June 14, 2011

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun [Chapter 11]

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Title: Welcome! Shouyou* Festival (part 1 of 2) [*name of their school] It is finally the day of the school festival. Yamaken and the trio have arrived..well, the trio tries to flirt with the committee girl who is in charge of registration. While everyone is busy advertising their stores and guests coming in, werewolf Sasayan comes out of their haunted house and exclaims that everything is going smoothly and Haru’s ‘Blood Baron’ has the loudest scream. Gothic girl Asako is delighted to hear that for she had taught Haru the whole night on how to do his act. Sasayan whispers to nurse Shizuku to be a bit more enthusiastic about this because if their haunted house will be success or not, it is related to the money they will earn. Shizuku says that speaking of enthusiasm, she saw them make a donation box a few days ago but now, she didn’t see it. Sasayan says that it is because they do not want to part with her. Looking at their signboards, Asako says that it seems that those aren’t quite appropriate since they aren’t some erotic place. [The signboards they use are usually for love motels.] It had made Saeko-sensei totally quiet after seeing it then she left, thinking that she will be scolded over it. Sasayan laughs and says that they made it that way so that it will attract attention and they’ll win against the others. While Shizuku is quietly standing by the window, the window suddenly opens. From the window, Haru exclaims that his blood is almost used up. As Shizuku looks at him in surprise, Haru has already opened his shirt and kept shouting for her to hurry. While Shizuku hurries to get some blood, Asako tells Haru that she heard that his Baron is a hit. With a sparkle in his eye, Haru says yes, and it is the first time that he is very popular so maybe he is reincarnated in this world for this. Holding a bag of blood, Shizuku tells him not to move for she is now going to pour it on him. As Shizuku is about to pour it, Haru praises her that her living corpse outfit suits her as well as her mismatch eyes. Shizuku blushes over this that she had been poking Haru with the needle so Shizuku apologizes. Sasayan and Asako are watching them. Later on, Sasayan asks Asako if she just saw Shizuku’s expression and no matter how one looks at it, there is love between them. Asako is delighted over this. Sasayan says that the key person in this is still Haru though they aren’t qualified to butt in. Asako is quite excited over it though she would feel lonely if the two of them [S&H] really become a couple.

While Sasayan thoughtfully looks at Asako, Yamaken’s trio friends suddenly hugs Asako and exclaims that they found her. Freaking out Asako shouts for them to let her go but they keep on saying that they won’t and it’s enough that they have her. Sasayan asks them where the other one is. The trio tells him if he meant Yamaken, then, do not to mention that traitor who left them and went away with some girl. They then ask the trio to go in their haunted house and there are no visitors right now. Mabo tries to get Asako to go in with them but Asako refuses by saying that she only puke when she goes in dark places. While Tomio is asking if it would be less fun if the three of them went together, Sasayan calls out to Shizuku that they have three guests. Shizuku comes out with a huge syringe and asks them if they want to be injected. Shizuku quietly ushers the noisy trio who kept on asking all sorts of things as to why the floor is uneven and what about ‘want to be injected’. At some curtained place, Shizuku starts to tell them about the place where a Blood Baron who comes out from there. The trio is then asking why there is a nurse in that place, it doesn’t suit the theme. Shizuku lets them go on ahead as she laughs and tells them to be strong. Walking ahead, the trio sees a small metal basin with hand at the back. There is a note that it is a love spring. The trio comments that it seems to be made haphazardly. Then, someone holds up a box with a sign ‘Touch breasts’ in this direction, 500 yen per person. Tomio puts in some money and says that it seems that this place is ripping people off. Then, they hear some noise. The baron appears while pulling the hair of his victim. Haru looks surprised as the trio screams then calls out Haru’s name. They greet each other and the trio invites Haru to go out and have some fun. Haru declines by saying that he is currently working. Shitayanagai, the victim guy, pulled by Haru, says that he can go for he hasn’t rested yet. The trio is happy to hear that and tells Haru to introduce them to some girls/‘chicks’. When they mentioned girls, Haru thought of something. Shizuku is sitting by the window and remembers the time when she exclaimed at Haru that she is going home. She thinks that lately, she cannot control her emotions and when she thought about it, this thing of losing her reason hasn’t happened before and it is probably because Haru told that to her – that he will change that answer. She wonders when it started that she unexpectedly become indecisive. Before, when she decided on something, she won’t hesitate and that is because her decision is always right until the end. There is scene of young Shizuku walking alone to study while the others have fun. She closes her eyes and thinks that if she has been unsociable until now, then, she wouldn’t be having this kind of thinking.
