June 14, 2011

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapters 19 -20]

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Chapter 19: Narration: “At Hakuyou’s harem, we, the fake married couple, have just come back from a trip and once again, we returned back to what we used to do. That’s right, it seems to be what we used to do..” Reishou tells Yuulin, “From today on, I would have to handle a lot of political affairs and I also cannot bring you with me to the government [affairs] building.” Flustered Yuulin says, “How can this be..” Reishou touches Yuulin’s face and says, “It’s the same with me, it is truly painful to be parted from each other. ..tonight, I’ll go to the harem. So sincerely wait for me.” As some waiting ladies are smiling at them, Yuulin blushes and says, “As you wish.. Your Majesty..” Narration: “..truly, nothing changed a bit. *blushing really red* Wah.. this work is really embarrassing!” After the end of the acting, Reishou comments to Yuulin that she is still not used to it. Aghast, Yuulin apologizes that her acting is still stiff. Reishou says not really, since he thinks that it is really good. Yuulin thinks that even if her work requires her to act like they are a harmonious couple, but in the end, she isn’t an expert at acting. “But, I want to give my fullest effort to help His Majesty.. Kindness is a way to fight failure.. It seems that I still have to improve on that side..” Reishou smiles and asks, “Or, do you want me to give you a special training on it?” Yuulin blushes really red over that and then, she looks in despair. This made Reishou nervously backtrack on it by telling her to forget it if she doesn’t want to. “I’m just joking.” Yuulin is flustered over Reishou’s ease in switching roles. “And no matter what is said, His Majesty is really such a hard to understand puzzle.” Narration: “—it is a quiet, calm day like this, when that person suddenly appeared.” Someone calls out, “Ah~ Your Wolf Majesty, it seems that the thing about you hiring a Princess is true after all. And, I thought it is just a joke!” After turning around, Yuulin is surprised to see a young looking boy who is sitting by the window. She wonders who the boy is and when did he come in the room. Reishou calls the boy, Kou Dai. He sighs and tells Dai to please use the ordinary way in going in the room else he’ll frighten Yuulin. Dai laughs and exclaims that they are really like a married couple. Dai bows down to Reishou and says, “Your Majesty’s mission is already completed! Kou Dai has come forward to give [you] the report! *smiles* In short, first give me something to eat!”

Yuulin is surprised and wonders what kind of person is this. Later on, Reishou tells Yuulin that Dai is a spy [/secret agent] who for nearly a year, has been sent by Reishou to go do some reconnaissance work over the situation in some place and this time around, he has been called back. While eating something, Dai notices that Yuulin is looking at him. Posing with his index finger and thumb on his chin, Dai tells her that is right, he is His Majesty’s underling who is quite capable in secret activities. “Heh! I’m really cool! Oh ya! Your Highness, it’s okay to call me Kou-chan!” Yuulin sweatdrops and thinks that this spy is quite open [/talkative]. She observes that since Reishou is talking with Dai in ‘puppy’ mode, this means that Dai also knew about the ‘Wolf King’ is just an act. Then, Dai exclaims, “—but! It really surprises me! I thought that according to ‘His Wolf Majesty’s interest [/type], you should have hired a sexy, beautiful lady..” He didn’t get to finish what he is saying because Reishou is already pinching Dai’s cheek really hard. With a stiff smile, Reishou tells him not to say some irrelevant things. This made Dai retract what he said by shouting to surprised Yuulin that it is just his imagination. Still with a smile, Reishou tells Dai that greetings are over so, he should come with him to that room at the side. Aghast Dai continues to shout that he doesn’t have any other meaning to what he said. “Please believe me--” Reishou tells him that he ought to have a lot of things to tell him. While pulling Dai [by the ear/hat], Reishou bids Yuulin goodbye and says that he’ll leave the housekeeping to her. After speechlessly observing the two earlier, Yuulin says okay. As Reishou walks out of the room while followed by Dai, Yuulin thinks that it is rare to see Reishou like that. Looking somewhat surprised, Yuulin muses that those two’s relationship seems to be very good. The next day, while doing her maid job, Yuulin asks Gen about Dai. While eating a snack, Gen tells her if that spy came back yesterday. Gen informs her that before Reishou succeed into the throne, Dai has always been at Reishou’s side, doing things on behalf of Reishou. And, if Dai has time, he will come to extort some of Gen’s snacks. Yuulin says is that so. She thinks that she should get along with Dai, too because he ought to also know, more or less about the inside story [about Reishou, I presume.]
