June 13, 2011

Stardust★Wink [Chapter 24]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on December 13, 2010

Cover Page: “Sou wants to sever ties?! Anna’s feelings are..?” Anna looks dumbfound when Sou just told her not to talk with him. Wide-eyed Anna stutters, “..ah..you are saying..that you want to sever ties with me?” Holding his hand on his face to slightly cover it and gesturing ‘stop/no’ with his other hand, Sou says no, it isn’t. “I’m sorry. I didn’t say it clearly. About..that.. I’m not saying about ‘severing ties’..*pause* I meant, ‘temporarily have some space’. Including the thing with Aya and the others, lately, the main reason why we are quarrelling is ‘even if I like Anna but Anna isn’t aware of [/feel like] that, right? Even if we made up, it has no meaning so temporarily, let’s have some space between us and just have a break for a while. ...afterwards, if we can go back to become ‘really good childhood friends’, then that will be good. [There is a scene of the two guys studying together and Anna doesn’t want to anymore.] You also feel that is for the good, right?” Anna looks down then looks at him again. She thinks, “‘Good’? Is that so. For the ‘good’?” Somewhat sad yet trying to smile over this, Anna mutters that what Sou said is true. Then, there is a loud running sound coming towards them. They were surprised when Beni arrives and happily glomps Sou. She exclaims that she has found him. “I have been looking for you since I want to greet you a happy birthday!! *giving him a paper bag* It’s really great that I saw you. Here, this is a gift ♥ filled with love.” Looking aghast, Sou takes it and thanks her. Beni angrily shouts at Anna for wanting to monopolize Sou again this year. Flustered Anna says that it isn’t so for Hinata also came and it is the same as last year. Still trying to smile, Anna says that she’s going ahead. As Anna goes into her house, Beni tells Sou that they go to his house for she wants to see him open the gift. While gesturing ‘no’, Sou tells Beni that he has already got the gift and he still has a job interview. Beni goes into shock about Sou going to work.

While walking towards her room, Anna’s mother, who is carrying some ironed clothes, notices her and says that she has returned. Her mother says that it is good since Hinata came. Anna lamely says yeah. Her mother is surprised when Anna goes in her room and loudly closes the door. Leaning on the door, Anna looks up and thinks, “After everything that has happened, what was that just now? My brain is not working because so many things happened today. It really seems like I was in a dream. Was that reality? [<- Sou asking for some space] Or, is that other thing a dream? [<- birthday party] *teary eyed* I understand what Sou is saying. For both of us, that path is definitely for the best. Those kind of things, even if I understand it.. *She remembers Sou asking her if she also thinks that it is for the good.* At that time, I don’t agree to it. I totally disagree. *crying on the bed* I obviously like Hinata but for Sou to leave, I also feel lonely. I’m really awful..” Coco then notices something. It starts banging the cage. Crying Anna sits up and looks at it. She goes to it and asks what the matter is. “Do you want to go out?” While she is opening the cage, she is surprised when someone calls out, “Anna, I’m coming in.” While holding Coco, Anna’s eyes widen in surprise and thinks, “This voice--..” She turns to the door and to her surprise, she sees Hinata standing there, looking at her. Anna goes, “Eh? Hinata?! Why are you here?!” Coco immediately flies towards Hinata who catches it on his open palms. Anna continues to exclaim in disbelief that his Shinkansen trip, isn’t it suppose to be on 18:00 so if he doesn’t hurry. While holding on to Coco, Hinata tells her that ya, he totally made a U-turn though there is still a last train and there are some seats there. “While on my way, there is something that is really bothering me.” Anna goes into shock about something bothering Hinata. “Could it be that you are going to say, ‘I forgot to meet with Coco’.. You are really a squirrel otaku..” Hinata looks aghast over being called that way. After a long pause, Hinata says that it isn’t so. Anna exclaims what’s with that long pause just now. Hinata insists that it isn’t so. Anna looks at him and asks what it is. Hinata looks at her and says, “..I was wondering whether Anna is crying or not.”

Anna looks at him in surprise. She nervously laughs and asks, “..Huh? Me? Why would I?” She stops when she sees Hinata looking at her. Anna realizes that Hinata knew what Sou is going to tell her today. Hinata tries to move a step towards her but to his surprise, Anna shouts for him not to come near. Looking away, Anna says that she’s cruel [/too much]. “Don’t come near..Hinata will definitely be digusted with me, too..” Anna wonders how Hinata views the current her. “I really want to disappear. The really unreasonable me.” Hinata says, “You’re really stupid, Anna.” Anna is surprised when Hinata hugs her tight. Hinata tells her, “If you are always with someone who is with you since birth and that person says that he wants to part away, it is inevitable that you’ll feel lonely. It’s very normal. It isn’t something one will be disgusted with.” Hinata breaks away and smiles at Anna who looks at him. Then, while holding a box of tissues, Hinata shouts, “Okay, quickly wipe those tears away!! Here, tissue!!!” Anna replies, “Yes. Speaking of that, these are my house’s tissues.” While wiping her tears, Hinata assures her that it will be alright. “It also won’t be like forever be parted from each other. Just be parted temporarily and things can still go back to what it was with Sou.” Anna asks, “...Can it..” Hinata says, “It can. *blank look* Because for a half year of not talking with each other, the us who always had a cold war, aren’t we talking to each other normally right now?” Anna looks surprised at him. She looks tense since Hinata is sparkling while looking pleased with himself. Anna says that he is right. Anna somewhat smiles and looks Hinata who is consoling furious Coco, who has fallen on the bed. While Coco hugs Hinata’s finger, Anna thinks, “Unbelievable, the thing that has been dominating over me has became light. Hinata is really amazing.”

At the train station, Hinata tells Anna that there is no need to her to go with him there. Anna says that she should and her mother said that she will fetch her later on. Anna smiles and says, “Hinata, I’m really thankful that you specially came back to cheer me up.” Hinata looks at her and then reminds her that he told her that she is stupid. Sweatdropping, Anna is puzzled then says ya, he told her that many times already. Hinata says, “But, the one who is really stupid ought to be Sou.” Flashback: While they were preparing for the surprise party, Hinata looked surprised and asked Sou if he is really going to tell that to Anna. Sou said that it is true, so he is informing Hinata first about it. Hinata asked if that is okay since Anna will be hurt. Sou sadly said that it is no big deal because if things are like that right now, he’ll just make her cry again. End flashback. Hinata seems to look somewhat sad and said, “Stupid Sou..” [<- I’m not sure if this one is part of the flashback or not.] Anna looks aghast and says that it is quite surprising that Hinata would really think that Sou is stupid. Hinata tells her, “Lean your ear closer, because for example..” Holding her hand to her ear as Hinata is going to whisper it to her, Anna says, “What is it..?” To her surprise, Hinata kisses her on the cheek instead. Holding where Hinata kissed her, Anna looks surprised at Hinata. Hinata tells her, “Sou hasn’t thought that when he isn’t around, there is a possibility that I can make a move on Anna. *smiles* He’s stupid, right?” Sou boards the train and waves goodbye, leaving Anna still looking shock and blushing that she can only thinks ‘!?’. Sou goes out of the convenient store and looks up the starry sky that had a shooting star flying over. Narration: “Left behind is the me who still cannot see clearly ahead. Star/s flew over. The two stars that stir me up.” 

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