha says that she felt her heart is going to jump out when Yukari cut away the damaged portion before but it is a good thing that the guests has well-received the gown and they used a new cloth to cover it. A pause and Ageha says thank goodness as Yukari nods his head. Ageha asks if it is really nice as to how it ended. Yukari says it is. Ageha is happy for she did well. Yukari comments on her cute hairstyle. Ageha says it is thanks to Maki’s expertise as well as Natsuna’s [for the flowers]. She then blushes as she looks at Yukari and says that the ring he gave her also gave her courage. Yukari smiles.

Kyouichi then calls out to the two as he thanks them as he complimented Ageha’s modeling. Then, he hugs Yukari saying that Yukari-chan is now grown up that he looks great – like a guy, daddy is very happy. This freaks out Ageha as Yukari tries to break off him. Yukari screams for Kyouichi to stop hugging him for it makes him want to vomit and who says he is [his] father. Kyouichi says that he is just showing his appreciation/love as Yukari screams No. Ageha stupidly smiles as she thought for Yukari to calm down for Kyouichi is just being affectionate. Kyouichi finally lets go as he is smiling while Yukari angrily reprimands him for always being like that being ‘doing whatever he wants’ Ageha then remembers Kyouichi telling her earlier about Aoi asking a favor from him. Ageha calls out to Kyouichi as Kyouichi is hugging Yukari again, much to Yukari’s dismay as he is trying to wrestle out. Ageha then tells Kyouichi, good work, you have done well. Yukari is now strangling Kyouichi ^^; Kyouichi smiles and tells Ageha to keep that a secret. Ageha says that she understood as she even salutes. Yukari wonders what it is about – regarding Ririko. Yukari asks if Kyouichi needs the gown for exhibit. Ageha remembers as she says that she will quickly change her clothes. Kyouichi says sorry for the trouble, Ageha and he does his goodbye saying that he has to go off to do other work. Yukari angrily tells him to work seriously.

They pause then Yukari holds Ageha’s shoulder as he tells her that she did great as they walk over. Then, they changed back to their clothes and greets Mitsuya by the car. Ageha says ‘good work’ as Mitsuya smiles and says that it is a success. In the car, Ageha happily thought about the rest of the activities in the exhibit and it should be fun as she looks at a bag full of pictures/records?. She then yawns that for now it is finished but it is really fun. Mitsuya then turns around telling Yukari for them to go to the exhibit again tomorrow but to his surprise, his two passengers are fast asleep that Mitsuya just sings some song. The next morning, Ageha wakes up because of the alarm clock [apple with two bunnies = kawaii] She then drops down to bed as she thought that yesterday is like a dream but now, it is Monday and she is back to reality. She then sits up again as she thought but yesterday isn’t a dream. She looks at the ring and puts it on as she smiles. She thought for on her hand is a fragment of that dream. She happily exclaims that she will also do her best that day.

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