June 13, 2011

Futsumashi na Yome desu ga [Chapter 1]

Charm 1: Boy ♥ Meets ♥ Change. [Ah, in the Japanese, it is not Change but Hentai ^^;; which means change but..ah..also some other meaning =P] Narration: “I, Hirazono Satsuki who is 16 this year, have just finished work and now, I’m on my way home. My mother has passed away. My father owed a lot of debts. Living an impoverished life, I need to work everyday.” While walking near a garbage dump, he saw something. He adjusted my glasses and saw a girl lying down among the garbage. Is it a corpse? The girl suddenly moves that he realized that she is still alive. The girl is wearing old-style clothes [think Red Riding Hood type]. The girl’s stomach starts growling out loud as she stares at him. In his house, Satsuki wonders why he brought her home and she even ate his part of the food. The girl is very happy. She introduces herself as Riene and thanks him for saving her who had fainted from hunger. Satsuki asks why she is in the garbage dump. Riene says that it is because she thought that there is food there. With twinkle in her eye, she gives him her calling card and says that she works as an exorcist. Satsuki asks if it is the type who exorcises devils. Riene happily says that is right but compared to exorcising, her specialty is curses/spells. She tells him that she has just been banished so there is no place she can go. Satsuki just says, ah.. Then he tells her to leave after eating. This shocks Riene. Satsuki thinks that he doesn’t care whatever she is a novice disciple or whatever but honestly, he doesn’t want to get involved with her. Riene tells him that she is looking for someone and if that person didn’t move away, ‘she’ ought to be still living nearby. It is a girl who had saved and took care of her before. To Satsuki’s surprise, Riene says, “Her name is ‘Satsuki’. She should be around 16 years old this year. Do you have any impression of someone like that living around here? I would like to meet her again.” Satsuki thinks that he is ‘Satsuki’ and he is 16 years old. Satsuki says that he has no impression of someone like that. He holds her hand and starts leading her away. Riene then smells him and then, she exclaims, “..this smell, could it be?!” Satsuki is a bit tense when she suddenly grabs his collar and smells his shirt. Riene exclaims that it is Satsuki’s smell and she couldn’t be mistaken about it. Teary eye and flustered, Riene says, “..I’ve met you again, Satsuki.” Satsuki wonders what’s up with that for he totally doesn’t remember this girl. Satsuki tells her that she is mistaken for he is a guy. Riene insists that he is the Satsuki she is looking for. “You have already saved me twice. I’ll definitely repay you back. Whatever it is that you asked, I’ll do it..like those cursing-like stuff.”

The next day, before heading to school, Satsuki brings Riene to the police station and tells the police that this girl is lost. He then leaves with thoughts that girl is really weird and he should definitely not see her again. At the train ride, Satsuki is trying to sleep because he wasn’t able to sleep properly last night. The black haired guy sitting beside him asks if Satsuki didn’t get enough sleep again last night and is it from working really late last night. The guy says that it would be nice if they are in the same class. Satsuki then notices an old woman that he quickly stands up and offers his seat to her. Then, a couple of girls start murmuring about those two guys. The black haired guy is section 1’s Kanna Aki and the other guy is section 2’s Hirazono Satsuki. They heard that those two guys are childhood friends. Satsuki then wonders why Aki has also stand up, too. Aki is Satsuki’s one and only friend and childhood friend. Before, he used to play with someone other than Aki, but right now, if he isn’t with Aki, he is all alone. In the classroom, a girl is complaining about how boring high school is and she wants to have a boyfriend. Her friends don’t agree with her because in their class, they have Hirazono-kun as the good looking glasses guy and Fumikura-kun as the cute looking guy (wearing headphones). A delinquent-looking guy isn’t too happy to hear this. Someone then says that their homeroom teacher, Kisaragi Daiki, is the best. The girls turn around to find Daiki standing behind them. He was the one who said that. They tell him not to boastful. Daiki tells them that they don’t know the charm of a mature guy. While Satsuki is covering his ears, Daiki shouts that those others are all just stinky brats. Satsuki’s seatmate asks if Daiki is his cousin [from mother side]. Daiki starts telling the girls that Satsuki has always used to be called a ‘bug’ when he is in the elementary because he is so scared of bugs that he’ll cry. The girls exclaim that is so cute. Daiki also tells them that when Satsuki is sleeping, he is like a girl that he [Daiki] would always dress him up in a flower designed skirt. The girls shout that he’s a pervert and they would want to see that. Satsuki thinks that when he learned that Daiki will be in that class, he guessed that this will happen. He mentioned that not taking the entrance exam to that high school. In the science room, during lunch break, Satsuki asks Daiki why he called him there. Daiki winks and says that from time to time, Satsuki should eat lunch with him. While Satsuki opens a small pack of bread, Daiki asks him if he will be full with only that piece of bread. Satsuki says that he doesn’t have money. Daiki tells him to work is nothing but Satsuki still has to take care of his strength and sleep well. Daiki gives Satsuki a piece of onigiri. After thanking him, Satsuki says that because of his father’s situation, he has to earn money for school and his own expenses by himself.

