June 13, 2011

V. B. Rose [Chapter 50]

Originally posted on February 6, 2007 @ tatsukida.pitas.com

Everyone is busy doing their work until the day of the deadline of delivering the gown and accessories to Villa Ange though it is the first day of the exhibit, the place of the exhibit. Kyouichi comes in VBR as he greets them, hi, stupid people, is everything going smoothly. Yukari tossed on his head, a small pin cushion, shocking Ageha while Mitsuya looks as if he is laughing. Kyouichi’s head bleeds as he shouts at Yukari that is dangerous. Yukari holding a needle, tells him to shut up. Kyouichi says not to be like that for he is just worried that they might not make it to the exhibit that night that he is like an ‘angel’ being concerned about them. Yukari says that he is just having fun as Kyouichi just laughs. Yukari tells him not to deny it. Ageha then notices that Mitsuya has left already. Yukari angrily tells him that everything is okay so he shouldn’t worry and leave already. Kyouchi comments for Yukari not to say such bad words [the literal is don’t let your mouth sprout bad/negative words] Ageha just looks at them and wonders shouldn’t Kyouichi be more worried about what happens tomorrow at the show/at the exhibit than be concerned about the dress arriving at the site. Kyouichi then asks Ageha how is everything. Ageha says that they are nervous – sense of urgency, busy doing this and that, etc. Kyouichi says that’s good as he laughs while Ageha thought why is that good. Ageha then says even so, everyone is doing their best. Kyouichi says is that so.

Ageha notices that Kyouichi is looking at Yukari who is busy with the gown and then Kyouichi smiles that Ageha wonders what is that about. Kyouichi then goes out as he shouts, try to finish it, stupid people, as I go jab darling Ririko with scissors and needles [huh ^^; maybe like to make her fall with him ala curse]. Yukari angrily shouts for him to go back to the exhibit then wonders why Kyouichi is there. Ageha thinks for a while and says isn’t it for encouragement. Yukari just shouts back, don’t come back. Tsuyu then comes down the stairs and tells Yukari that she is finished with her work and tells Yukari to do the final check. Yukari happily smiles and says no wonder she is great that she did it fast. Yukari then shouts for Ageha to try on the gown and he will call Ririko. Ageha says okay as she is prepare to go when she hears a loud thump. She looks back to see Tsuyu on the floor. Ageha worriedly calls out out Tsuyu as Yukari says it is alright. Ageha is puzzled then she hears Tsuyu is already sleeping soundly. Yukari says that it is because they haven’t slept for four days and Tsuyu’s body can’t take it any more. As Ageha protests about Tsuyu falling down, to her surprise, she sees that Mitsuya carries Tsuyu. Mitsuya tells Yukari that he will bring Tsuyu upstairs to sleep. Yukari says okay. Ageha is happy for Tsuyu for they seems to be close but she can’t tell Tsuyu about it for Tsuyu will freak out if she knows. Yukari is then busy calling Ririko to come over.

Just then, he was about to call someone when Natsuna came in to tell Yukari she is there. Yukari smiles and says Natsuna is on time, you helped us a lot. He happily opens his arms to apologize for making her do things in rush but Natsuna grabs his collar. She threatens him that if he wants things rush again next time, she will request for a thousand folded paper cranes. Yukari a bit scared says that he will put it in his heart [remember it]. Natsuna says that she isn’t kidding for she will really do it. Yukari just apologizes. Natsuna angrily left as Yukari just waves goodbye. Ageha then wonders who is the most powerful person in the group: Natsuna > Tsuyu > Mitsuya > Yukari > Natsuna. After the fitting, Yukari asks Mitsuya and Ageha if everything is ready as the fitting is okay, they have the gown and accessories. Mitsuya quickly drives to Villa Ange as it is about 10pm and they made it in time. Kyouichi then greets them good work, do your best tomorrow. The trio then groans in relief as they made it. While driving back, Yukari says that they finally made it to that day. Mitsuya says that they will have to wait until tomorrow to be relieved. Yukari says that is true for they can’t be relieved yet. They dropped off Ageha as Yukari tells her to sleep early and that he will pick her up tomorrow morning. Ageha says okay and she thanks them for driving her home and good work for that day. As Ageha waves goodbye, then she become gloomy as she thought that now everything will depend on her that lately, she haven’t been thinking of it for they have been extremely busy that she doesn’t have any time to buy chocolates for Valentine’s day. She goes on her knees in disappointment for that day is Valentine’s day and it is over. She is a failure as Japanese girl and she should have bought the chocolates when she is out with Mamoru. She lost her chance to say ‘this is for you’ while at work but now, she should concentrate for tomorrow in doing what she can do.

