June 14, 2011

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun [Chapter 12]

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Title: Welcome! Shouyou Festival (part 2 of 2) Flashback: While walking with Yuuzan, Micchan shouts that this is enough. He tells Yuuzan to just tell him what he is thinking for didn’t he say that he won’t appear in front of Haru again. Yuuzan says that he’s annoying and as a brother, why can’t he go to his younger brother’s school festival. While ordering some red bean paste buns, Yuuzan says that he doesn’t remember saying yes to that agreement. While eating and walking, Yuuzan says that he wants to see that Haru who unexpectedly did his best to prepare for the school festival then, if he is to appear, Haru will definitely have a loathsome expression and, just thinking of that, the more he wants to see Haru. Micchan tells him not to call him to accompany him there, just for that. Yuuzan laughs and says that he’s kidding. He tells Micchan that he only has to not let Haru see him and it’s fine, right? Yuuzan asks Chiduru as a committee member as to what that signboard means.. Suddenly, something falls down from the tree along with a chicken. It is Haru who says that it hurts after falling on the ground. Freaking out Chiduru asks Haru what he is doing. Haru says that it is because Nagoya is up the tree and he originally wanted to save it but he carelessly lost his footing and.. Haru looks in shock upon seeing his brother and Micchan. Haru quickly grabs Chiduru and runs off with her. Yuuzan comments that Haru ran away. Micchan says that Haru didn’t have any progress and he didn’t expect that Haru will still have that kind of behavior at school. End flashback. And so that is how Haru and Chiduru end up hiding in the same classroom where Yamaken and Shizuku are hiding. [Hehe, from the same guy =P] Shizuku sweatdrops and is speechless as Haru peeks out the door. Haru asks why Yuusan is here. Clueless Chiduru tries to ask him what’s going on. Shaking in anger, Haru tells her that eel head unexpectedly dare break the agreement. Chiduru asks if the eel head guy he mentioned before is the same one just now. Haru sits back and sighs that he really didn’t thought that Yuuzan will also come here today and he will make Shizuku feel scared again. Then he asks Chiduru, “If someone tells you, ‘I like you’, will you feel very troubled [/disgusted]?”

Chiduru blushes and tensely wonders how she is going to answer that. To her dismay, Haru continues to tell her that it is because he always felt that the more he told Shizuku he likes her, the more the situation becomes messy. Chiduru gloomily asks if that is so, he has confessed so many times to Shizuku. Yamaken mutters to Shizuku so that’s what’s going on. To Shizuku and Yamaken’s surprise, blushing Chiduru asks Haru, “Ab..about that, Yoshida-kun, if I were to say I like you, what would you do?” Haru laughs and pats her on the back. He asks her how she can say such things without reason and he doesn’t hate her. Chiduru sweatdrops and thanks him. She tells him that isn’t what she meant but what he thinks of a female chasing after a guy. Haru is shock by that and says that he would want that. While Chiduru continues to try to explain things to Haru, Shizuku wants to secretly leave them already since it isn’t good to eavesdrop. Yamaken tells her to wait for things are going to be good. He had shouted a bit loudly at Shizuku to wait that Haru and Chiduru overheard them. They are shock to see the other couple. Yamaken has put his arm around Shizuku to stop her from leaving. He smiles and greets Haru. After recovering from his shock, Haru’s face darkens. He angrily asks why the two of them are there. Then, the door opens. Haru and Yamaken freaks out for it is Yuuzan. Outside the school building, Micchan is holding Nagoya when he notices a gothic girl lying face down on a bench while holding a fruit drink. Micchan calls out to the strange girl and asks if it is pretty girl Natsume. [Ah, in the Chinese scans, the ‘pretty girl’ is Micchan’s usual way of calling her.] He then carries her up and tells her to sit properly because her underwear can be seen. He tells her that it is good that he saw her and he wants her to help him return this chicken to Haru. To his shock, Asako suddenly starts bawling. Later on, Micchan says is that so, Asako said a bit very penetrating opinion that made Shizuku shut her out. Asako thinks that it is only because Shizuku said that Haru is with her only because he doesn’t want to be lonely. At that time, Asako thought what Shizuku said referred to her [Asako] own issue, as if someone had just seen through her heart. Crying Asako tells Micchan that she wasn’t careful and rebuked Shizuku which was wrong since it is the first time Shizuku talk with her about that and yet she.. was so humiliated and angry when Shizuku told her that ‘it has nothing to do with you’ so Asako shouted, “You.. Do you think of yourself as some pure angel smart nurse?!”
