June 13, 2011

Reimei no Arcana [Chapters 21-22]

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Caesar returns to the others and tells them that he already brought his brother’s remains back. He suggests that they quickly leave the place while the soldiers have withdrawn because they lost their high ranking officer. Belenus says that they should be able to hide themselves at Weta [<- invented name; it’s the first time I saw this so it’s either a name of a place or literally means ‘power tower’.] Loki tells them that he has already found a dependable place to hide. Loki also tells them that he thinks that it is a good choice to stay since it is at the Tiraus river’s side of Weta town. He also tells them that he has already greeted the Ajin-s who were living in the town so he’ll lead the way. Someone then exclaims that they should then quickly go to Weta. At their hideout, while sitting by the window, Nakaba looks as if she is lost in thought that it made Caesar and Loki worried about her. Caesar tells Loki that Nakaba has been like that during the past two days and she hasn’t had a good sleep either. “It will be a matter of time before the soldiers would chase us here but Nakaba is in that condition..” Lito offers Nakaba some hot porridge. Emilia also urges Nakaba to eat something. Looking at Emilia, Nakaba thinks that she is safe for she [Nakaba] had protected her but.. She remembers Cain being stabbed then dying. Nakaba tearfully declines and says that she doesn’t want to eat. She thinks, “I have changed the future, that is because of me. Is it the fault of the ‘Arcana of Time’?” Loki calls out to her. She then looks at him and tells everyone that she wants to be alone with Loki. While Lito feels that he has lost [in comforting Nakaba], Caesar tries to protest but Emilia pushes him out and tells Nakaba it is okay, just call out if something happens. Outside, Caesar asks Emilia what it is. Emilia tells him that he’s quite immature and just let those two be together for a while. “And if it can cheer Nakaba up then..” Caesar thinks for a while then laments if during this time, it is still that dog whom she can depend on. Nakaba calls Loki’s name then becomes silent. Loki calls out to her. Nakaba looks at Loki again and thinks that Loki killed Prince Cain. She then closes her eyes and thinks that it isn’t like that, he did it only to protect her but half of her wanted to blame him and ask him why he killed Cain. Loki tries to touch her but Nakaba looks scared and surprised. She is thinking that is the hand that killed Cain. With a sad pained look, Loki apologizes to her.

Nakaba looks surprised-sad by this that she quickly holds his hand. She blames herself for being weak. While crying, Nakaba says that Loki didn’t do anything wrong. “It is because of me..Cain obviously should have a beautiful future but I..I..only wanted to protect Emilia..” Loki hugs her and tells her that she didn’t change fate, and this isn’t a light matter. “It’s paying the corresponding price..this isn’t your fault.” Nakaba looks surprised and asks if Loki knew about it, because before, when she asked him about the Arcana, he told her ‘it will make you regret’ and ‘it isn’t necessary to know’.. “Is this what you meant?” Nakaba thinks that the price of a life is also a life. “Since it is like that, then what is the reason that this ability exists? Even if one has seen the future, there is only pain. If it is like that, I do not want this ability.” Nakaba cries as Loki hugs to comfort her. Later on, Emilia comes in with some food for Nakaba to her room. She drops the tray of food that she is carrying after looking shocked that Nakaba isn’t in the room. She quickly informs Caesar and Loki that she couldn’t find Nakaba. The two guys decide to head out and look for her since Nakaba shouldn’t be that far away. Nakaba is walking by the forest towards the lake. She continues to wonder why the Arcana of Time exists and it is better to have an ability like Leo’s for not only is it strong, it can also protect people and definitely, Cain wouldn’t have died.. To her surprise, her Arcana suddenly activates. She ‘sees’ young Cain looking at toddler Caesar in the crib. Caesar grabbed Cain’s hair. Cain exclaimed that it hurts and what is he doing. With a twinkle in his eyes, Caesar said that his hair is sparkling-shiny. Cain somewhat laughed in disbelief that Caesar liked his hair. The nanny came and told Cain that he is truly liked by Caesar. “Since Cain doesn’t always come, Caesar is particularly happy on the occasion that Cain does.” While Caesar continued to say ‘shiny’, the nanny told Cain to come and play again. Cain went outside and stood by the door. He looked glum then started crying that he didn’t want to feel this way. “That child doesn’t have any fault, no fault..mama..I, am becoming more and more repulsive--..” End flashback. Nakaba wakes up from the ‘dream’. She calls out Cain’s name. She got dizzy that she slipped and fell into the water. She realizes that she fell into the lake. She tries to hurriedly go up for she..

