June 13, 2011

V. B. Rose [Chapter 49]

Originally posted on February 3, 2007 @ tatsukida.pitas.com

On the fourth night before the exhibit [after they came home from the ‘practice’ at the venue since the two guys are wearing the same outfit], Yukari and Mitsuya looks shock as they saw the gown on the mannequin all torn up or rather there are a lot of scratches/tears below. Then, they see Sakura a bit flustered and sees Kiyume licking its paws. Then, they both scream. Sakura carrying Kiyume explains that he thought that Yukari would want to play with Kiyume so he brought it to the store but Yukari isn’t there. Then, suddenly, Kiyume jumped down and went to the wedding dress. He is in shock as Kiyume shows off its claws and started scratching [like on a scratch post?] Sakura looks as if he is about to cry as the two guys are also shaking like ‘no, this isn’t true’. Sakura cries as he apologizes as the two guys thought that they also want to cry. Yukari just tells Sakura that Ririko will be angry as Sakura cries that mom is scary. [Yukari says that because he loves his brother that he can’t reprimand him] Yukari then puts his hand on Mitsuya’s shoulder and apologize as he says that he needs to leave for a while as his soul seems to be flying above his head. ^^; Yukari says that they don’t have much time and he should think of a way to remedy it.

Three days before the exhibit, it is Ageha’s turn to be shock as she saw the gown. Ageha then cries as she apologizes that it is her fault for putting perfume while wearing it since Kiyume likes perfume. Yukari and Mitsuya sweatdrops at Ageha’s reaction as Yukari tells her that it is their fault for not being careful. Yukari says that he already have thought of a way to fix it though he haven’t done it yet and needs someone to help. Yukari orders Mitsuya to call Tsuyu and try to nice as he goes to fetch her. Ririko then came as Yukari tells her to help Ageha dress up. Ageha is confused why would she wear the torn gown as Ririko drags her away. At Tsuyu’s place, Tsuyu looks at her ringing mobile phone and that it is from VBR. She wonders what’s up as she answers it. Mitsuya says it is him. Tsuyu pauses as the thought sinks in then she freaks out. Mitsuya says that it is indeed him and it is a bit bothersome but can she come to VBR. Mitsuya is trying to control himself [not go into devil mode] Tsuyu asks what kind of help can she do. Mitsuya says that right now, they need her help and wonders why Tsuyu voice is quite low. [It is because Tsuyu put it on speakerphone and she is standing away from the mobile phone, still scared of Mitsuya ^^] Mitsuya says can she get ready as Tsuyu is now holding the phone and says, ah. Mitsuya continues that he is going to fetch her. This surprises Tsuyu even more. Mitsuya finally goes to devil mode as he threatens Tsuyu not to run away or else, he will chase her even to the horizon, scaring Tsuyu as she starts to fade away.

Mitsuya then hangs up the phone and tells Yukari that he is going. At the dressing room, Ageha wonders didn’t he just scared her on the phone. [I think she meant Mitsuya] Yukari then goes off to call Maki telling him that he needs to talk to him and since Maki is free that night, Maki will go there as Yukari thought he called everyone. Ageha then comes out. Yukari looks at the gown and feels angry as he tries to remember who are others, Maki and Natsuna. Ageha asks if there is anything she can do to help. Yukari then bends down, puzzling Ageha. Yukari looks up as he holds a scissor and started cutting the torn part that freaked Ageha out. Later on, Mitsuya came back with Tsuyu following him behind. Mitsuya is surprised to see Ageha sitting on the sofa, severely shocked that she is wasting away. Mitsuya asks what is the matter as Ageha says something about cutting. Yukari comes in with a cloth that has laced ends as Mitsuya asks about the cutting. Yukari tells Tsuyu to sew the lace into the cloth. Ageha is surprised and says will they use it as the new skirt so why do they have to re-do everything. Yukari says that if it’s them, they can do it. Ageha is confused. Tsuyu looks at the cloth then went to work as she speedily sews the lace in. Ageha freaks out at how fast Tsuyu is doing it that Yukari explains that is why he called for Tsuyu’s help because no ordinary person can do that.

Ageha then asks what can she do when to her surprise, Maki has just arrived as he looks at the sketch, saying doing it again. Yukari says it is because they were careless. Ageha is sitting down as Yukari asks to think of a hairstyle to match their new plan as Maki agrees to do it. Yukari then went downstairs as Mitsuya calls for him. Maki looks at Ageha, thinking as Ageha looks flustered. She then asks Maki is it alright if she doesn’t do anything when the others have all different expertise that she feels she is useless. Maki pats her head and says that it is okay as long as she is there, isn’t that important enough so while others are busy, she should be patient and wait for her turn. Ageha cheers up a bit. Maki then says isn’t being the model important, too. Ageha blushes and says that it is true. Maki says it is nice that Ageha is lively again that she is smiling. Ageha thanks him. Yukari comes up and says that Ageha has school the next day so he should drive her home already. Ageha says okay then asks why – since Yukari is staring at her. Yukari pinches her face, asking if she is being worried about something again. Ageha denies it and wonders if something happened to her face [while Yukari is pinching it]. Maki just smiles as the two are having a word argument/teasing. At Ageha’s house, Ageha thanks Yukari for driving her home. She then says that she will go to the store after school the next day. While smiling, Yukari calls out Ageha’s name and then hugs her. Yukari says ‘charger’ [I guess he means Ageha recharges him] as Ageha blushes. They then kiss. Yukari tells her that the exhibit will be okay for she and the others are there so it is alright. Ageha smiles and thought, will do my best.

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