June 13, 2011

Stardust★Wink [Chapter18]

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Looking at the mirror, Anna happily says that she had eagerly waited to wear this checkered short skirt, necktie and [Western] uniform. “How can it be so cute-♥♥ It’s really great to have passed after reviewing so much as if my life depended on it (cries)!! Because, I really wanted to wear this uniform!! Even if that won’t do, it’s still great to be able to go take the entrance exams!!” Anna’s mother tells her that she should leave soon. Anna happily says yes. There is a scene of Hinata’s painting [= birthday gift] placed beside Coco’s cage. Coco must be missing Hinata as it looks at the painting while holding a nut. Anna then puts on her necklace with a star pendant. [Fufu..I think someone gave that to her as a birthday present =P] Narration: “Koshiro Anna who is now 15 years old ♥ has successfully entered her ideal school. From today on, she’ll be in first year high school.” Anna shouts that she’ll be going. Downstairs, Anna happily greets Sou and exclaims that it is a great morning. Sou greets her back and says that it is quite early yet she is in such high spirits. Anna tells him that it is because she is now in high school and she’s wearing a new uniform. “Hey bro, you look cool in that uniform. (whistles)” Sou thinks that it seems like Anna is drunk. Anna happily types on her cellphone. She then pulls Sou to her and tells him to look at her cellphone. Sou asks what it is. Anna says that she’s going to email Hinata. Narration: “Sou and Hinata, including me have always been together as we grew up. It is the first time for us to be living far apart from each other, and also not going to the same school. Even if we are separated, in welcoming this day, the three of us ought to have the same feelings now. A bit of loneliness, uneasiness and also, excited with nervousness about high school life!!” Hinata is getting ready for school when he receives an email from Anna entitled, ‘New uniform ☆’ Message: “Congratulations on the school opening- (>w<), you will also be going to the school opening today, right. Take care on your way to school- >▽<” A picture of herself and Sou is attached to the email. Hinata smiles over Anna’s message. At school, Anna and Sou try to look at the school board to know where their section is. Sou laments that his eyesight has declined that he cannot see it clearly. Anna tells him that it is because he has been playing too many games. Then, Anna overhears the girls around them talking about that good looking guy -> Sou. They seem to have already heard of him and didn’t expect him to be that good-looking. Some girl mutters about asking his email but another girl says that they are shy to do that. Anna thinks that it is that again.

Someone then says, “Speak-ing of that, who is that girl beside him? To be that close to Sou-kun, there must be some sort of mistake, right? It really puts one in a bad mood~~☆” Anna mutters, “Princess..” Princess is poking Anna’s face. Rui says that Princess is acting as a representative of Nagase Sou’s fans as to what they are feeling. Anna says that even if they say it that way, they [she and Sou] are just childhood friends. Someone asks what they are talking about/implying. Princess seems to be saying that it is true and it is like ‘there is no difference to something [that causes one to be] nauseous’ and a girl’s jealousy can be really frightening. [I think Princess meant that whether she is just a childhood friend or girlfriend, it still makes the other girls jealous.] Mochiduki arrives and greets the other girls. She says that it feels fresh to be wearing uniforms that are different from before. She asks what their section is. Anna says that she hasn’t seen it yet. Rui says that she and Princess are in section 6, also Mochiduki is also in section 6. Mochiduki happily asks if they are all in the same class. To Anna’s shock, Rui says that except for Anna, they are all in the same section. Anna shouts, “No way!!” Mochiduki looks nervous for Anna as Anna’s two friends are telling Mochiduki that the three of them ought to get along with each other. The two then takes Mochiduki away [= teasing way] and say they ought to go to their classroom. Mochiduki just looks helplessly at Anna who is panicking. “That’s too cunning! Too cruel! I also want to be in section 6- (cries) Speaking of that, what section am I?!” She looks at the board again and simultaneously shouts with Sou, “I’m in section 5!!” The two then look at each other then say at the same time, “We’re in the same section?” The school bell starts ringing. Sou goes into panic and says that he has to drop by at the office before making the speech. Anna says is that so. Sou quickly runs off. Anna’s friends overhear him. Princess wonders out loud about making a speech at the start of school. Rui says that it is because Sou is first place [grades among new students] in school. Mochiduki thinks that Sou is really amazing. Anna is busy thinking that this is the first time for her and Sou to be in the same section.

