June 13, 2011

Stardust★Wink [Side Story on Coco]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on December 29, 2010 

Young Sou and Hianta look at the cage of a squirrel happily eating a nut. At the side, the price of the squirrel is 4900 yen. Sou comments that such a small squirrel can be quite expensive. He asks the pet shop saleslady why that other squirrel costs only 3900 yen. The lady tells him that the older the squirrel is, the more expensive it is. He is surprised when Hinata tells him that they should just forget about it – using this squirrel as replacement. Still looking at the squirrel, Hinata says, “It would be better to just tell Anna that Coco is dead.. Even if it is the same squirrel but, their faces don’t look the same. We’ll be exposed.” Sou looks at the squirrel and says that he cannot differentiate it so what’s different about the face. Sou is surprised when Hinata angrily shouts, “Sou, how are you talking about, it’s totally different!! Don’t you know?! It’s just like we, humans, don’t have the same face! Each squirrel has their own differences. It could be longer faces or rounder eyes. *gesturing to the two squirrels* Look, you can totally notice that the right squirrel here is a lot cuter than the left one. It is the first time that I have seen such a cute squirrel!” Sou just gloomily wonders what’s up with Hinata to blab on like that. Hinata blushes as he points to the squirrel that it is really cute. Sou says if that is okay then they’ll buy it. “We will still use it as a replacement. If Anna noticed it, then we’ll tell her the truth. This is okay, right?” At the playground, the two boys call out to Anna who is looking for Coco. They tell her that they had found Coco. Teary-eyed Anna looks at the squirrel in the pail and asks, “..Coco?” The two boys watch nervously. Anna then cries ala waterfalls and shouts, “Coco—(cry)!!! Geez, where did you go- I’m super duper worried about you--!!” ‘Coco’ just looks at her in puzzlement. The two boys just look dumbfound. Narration: “Anna didn’t notice it so they are relieved. But, the two boys became depressed since Anna is unexpectedly stupid that she didn’t notice that it was a replacement. It was mixed feelings for Sou and Hinata.

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