June 13, 2011

Stardust★Wink [Side Story on Karin]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on December 8, 2010

[This is set during the time when Hinata and Anna had a ‘cold war’. Well, it is actually all about Karin, Kurumi’s younger sister. Mochiduki Kurumi is the glasses girl who had a crush on Hinata if you still remember her. This is like a one-shot story so there are some re-introductions.]

Narration: “Because I want to get the key to the house, I went to see my older sister in the art room. In the end, I have seen the one of the princes within the school.” Hinata comments that it turns out that Kurumi has a sister. The younger sister introduces herself as Mochiduki Karin. [Karin here means quince] This made Hinata comment that her name sounds delicious. Narration: “Looking at him in a glance, I knew that I’m in a bad situation. I cannot [resist], I really like [him]!” At home, Karin goes to her sister’s room and shouts that she has decided to join the art club. Narration: “This is my sister who is a bit old fashioned, art club member, third year junior high.” Kurumi asks her what she wants to go in the club when she is already in second year. There aren’t much any activities during the second term. Karin exclaims that she will join no matter what in order to get close to Hinata. Narration: “In our school, there are two gorgeous guys. They are Tokura Hinata and Nagase Sou. Just from their appearances, girls just cannot help but want to get close to them. They are totally the school’s idols. I am also one of those girls who have an obsessive love while watching them far, far away but..” Karin blushes when Kurumi asks her if she likes Hinata. Karin says that at first, Hinata has this ‘I don’t care about anything’ type of temperament that made her feel he is quite distant but since the time she has seen him smile, she had fallen for him. Blushing Karin exclaims that she knows that she is overestimating herself but then, he is so cunning to say that her name sounds delicious. So, she has decided to strive hard a bit. Kurumi tells her that she has already quit the art club. She just went to the art room because there is something that she has to do and she doesn’t go there everyday. Karin says that she didn’t say that she would want her to help her on it. She is just telling her about her decision. Kurumi says, “But..” Looking dark, Karin looks at her and asks, but what, could it be that she also liked Hinata. Kurumi tensely denies this so Karin says that there is no problem. Narration: “Always until yesterday, I only thought that it is okay for me to watch him from afar, but now, I’m no longer satisfied with that. Because I want to know a lot more of Hinata-sempai.”

Later on, Karin introduces herself to Hinata and Mari, the art teacher. She says that from now on, she’ll be in the art club. She mentally thinks that Hinata really looks handsome. She becomes tense when Hinata kept on staring at her. He then says that she’s Kurumi’s younger sister. An arrow points that Hinata is slow-witted. Karin happily exclaims that is right and she’s happy to meet him again. Karin says that she heard from her sister that they have already quit that she is worried if yesterday, Hinata just so happen to be in.. Hinata says yes and because it is part of the contents [/requirements] of the exam. Mari tells Karin that Hinata is going to test in a high school that specializes in art. Karin sees a still painting by Hinata. Holding the painting and thinking that it is amazing, she exclaims about how well the picture is drawn. Pointing at the plastic bottle, towel, basin, etc model on the table, Hinata says that he just looks at that then use his pencil here to... Karin exclaims in disbelief that it looks so real even with just a pencil. “It’s like magic. Are you Van Gogh? Picasso? Bach?” While Hinata stares at her thinking that Bach is a musician, Karin thinks that she just learned a lot more about Hinata. Mari apologizes for interrupting Karin’s excitement but it will be cultural festival soon so could she draw some pictures that can be shown for display. Karin becomes tense and asks if she can draw. Mari happily says that she should draw since she is part of the art club. There are already people attracted to it because of Hinata’s art work. Karin becomes tense for she doesn’t really care about the art club activities but she still has to draw something since she is in the club and she doesn’t really like to draw. Mari thinks out loud as to what would be Karin’s theme since she already gave the others’ their theme. To Karin and Hinata’s surprise, Mari winks and happily says that Karin’s theme will be ‘Tokura Hinata’. Mari asks Karin if she knows the secret of drawing well. Mari whispers to her, “Filled with emotion, go draw the thing that you like. ♥” Karin blushes over this. Soon, Karin tries to draw Hinata who is also drawing. Karin thinks that Mari is really amazing to know how she feels for Hinata. She thinks that after the festival, Hinata will do the first stage [entrance] exams and if he passed, he won’t go to the art room anymore. She thinks that compared to not doing anything, what is the best alternative of action though this is actually good. “Even if sempai is the model, but I have to consider sempai’s point of view.”