Then, someone calls out and asks what they are talking about. Dai drops down and hangs upside down from the window. He says, “I also want to know some things about Her Highness.” Yuulin screams in surprise. Dai tells her not to scream. Then, he quickly swings into the room and goes to Gen. He asks old man Gen what he is eating and is it delicious. Gen tells him that he won’t give him any. Dai calls him stingy. Then, sparkling Dai asks Yuulin, “Then! How did you capture the heart of His Majesty!?” Gen is shouting “Woot, woot, You’re so amazing” at the side. Yuulin tells Dai that she didn’t do anything. Puzzled, Dai asks, “Then! How were you able to make him become your hubby-kun?” As Gen continues to shout out his cheers, Yuulin tells Dai that Reishou isn’t her hubby-kun. “This is only my work! I and His Majesty are only pretending to be a married couple! *flustered* What’s this about- Geez-” Dai is in a daze. He then asks, “So this means, the two of you still haven’t done anything?” As Gen goes to shout “Boo, Boo,” Yuulin exclaims that is right and tells Gen that he’s too noisy. To Yuulin’s surprise, Dai comments, so that’s how it is, because they’ve always hired only her, he thought that he ought to expect something [from her?]. “It seems that you also won’t do at all. His Majesty is still the same as before. How boring. *smiles* Ah, forget it. See you next time, Princess!” After he left, Yuulin got furious over what Dai meant by what he said that she won’t do and it is boring. At the harem, Reishou tells irritated Yuulin not to mind what Dai told her even if he [Reishou] doesn’t know what Dai told her. “That guy is basically quite unreasonable.” Reishou looks tense as Yuulin angrily looks at him. She asks him if their [R&D] relationship is really that good. Reishou tells her that it is because they know each other for such a long time so they get along with each other, and can be at ease. Reishou adds that Dai is also quite useful and he had helped him a lot. Yuulin feels a bit jealous of Dai who knows Reishou for a longer time, knows a lot more things about Reishou and perhaps enjoys a lot more trust [/confidence] in him. “Maybe, it is something that I shouldn’t make irresponsible remarks on.”

Reishou asks Yuulin if there are any other troublesome things at the harem. Yuulin sparkles and happily tells him that there is no trouble at all since she is really quite relaxed here as compared to the vacation palace. “And today, I’m in the process of doing a major cleaning [like spring cleaning] which hasn’t been done for such a long time! It has been quite extensive! So, if Your Majesty has some free time, you should definitely come and tour the place! The floor has been polished, and it’s now sparkling!” Yuulin stops when she notices Reishou smiling at her. She asks him what it is. Holding her chin, Reishou says, “It’s nothing. Just seeing you looking quite happy, even if I’ll be exhausted, it’s also worth it.” Yuulin blushes really red. She stiffens and starts to ask, “Ah, ..ya? That..” Reishou smiles and says that it seems that she is still not used to it. This shocks and embarrasses Yuulin. She exclaims for him not to suddenly do that for she cannot be like him who can suddenly start acting. Reishou says is that so. Jun arrives and calls out to Reishou. Standing up, smiling Reishou tells Jun that he knows and he’ll quickly go. Reishou apologizes to Yuulin because right now, he has to go and listen to Dai’s report. “It’s because during the day, I couldn’t find the time to hear it. ..I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to keep you company.” Flustered Yuulin tells him that it is okay. She wishes him gambatte on his work. As Reishou leaves, Yuulin wonders what she can do in the harem. Aside from doing cleaning work, all she can do is wait. “..maybe, I should undergo special training.. *blushes* No, no, it’s just too embarrassing! –--Anyway, tomorrow. I’ll prepare some sweet snacks and wait for His Majesty. Ya, [that’s what I’ll do].” And then-- Yuulin exclaims, “What? Today, too?” Jun tells her that it is a whole year’s report. On the second day, Yuulin exclaims, “It’s still not over?” Jun pouts and says that it is quite long. On the third day, Yuulin asks, “Could it be..” Jun sighs and says that even if it is troublesome for him but.. Yuulin is furious as she slams her hands on the table of prepared tea and snacks. The waiting ladies look tense. Yuulin thinks that from the on, she has totally been hanged to dry at one side. “In the morning, it is government politics and at night, it is meetings. He basically didn’t go at my side! *calms down* No, I should understand. Work is more important, work! It cannot be helped.” Then, while Dai is sharing a snack with Gen, Dai happily says, “Ah, about that-- It seems that His Majesty also hates those crowd of old foxes that surround him so yesterday, midway, he simply hold a banquet--” This made Yuulin furious for it is now for pleasure and not for work that Reishou didn’t went to see her.