Asako tearfully says how she could say such words. Micchan tells her that she only said that in her fit of anger and she isn’t really angry at Shizuku. Asako tells him that if ever girls quarrel once, it is like a declaration of ‘breakdown of their relationship’ and Shizuku already gave her that ‘declaration’. She sobs about what if Shizuku hates her. Micchan pats her head and tells her that their friendship hasn’t break down. She only has to unrestrictedly open their heart and talk with each other, and it will be okay. The main thing is to she still wants to continue on being friends with Shizuku so there’s nothing to be afraid of. Asako looks thoughtful over that. Sparkling, she tells Micchan that Shizuku is her first friend and she doesn’t want to lose her. Micchan laughs and says that’s the will, and that’s good. Asako tells him that she doesn’t want to take the initiative to apologize since Shizuko is truly cruel. Micchan sweatdrops and comments that he didn’t think that she’ll be this stubborn but then, it doesn’t matter if she apologizes or not. Just then, Sasayan passes by and exclaims that it turns out that Asako is there and what is she doing.. He stops when he sees that Asako is together with Micchan. Micchan calls out to the baseball kid and tells him that it’s good that he is there so that later on, he’ll let them youngsters handle things [regarding Haru?]. Sasayan comments that Micchan came and is he alone. Micchan says no, he is with Yuuzan and he ought to go now since he has work. While Sasayan asks Asako why she is crying and Asako says that it is a long story, Micchan thinks that Yuuzan left while carrying Haru’s shoes so he hope that it won’t cause any trouble. Back to the classroom, a lot of people are looking inside. Yuuzan tells Haru to look, they now have an audience and does Haru plan on causing trouble again. He urges Haru to give up and release the hostage. It turns out that Haru is holding Chiduru hostage by tightly holding her to him. While Chiduru wonders why things turn out that way, Haru shouts for him to shut up and don’t come close. If he comes close by one step, he is going to break the girl’s arm. Yuuzan shouts for him not to do that else his parents will be sad. Haru continues to shout for Yuuzan not to come any closer, isn’t he listening, doesn’t he care whether this girl will live or die. Shizuku and Yamaken sweatdrop over the turn of events. Chiduru is already in pain as Haru continues to shout that he’s serious. Shizuku quietly stands up that Yamaken tells her to not meddle. He advises her that it is better for her not to get involved with those two brothers. Shizuku tells him, but she is very bothered.
