June 13, 2011

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapter 12]

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Narration: “--Haku Reishou, upon ascending to the throne, he pacified the erupting internal armed rebellion in the country. He is a young king who has controlled the central political power of the country. Everyone fears him and called him, ‘The cold-hearted Wolf King’--.. That frightening ‘Wolf King’, ..and this person..” Wearing a hooded cape and glasses, Reishou happily tells Yuulin about the delicious food being sold at the stores. He asks her if she also wants to eat. Yuulin gloomily wonders if she is to say that Wolf King and this person is the same, would anyone believe her. Yuulin’s answer to Reishou is blurred but at the end, she just says that Reishou’s acting is really good. They are Hakuyou Country’s royal capital of Kanrou [<- invented name based on kanji]. Narration: “—and, I, Tei Yuulin, his temporary bride, is currently on my first vacation..!” Flashback: Jun told Yuulin that she said before about wanting to return to her hometown. Yuulin told him that it is true for it has been a long time since she went back home even if she sent letters and money home. Jun said that it is also necessary to have a break so he approved for her to go out. Flustered, Yuulin exclaimed if this is true. Jun said the condition is for her to have an escort. [Since it is small, I think he also said that if she is hurt, it would be problematic.] While Yuulin happily agreed to this, Reishou is quietly watching and listening to them. Yuulin is really excited that she has a vacation and she can go home. She can totally be free from this worrisome and troublesome life in the harem = always have to keep smiling at everyone, quarreling with Houen and lovey-dovey with His Majesty. End flashback. Yuulin gloomily wonders as to how it ended up like this = Reishou is going home with her. Reishou happily tells her that he asked her escort about this, and her escort ‘gladly’ switch places with him so it’s alright, and he isn’t that particularly busy with government affairs right now. It’s only for three days so everything ought to be okay. [<- a bit blurry but I think that is what it says] Yuulin doesn’t quite believe it and she really fears of Jun’s reaction that she doesn’t want to go back to the palace. Going into full puppy mode, Reishou sadly asks if she doesn’t want to be with him. Surprised, Yuulin exclaims that no, that isn’t the problem. Going into pitiful puppy mode, Reishou asks if he can’t. Since she is weak against him like that, blushing Yuulin says that occasionally, it is okay. With cute puppy ears and wagging tail, Reishou says, okay. He starts going to some other stalls and says that one looks delicious, too. Yuulin tensely thinks that she couldn’t refuse him and it seems that she has seen puppy ears and tail on him. She wonders if in this kind of situation, she doesn’t need to worry about Reishou’s true identity being exposed. She laments that she should have been easy-going during her vacation and yet she has become panic-striken. She decides to forget about it since Reishou looks really happy so she should just let him go with her.

While walking ahead, Reishou excitedly says that since she lives in the district of Shouan [<- invented name based on the kanji] so they should eat at that restaurant before going ahead. While wondering if he hasn’t eaten enough, Yuulin just says okay. Reishou happily muses out loud that he’s quite happy to see the vendor booths there which changes every time he goes there and it seems that there are many people there compared before. Yuulin just looks at him. At the restaurant, Yuulin asks him if he always secretly sneaks out of the palace. Reishou nervously laughs and says that lately, he is really serious at work. While Yuulin is wondering over that ‘lately’, Reishou tells her that even if he was born in the imperial palace but he grew up at the frontier. “Since I feel that the capital city is very fresh [<- new experiences], so for a time, I would always slip out.” Yuulin says is that so and it is quite unexpected that he grew up in the frontier. Reishou laughs and says that it could be that the capital city is his ‘depression’ [<- causes him depression if he didn’t go there?] that his father has sent him away and when he returned, he is no longer used to life in the palace and at that time, it was quite troublesome. Yuulin is speechless that he can talk about it in such a carefree way. Reishou apologizes to her since she is always in that suffocating environment and someone is always monitoring her. While surprised by what he said, she thinks that Reishou has his way of being thoughtful of her. Yuulin then exclaims to him that this is a rare vacation so they ought to enjoy it to the fullest. Reishou happily says, yes. Yuulin thinks that since they are already there, they should take it easy because surely, Reishou is also very tired acting out the ‘Wolf King’ everyday. Soon, Yuulin happily walks with Reishou to her house and points to him the places around it. Watching them from a building, someone talks to another asking if that girl is Yuulin and who is that guy with her. The other guy says that it is better that they report this to Ki Gaku-aniki. [aniki = brother/not blood related] Then, Yuulin is all sparkling that after they walked around to a lot of places, she is finally back home. Reishou says that he heard that her mother passed away early. Yuulin says yes and right now, it is only the three of them – her, her father and her younger brother. Blushing, Reishou says that going to the house of his bride makes him feel shy. Turning to him, Yuulin tells him to please act naturally for she has told her family and neighbors that she is working as a ‘palace maid’ and her real job is a secret as ordered by Jun. She tells Reishou to pretend as ‘Reishou-sama’, her boss so he shouldn’t make a mistake. Reishou smiles and says okay, it will be alright, and he won’t make a mistake. Yuulin sighs and thinks that she still feels a bit strange to be acting like ‘husband and wife’ with His Majesty but compared to the acting in the palace, this should be a lot easier because after all, this is her ‘original self’. Yuulin calls out to her father and Seishin, her brother that she is home.