Soon, while walking at the hallway, Dai calls out to Yuulin as to why she is so angry. “And, if you don’t put on a smiling face upon greeting His Majesty, you might be hated, right?” Yuulin shouts that these few days, they didn’t even see each other [so what if she isn’t smiling]. Yuulin thinks that Reishou said those things to make [/hint to] her [to] ‘wait’, and even if she is a temporary Princess who has no right to get angry but in the end, she basically doesn’t have any leeway to participate [or do something]. Flustered Yuulin exclaims, “It seems that His Majesty really likes to chat with his friend [more than me]!” Dai looks at her in surprise. To Yuulin’s surprise, Dai asks, “Friend? I’m not His Majesty’s friend, right? Speaking of that, if you ask me to become that person’s friend, I would also refuse. *Dai prepares to leap up onto the roof.* Ah! There’s not much time. See you next time--” Yuulin wonders what Dai meant by what he said. While Dai is happily walking on top of the roof, someone calls out to him, “Hey! Stop right there for a moment!” Dai turns around and sees angry Yuulin is walking on the roof, trying to chase him. Dai screams in shock and exclaims what she is doing up there. Dai looks scared when Yuulin angrily looks at him and says that he is really so thick-faced. “It seems that His Majesty is really happy when you’ve returned! But you unexpectedly.. *Dai tries to calm her down* At one side, you guys would show off how good your relationship with each other wherein no one can easily interfere, then on the other side, you expectedly say, ‘not a friend’! Then what am I [to him] being always melancholic at this place! *Dai looks surprised* In short! Next time, you are not to say things that will hurt His Majesty’s feelings! *pointing at Dai* Do you understand..” Then, Yuulin loses her balance and starts falling down. Dai happily looks down and exclaims, “Just in time!” Reishou manages to catch Yuulin. Yuulin mentally freaks out over this. Reishou says that she unexpectedly run on to the roof and he thought that it is just his imagination. “It turns out to be real. *Blushing Yuulin clinging on to Reishou* --but forget it. What are you doing at that place, My Princess?”
Reishou is puzzled when Yuulin didn’t reply. Reishou wonders out loud if this is his imagination since Yuulin hugged him back. To Reishou’s surprise, Yuulin exclaims that it is special training. Reishou carries her ala princess carry and smiles at her. He says that is really good. While thinking that she was really angry but then, forget about it, Yuulin blushes really red for she is too embarrassed. Emitting dark chi, Reishou calls out to Dai who starts to run away, and asks where he plans to go. Later on, Dai mutters what’s up with that princess that he got lectured for it though it is a good thing that the roof isn’t that high. Much later on, Dai reports to Reishou that the spies that are lingering at the nearby external wall have been dealt with. “And just like before, there are enemies everywhere.” Reishou says that they are observing the Princess and Dai should continue to act as her guard. Dai says that he [Dai] is not to let Yuulin know about it and he’ll do what Reishou ordered. Dai conveniently asks if Reishou thinks of him as a friend. Reishou says no, not one bit. Dai says that he also thought so since he is only a tool for Reishou. Dai happily smiles and thinks, “A Princess who is kept in the dark and a Wolf King who hides everything. These two people, perhaps, is more interesting than I imagined it to be.” Narration: “And so, in the daily life in the harem, there is another one more person.” Dai happily calls out to Yuulin that his report is over and he’ll give His Majesty to her. “So, go enjoy the ‘romantic couple’s world’ [/only the two of you] to the max!” This made Yuulin blush really red from embarrassment. She shouts at him that she doesn’t anticipate that thing and she fundamentally do not think of that thing. While speechless Reishou’s smile freezes, Dai is shock and tells her that kind of talk will hurt His Majesty[’s feelings]. Yuulin exclaims in surprise and says that it is impossible. Reishou continues to be speechless. Narration: “It seems that the road to mutually understand each other is still quite a long way ahead.” End scene = Jun gloomily tells Yuulin that he never once imagined that he will be telling a temporary Princess to ‘do not climb up the roof’ type of words. Yuulin sweatdrops and apologizes to him. And, we have a new amusing character. I think he will be like a second cupid. Gen is already amusing with his cheers and boos =P It seems that those who are after Yuulin as the Princess isn’t over yet. I’m not too sure if it is okay to keep Yuulin clueless about it but I guess, Reishou doesn’t want to scare her too much about it. Ah..there were attempts before but she is still there, right? ^^ Hehe, even if Yuulin doesn’t want to admit it, she really does miss Reishou. With Yuulin, it seems that actions speak louder than her words =P Ah, it’s really hard to be a king of a country – so busy and everything. I guess it is also hard to be a Princess who has to keep on waiting for the king to visit her.