Shizuku goes to Yuuzan and tells him not to instigate Haru. Yuuzan says that she’s also here but don’t worry. Yuuzan calls out to Haru if he really doesn’t care if that girl lives or die. This surprises Haru that he notices that Chiduru is in pain. Chiduru tells him that it really hurts. This made Haru let her go and quickly run out the window while cursing. Yuuzan goes to Chiduru who is on the floor and asks if she is alright. He says that his little brother caused him trouble. Chiduru is shock to learn that Yuuzan is Haru’s elder brother. Yuuzan looks at Shizuku and says that it is really good that she is there for there is something that he wants to see her about. Shizuku says, ya. Then, Yamaken got in between them. Yamaken apologizes to Yuuzan and says that right now, he got Shizuku to accompany him in showing him the way. Yuuzan looks thoughtful then exclaims if he is Yamaguchi-san’s Kenji, and he’s all grown up. Yamaken looks nervous and angry. Yuuzan smiles and says that since it is like that, then forget it. He gives an envelope to Shizuku as well as Haru’s shoes which Haru dropped. He asks her to help him return the shoes to Haru. Yuuzan helps Chiduru up and tells her that he’ll walk her back. He bids Shizuku goodbye and left. Shizuku asks nervous Yamaken if he needs her to accompany him in showing him the way, and his complexion looks really pale. Yamaken just mutters to himself that even if he doesn’t want to be involved, he got irritated by how Yuuzan called him. Just then, Yamaken’s three friends call out to him that they found him. They want to ask him why people are gathered around there and why is he doing together with that bookworm. Yamaken says that it is nothing and he bids Shizuku goodbye. He climbs up the window to join his friends. His friends are suspicious over his answer. After saying goodbye, Shizuku sighs and thinks that the next she’ll do is.. Outside, Yuuzan calls out to Micchan and tells him that he’s going ahead. Micchan asks if he isn’t going to the haunted house. To Micchan’s irritation, Yuuzan tells him that at his age, he is still saying that kind of stuff. Asako and Sasayan greet Yuuzan. At some forest area, Shizuku drops the shoes on Haru who is lying on the grass. She tells him that since he’ll be depressed, then next time, before acting, he should think clearly first. Haru asks if Chiduru is okay. Shizuku tells him that she doesn’t know and if he is worried, he should go see her himself. Haru says that he messed up again and made a mistake again. Shizuku says that is right so it is better for him to reflect on this. “You idiot.” Haru tearfully couldn’t answer.
Remembering that she hurt those two, what Yamaken said and about Asako, Shizuku says that she is also an idiot for always making a mistake. Haru looks up to her and asks if this isn’t 2 meters from him because he can see her underwear. After being surprised by that, Shizuku looks at the side and apologizes to him. She is cancelling that limitation before since she has discovered that putting up rules is meaningless. Haru laughs and says that she realized it and she has grown up. Shizuku asks what of it and can’t she. Haru happily smiles at her who looks a bit tense. Haru sits up then thinks of something. He tells her that he’ll go apologize to Chiduru first. Walking at the opposite direction, Shizuku says, ya. Shizuku thinks that perhaps, it isn’t quite hard to correct a mistake after discovering one’s mistake. To Asako’s shock, Shizuku apologizes to her. This made Asako wonder what happened to her, did she eat something. Shizuku says that Asako gave her opinion in good intention yet she acted in that manner without even a little bit of sincerity. “So, I want to tell you that I’m sorry.” Asako is about to cry as she tells Shizuku that she is Shizuku’s friend, not someone insignificant.. A bit flustered, Shizuku says, ya, she is right. Asako starts to cry over this then she is surprised when Shizuku tells her that even if she said that, she still feels that Asako is a bit of a busybody. Then, Haru joins them and Haru is smiling. The three went back to reality when Sasayan, together with Shitayanagi, shouts that he finally found them and they should go back to work. Soon, a lot more people got scared at the haunted house, the trio watch some baseball club activity of Sasayan, Chiduru serving drinks to her friend and, Yamaken + trio are enjoying themselves at a bunny girl cafe. Soon, it is night. There is a huge bonfire but some people are looking scared over the noise. An announcement says that they should not throw in firecrackers in the bonfire, repeat, even if you do not have a dance partner, do not throw firecrackers in the bonfire.