In the classroom, Anna sits by her lonesome while everyone else are talking with some friends. She thinks that even if she is in the same section as Sou, she would be more at ease if she is with some girl friends from the same junior high. She is jealous of Rui and others and surely, they would have formed a clique already. She thinks that she must quickly strike a conversation with someone. She is surprised to hear some snoring. She looks at the side and sees that her seatmate is a black-haired guy who is sleeping on his desk. She thinks that this guy is amazing even if this is his classroom and that seat [sitting place] is more or less determined but still today is- A girl then hits Anna’s seatmate’s head. The girl reprimands him for sleeping on the first day. “Wake up, ‘Hinata’!!” [Ah, it is the same spelling so, to differentiate, italics Hinata for the new guy and Hinata for the original guy.] Hinata sits up and says that hurts. He tells the girl that he lack sleep. The girl asks if it is because of that. Hinata calls the girl Nanoka, and that she is noisy. Anna realizes that the boy sitting beside her is named ‘HINATA’ but then, that name isn’t a rare kind. Anna is surprised when Nanoka turns around to look at her. She asks if her name is Koshiro Anna. Anna acknowledges this. Nanoka says that their names are in sequence so she remembered Anna’s name and her name is very cute. Nanoka sticks out her tongue and flashes a v-sign while introducing herself as Saeki Nanoka. “As part of Nanoka alliance, let us get along with each other ♥” Anna thinks, “..Huh? Alliance?” Hinata asks what a Nanoka alliance is, and is it her fan club. Nanoka angrily exclaims no, but rather an alliance of having ‘na’ [菜 - kanji] in their names and since Hinata’s name is ‘Kazami Hinata’ so he isn’t part of the alliance. Hinata says that’s good. Anna thinks that Nanako is a bizarre girl.

The teacher then says them to line up at the hallway for the opening ceremony. While lining up, Nanoka asks if she can call Anna, ‘Anna’ [instead of surname; calling first name means they have a close relationship in Japan] and Anna can call her ‘Nanoka’. Anna says that it is okay. Nanoka then says that she has been thinking that [necklace] is really cute. Anna says that it is a gift she got from her birthday. Anna goes blank when Nanoka happily exclaims if it is a gift from her boyfriend. Nanoka giddily says that he really likes Anna. “I heard that if a guy gives a girl a necklace expresses the desire to possess [/monopolize] the girl-♥” Embarrassed, Anna exclaims that it isn’t true and she doesn’t have a boyfriend. Nanoka is surprised and asks if that is so. Anna says it is so. Anna asks back about that Hinata guy, isn’t he Nanoka’s boyfriend. Nanoka laughs and says that it is impossible since Hinata is just her childhood friend. Surprised, Anna asks if that is true and it is such a coincidence. Nanoka is puzzled. Anna says that she also has a childhood friend named ‘Hinata’. Nanoka exclaims in surprise about this and if it is true. Anna exclaims that it is true. Nanoka then asks if it is possible that Anna still has another childhood friend. Anna exclaims that she has. Nanoka couldn’t believe it. She asks if that other person is a girl. Anna apologizes and says, no for the other person is also a guy. Nanoka is a bit disappointed about this. Anna says that it is still such a coincidence other than the gender. Nanoka agrees. “But, I think this is arranged by fate and I feel that I’ll really get along with you~ Hihihi” Anna is moved by what Nanoka said. Nanoka asks if Anna’s childhood friends are in the same high school for all her childhood friends are. Anna says that one of them isn’t in the same high school. The teacher then calls out the two to keep quiet. This made Anna and Nanoka stop talking. Narration: “Thank goodness..I found a friend. And she seems to be a cute girl although she seems to be a bit bizarre. It seems that the starting tomorrow, I can happily go to school ♪” While sitting in the auditorium, Anna is really happy about this. Then, someone announces that Nagase Sou, the representative of the new students, will say a speech. While Sou is reading his speech, Nanoka seems to be thinking of something while looking at him. Then, the school bell rings again and it is time to go home. Reading a paper, Anna says that the first year students should enter a club. Anna asks Nanoka if she has decided on it. Nanoka says no but today, she will be with Aya to check out the various club activities. Aya is Nanoka’s other childhood friend. Anna says is that so. Nanoka then bids Anna and Hinata goodbye. When Anna hears ‘HINATA’, she looks surprised again. Hinata then takes his bag and leaves. Anna looks at him leave then she looks sad. She thinks that she still reacts to the name every time she hears it even if it is only their names that are the same. “God..if it is the same ‘HINATA’, it would be great if it is Hinata who is sitting beside me. Just kidding..I’m sorry Kazami-kun.”