Hinata sighs that made Karin mentally apologize and cry for being troublesome. Hinata asks her if she wants him to go tell the teacher. Karin is puzzled. Hinata says that Karin probably doesn’t want to draw something strange and that teacher is a bit weird. Hinata is stunned when Karin shouts that it isn’t about not wanting to draw. She also exclaims that Hinata is really good that she wants to draw [him]. “Can I?” Hinata is speechless as Karin looks tense and flustered. Hinata finally agrees as long as he isn’t made to pose. Karin happily says that she would want to draw him everyday while walking, studying, basically, his everyday life. After a pause, Hinata says that if she thinks that can help her then.. Karin happily thanks him. “I’m so happy, I’ll do my best in drawing--” Soon, Karin follows Hinata when he is getting his lunch at the canteen, eating with Sou, walking at the hallway with Sou, Hinata washing his hands, and etc. At the roof top, Sou finally asks Hinata what’s with that girl whom he is seeing more often lately. “Is she Hinata’s stalker?” In the middle of drawing, Karin is shock by that insinuation. Hinata tells Sou that she is Mochiduki from art class. Sou asks isn’t Mochiduki suppose to be the one with the glasses. Hinata explains that the elder sister is the one with glasses and this one is the younger sister. Sou asks Karin what she is doing. A bit flustered, Karin says that she is drawing ‘Idle Tokura-sempai on the Rooftop’. Sou looks aghast as he thinks that it seems he understands yet doesn’t. Then, Hinata sneezes. Sou asks if Hinata has a cold. Hinata says that his throat hurts a bit. Sou comments that when the season changes, he is always like that. Karin happily says that she has a throat soothing candy. While taking the candy from her bag, she says that she really likes that candy so she always brings it with her. She happily gives Hinata a quince flavor candy. The guys stare at the candy. Sou then asks if it’s a same item. [Quince = Karin] Blushing, Karin exclaims no. Sou comments that girls these days are really gutsy for doesn’t that candy mean ‘please eat me’. Blushing and aghast, Karin denies it. Hinata tells Sou not to tease her. Sou keeps on saying that normally that is what one will think. Hinata apologizes to Karin and tells her that Sou is just like that [so don’t mind him]. Hinata thanks her for the candy. Blushing Karin says okay.

She then stares at Hinata as he eats the candy. Karin mentally cries and thinks that it is all because of what Sou said that now her heart is beating so fast even if from the start, she is already nervous. “Because I basically cannot believe. It is already a miracle that I am with Tokura-sempai and in the end, also with Nagase-sempai! They are the school’s idols! Can I actually be part of them? This situation is like.. It’s like..” Karin then remembers that there is a long haired girl who is always with the two guys before. The bell rings. Hinata asks if she is finished drawing. Karin says yes. To her surprise, Hinata asks to see it. Hinata, together with Sou, browses through the sketch book and says that it’s pretty good, no wonder they [Kurumi and Karin] are sisters. Hinata says that she has drawn a lot but doesn’t she need only one for the display. Karin says that is true but her drawings aren’t as good as Hinata and her sisters’ drawing so she did a lot to make up for her shortcoming. She tells them she wants to use all the pictures as one exhibit entitled, ‘Tokura-sempai’s Day’. The two guys look aghast as they think that is so embarrassing. Karin innocently asks if she cannot. Hinata cannot answer her properly so he just tells her to ask the teacher about it first. Karin says that he is right. As Hinata prepares to leave and prays that the teacher would decline, Karin looks somewhat sad and asks, “..about that, I want to draw one last one, can you permit me to do so, sempai?” Karin thinks, “I want to draw sempai, and what I thought of right now, is sempai’s smile. Most of the time, sempai rarely smiles, but I know, the one/s who can make sempai show that smile. Usually, it is during that time..” Hinata turns to her and coldly says, “I’m sorry.” Hinata heads inside. Sou glances at disappointed Karin who looks as if she is about to cry. Narration: “I’m really awful. Because sempai is really nice, that I let the success go into my head...” After some time, she is surprised when a girl exclaims that it is Tokura-sempai. From the window, Karin looks down to the school gate to see Hinata and Sou, along with the other students, coming in school. The girl earlier with her friend are talking about those two being childhood friends. They go to school together since they were in the elementary and their relationship is really good. “Uh? Isn’t there suppose to be another one?” “Ah, yes, there is a girl sempai. It is so unfair.” “But, lately, I don’t seem to see them together.” “Apparently, it is so, now that you mentioned it.”

Narration: “Tokura-sempai, with Nagase-sempai and also, another childhood friend always go to school together but since second term, I suddenly weren’t able to see the three of them together. Actually, I pretty much know about it. Knew about it.” On the cultural festival day, Karin looks at Hinata’s painting of a street wherein the sun is just about to rise in the horizon. Karin muses that Hinata’s painting is really awesome. Kurumi passes by and tells her that the title of that piece is ‘Junior High Life’s Memory [/recollection]’. Karin asks if this is Hinata’s memory. Kurumi says yes and from what she heard, it is the road that he usually takes to go to school. Kurumi is surprised to see Karin looking teary-eyed. Narration: “The picture is brimming with the morning sun. Filled with fresh air, just like usual, opening the day with a short walk. Actually, I knew. Only those two people can walk with him in that short road. Even if this is so, I still hoped to see him, looking at me with that kind of expression.. Sempai would only show that kind of smile, when those two are at his side. I’m always envious. Floating [/graceful] long hair and clear laughter. I really longed for it, really desire it, desperately longing for it. I’m very envious of that person.” While Anna is walking with her friends at the hallway, Karin calls out to her, “Koshiro-sempai.” Anna is puzzled since she doesn’t know her. Giving her sketchbook to Anna, Karin says, “Please take this, because even if I hold on to this, I cannot finish it. *smiles* Sempai, please help me complete, the last one [picture].” Leaving puzzled Anna who is holding the sketchbook, Karin runs off. Narration: “Although it’s a bit of a detour, I will try to go on the road that sempai walks to school. Although it’s a distant place, if only I can still see sempai’s smiling face, I would be happy. Very happy.”

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