June 13, 2011

Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu [Chapter 76]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on December 7, 2010

While facing Nako [formerly Youko as corrected by am-am], Tsubaki remembers Kyouta calling Nako by her name and Nako telling her that she is going to meet with Kyouta there. She thinks that the two’s relationship had become quite good since they are already calling each other on a first name basis. Tsubaki asks Nako where they are going to go. Nako says that it is related to her brother’s research. They talked yesterday so she came to fetch Kyouta here today. Tsubaki says that Kyouta said that he is busy with work that he pretty much couldn’t get any free time. Nako asks if that is so because she totally hasn’t heard Kyouta telling her about this. Tsubaki looks flustered as she grips her fist tightly. Somewhat bowing her head, Tsubaki confronts Nako if she has fallen for Kyouta. At first, Nako is puzzled but looking at flustered Tsubaki’s face, Nako blushes. Tsubaki looks surprised upon seeing this reaction. Nako looks away and coughs while saying that for Tsubaki to suddenly mention about liking Kyouta. Nako wonders how to say it then tells her that just like how Tsubaki is happy to inform Kyouta about some good news [about the lecture before]. Looking straight at Tsubaki, Nako says, “Hibino! I’m sorry. I also like Kyouta!” Then, there is a long pause. Nako then says, “Geez- You should also say something.” [<- ^^; Ah, if only Tsubaki is like Sakura.] Closing her eyes, Tsubaki timidly tells Nako to please not see Kyouta again. Looking surprised, Nako asks what she is saying and why is Tsubaki asking this of her. Tsubaki stutters, “Because..I’m Tsubaki-kun’s girlfriend..so..” Nako tells her that even if that is so, then she should go tell that to Kyouta. “Whoever Kyouta wants to see or not to see, shouldn’t it be Kyouta who’ll decide on that?” Flustered Tsubaki says, “But..” when to her surprise, Kyouta grabs her tightly into his arm and says, “~Tsubaki~~chan~~” Tsubaki is shock that Kyouta has caught her. He asks her if she already knows what he wanted to say to her. He tells her to tell him what she is unhappy about and not let him be clueless as to what he did wrong. Tsubaki just looks flustered. Nako asks him what has happened. Kyouta tells her that Tsubaki took advantage of the time he was on the phone and without a word, she just went home yesterday. Nako sighs and tells him that it seems that Tsubaki doesn’t want her and Kyouta to meet. Kyouta asks, what. Aghast Tsubaki tries to stop Nako from talking but Nako still tells Kyouta that just now, Tsubaki told her not to see him again. Kyouta seems puzzled over this. Tsubaki just looks flustered and quiet. She then runs off.

Kyouta is about to chase after her when Nako holds his arm and shouts him not to go. “If you run after her, then you won’t make it to the meeting!! There might not be another chance like this again! Weren’t you always really interested in Professor Kaminaga’s research problem..” Kyouta just scowls and looks tense. Meanwhile, Tsubaki is still running. After crossing the street, she catches her breath and thinks that she said some foolish things. She thinks that Nako is someone who can help Kyouta in his future career and she unexpectedly expose her desire to monopolize Kyouta. She looks up and thinks that she even got lost midway. “Tsubaki-kun definitely thinks that I’m quite troublesome--” She didn’t finish that thought when she sees Kyouta is standing in the street across her. Tsubaki blushes in disbelief that he chased after her. They look at each other’s eyes as Kyouta crosses the street and hugs her. Tsubaki asks why and what about his date with Nako. “Right now isn’t the time to be chasing after me..” Kyouta asks her what foolishness she is talking about, for something has definitely happened for Tsubaki to say that to Nako. “How can you ask me to just let this be? Could it be that you..feel that there is something between me and Nako?” Tsubaki looks surprised as she unconsciously grips his coat tight. Tsubaki tells him that it isn’t that she doesn’t trust him, but she just felt indescribably uneasy. Kyouta pulls away from the embrace and tells her, “Okay, okay, just tell me..what you are thinking, okay?” While holding hands and leaning on the railing[?] on the street, Tsubaki tells him that it is when he always calls Kikuzuki as Nako. Kyouta says that he also calls Miho by her name. Tsubaki says that it isn’t the same. Tsubaki admits that before he asked her what she wanted to do and she said that it is a secret but actually, she only hasn’t decided on it that is why she couldn’t say it. “But Miss Kikuzuki, who is more intelligent than me, and has the same interest with you, so you have a lot of same topics to talk about with her, so, I feel that you..ought to be happier whenever you are with Miss Kikuzuki!”

Kyouta tells her not to think in place of him and just jump into that conclusion. Tsubaki asks him why not when he obviously would have a meeting with Nako today yet he told her that he has work and doesn’t have time. “Isn’t it because of her, that you can free some of your time?” Tsubaki is puzzled when Kyouta says, “Fine. I won’t see her.” Tsubaki is shock when Kyouta takes his cellphone and throws it towards a car that is passing by. The cellphone is a total wreck. He tells her that the phone number and email address is now lost and afterwards, he won’t see Kikuzuki again. [<- ya, he quit calling her by the first name.] Kyouta smiles at Tsubaki and says, “After this, are you still worried?” Tsubaki looks really flustered. He starts ruffling her hair and says, “Today and always, I’ll be with you. Where do you want to go?” She is quiet then she hugs him. Kyouta is surprised by this. Tsubaki says, “I only want to be by your side...” Kyouta looks serious and somewhat flustered. He replies, “..understood.” Soon, they are in Kyouta’s room. While Tsubaki is standing and waiting, Kyouta suddenly hugs her from behind. He turns her head to him and kisses her. Blushing, Tsubaki then kisses him back. While they do their thing, Tsubaki thinks, “Every time, I and Kyouta-kun deeply embrace, my uneasiness would disappear without a trace...” Later on, Tsubaki is copying on a piece of paper something from her cellphone. Kyouta wakes up and hugs her. He asks her what she is doing. Tsubaki says that it is nothing. Kyouta then looks surprise upon seeing that Nako’s cellphone number and email address is written on the note. He exclaims, why. Tsubaki says that she thought about it thoroughly. “It is hard to come by for Miss Kikuzuki to invite you to a research meeting. It is for the best that you go.” Kyouta looks surprised. Holding the piece of paper with both her hands to him, Tsubaki smiles and says, “I’m already fine. Later on, go together with Miss Kikuzuki.” Kyouta blushes a bit then hugs Tsubaki tight. Tsubaki looks happy as she thinks, “It’s alright. Afterwards, I will smile as I send you off!”

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