Anna prepares her bag and thinks that it was a nonsense wishful thinking. Some guys at the side start to talk with each other that Anna is now alone and so, how about today. The nervous guy is hesitant because today is only the opening ceremony. Another guy says that he is such a coward and he’ll help him out. He calls out to Anna. She looks at a nervous guy and wonders who he is. The friend of the nervous guy urges him to do this quick. The nervous guy introduce himself as Matsunaka. “A..about that..if it is okay, [can you give me] your email address--...” Suddenly Sou puts his arm around Anna and calls out her name. “What are you doing? A new friend?” Nervous guy and friends panic for Sou is the good looking guy that all the girls are talking about. Anna asks why Sou is putting his arm around her. Anna says yes [new friend]. Then, she looks at nervous guy to apologize since he is interrupted midway. Anna asks what is it that he wanted to say. With cat eyes, Sou is staring at the guy. The nervous guy loses his nerve that he exclaims that it is nothing and ‘see you tomorrow’. To the surprise of everyone, he quickly runs off. Anna is surprised-puzzled and wonders out loud what that is all about. Sou then says that they are going home. To Anna’s surprise, Sou holds her hand and starts to lead her away. Everyone is looking at them as they go out of the classroom. After a lot of ‘Eh-?’ inside Anna’s mind, Anna tells Sou that she knows that they are going home but then, why is the meaning of holding her hand. Anna is really embarrassed when some older students are whispering that they are holding hands in school and they are just first year students. This made Anna shout, “Let go of my hand!! Everyone is watching!!” Sou calmly says, “Then, let them look.” He holds her necklace and angrily says, “Since you are wearing the necklace that I gave you, being in good terms with some other guy infuriates me.” Then, he lets go of it. After Anna remembers what Nanoka said about a guy giving a girl a necklace and it meant ‘monopolizing her’, Anna blushes and exclaims that she didn’t know about that. Anna then tries to give the necklace back to Sou. Sou exclaims in disbelief as he shouts for her not to hit him. Nanoka is nearby and overhears some girls talking if that girl [Anna] is Sou’s girlfriend. The other girl says that she heard from someone who is in the same school as Sou, that he has a very close childhood friend and surely, Anna is that person. The girl is relieved until the other girl says that she also heard that Sou’s girlfriend is his childhood friend. Then, Aya, a long black haired girl comes out of the room and tells Nanoka that they are going. Aya asks Nanoka who is her class and if she met a new friend. Nanoka says, “Subtle- what terrible luck to meet it in this place. It goes to show that my luck is really awful.” Aya is weird-out and says, “Eh?” Sticking out her tongue, Nanoka smiles and says, “No..on contrary, it is just in time, right? It isn’t easy to encounter it. This is a good opportunity to take a revenge [to remove a grudge] ♥”

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