There is a scene of Yuuzan happily eating a cotton candy, together with Micchan, walking in the school for the festival. Yuuzan says that it has been a long time since he has eaten a cotton candy and school festivals are amazing. Micchan looks somewhat tense. Back to Shizuku, she is surprised to see Yamaken suddenly coming out of the bushes. Shizuku greets him and asks him what he is doing. Yamaken says that he’s going back so bye. Shizuku continues to read her book when suddenly, Yamaken re-appeared from the bushes. The two look surprised at each other. Yamaken comments that school’s backyard is quite huge that he has been walking around for an hour. Shizuku thinks that he is lost. =P She tells him to just ask someone then he’ll be fine. Yamaken stubborn tells her that he dislike asking people. Shizuku didn’t bother herself with him and just continues reading her book. Then, Asako appears and tells them to help her find Haru and those other three because they left and haven’t come back yet. She is surprised to see the two together that she asks what they are doing. The two simultaneously say that it is nothing. As they prepare to leave and look for Haru where Ooshima is, Shizuku asks Yamaken if he wants to come along since he used to be a good friend of Haru. The trio is shock for Haru introduced them to his chicken, Nagoya. Haru apologizes and says that there are no girls in the classroom and he is worried about this place. Around this time, Yuu-chan comes to visit Chiduru. Back to Haru, the trio asks him what’s with the barricade around the coop. Haru happily explains that it is to obstruct people and it is called ‘Mizutani..” Standing behind Haru, Shizuku darkly tells him not to use a person’s name in naming things. Haru turns around to see Shizuku, together with Yamaken, telling him that Sasayan is looking for him. Haru angrily shouts why Yamaken is there. Shizuku says that he is lost at the backyard. Yamaken denies it. Asako is hiding behind some bushes to avoid the trio. Haru corners Shizuku and asks why they [S&Y] are together. Shizuku says that it is a coincidence. While the trio is laughing about Yamaken being lost, Yamaken looks at the two then quickly puts his arms around Shizuku. Yamaken tells Haru not to forcibly ask a girl like that. Haru accuses Shizuku of forbidding him to touch her yet she doesn’t protest when Yamaken does that. Shizuku tries to explain but Yamaken taunts Haru by saying that he is better than Haru and Haru won’t do at all. This made Haru angry that he shouts for him to let go of Shizuku. Haru tries to punch Yamaken who evades it. Just when Yamaken is telling Haru that he is the same like before who cannot control his temper, Haru accidentally punches Shizuku. ^^; Everyone is shock as they exclaim that Haru hit Shizuku. Haru tries to apologize. Asako, who saw everything, mentally tells Haru to quickly and properly apologize. Just when Haru is shouting at Yamaken, Shizuku calls Haru and tells him that from today on, he is not go come within two meters in radius around her. The guys are shock by that icy cold censure.
While Shizuku is walking away and holding her nose, Asako runs after her and asks her if she is still angry at Haru, and she thinks that Haru doesn’t have any bad intention about it. With a bleeding nose, Shizuku tells her that she isn’t angry but she only felt foolish to be turned round and round by Haru. While covering her nose, Shizuku says that Haru is like a child who doesn’t know anything. Not only is he arrogant, he only thinks of himself. Asako looks flustered and wonders how can she say it, that Shizuku is also that kind of person. To Asako’s surprise, Shizuku wonders why she cannot just abandon that guy. Then, Shizuku wonders if this is love <- answering her own question. Asako happily exclaims that if that kind of relationship between two people, wherein it cannot be severed and a bit crazy, it is ‘the best of only one’. Shizuku tells her that it is only because Haru doesn’t want to be alone and for him, she only just so happened to appear at his side. Asako’s smile freezes, She asks if Shizuku doesn’t believe in Haru’s feelings for her. She tells Shizuku that everyone doesn’t want to be alone and there will be a special feelings towards someone who is closest to oneself, this is inevitable. She asks Shizuku if she doesn’t have that kind of feeling towards Haru. Shizuku looks thoughtful and says she has. Just when Asako is delighted to hear that, Shizuku coldly tells her that this has nothing to do with Asako. The trio has seen that and says that bookworm is really cold and Asako would probably cry over it. They blame Yamaken for it and wonder how to comfort Asako. Yamaken looks thoughtful. While Shizuku washes her nose by the sink, she wonders why things turn out that way. Then, Yamaken arrives with some kakigori [shaved ice dessert] that he was eating, and says that it is for her since he is also angry that it is in relation to him that she got a bleeding nose. Shizuku says that actually it is his fault. Yamaken tells her that it isn’t, since Haru is the one who hit her. Yamaken exclaims that it will be pitiful if she hates Haru and Haru will be all alone again. She is also quite cruel for asking too much from Haru. Shizuku says that she isn’t asking anything from him. Yamaken looks thoughtful and asks if she wants him to tell her what she cannot abandon Haru. Shizuku asks if he overheard it. Yamaken says that it is because in her heart, there is an anticipation and the other person’s words and actions mix with her own desire [/wish] so she cannot just abandon Haru without a care. On her own initiative, she had an expectation towards Haru but he is also a letdown to her expectation so she is really cruel. But if it is him [Yamaken], he won’t ask anything from the other person because he already has everything. Shizuku tells him that he obviously from the start has been extorting Haru. While Yamaken says that it is an exchange among friends, Shizuku looks thoughtful and remembers telling Haru not to come close to her and telling Asako that it is has nothing to do with her. Shizuku wonders if she hurt those two.
