June 14, 2011

Faster Than A Kiss [Chapter 42]

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Fumino thinks that the letter written to Kazuma is about the problem of the Kaji family. Kazuma tells her that this letter is written by their family’s secretary, Sasa. If he is to explain its contents, he would have to go through a lot of other things in the past which he doesn’t have the courage to tell her right now, so he’ll give her a picture first. He asks her to wait for him and he’ll definitely tell her. The picture is of a young Kazuma smiling with an older man and teen/20s guy. After Fumino took that picture, she didn’t ask Kazuma anymore questions. Soon, it has been three days since that day. Fumino and Teppei wake up to see Kazuma all dressed up. He is going to school for the extra lessons of the first and second year students. [It is summer so it is like summer class.] Fumino pouts and tells him that he should have waked her up earlier. Kazuma says that she studied until very late at night so she should properly sleep. Fumino tells surprised Kazuma that he is wearing his necktie wrong [in the opposite way]. While Kazuma fixes it, Fumino wonders if he is avoiding her since he is going out early and going home late these past three days. Aside from that, he is always lost in thought. Kazuma then happily turns to her and tells her that he almost forgot. He kisses her on the forehead and says, “I’m going to work, honey..” Kazuma bids them goodbye and Fumino pretty much swoon over that. Fumino wonders how long he is going to make her wait.

At the library, Shoma proudly tells irritated Fumino that Kazuma hasn’t told her about the contents of the letter. He incites her further by saying that means Kazuma doesn’t trust her and they aren’t much of a married couple. “But, I know what’s written in it! Let me tell you, it’s actually..” Fumino shouts for him to leave, there’s no need for him to say it, since she is going to wait for Kazuma to tell her about it. Because of the ruckus, they are all toss out of the library. Shoma says that it is her fault but Fumino exclaims that he started it by provoking her. Meg tells them to stop quarreling and isn’t Fumino going to fetch Teppei so they should all go. Shoma sees Fumino looking s omewhat depressed. Shoma comments this to her but Fumino tells her to just go home for he’s too noisy. To her surprise, Shoma asks her about walking around for a while for a change of mood. Since Fumino is puzzled, Shoma tries to tell her that the two of them.. Unfortunately for him, Kazuma arrives and leans on his younger brother’s head. Kazuma happily asks if they have finished studying and will be going home now. While holding Shoma in a head grip, Kazuma says that he originally wanted to go to the library after work but then, walking around for a change of mood isn’t bad so they should all go together. And just like that, they went for their last outing during the vacation break.

Soon, they are out for a barbecue at the mountain side. Kazuma says that they went on a trip before but that is to study, so now, they can naturally relax. Meg and Teppei happily say, yay. Fumino offers a barbecue to Shoma. To Kazuma’s shock, Shoma bites on the barbecue that Fumino is holding. Ryu has to hold Kazuma back before Kazuma skewers Shoma. =P Shoma just happily goes his way to eat the barbecue and says that there is that kind of pleasure. [<- teasing the two?] Meg exclaims that Shoma’s competence is quite strong. [<- knows how to tease them?] They didn’t notice that someone is watching them. After numerous other summer-type activities, Teppei sees a huge longhorn bettle. Fumino asks him if he can catch it by himself. Teppei says he can so Fumino wishes him good luck. Fumino wants to take a picture of Teppei catching it but she realizes that she left the camera with Kazuma. She sees him fishing. When she is about to call him, she notices that he has that sad look. She thinks that it is probably about what’s written in the letter. She wonders what is in it. She looks at the picture he gave her and starts to wonder who those two other guys are. She doesn’t think the guy on the left is Kazuma’s father and maybe one of them is Sasa. Fumino thinks that she wants to know about it so that she can help but..right now, she should wait for him. While telling herself to endure and punching the tree, a lot of beetles suddenly fall down from the tree, and then something huge. Teppei goes to her and asks if she just got a huge beetle. Fumino says no, it is a guy wearing a suit..and carrying binoculars. He suddenly stands up and apologizes for frightening them. Fumino is surprised when he knows who she and Teppei is. The man bows and introduces himself as Sasa, Shoma’s guardian and he knows about her relationship with Kazuma. Sasa asks her if Kazuma has read the letter but she doesn’t know what is written in it. Fumino is surprised when Sasa says, is that so, it has nothing to do with her.