Chapter 20: Narration: “Unknowingly and without notice, new trouble comes out again.” There are three scenes: 1. A black haired bearded guy. 2. Han Shisei. 3. It seems to be a cloaked guy hanging around outside. [<- probably the spies that Dai mentioned in the last chapter.] In Hakuyou harem where outsiders are forbidden to enter, Yuulin is busy cleaning as a maid. Dai asks Gen, “Then-- how is the relationship between Her Highness and His Majesty lately?” Gen says, “Ha? Do you even need to ask? But of course, it is-- *gesturing a heart shape with his hands and standing on the table* lovey-dovey! Lovey-dovey!” Dai claps and says ah, so that’s how it is. Yuulin angrily shouts for that it isn’t so. “Don’t disturb me while I’m cleaning! Go at that side and play there!” The two make noise and says, “Ah- How scary-” Yuulin angrily thinks that they are so annoying. It has been a few days since the spy Kou Dai returned and since then, her working life isn’t at peace at all. Whenever she is cleaning, Dai will come and asks what she is doing. Narration: “But, it appears that I’m not the only one who is distraught with anxiety over interpersonal relationships..” Later that night, wolf mode Reishou angrily complains that while he is busy, those old foxes unexpectedly are demanding something from him again. Yuulin looks scared at Reishou as she is about to serve tea. She nervously thinks that the Wolf King is at his peak. Reishou is still maintaining that mode even while he is already in the harem. While emitting dark chi, Reishou is on the table with a lot of paperwork. Yuulin asks Jun, who is carrying a tray of scrolls to Reishou, as to what had happened to His Majesty. Jun sighs and says that a troublesome thing happened at the royal court. It is an old issue before wherein for some years, there is a fervent and constant demand to commence the Spring Banquet again. “There are two people to be chosen as to who will be the director [person-in-charge]. And from there on, there is a dispute. The first choice is Chancellor Ryu Gikou who is currently the core of the central administration [/government]. He is Houen’s father. Then, at the other side is Han Shisei, the head of the long historically established main families within the country. That is of course, Kouju’s father. Jun sighs and says that the two of them are important ministers* of the royal court so it is very hard to choose between them. [*also mean chancellors; I'll be alternating these two at times but they mean the same thing.] Reishou says that a few months ago, he thought that it is just something for recreation and it isn’t a pressing matter. “Just like that, I set it aside... *face palms and becomes gloomy* I didn’t think that after some time, the Royal Court will be divided into two factions [the Han group and the Ryu group] around this issue.”