A ruffled haired, with an eye patch on the right eye, guy greets her and says that she’s so slow. A younger boy [pre-teen, I assume] comes out behind that guy and says, sister, you are home. Reishou is surprised-puzzled upon seeing Yuulin looking totally horrified. Emitting dark chi, Yuulin angrily asks why Ki Gaku is in her house. She tells him to leave. Gaku asks if this is how she is supposed to greet her childhood friend. Shaking in aghast, Yuulin exclaims that she doesn’t treat the son of a loan shark [/money lender; I prefer loan shark since he looks like a gangster-type] as her childhood friend. Yuulin calls her brother and asks where their father is. Seishin goes to her and brings her a letter. Yuulin, together with Reishou, reads the letter. “I’m sorry, Yuulin! Because I didn’t have enough money in hand during the cock fighting that I borrowed money again. Please help me pay it ♡ Father” Seishin tells her that their father said that there is a drinking party at Yang-sama so he won’t be coming back. Yuulin crumples the letter and angrily exclaims if that old geezer has escaped and specially chose this day to do so. Yuulin accuses Gaku as a sinister loan shark since this time, it is just like before, when they fooled her father. [<- the ‘fooled’ is an idiom of ‘more money than sense’ so I wonder if they used to be rich until their father squandered it all then sunk in debt.] Gaku tells her that it was her father who came to them and they are just running a business. Gaku also tells her that if she wants to complain, then she can go say that to her father. Gaku then notices Reishou with a dreamy look as Reishou mutters that Yuulin looks really angry – it is a novelty. Gaku stares at Reishou and says that it seems that it is true about Yuulin is strolling around with a guy. “Where did this guy come from?” Yuulin quickly goes in front of Reishou and exclaims for Gaku not to be rude by staring. With a bored look, Gaku asks, “ Eh, why can’t I look?” Flustered, Yuulin exclaims that guy is ‘only’ her boss, because he has something to do today that he conveniently walked her home so Gaku shouldn’t say anything to offend him. Yuulin thinks that she doesn’t want this hoodlum get close to His Majesty. Reishou just has a smile and quietly watch them. Gaku laughs and says so that’s it. “Haha. That’s right, with that kind of looks, no family status, and also quite unrefined, that even among the commoners, no one would like you. It’s impossible for you to hook up a guy!” Yuulin’s expression darkens. She is totally furious that Gaku is saying all that right now. Yuulin shouts for him to shut up. Gaku continues to tease her she an ugly girl who just has to keep on working/doing household work. Yuulin is really frustrated and angry because she already knows what Gaku has been telling her for she also heard it in the streets that they are talking about her who just keep on working and doing family affairs that she would never be married off. [I think the note says that Gaku is the one who is spreading that about Yuulin.] She mentally tells herself that if ever Gaku/they knew that she is working as the temporary bride, she would definitely spitefully laugh at him/them. Flustered Yuulin shouts for Gaku to stop saying those things.

