June 13, 2011

Parfait Tic! [Chapter 136]

Originally posted on December 15, 2006 @ tatsukida.pitas.com

The cousins then ask what does Daiya’s mother meant about the current situation is good and they shouldn’t have girlfriends. Meanwhile, Isocchi is waving goodbye to Akiou up to when she can’t see him. In front of her house, she thought, number 1 choice/wish, to be a bride. Then, she messes up her hair and shouts, arrgghh! A note says, the princess has gone crazy. She blushes and is a bit teary eyed. At home, Fuuko was happy about the information she got on how to become a hairstylist for kids and that it is a long road ahead. She tells herself that the place is great and makes her heart feel lighter/happy as she sees the stylist cutting hair and talking with the kids. She then strips as she shouts that she should work hard for now since she should concentrate on being a student. But then, she ended up sleeping..drooling over her homework.

At the classroom’s balcony, [during lunch break, I think] Fuuko is telling Mako one must always practice[motto?]. Mako asks who is imitating. They were disturbed when Fuuko sees Daiya’s mother came into the class. This surprises Daiya as he asks what is she doing there. Everyone was saying how beautiful his mother is. Daiya’s mother says that she went to talk to the teacher so she came to see him while she is there. Daiya was shock as she then thanks the students for putting up with her stupid son and nephew. Daiya gets embarrass as tries to push her out of the classroom. On her way out, she then sees Fuuko. Mako says that they [Daiya and his mom] looked alike. Fuuko says that they are. A guy tells Ichi that their bloodline seems to be all beautiful. Ichi says, is that so. He looks at Fuuko who is thinking if Daiya’s mother is ‘focusing/concentrating’ on her. Mako asks what could have they [Daiya’s mom and teacher] talked about. Fuuko says that it could be about family interview since she was abroad so she has time for it only now. She then wonders if Daiya told his mother about the break up.

Outside, Daiya’s mother tells him that child [Fuuko] is his classmate. This surprises Daiya that he says, your eyes are STILL good. She grabs him by the collar and screams, STILL, what do you mean by that, brat, as Daiya’s mother inner Osaka trait comes out. She looks at him as Daiya is looking away. She then lets him go and as she leaves, she tells him to think about it. Daiya looks a bit glum. In the classroom, Ichi calls Fuuko [by her surname] who is still sitting at the balcony. Fuuko looks at him then looks away, asking what is it. Ichi remains silent that Fuuko turns around, shouting, I’m asking what is it. Fuuko was taken aback when Ichi looks a bit sad/emotionless. Just then, Daiya kicks Ichi from behind. Ichi gets angry and shouts stupid. Daiya quickly grabs Ichi from the arm and drags him away from the classroom as Ichi shouts not to deliberately pinch him hard. Everyone was puzzled by it as well as Mako and Fuuko – what was it about?

Ichi shouts to let go as Daiya finally lets go. Daiya asks if Ichi plans to say it. Ichi says that he isn’t going to say it at that place. Suddenly, Daiya grabs Ichi by the collar. Ichi looks really surprised while Daiya is super serious. Daiya says not to tell or else, he will make her cry. He then lets Ichi go and quickly leaves. Daiya thinks that overall, whether she learns of it sooner or later, this is okay, like that is okay, for everything is... As he enters the classroom, Fuuko looks at him and he looks at her. Fuuko wonders why is he looking at her. Daiya quickly looks away and sits on his seat as a student talks to Daiya. Fuuko wonders what was that about just as Ichi also comes back to the classroom. I’m guessing Daiya is narrating – whether ‘this’ or ‘that’ had happened, even so..it would also be too late.

Daiya is with one of the flirty girls as he looks surprised. The girl asks if she can. Daiya says if it is kiss for fun sure why not. The girl was happy to hear that and blushes a bit. She then goes up the table and was about to kiss Daiya when the other girl came from the bathroom, saying that is unfair, she [the girl who wants to kiss] tries to get a kiss first. The girl says that it is just a small tiny peck. The other girl calls her a liar. Daiya just sits there, emotionless as if all his ‘genki-ness’ is all gone. At home, Fuuko is solving a math problem and she managed to get it correctly. She then goes to the living room to talk to her parents about her plans for the future when the doorbell rang. Her mother goes to answer it as she tells Fuuko to wait a bit. Her father says that isn’t it too early for that. Fuuko laughs and says that if she is either too early or too late in discussing it. Fuuko then overhears her mom exclaiming, oh it has been a long time since I seen you, when did you arrive. Fuuko learns that it is Daiya’s mother. Then, there were laughs, haha, they are stupid. Fuuko thought that it is best that she doesn’t go there as she wonders how others would face the mother of their ex-boyfriend. Then, Fuuko’s mother exclaims out loud, EEHhhh..going to China. As the conversation continues, Fuuko was surprised by it and her curiousity got the best of her as she goes out to them. She still looks suprised as she goes out and sees Daiya and Ichi’s mothers. Her mother exclaims haven’t she heard from them [Daiya and Ichi]. Fuuko asks, what did they say. Fuuko’s mother exclaims, really, it seems that between Daiya and Ichi, one has to go to China. And Fuuko still stands there, stunned by what she just heard.

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