Daiki sighs and tells him not to burden himself with so much for he [Daiki] can ask their [Satsuki’s mother’s] grandmother to give him some money for his living expenses. Satsuki says that there is no need because this is his problem. Daiki changes the topic to who in their class does Satsuki think to be the best. Satsuki thinks that Daiki likes to talk about this topic. Satsuki says that he doesn’t even remember who and what they look like. This shocks Daiki that he grabs Satsuki’s shoulder and exclaims if he doesn’t have any feelings for girls and does he plan to become single for the rest of his life. Satsuki asks if he can go back to his class. Daiki starts raving about how beautiful love is and even Satsuki’s parents love each other. Satsuki doesn’t believe this for he thinks that his mother’s life is short because of his father. “In short, I’m not interested in love or marriage.” Satsuki goes out of the room then he passes by the delinquent guy at the hallway. The delinquent guy mutters to Satsuki, “Transvestite. Skirt. (laugh)” The delinquent guy’s friend also laughs. This starts to infuriate Satsuki as he wonders why he is classmates with Soyo when he obviously just wanted a peaceful life. There is a scene of Soyo bullying young Satsuki. Later on, Satsuki works in a restaurant. He thinks that he should put money as his first priority because love isn’t something that he can eat. He arrives home to see a small bag of food on the doorknob. He looks in it and thinks that it is vegetables this time around. He thinks that no matter what is said, his grandmother is still worried about him. He notices that the door is open and there is light inside his room. Satsuki sees Riene raiding his refrigerator. He checks the refrigerator what is left and says that she ate everything. Riene says that it is because she couldn’t contain her hunger anymore. He asks how she got in when the door is supposed to be locked. Riene sheepishly laughs and says that getting into rooms [trespassing] is among her specialties. This made Satsuki snapped that he grabs Riene’s cape and shouts that he is now going to bring her to the police station. Riene starts apologizing. Satsuki shouts she isn’t an exorcist or exorcising some devil, for she is the true devil. Aghast and crying, Riene apologizes and says it is because she has nowhere else to go. Clinging on his leg, she shouts, “The only one whom I can depend on is you, Satsuki--” After Satsuki has calmed down, the two sit on the floor and talk. He explains to her that in his current situation, he can only provide for himself. He has to burden his own living expenses, school expenses and probably also, the debt that his father whose whereabouts are unknown. His mother’s family is rich but ever since his mother died, they have cut their relations from his family so he cannot depend on them. He thinks, “So please, do not mess up my peaceful life.”