On the day, Maki is busy fixing the hair of different bride models as Ageha peeks and thought Maki is really good that it really makes her happy. A note says that Ageha is finished already. Just then, her mobile phone rings and it is a sms/text from Yukari asking if she is finished. Ageha came out as Yukari and Mitsuya looked surprised upon seeing her, all made up. Mitsuya praises her saying that she really looks cute. Ageha asks really. Mitsuya says, isn’t that so, Yukari. Ageha says that the gown doesn’t look like the torn one before as they used the cloth with lace on the ends of the gown. [Sorry, if my terms are wrong ^^;] Then, Ageha noticed that Yukari is just staring at her that she begins to feel a bit nervous. Mitsuya smiles and is about to smack Yukari at the back for he went back to his bad habit when Kyouichi beat him to it for Kyouichi happily shoves Yukari, shouting, Ah Yukari-chan, why are you staring like that, is it too beautiful that you have become speechless. This surprises Mitsuya and Ageha. Kyouichi then twirls around saying that he also wants to get married to Ririko. Yukari then smiles and calls out Kyouichi’s name then he beats him up. Yukari told Kyouichi that he is already 29 years old so he should act his age. Kyouichi says that guys, no matter what age, is a kid for he will be forever be like that. Ageha then notices that Mitsuya is gone again.

Just then, Yukari’s phone started ringing and it is Ririko. Kyouichi is going to say, darling Ririko but Yukari just elbows him as he tells Ririko to wait for he is going some place to talk [far from Kyouichi]. Ageha then asks Kyouichi if he is alright as Kyouichi just asks Ageha to tell him the situation. Ageha says that she haven’t been able to help before but now, it is her turn so she will do her best. Kyouichi then says that Ageha has already helped a lot for she is the one who gave Yukari strength and she helped him a lot so thank you. Ageha is puzzled as she asks if it is about the exhibit. Kyouichi says it is from himself. With finger on his mouth, Kyouichi thought for a while then smiles as he looks at Ageha. He tells her that it is Aoi’s [Yukari’s dad] request. [Flashback: Three years ago, Aoi [42 years old] is at the hospital while a young Kyouichi at 26 years old is angrily protesting why is Aoi telling him to take care of Yukari for he hates people saying such things [last words]. Aoi says that is not so and asks Kyouichi not to tell anyone. Kyouichi asks what does he meant. Aoi says that Yukari thinks of other people but can’t ‘wait’ for people to return their feelings back. Kyouichi agrees and that is what is un-cute about Yukari. Aoi says that while at work, Yukari doesn’t treasure himself and if he continues being like that, he will lose his happiness. He doesn’t want Yukari to go on like that, but this isn’t something that someone else can make him understand but he himself should realize it that in his hands reach, there are many people [Mitsuya, Tsuyu and Natsuna] who are willing to help him and that Yukari isn’t alone so he wants Kyouichi to be the one there for him to see to it that Yukari becomes a successful designer. End flashback]

Ageha is a bit surprised as Kyouichi looks nostalgic. Just then, Yukari came to tell Kyouichi that a worker is looking for him. Kyouichi then calls him princess as Ageha laughs while Yukari wonders what is he smiling about. Kyouichi then looks up as he says, this is Yukari’s debut [first fashion show] and that is the only thing that he can do for Yukari and now Aoi can rest easy for beside him [Yukari] are dependable comrades and friends and most important of all, a cute lively girlfriend near him. Ageha blushes. Yukari asks what is he talking about. Kyouichi says he will go and says Yukari deceives people so she better be careful as Yukari says he will sue him. Yukari wonders what is up with Kyouichi as Ageha looks at Yukari and remembers what Aoi said about Yukari not being alone for there are people beside him. Ageha smiles as she thought I know, Yukari’s dad, for your wishes, will be conveyed. Ageha, blushing, holds Yukari’s hand and says gambatte. Yukari blushed as he asks if she is okay, what happened.

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