At the outdoor sink, Shizuku washes her face to remove the make-up. She then remembers the envelope that Yuuzan gave her. Taking it from her bag, she opens it and sees a picture of everyone laughing including young Yuuzan over a wet futon which Haru peed on. Shizuku is totally puzzled over it and thinks that she really doesn’t understand what Yuuzan is thinking. She looks over at the side of the building to see Haru sound asleep by the wall. Shizuku blushes, then tries to touch him but Haru suddenly wakes up and holds her hand. Haru asks what it is, and it is Shizuku. Shizuku shouts for him not to startle her. Haru exclaims that is what he should be saying. Haru looks at her and asks what she is planning to do. Blushing Shizuku looks away and says that she wanted to touch his hair. Haru asks, “Huh? My hair?” Still looking away, blushing Shizuku didn’t answer. Haru suddenly pulls Shizuku to him and asks her what she is thinking for he really doesn’t understand. Haru angrily tells her that even if her mouth is saying that there’s no problem but something is definitely up and he never thought that she would tell him not to get close to her. He asks her what she wanted him to do for he cannot go to her nor back away from her. Shizuku tries to protest over how Haru is interrogating her when she looks at serious looking Haru. Shizuku realizes that Haru has always been serious and the one who unceasingly keep on running away from the problem is her. Shizuku tells him that her hand hurts. After he lets go, Shizuku tells him that the way he forces her, she cannot help but think over some things. “Why do I feel this way? Was I wrong about my choice? *flustered* ..if I’m mistaken.. then can I or can’t I, also like you, like you until.. I cannot concentrate on my studies? Kind of stuff.. *Haru blushes really red* But, in the end, it is from studying that I can obtain my heart [and thoughts]’s tranquility.” Haru sweatdrops and exclaims that she startled him for it turns out that fundamentally, his rival has always been ‘studying’. Shizuku continues to say that she doesn’t want that. “I do not want.. to have that kind of feeling again! I do not want my school work to become bad. *tense* If I cannot study, then I..”
Haru looks at her then to Shizuku’s surprise, Haru hugs her tightly. Shizuku nervously asks him what he is doing. Haru nervously answers back that he doesn’t know either, he doesn’t know. The two blush. Shizuku wonder what’s with her heart beating so fast and it feels so hot, and it seems that this had happened before. She then remembers the blue sky, students laughing and she wakes up from sleeping on Haru’s lap. Haru looked at her and smiled. End flashback. Shizuku thinks that she also had that feeling before at that time. The body beside her is truly warm that it made her feel comfortable. There’s that little bit of dull sadness kind of peace of mind. “The me on that day.. *young Shizuku alone with her books* cannot comprehend that thing--” Shizuku calls out to Haru then breaks from the embrace. She asks if he can give her some time and she’ll properly think over it, about this thing between him. Haru looks at her in surprise. Elsewhere, Asako happily tells Sasayan that Shizuku had left a message on her [Asako’s] blog and she also apologized. Sasayan says that is great. Sipping from her drink, Asako says that Micchan is right about the main thing is one still wants to continue being friends. She happily comments that Micchan is so reliable. Sasayan says that it is because he is an adult. He looks at her and asks if she has fallen for Micchan. Asako laughs and says that it is impossible for she cannot fall in love with guys. Sasayan asks her then, what if a guy tells her that he likes her, what will she do? Asako seriously look at him then looks away. She tells him that she’ll reject him. Asako says that she’ll go buy some drink. After she left, Sasayan says that is what the person herself said. Sasayan laughs and tells Shitayanagi, who were sitting at the other side of the window with the others, to give up already. Among the crowd, Chiduru thinks that he isn’t around. She wonders why she started to cannot bear not to look for Haru and anyway, she has work and fundamentally, she has no way of inviting him for the dance. She gloomily thinks that she hasn’t matured. Then, Mabo calls out to Yamaken as to what he is doing, they are leaving and if he isn’t careful, he’ll get lost again. Yamaken is quietly looking around the people as if looking for someone. Then, he seems to give up and says, ya. Meanwhile, Shizuku and Haru look at each other. Haru breaks into a smile [as an answer to her request?]. Narration: “Face to face! Whether it’s me, myself or Haru.. everything starts from that time.”
Scans by kiri for BW.

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