Suddenly, Kazuma appears and holds on to Fumino. He angrily asks Sasa why he is there. Fumino thinks that it seems for a split-second the mood froze. Sasa bows and tells Kazuma to relax since it is for other private matters that he came today and it isn’t to report something. Kazuma asks then why he came. Fumino thinks that Kazuma’s voice is serious and heavy that she is becoming afraid. Sasa says that he cannot answer that but Kazuma insists that he tell him. Sasa tells him that if it is okay for Fumino to hear it then, he’ll answer him. Fumino cannot stand it anymore that she shouts that there is a huge beetle there and she’s going to get it. Running off, she shouts for the two to take their time talking and see you later. Kazuma angrily shouts that Sasa is an idiot for threatening but Sasa says that it is because Fumino said that she didn’t know what’s in the letter. Kazuma asks if he came for that and he’s preparing to tell her. Just then, Ryu and the others arrive with a forest ranger telling them not to go far out into the mountain because around this year, there are bears coming down from the mountain. Even if one rarely sees them but still, one should be careful. Kazuma freaks out over this that he hurriedly runs off while calling out to Fumino. Meanwhile, running as fast as she can, Fumino thinks that she had run away when she obviously wanted to know everything about Kazuma but still..that mood is really cold and dark. She wipes her tears and tells herself that if she cannot overcome that, she won’t come to understand Kazuma’s past. She feels useless and she ought to go back. She punches a tree and tells herself to be more courageous. Suddenly, something falls down. She wonders if it is Sasa again but it turns out to be a bear which is angry since it hit its head.

The bear growls at her but ta-ta-ta-da, superman Kazuma is here to punch the living daylights out of the bear. With a cold look, Kazuma asks flustered-scared Fumino if she is startled. Kazuma grabs her and urges her to hurry and escape. While running, Fumino tells him to slow down for her foot got entangled on something. Then, they fall down a cliff. Soon, Fumino wakes up to find herself on Kazuma’s lap. Kazuma is relieved that she is fine. He asks her if she is hurt anywhere. Fumino is still in a daze that she asks him where are they. Kazuma says that it seems that they had fallen down from a crevice on the ground but he left his coat up the tree so they’ll just wait for the others to find them. Fumino asks him if he can climb up when it is so high. Patting his left knee, Kazuma sheepishly says that just now, he got careless and twisted his foot. Fumino starts apologizing and asks if it hurts, if the bone is broken. Kazuma tells her that it’s okay, and compared to that, it’s great that she is okay. Fumino thinks that Kazuma has always been protecting her yet.. Fumino starts crying and apologizes for running away a while ago for she was afraid. “..I want to know everything about you. (Want to gather up..) At that time, I shouldn’t have run away! (..my courage! To not run away whatever it is that I see and whatever it is that I hear..)” Kazuma asks her to come to him. Crying Fumino holds her hand up and tells him not to pamper her and she’ll sit there until the others come for them. Kazuma tells her that is enough, his foot really hurts so come. Fumino goes to his embrace and thinks, “Sensei! My husband! One who deeply loves only me..” Kazuma thanks her. They look at each other then he hugs her again. Kazuma tells her that if this keeps on, he’ll be burning with desire so while they are waiting to be rescued, he’ll tell her the contents of the letter. “And, I’ll also tell you about my past..” Narration: “Sensei has finally opened the doors of his heart to me.” While the others are looking around for Fumino, Teppei is finds stag beetle more interesting than longhorn beetle so together with Sasa, they will search for it deeper in the mountain especially since Sasa said his eyes are sharp in finding them.

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