A little while ago, Caesar is looking for Nakaba in the forest. Breathing hard, Caesar wonders where Nakaba went when she is in that condition. He then spots Nakaba by the clearing. He is in shock when she suddenly falls into the water. Caesar shouts that Nakaba is stupid for suddenly committing suicide. He strips off his cloak and other heavy things before diving into the water to save Nakaba. He then takes her back to land. While Nakaba is coughing, Caesar asks if she is alright. Nakaba is about to thank him when Caesar hugs her and says that he won’t let her commit suicide. Nakaba is puzzled. Caesar becomes puzzled, too then he asks if she couldn’t swim. Nakaba mutters that because it is cold in Senan, she doesn’t swim. Caesar is a bit embarrassed over this misunderstanding. He then says, “If you also aren’t here..” Caesar pulls up his hair and says that he’s cold because he’s all wet. Nakaba looks surprised at him and thinks that she is only considering her own feelings when Caesar just lost his ‘brother’. Caesar is surprised when Nakaba asks if he is in grief. Caesar says he isn’t. “I know that brother always alienates himself from me. Even if I wanted to be in good terms with him when I was young *Young Caesar following Cain and praising Cain for being amazing* but that kind of thinking gradually become twisted.. Since he hated me, then I’ll also hate him..” Nakaba tells him that Cain envied him and also felt frustrated over him..it is only because he is lonely. Remembering young Cain saying that he doesn’t want to feel that way and Caesar isn’t at fault, Nakaba exclaims to Caesar, “He liked you!” Looking surprised, Caesar is speechless before saying, “.. ...really.” While Nakaba looks as if she is going to cry, Caesar smiles and says, “Because I have you, so even if I’m in grief.. I won’t feel lonely. Thank you, it’s really baffling, that it seems I really didn’t hate my brother at all.” Nakaba thinks that the Arcana of Time not only to see the future but it also can do this, saving a person’s heart.

Caesar is surprised when Nakaba wipes his face, below the eye. Caesar asks what she is doing. Nakaba says that it is because she thought Caesar is crying. Caesar calls her stupid for it is just water. Nakaba says, “But, if you really cry, I will help wipe your tears away. (The you who gave me courage, I..) Caesar. I like you.” Caesar looks surprised at smiling Nakaba. Surprised and somewhat flustered Caesar hugs her and exclaims, “I love you! Nakaba, I love you..” Nakaba happily clings on to him and thinks, “I still don’t know if the power of the Arcana of Time can save people. But, even if I don’t have this ability, with only you at my side, I can be saved. Since it is like this, I also thought, of becoming that kind of existence..” They didn’t notice that Loki is standing behind them. Seeing the two in each other’s embrace then a kiss, Loki looks up to the moon and sadly mutters that he is very envious of Caesar for he only used some simple words to save Nakaba. “I don’t have that kind of ability..” Later on, Nakaba bows to everyone and apologizes for making them worried and she is alright now so they should quickly be on their way. She asks Belanus what is the situation right now. Belanus says that he still doesn’t know how they are regarded in Belquat whether they are traitors or unaccounted for but no matter what it is, one thing is for sure, they will be chased after by the soldiers. “Next..we are looking for ways to oppose the use of the Retina [/ the ore; according to jap wiki, that is the name of the ore.], for that reason, we need to have some assistance and comrades. Besides, in order to avoid the soliders, I would wish to avoid roads that lead back to the kingdom. If Belquat thinks of us as traitors, then all the more, we cannot go back.” Nakaba asks what they should do. Belanus suggests that they first hide while waiting for news and since it is dangerous to stay within Belquat, they should go to Senan. Nakaba and Loki are surprised over this suggestion. Loki tells Nakaba that regarding news about Belquat, they can gather it from Ajin-s who are living in different places.