Yamaken teases her if she is starting to feel lonely by herself now. Shizuku apologizes and says that since before until now, she has always been alone and she doesn’t feel lonely. Yamaken calls her an idiot for loneliness can only be felt if there is another person. Shizuku says is that so. To Yamaken’s surprise, Shizuku compliments him for being amazing. Yamaken looks at Shizuku then notices that she is looking at some other direction. She turns out to looking at Yuuzan who is eating a crepe. Shizuku is about to call Yuuzan when really tense Yamaken immediately covers her mouth. Yuuzan turns around and sees a sign of ‘Leap and frisk about’ from 1-B. He asks Micchan what kind of store is that. Micchan says that he doesn’t know and they should go. In an empty classroom, Shizuku’s head hurt since Yamaken suddenly pushed her down on the floor. She asks what happened. Yamaken asks if that is Haru’s brother. He curses and asks why Haru’s brother is in this place. Shizuku asks Yamaken if he is scared of Yuuzan. Yamaken scolds her for being stupid for how can he be scared of anything in this world. Sweating profusely, Yamaken says that he just had a little bit of trauma in his heart. Shizuku thinks that he is obviously scared of Yuuzan. Shizuku comments that one day, Yamaken will be ruined by his pride one day. Yamaken snaps at her not to care. Shizuku sits up and tells him to move. Yamaken backs away and tells her that he wants to make something clear and that is, he totally doesn’t have any desire for her. Shizuku asks him what he is saying. She then asks him how he knew Yuuzan. To Shizuku’s shock, it turns out that the Yoshida brothers use to go to Kaimei High like him. From the start of kindergarten, he and Haru are always in the same class. So ever since before, he would always bully Haru. Scene 1: Yamaken threw a rock/crumple paper at Haru. But, Yuuzan would always appear to protect Haru. Scene 2: Yuuzan pinched Yamaken’s cheek hard. Huddling at the side, shaking Yamaken gloomily says that just mentioning Yuuzan’s revenge methods before, he’ll.. Shizuku sweatdrops and wonders what Yuuzan did to Yamaken. Shizuku says but the brothers’ relationship is quite tense. Yamaken says that he doesn’t know about the situation right now but before, their feelings for each other are quite good. Suddenly, the door slams open. Yamaken pushes Shizuku’s head down for her to hide. He says that it could be that guy. Then, they hear someone saying, ‘wait, what are you doing’. Yamaken says that it turns out to be a girl. Shizuku thinks that the voice sounds familiar. Then, the girl shouts, “Yo..Yoshida-kun! Wha..wha wha what are you doing?” Shizuku and Yamaken look surprise for barefooted Haru is pinning blushing Chiduru on the wall. Upon seeing that scene, Shizuku thinks, “Why.. is it only right now that I’ve noticed it? Ah..right! That chicken Nagoya-chan’s barricade.. is indeed me..” At 1-B, a couple of girls are excited to see Blood and they brought their camera. Sasayan finds it strange as to why half of the people don’t come back. Shitayanagi exclaims that their signboard’s star isn’t around.
 Scans by kiri for BW

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