The two guys sigh as Yuulin thinks that all of trouble and dispute over who will be the director of a banquet. While thinking that she really cannot comprehend the people in the Royal Court, Yuulin tells Reishou that if he has any troubles, he can tell it to her. Reishou happily smiles at her. In puppy mode, he puts his head on the table and says, “I want to just always stay at the harem. Those people are too annoying.” Freaking out Jun shouts that Reishou cannot do that. He calls for Yuulin to also persuade Reishou not to do that. Yuulin sweatdrops and thinks that the issue won’t be resolved that way. After a pause, Reishou smiles and thanks Yuulin. “There’s no need for you to worry. This kind of thing is quite ordinary.” Yuulin is taken aback by that. While Reishou continues to talk with Jun about some other matters, Yuulin thinks that it seems that Reishou do not want to continue talking with her about this issue when it is obviously such a troublesome thing. “It seems that at night, he would go drinking [wine] with Dai [who obviously isn’t a kid; just young looking =P] and would tell Dai all of his worries. Yuulin becomes melancholic and thinks that she always feels a bit frustrated about that. At an outdoor gazebo, Yuulin is having tea with Kouju which she does from time to time. Yuulin had asked her about the Spring Banquet. Kouju tells Yuulin that she doesn’t particularly know about Spring Banquet but if her father has been chosen to do it, it will definitely be spectacular and dazzling. Yuulin laughs and says that Kouju really favors her father. This made Kouju blush as she exclaims that it is true [what she said earlier]. As long as it is something that has to be elegant, there is no one better in doing it than the Han family. Yuulin just laughs about it and thinks that Kouju is such a cute kid who really thinks of her father. [<- like a daddy’s girl]. Kouju insists that it is true and she can verify it by visiting their house. “Once you see it, you’ll definitely understand! It’s really true!” Yuulin just says that from hearing it, it seems good. [<- being polite; ‘it’s a good idea.’] Kouju says that if it’s okay, she’ll go ask her father to teach her about the Spring Banquet and this way, she can be of help to Yuulin. Yuulin is delighted over it and says that’s really good. Yuulin thinks that if she knows more about this banquet thing, perhaps it would be easier for her to talk with Reishou about it. Soon, the two happily bid each other goodbye.
Narration: “—but, for me to decide on that, it unexpectedly progressed to some other direction.” Yuulin looks really tense for she has two visitors, Shisei and Gikou. Shisei says, “Your Ministers have heard, that Your Highness is quite interested over the Spring Banquet. If your Ministers are to be so bold, let us recount to you about the matter at hand. We are truly honored to be called in by Your Highness.” Aghast Yuulin just says that it is nothing, and good work to Shisei. [<- being polite.] Jun is standing beside Yuulin who is mentally freaking out that the two main ministers are going to explain things to her. Gikou says that he is truly overjoyed to have the opportunity to see Her Highness. Yuulin politely says that she has heard a lot about him. Jun darkly looks at Yuulin for suddenly doing such things on her own. Yuulin mentally tells him that it isn’t so for she only wants to hear it from Kouju so why did things turn out this way wherein she is now in this situation that both of them would even come to explain things to her. Smiling Shisei tells Yuulin that speaking of the Spring Banquet, it is an activity wherein one will hold a ceremony/meeting to appreciate the flowers and at one side, there will be lights to illuminate the flowers. Smiling Gikou says that in accordance to tradition, they will hold it at some distant river bank. He suggests that they also do the ‘floating a wine cup along the winding river’. [<- It is an activity during gatherings wherein a wine cup would be placed upriver and carried down along with the stream. The one having the cup stopped before him had to drink the wine, or in some cases, have to improvise a poem. This ancient Chinese activity has later on been introduced to Japan. Source: Cultural China] Yuulin tensely looks at them and thinks that even if these two men are smiling, but the mood is really heavy. “It.. it feels really scary.. no wonder His Majesty cannot stop worrying.. Quickly end already..” Then, with a smile, Shisei says that he couldn’t accept Gikou’s tone of voice because it would seem as if His Majesty has already awarded him the task. Gikou answers back that he isn’t like him who only care about power struggles. Yuulin is shock as she wonders if they are quarrelling already and that is really quite unexpected. To her surprise, Shisei says that it is quite rare for them to come here so how about they ask the opinion of the palace’s flower – Her Highness. “Your Highess, who do you think.. among us, ministers who is up to the task on this Spring Banquet--” Yuulin is freaking out as she thinks for them not to push that issue on to her and she also doesn’t quite know about this thing.
