June 14, 2011

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun [Chapter 10]

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 Title: Two People’s Distance. Shizuku is in her cram school when she notices an electronic dictionary of her seatmate. She thinks that it is someone from Kaimei High. To her surprise, the guy comments that recently her mock exams are very awful. While removing his glasses, he asks if that guy is still okay lately, that Haru she really likes. Shizuku exclaims in surprise for it is Yamaken. At the stairwell, Shizuku is looking at a flyer which sells an electronic dictionary while talking with Haru who is standing below the stairs, and eating some chips. They are talking about the things that have to be bought for the school festival which Haru doesn’t seem to know exists until recently. Shizuku is still infuriated over how Yamaken offered to give that dictionary to her then laughed when she refused. Haru is surprised when Shizuku suddenly shouted that she is so envious of rich people. Haru asks her why she is so agitated. Shizuku says that it is something about yesterday, but she didn’t finish since she forgot the name of that guy. They talk about the things that they have to do in the festival. When Shizuku tries to reach for some chips from Haru, Haru tries to lick her hand. This shocks her that she quickly pulls her hand up. Shizuku darkly reprimands Haru that she will be angry if he once again touch her on his own initiative or try to get too close to her. She wonders what’s up for ever since that day when Haru confessed, he is making her unable to relax every single day. Haru angrily says that after she said that she likes him, she quickly made him maintain some distance from her so is she deliberately bullying him. Shizuku says that it is because he is doing things suddenly. Haru answers that he just wants to confirm it so what about it. Shizuku exclaims that he is wrong and she has told him many times already, if he cannot maintain the appropriate distance, she cannot stay with him. Haru asks what her appropriate distance is. Shizuku tells him that it is approximately two meters. Haru tells her to quit joking around. Shizuku sighs and reminds Haru to respect her wish else she cannot be at ease and be with him. Later on, Haru is busy snapping some planks of wood as he vents his anger about the ‘no touch’ thing. Asako says that it cannot be helped since he usually just keeps on calling Shizuku and following her around. Haru darkly asks what he did wrong. Asako tells him that she isn’t saying that he is wrong but it is just feels a bit uncomfortable if a boy whom one doesn’t really likes, was to touch a girl. While fixing Nagoya’s coop, Haru says is that so, it is quite a problem and Micchan also told him that concerning girls, there are two choices: one is to go steady with her responsibly while the other is not responsibly..

