June 13, 2011

V. B. Rose [Chapter 51]

Originally posted on February 8, 2007 @ tatsukida.pitas.com

The opening scene is a girl wearing a glass shoes as the narration says, Cinderella’s glass shoes means finding a person’s happiness/dream person. As Ageha is still holding on to Yukari’s hand, Yukari looks at his watch and tells her to go back since the show will start soon. Ageha is surprised as she tells him that she will be heading back but if she returns, she won’t be able to go there again [so he won’t wait for her until the show ends] Ageha is still holding Yukari’s hand looking a bit flustered as Yukari puzzled, calls out to her name [if something is the matter] Ageha then manages to say that she is really sorry that she haven’t been able to give him chocolates on Valentine’s Day. Yukari looks a bit surprised as Ageha is waiting for his reaction. After a pause and much worried by Ageha, Yukari says that he doesn’t mind. This answer surprises Ageha as she shout why doesn’t he mind. Yukari asks if Ageha is suppose to be regretful or is she correcting him. Ageha says that she is confessing/reflecting. Ageha then sobs saying that it is a big day for a girl and it is her first big event/holiday. Yukari looks at her and says that she should then give him something for White day [day when it is boy’s turn to give gifts]. Ageha is surprised as Yukari tells her to open her hands. She did as told and Yukari puts a small gift box on her hand. Ageha comments that it is such a cute box. Yukari tells her to open the box. Ageha is surprised as Yukari to hurry open the box and not ‘ah ah’

Ageha did and to her surprise, it is a ring with three small stones on it [the middle one is bigger than the other two]. Ageha exclaims that it is a ring as she is blushing. She then asks Yukari made the ring. Yukari says she is quite observant. Ageha says that it is because she has asked Natsuna before. Yukari looks at Ageha thinking, wow, you are really brave. Ageha is really happy about it as she exclaims that it is very cute and even has cute gems on it. Yukari says that the gem is ‘pink electric gem’ [I think it is an artificially made gem] that it has her favorite color. Ageha’s heart is beating fast as she asks to which finger should she wear it on. Yukari says it is on her pinky. Ageha asks which hand, left or right. Yukari says whichever she wants. Ageha blushes as she thinks and decides on her left hand. She puts on the ring but it turned out to be quite big for her pinky finger. This surprises Yukari and asks if it is too big. Ageha says just a bit. Yukari is panicking how could he made a mistake as Ageha tries to calm him down. Yukari then asks Ageha to give her hand to him. She did and then he removes the ring and puts it on her ring finger. Yukari says that now it fits as Ageha kept on blushing and embarrassed that she looks down. Yukari then kisses her forehead and tells her that he will wait for her to come out. He touches her waist as he tells her to keep her back straight for the time has finally arrived after many things had happened for her to show everyone’s effort today. Ageha says she will. They are now putting their heads together and holding hands. Yukari tells her not to worry and do her best as Ageha says yes.

Then, an announcement for models to go inside as Ageha shouts she is coming. Mitsuya shouts to Yukari that there isn’t much time so hurry up. Yukari says he is coming. Ageha waves back saying that she will do her best and will return there later on. Yukari smiles and says he will wait. The two guys then dreamily looks at her as Mitsuya teases Yukari about being in love. Yukari tells him to stop it and asks where is Tsuyu. Mitsuya says that she is already awake, cleaning the store for that is what she wanted. Mitsuya then says that Tsuyu waking up is really something. Flashback: Tsuyu is sleeping with her glasses put beside the pillow while Mitsuya is watching over her. Tsuyu wakes up and sees him. Then there is a long pause. She quickly puts on her glasses and Mitsuya smiles, complete with glitters, greets Tsuyu good morning. Tsuyu got tense and screams out in terror. End of Flashback. Mitsuya smiles and says that it a really different kind of waking up. Yukari then apologizes to Tsuyu as he thought he can actually imagine that. Mitsuya says that he wonders about Ageha’s reaction. Yukari says yes and that they should continue their work as they leave.

Ageha is really nervous as she fears that she might actually fall down and that she will be really embarrassed to see Yukari. She looks at the other models as she drools for she likes them but they are too shiny and professional. Then, there is an announcement that the fashion show will now begin. This made Ageha more tense as she looks at her hand and sees Yukari’s ring. She remembers Yukari telling her that Ageha will now show others the fruits of their labor so don’t worry, do her best. She thought that Yukari is with her during the summer wedding exhibit that he gave her courage and that she will just have to imagine that Yukari is there for her as represented by the ring. She then looks determined as she thought that the ring gives her confidence. The audience, sitting on dinning tables, then are wow-ed by all the gowns that are modeled as the models go down the staircase and walks a path to a door. Ageha then is trying to visualize [she has closed her eyes] that it would soon be her turn to the walk, the wedding music is playing, the audience are waiting in anticipation, 1-2-3, 1-2-3, it is the magical time for a bride-to-be. She then opens her eyes as it is her turn and smiles as she thought, now, the heart’s dream guy is – [ahead] then she looks down the stair and to her surprise, Yukari is dressed up as groom, waiting for her to ascent the stairs.

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