Just when Jun is about to stop those two, someone says, “When I’m not around, are the two of you quarreling again?” It is Reishou. He tells them that that he remembered telling them to wait for his instruction regarding the banquet. While Gikou is silent, Shisei asks Reishou if he wants to listen, too. As Yuulin goes to him, Reishou tells them to stop such nonsense talk until here. Touching Yuulin’s face, he says that is unless if they have something more delightful than this thing of his [<- referring to Yuulin]. Smiling Shisei says that His Majesty and Her Highness’ feelings for each other are as harmonious as ever. Gikou says that it seems that they should take their leave else they attract His Majesty’s displeasure. Shisei tells Yuulin that whenever it is convenient with her, they will listen to her instructions. [<- being polite.] Still standing behind Reishou, Yuulin timidly says yes. After they left, Reishou asks Yuulin if she is alright. Yuulin snaps out of it and is surprised that she is holding on to Reishou’s shirt. Blushing Yuulin quickly let go of his shirt and backs away. While thinking that it is the Wolf King, Yuulin exclaims that she is alright. Reishou looks at her then smiles before telling her that those two guys’ relationship has been bad since the start, so if one is to get involved into their fights, it will definitely be a loss so she should be careful next time. Yuulin thinks that Reishou turned into puppy mode. Yuulin says okay, is that so, and just now she was shock. Reishou smiles at her then looks serious. Later on, in some other room, Jun darkly reprimands Yuulin for putting him in a tight spot. “Please control your hasty words and actions..!” Yuulin thinks that in the end, she is being lectured. Jun tells her that the palace’s power relations are very complicated. “Even if it is me, I also have to be very cautious and careful. Because I’m afraid that if there is such a miniscule mistake, would ever to happen, it might also attract a huge quantity of enemies [to surround us]. So, it is necessary to pay attention to the conduct of one’s words and actions. For someone like you to decide on your own in calling [them, subordinates], what the heck are you planning to do!” Yuulin gloomily apologizes and says that she didn’t expect things to turn out that way. “I’ve only seen His Majesty to be in quite tired.. so I thought that share some of the responsibility a bit..” [<- by talking with him.] After a pause, Jun tells her to take back her good intentions. “Do not forget, you are only here for work. You only need to do your job well. You are not to ask anything nor think of anything. You only need to stay at the harem and do your ‘Princess’ [act] well. You are only a temporary bride. Do not be mistaken about your position.” Yuulin looks at him in somewhat surprise and thinks that Jun is saying that she is not to overstep her boundaries and she has been pushed out. While walking at the hallway, Yuulin sadly thinks that it has been such a long time since she has been strictly reprimanded like that. She remembers Jun telling her that except from the things they tell her, she is not to ask any other things. “Ah, I felt alienated again..”
At a room where Reishou is reading some scrolls, Dai is keeping him company. Dai tells him that he never imagined that the Princess will take her own initiative to see those two scary uncles. “I don’t know when they will once again bite and not let go. I really worry on her behalf. So scary- Doesn’t she have any prudence? Hahaha” After a pause, Reishou tells him that Yuulin is afraid of the Wolf king so she won’t touch anything related to politics and regarding those guys, she will be more careful next time. Dai is speechless then mutters ya. He then says, “That’s right! Regarding the Wolf King, she would wildly refuse [him]! That is prudence! *Puzzled when Reishou didn’t react.* She is also quite serious when she is cleaning.. she definitely want to quickly get out of debt and go home! So that’s how it is..” Dai becomes more puzzled when Reishou still doesn’t react. Dai pats Reishou’s back and says, “It’s alright, it’s alright! Until then, I’ll accompany you in drinking wine! (What is this? It’s so interesting--)” Dark Reishou tells Dai that ever since he came back, that is the only thing that he talks about. While trying to comfort Reishou, Dai thinks that it seems that Reishou is really in a bad mood. As they drink some wine, amused Dai looks at Reishou and thinks, “Do not want to be feared and also do not want to be hated? That ‘Wolf King’? Making her stay at the harem, so that she’ll be far from danger, right? Haha, until when can you persist on this--..” Holding a bottle of wine, Dai urges Reishou to come and tell him of his troubles. Reishou sighs and tells him to forget it for it is just something fun for him [Dai]. Soon, Reishou goes to the harem. Yuulin is surprised to see her for she was told that he won’t be coming tonight. Reishou slightly smiles and says, “I want to see my Princess. ..can’t I?” Yuulin’s heart beats loudly and she blushes. She mutters that of course he can, and it is her honor. She and some waiting ladies bow. Yuulin thinks that she is wavering again and wonders when she can be just calm when she sees the ‘Wolf king’. Sitting on the sofa, Reishou asks her if she can give him some water to drink. “I felt a bit uncomfortable after seeing Kou Dai.” Yuulin says okay, she’ll quickly get him some. Yuulin wonders if Reishou has been drinking with Dai again, and Reishou is a bit ..is he still acting. “Usually, he quickly turn into a gentle puppy.. is it because he’s drunk? Could it be that he is some sort of drunk while working? Could it be that his acting has deeply penetrated into his innermost being..”