As she opens her notebook computer, Asako blushes since Micchan actually said that. She tells Haru that is right. Asako asks Haru what he is doing. Haru tells her that he is making a barricade around the chicken coop because a lot of people are doing there and he’ll call it, ‘Mizutani Shizuku’. Asako tells him that Shizuku will be angry about that. Then, she notices Shizuku walking to throw the garbage while reading a book. She tells Haru to look and see that Shizuku is coming. Shizuku passes by Sasayan and others who are talking about not being able to get the first school building and it is a key thing for their plan. They cannot get Shitayanagi to get it because he fears the third year students. They were surprised when Shizuku asks them what they are up to. They tell her about the need to get that first school building during the school festival in order to earn some extra money aside from what they have to report to school. Shizuku agrees with the plan and thinks that it is a good idea. When asked why she is interested in it, Shizuku says that there is something she wanted to buy. While they talk again about the third years being scary, Haru tells them to just wildly deal with those guys. Soon, at the conference room, the higher year students announce their want for the choice classrooms in the first school building for the festival. While Chiduru and Shitayanagi are nervous since nothing will be left for the freshman, Shizuku announces that class 1-B wants the first floor by the entrance which is the most advantageous position. Haru sits down and slams his feet on the table to repeat what Shizuku said and ask if anyone has any objections. Flashback: The others want Haru to go and give their proposal but Shizuku and Sasayan opposed it. Haru got irritated by that so he volunteers himself. The other two cannot do anything so Sasayan just told Shizuku to let Haru do it for it is better than Shitayanagi. Shizuku insisted that she be the one to go. End flashback. Shizuku felt really nervous with Haru there.
Then, a higher year student calls out to Haru as to what he is thinking. That student accidentally bumps on Shizuku. This made Haru go into berserk mode and proceeds to punch the guy. In the end, 1-B section got the second school building at the farthest side. Sasayan asks why it is the worst classroom of all. Shizuku, together with beaten up Haru, timidly apologizes. Walking at the outdoor hallway, Chiduru gets an email from her friend, Yuu-chan that she and another friend will be coming to their school festival. She is delighted to hear that. Then she notices Haru pulling some grass at the side. She asks him about his wounded face and she heard that their section got the second school building. Haru tells her that Sasayan has already gone to protest and it seems that he will have to pull grasses until the day of the festival. Chiduru sweatdrops over the barricade that Haru made for Nagoya, and sweatdrops even more, when she learns its name is ‘Mizutani Shizuku’. While licking a scratch on his hand, Haru says that Shizuku scolded him when she told him many times not to fight. Chiduru is envious of Shizuku for Haru did that fight because of Shizuku. She knows that she cannot be someone like Shizuku in Haru’s heart. She then stops herself from being pessimistic and tells Haru that he shouldn’t be like that since he already caused trouble to others and he should reflect on this. She tells him that he shouldn’t use violence in resolving things if he really treasures Shizuku. “I think Mizutani-chan.. she’ll definitely worried about you doing dangerous things for her, so she is that angry!” Sparkling Haru exclaims if that is so, for he always thought that Shizuku is angry because he destroyed some nice thing of hers. For a second, Chiduru wonders if she is mistaken about liking this guy. Before she leaves, Haru says that she said before that she hates herself but he doesn’t think so because he doesn’t hate her one bit. Chiduru tells him to stop calling her ‘committee member head’ but call her Ooshima. Haru says okay and calls her Ooshima. Chiduru smiles and blushes over this. She then tells him about what he told her before about it is hard to cover/stop the water [from flowing?] so he doesn’t want to be mistaken about one’s feelings. But for her, she thinks that it is okay to be mistaken because she doesn’t want to give up. She is aghast when Haru didn’t recall it at all. Chiduru still hopes that one day, she can become that girl whom he’ll like. Haru naively tells Chiduru that he doesn’t understand what she said but, good luck to her. Chiduru is super embarrassed by it. It turns out that Shizuku is standing behind the corner and has overheard them. She sighs and wonders why she is hiding.
While Shizuku is walking in the streets and looking at a list to buy, Sasayan and Asako are walking with her. The other two are talking that even if they didn’t get the first school building, at least they got the second school building’s first floor. Shizuku tells them that she has to go to cram school for a moment. Ayako says that they will accompany her. Then, they pass by a corner and meets with Yamaken with his three friends. While the three guys are going gaga over Ayako whom they seem to like, Yamaken put his arm around Shizuku and asks if she come to check on the grades of the mock exam. He also asks her for some school festival tickets but Shizuku refuses to be an accessory for the trouble they might cause. She had noticed a couple of beaten up a couple of guys at that alley. At the school, Yamaken seems to be asking her about Haru which irrirates Shizuku for everyone is thinking that she is Haru’s girlfriend. Shizuku asks why he thinks so, is it because she is into books. Yamaken says yes for her lifestyle is really boring. Shizuku says that she doesn’t want to hear that from them. Yamaken tells her not to talk about him and those guys as if they are one and the same for those guys are really idiots. He asks doesn’t she feel it to be very interesting to see people stupider than her. Shizuku looks at him and says, really for every time she sees them, she feels that she is going to a far away place and it makes her feel uneasy but then, this kind of feeling [of being number 1 and being superior] is not bad at all. Yamaken looks dark for Shizuku showed him by topping the mock exam. =P Shizuku remembers her declaration that she and Haru are friends so they ought to get along, and Haru’s confession. Shizuku tells herself that it isn’t serious and she isn’t making a mistake. Outside, the three guys are pleading for a school festival ticket but Asako plans to give hers to net friends and Sasayan had already given away all of his. Pointing to them, Yamaken asks if Shizuku finds it interesting upon seeing those idiots. While the three are shouting at Yamaken over that feeling superior attitude, Shizuku gives Yamaken her four tickets since she won’t use them all up. Before leaving, Shizuku tells Yamaken that even if Haru is there to hinder her, she will still do that. The three idiots cry that Shizuku the bookworm is their goddess but Yamaken becomes an S[adist] by telling the three that it was given to him not to them.
Later that night, Haru is walking home with some store bought food. He sees a cat and tries to give it something to eat. Sitting on the stairs, Shizuku calls out to him. Haru darkly goes to her and asks it is such a coincidence to see her there and did she have fun shopping with everyone else. Shizuku tells him that it is something her younger brother asked her to buy. She went to the store to look for him but she learned from Micchan that he went to buy dinner. She gives him a package and says that it is from Asako who wants to give it to him. Just as Shizuku is about to walk up the stairs, Haru asks if that is all there is, as to why she went to see him. Shizuku is puzzled and says that she is already finished with what she had to tell him. While Haru is pouting over it, Shizuku tells him that she won’t fall for him. Haru asks her if she is looking for a fight, since she suddenly said that. Shizuku tells him that it is because the answer is already very obvious and isn’t it too cruel to make the other person anticipate it within one’s heart. They look at each other. To Shizuku’s surprise, Haru says that it doesn’t matter. While taking the thing she is carrying to help her with it, Haru says, “Even if you say it that way.. then, I’ll change that answer!” While Shizuku seems stunned, Haru thinks that it is a good opportunity to ‘attack’ her. Haru is about to lick her when he remembers what Asako told him about girls feeling uncomfortable when touched by guys they don’t really like. Haru stops himself and thinks that was dangerous. He then looks surprised to see Shizuku blushing really red. Shizuku quickly pulls the bag from him and shouts that she’s going home. She runs off, leaving Haru blushing in disbelief over what just happened. Flustered Shizuku keeps telling herself that she isn’t mistaken but why did she become like that. She continues to walk and tries to calm herself. Back at home, Micchan asks Haru if he wants some takoyaki [friend batter balls with octopus inside] and what is this other thing. Haru declines and tells him to go eat ahead, about that other one, it is from Asako. With a dreamy look, Haru comments that Shizuku is really cute. He giggles to himself at how Shizuku looked when she told him that she’s going home. Micchan just says ya, spring has arrived. He looks at smiling Haru then, he also smiles. He tells Haru not to be in so much hurry. Haru says, ‘Oh--’
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