They were surprised when Reishou suddenly hugs Yuulin from behind and says that Yuulin can become a good wife. He smiles and tells Yuulin, “Right?” Yuulin blushes and asks what ‘right’. Gaku looks surprised by this. Reishou says that speaking of that, how much does her father owes. Holding a small money bag, he tells Yuulin that if there is a problem then how about using this [money] he brought. Yuulin asks what he is saying, then she turns around to see that he has brought his purse [/money bag]. Gaku says, “..ah, then he’s really your man, right? I really feel that he’s strange.” Flustered Yuulin shouts in denial that ‘it isn’t so’ 3x and don’t call him [Reishou] strange. Seishin tries to calm Yuulin down. [The part here is blurred but more shouting, probably she’ll pay the money then] Yuulin darkly tells Gaku to go home. Gaku finally relents that he’ll go and advises Yuulin to try hiding her true nature when she’s not in front of men so that she won’t be too unpopular. Yuulin shouts for him to shut up. Before leaving, Gaku looks at Reishou. While Gaku stares at him suspiciously, Reishou smiles and says, “Goodbye, lender-kun.” Gaku makes a parting shot at Yuulin by calling her stupid girl and to remember to pay the money. Soon, Yuulin is exhausted and tired as she sits on the bench out her house. She laments if this is a so-called vacation. In the end, the more cautious she was, the more suspicious it seems. She remembers her brother asking if Reishou is really not her lover. Flustered Yuulin exclaimed that she already said that it isn’t so. Blushing a bit, Seishin said is that so, okay, he understands. End flashback. Yuulin thinks that the look on her brother’s eyes says that ‘then, I believe you’. Yuulin lamely laughs at herself that Seishin is such a considerate kid. “It’s really strange. How could I be feeling more tired than when I was at the palace..?” Then, Reishou comes out and greets her. He asks if she isn’t going to sleep yet and is she watching the full moon. Yuulin says that she is planning to go to sleep. Reishou sits beside her and says that it is really fun today and the vacation is great. Yuulin lamely says, possibly, it was. Reishou happily says that he has seen a lot of Yuulin’s sides which he wasn’t aware of before. Embarrassed Yuulin nervously says that it is all her embarrassing side. Reishou happily whistles. Yuulin thinks that actually, it could also be her first time to see this not-acting side of Reishou. “He’s like a commoner. Walking in the streets, eating, being together felt really natural.. *shakes head* No, no, I cannot think too much. Originally, he is someone whom I couldn’t visit nor even talk with..” [<- referring to Reishou’s position]

Then, Reishou asks Yuulin if her relationship with that money lender has always been like that. Emiting dark aura, Yuulin says that is right and Gaku is always picking a quarrel with her/them and it is irritating that he would always rove around her father. Yuulin angrily exclaims that it is none of Gaku’s business whether she’s popular or not. Reishou smiles and tells Yuulin not to pay attention to Gaku when he picks a fight with her. Reishou thinks that is Gaku’s way of intimidating an outsider who intrudes into his territory but he won’t be telling that to Yuulin. Reishou smiles and tells Yuulin that she is really cute. Reishou is somewhat surprised when Yuulin laughs it off by saying that it is only he, who says that and he is quite considerate. Yuulin sweatdrops and feels embarrassed that she unexpectedly made His Majesty to come comfort her. Reishou frowns and says, “--You don’t believe me.” Yuulin is puzzled then goes into shock when Reishou stands up and holds her down to the bench. Blushing really red, Yuulin is exclaiming what it is, what happened. Reishou says that it is because she doesn’t listen to what he said. Yuulin says that she’s listening. Reishou says she didn’t. Yuulin is surprised when Reishou goes into wolf mode and says, “—You shouldn’t belittle yourself. You have a lot of good points, no matter what you dressed up as.. *smiles* You are still cute, my Princess. –with only the words of your husband-kun, you ought to definitely believe it.. --understand?” Teary-eyed Yuulin is totally speechless and blushing really red. She tries to push him away while saying that she understands, really understands so please release her..! Soon, Yuulin is standing up. She’s blushing and her heart is beating loudly. She thinks that in a flash, Reishou became the Wolf King when he obviously was like a puppy the whole day. Still sitting, Reishou smiles and says that it’s good that she understands. Still smiling, Reishou says that since it is a rare vacation, she shouldn’t be depressed. He tells her that he is going back to his room so see her tomorrow. After he left, Yuulin falls on the ground and blushes really red again. She wonders if just now, Reishou was comforting her or being mean to her. She thinks that what she clearly knows is with only that person [Reishou] beside her, a day of relaxing, doesn’t exist at all. Somewhere else, Gaku takes a drink from his underling and comments out loud that no matter how he thinks about it, that guy [Reishou] is really suspicious. “Fundamentally, since from the start, that girl is simply an idiot and a super slow-witted goody-goody. *scowls* If she is being deceived by some rich young master, as her childhood friend, how could I just look on without lifting a finger..” The underling sweatdrops and thinks that if Gaku is worried, then it would be better for him to just honestly tell Yuulin that he’s worried. Narration: “Thus, a vacation that is filled with twists and turns, continues..” Meanwhile, grumpy Jun, who is doing a lot of paper work, angrily complains, “How come I don’t have a vacation!”

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