They were surprised when the village head, together with Leopard and Leo, tells them to leave that to them. He also tells them that it is thanks to them, that there were few sacrifices. Those who were alright have divided the clan into units and dispersed into various places. Nakaba is relieved to hear that. The village head says that they owed them and they would want to help them. Surprised-looking Nakaba thanks him. To Leo’s surprise, the village head orders him to go with Nakaba and others because his ability would be of help to them. Leo refuses and why would the head suddenly want him to be with humans. Caesar tells him that they don’t need him and if he is unwilling then it would just be troublesome for them. The village head laughs and says that Leo doesn’t hate humans, but on contrary, he fears them. Leo looks surprised with a slight pained look. He holds his bandaged left arm and looks away from Nakaba. Nakaba tells Leo that this trip will definitely be hard but with his ability, it will definitely be a big help. Nakaba also tells him that they aren’t going to force him to go against his wishes. After a pause, Leo says that he will go with them since they owed them and he is only paying a debt of gratitude. Nakaba looks surprised before breaking into a smile and thanks Leo. Emilia asks her brother how they are going to Senan since they would need border passes to cross the border and it would be a hassle to get one now. Belanus smiles and says that he has an idea on that but he would need everyone’s cooperation. Meanwhile, at the Belquat castle, the ministers/advisers are talking. One asks what it is about. Another one asks if it is true that Cain-sama has died. Someone says that it is true for they are going to hold a state funeral soon. The servants are also gossiping. One says that she heard that an Ajin killed Cain. Another one says that she heard that they were fighting over the right to heir which ended with Caesar killing Cain. Someone exclaims that it is impossible and it could be Senan. The other says that if it is so then the situation is really grave. At some room, Lucia hits away a cup from the table in anger. She is furious over the gossips going around the castle for suddenly assuming that this is all an evil scheme of Caesar against Cain. She says that if this spreads to the commoners then Caesar’s image would become bad. Looking thoughtful, she mutters that what’s important right now is where Caesar is since they suddenly lost contact with him. She wants to find Caesar as soon as possible because right now, the one who is going to succeed the throne would definitely be Caesar.

Meanwhile, Louise is sitting by the window. There is a table with a small vase on it. She looks lost in thought then mutters that Cain is dead. “The one with the golden hair. My fiance. I’ve always admire Ceasar-sama and my father also told me that sooner or later, I will become Caesar’s bride..I also really anticipated that. But, Caesar-sama was taken away by Senan’s red haired princess..so I was to be wed with Cain-sama..” Flashback: Cain asked Louise if she wants to go to the courtyard because right now, it is the season when roses bloom and there are many beautiful red roses. Louise sipped her drink and told him that she isn’t feeling well. “I like white roses more.” A bit flustered Cain asks is that so, and is she alright. End flashback. Louise sadly thinks, “Such a pitiful person..a prince who doesn’t have pure royal blood..” Flashback: Cain and Louise were making love. Louise moaned and looked at Cain. She then looked away and closed her eyes. She wondered why, when it should have been Caesar who is in her embrace. Looking sad, Cain told her, “Louise, I’m sorry, I know your heart isn’t at my side. The one whom you probably like is him.. Even if it is like that, it’s okay, can you stay by my side?” Louise thought, “At one side, he is saying that even if it is like this, it is alright. While on the other side, he has this sad smile. You.. if it is alright to be like this, ..then, fine. Because I, too, no matter what, can no longer hope for Caesar-sama. *Louise then put her hand down and embraced Cain.* You one-sidedly love me while I one-sidedly love Caesar-sama. Misery loves company and it is really kind of a match.” Later on, Louise is being dressed up by a couple of maids. She noticed a rose on a small vase placed on the table. Louise asked about it. The maid told her that it was given by Cain, early in the morning. Louise asked if they already left. The maid said yes and it seems that they are going to some inspection near the border. Louise said, is that so. She looked at the white rose. Louise slightly blushed and smiled. She said, “I’ll wait for his return. I ought to thank him.” End flashback. Louise starts crying. She covers her face as she sobs. On the table, the white rose has already withered. At some room, Conan is sitting and thinks that his son unexpectedly.. Looking thoughtful, he wonders if the one who will bring Belquat to ruin is ‘that side’..