While she offers Reishou a cup of water, Yuulin says that there are only the two of them there right now so why don’t he relax a bit. Reishou smiles at her and says, “Of course. My Princess is a real expert in consoling me.” Yuulin blushes and thanks him for his compliment. She thinks that he still didn’t change back. “Ah.. what should I do? I’m all alone in dealing with the Wolf king!? It feels really strange.. *blushing and tense* I totally feel.. really nervous..!” Yuulin happily tells him that this morning, she was totally shock by that incident for she didn’t know that Chancellor Shisei and Chancellor Ryu’s relationship is that bad. Yuulin thinks that if she chats with Reishou, he will turn into puppy mode. She continues to tell Reishou that it is really hard to be pressed in between those two and it is inappropriate for her to choose either.. She wasn’t able to continue when irritated Reishou says, “..don’t talk about it anymore. That has nothing to do with you.” Yuulin felt a stab of pain over that. She felt alienated and wonders if Reishou is angry. Flustered Yuulin replies, “I.. I, won’t ask anything, nor think of anything. *remembers Jun* I only have to stay at the harem.. is that right?” Reishou says yes, that is right. Feeling really dejected, flustered Yuulin starts to cry. She says, “If that is how it is, I.. won’t be able to know anything about the things that concerns you, right? But.. I.. want to understand.. you a lot more..” She thinks that he is currently a drunk ‘Wolf king’. “What am I to say to him.. I’m unexpectedly in pain because of his rejection..” Reishou looks at her then stands up. He smiles and says, “You, who fear the ‘Wolf king’, ..want to understand me?” Narration: “—this act.. up to when will it continue!?” Yuulin is surprised when Reishou suddenly holds her hand and pulls her head towards him. Chomp! Yuulin is in total shock. While holding her face, Reishou says, “Since you don’t have awareness, then don’t come and tease [/provoke] me.” As Reishou let go of her and looks at her, all red Yuulin is trembling. She thinks, “Just now.. what did he do?” Holding her nose, Yuulin says, “Bite.. just now.. nose! Bitten by..!” There is a replay of Reishou biting her nose. Reishou is shock into puppy mode when Yuulin screams really loud. She starts to run away and keeps thinking that Wolf king bit her nose. Aghast Reishou tries to tell her to wait as he apologizes to her. Yuulin starts to throw pillows at him and shouts, “Quickly get out! Idiot!” Reishou tries to tell her that he shouldn’t have done that. “I’m sorry!” Yuulin continues to freak out and shouts, “You drunk! Get far away from me! *waiting ladies come in and ask the couple what happened* Nothing! All of you leave! I detest! Wolf king-whatever, I detest the most!” Aghast Reishou is totally speechless as he holds the pillow that she threw at him. Yuulin thinks, “Why did things turn out this way!” Narration: “--And so, on the second day. ..new things continue to happen.” Holding a letter, aghast Jun asks Reishou if he allowed it. Reishou says that he did. Jun exclaims why. Reishou tells him that he’s not allowed to ask. While feeling faint, Jun says, “Un.. unexpectedly, during this sensitive time.. [she] ran to Han Kouju’s private residence..!?” Reishou tensely says, yes and Yuulin has always been ‘exceeding expectations’. And a carriage is driving away with Yuulin inside..still looking flustered while holding her pretty little nose. Narration: “—The Wolf king’s temporary bride, has left home today.”
Scans by 17kkmh.com