Somewhere else, Nakaba asks Belanus if this is Lunci, [<- invented name] the border town. Belanus says that it is true and across that bridge is already Senan. Nakaba says that she knows that but.. Belanus asks what. Embarrassed Nakaba exclaims why is she wearing that kind of outfit and it’s cold. Nakaba and Emilia are scantily dressed up as dancers while the others are dressed in Arabian-Moroccan type of outfits. [Amusingly, it is only Belanus and Loki who are all covered up. =P ] Caesar is also protesting over Nakaba’s outfit. Belanus says that it really suits everyone. Caesar exclaims what he is talking about when they look like performers. Belanus says that it as he said, they are going to pretend to be traveling performers. He explains that normally, they would need a passes to cross the border but it is a special case for traveling performers though they still have to have certification that they are performers. “Because a country’s prince, as well as his servants, will absolutely not do this kind of idiotic thing, so I think that this will not attract any suspicion..” Caesar doesn’t look too happy about being implied as stupid. =P Belanus tells them that the representative of Lunci is a nobleman called Geda [<- invented name]. They would need to perform to this man in order to prove that they are performers. If he recognizes them as performers then, they can go into Senan. Later that night, in the nobleman’s house, a servant asks if they are traveling performers. After going in and telling Geda about it, the servant comes out and tells them that Geda has told them to come in. Belanus looks happy over this and says that they’ll be going in. [<- being polite] Inside, Geda, together with a young woman clinging on him, happily says that they came and they want verification of their identity. Belanus introduces himself to Geda that he is the leader/manager of the troop. He tells Geda that they lost their proof of identity and would need to go to Senan. Geda didn’t let Belanus finish and that they’ll just talk about it after the performance for he wants to be entertained now. Nakaba, together with Emilia, dance while Lito plays the tambourine. Geda is amazed by how well Nakaba dances. Belanus thanks him for his comment and says that her movements are quite splendid that it is a big help to their group. He tells Geda to continue to enjoy watching. Leo makes fire balls and juggles them. Geda is amazed at how he can juggle them without being burnt by it. Belanus says that he is the highly anticipated new recruit. Leo then blows fire on to Loki’s sword/s. Geda is amazed that the fire has been transferred. Weilding two swords, Loki then fights against Caesar who has one sword. Geda is cheering loudly.

While showing their fighting prowess, Caesar is surprised when Loki smiles at him. Soon, Loki overpowers Caesar and defeats him. On the ground, Loki points his sword at him, Caesar looks tense because a while ago, Loki is serious [in fighting?/ can really move but I think it is the former]. Geda happily claps and says that it’s very daring. Belanus asks Geda about his opinion about their group. Geda says that it is amazing that he has no choice but to give them the certification. Belanus asks if they can quickly have that certificate. While looking at the two girls, Geda says that everyone’s performance is great but they would need to wait awhile for the certificate. Later on, Caesar is complaining to Loki that he didn’t do things according to plan but Loki says that the way he did it that way so that it will be more exciting. Then, Lito enters the room. Leo asks him where the two girls are for they said that they are going to change clothes since it is cold, so could it be that they aren’t finished. Caesar and Loki look serious when Lito innocently told them that Geda took them to another room. In that room, Nakaba, with Emilia, asks Geda why he called them. Geda tells them to come near him. They did. Emilia looks suspicious that she mutters to Nakaba that it is.. Nakaba says yes, it is the bedroom. The guys hurry to the bedroom. Caesar exclaims that Geda is a perverted old man and if he dares touch Nakaba, he absolutely won’t forgive him. Holding up his sword, Loki says that if he dare touch Nakaba, he’ll dismember Geda into ten thousand pieces. Caesar sweatdrops and just says, oy, oy. [<- that’s too much] While running, Caesar remembers Nakaba saying that she likes him. He thinks, “Nakaba, is my wife. I honestly do not want her to get involved in dangerous things. I don’t want her to have painful memories. [<- Cain died] I do not want her to pay attention to any other man. [<-asking him to save Loki] But, because she is this kind of woman, I was attracted to her. Perhaps, I liked those strong-looking eyes. Eyes, lips, hands, and everything belongs to me. I want to protect her. I vowed to make her happy, so I--..” Back in the bedroom, the girls are cornered in the bed. Geda approaches them. He tells them that this time, they are to use that other kind of performance to make him happy.

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