Riene says that she understands. Pushing up his glasses, Satsuki asks if she really understands. Determined, Riene says that she will also do her best to find work and the two of them will do their best together. Satsuki thinks that he couldn’t get through her and what could be wrong with her brain. He asks her about her family. Riene says that she has no family. He asks if he is really his savior. Riene confirms that it is so. Satsuki tries to tell her that what is before is before and he isn’t the same right now. Riene says, “Satsuki is Satsuki.” She tells him that even if he obviously doesn’t have much food, he didn’t just leave and abandon her who is hungry in the garbage dump. “You still let me eat first before bringing me to the police. Satsuki now and before hasn’t changed at all. Righteous and nice deep down inside, the cute you who really suits wearing a flower printed dress! So, allow me to stay by your side, I want to repay you.” Satsuki didn’t reply back as he thinks, “Flower printed dress?” That night, Satsuki ends up letting her stay. While Riene is sound sleep beside him, Satsuki thinks about not planning this. They are separated by a folded table in between. The next day at school, Satsuki overhears Daiki telling some girls that the greatest dressing up he did to Satsuki is putting him in a flower designed dress. The girl asks if she had a picture of Satsuki then. This made Satsuki wonder if he is really the ‘Satsuki’ that Riene is referring to but he doesn’t have any recollection of saving her. He then looks up when some girls called out to him. They happily giggle that they took his picture. Satsuki is puzzled. This made Soyo and friend jealous. At home, Riene is happily cleaning for she hopes for the place to be spic and span upon his return. She then thinks that she didn’t expect Satsuki to be a guy but even if he is a guy, he is still cute. She then thinks that she should do her best in looking for work. She becomes excited upon hearing Satsuki coming in. Blushing, she welcomes him home but she is surprised to see Satsuki’s beaten up face. She worried ask about this but Satsuki just tells her that he wasn’t careful that he fell down. He informs her that he’ll take a shower first then prepare dinner. Riene starts hitting the wall and goes doki-doki over ‘shower first then prepare dinner’.

She then thinks that this isn’t time to be like that. She looks at her book and thinks that she isn’t an expert in the domain of healing wounds. She browses over a snake spell, devil, evil spirit and witch’s marriage curse.. She then finds a spell that she wants to do. When Satsuki comes out, he asks what she is doing. There are skulls all around with snakes and incense. Riene seems to look aghast while meditating. She tells him that she doesn’t know of any healing spells but she can cause the injury to be transferred to others. Holding her snake-staff, Riene tells him to pretend that he is being duped. “Give your body to me! Come!” Satsuki declines. Riene pins him down on the floor and shouts, “Even if it will hurt at first, but slowly, it will be alright! Come! Come!” Satsuki can only shout what the heck she is doing and she’s really scary. The next day, he is almost sideswiped by a car [I think], bitten by a dog and hit by a soccer ball on the head. Satsuki wonders if he has been cursed and decides that he should get Riene out as soon as possible for the sake of his peaceful life. Then, he meets Soyo and friends behind the school just when he is about to go home [I think]. Satsuki looks flustered and somewhat irritated as he thinks that it is this again. Behind a school building, Soyo comments that Satsuki looks more defiant than before and weren’t they friends during the elementary. Satsuki tells him not to provoke him. Soyo says that he would like to see Satsuki’s smiling face like before. Flashback: When young Satsuki is beaten up a bit, he has this coward look on his eyes that seems like he is smiling. No matter how Soyo and others beat/kick young Satsuki, he would still have that smiling face. End flashback. Soyo grabs Satsuki’s collar and says that it makes him really happy but right now, whether it is his profile or stature, Satsuki has become manly that he made the girls screaming for him. Soyo comments that Satsuki doesn’t smile anymore and Satsuki probably just smiles only for him. “I like your smile.” Soyo’s friends laugh over the nonsense Soyo is saying. One says that it is quite disgusting [based on what Soyo is implying]. Satsuki becomes irritated as to what kind of joke this is and contrary to what Riene thinks that he is the same as before, he isn’t the ‘past him’. Satsuki suddenly headbutts Soyo’s chin. Soyo is furious. Satsuki loses his balance that he tries to grab something to stop himself from falling but he ends up pulling down Soyo’s pants, complete with his boxers ^^; Everyone is shock.

Blushing really red, Soyo exclaims if he knew that his belt is a bit broken. Soyo shouts that he’ll do the same to Satsuki. Satsuki shouts he won’t let that happen. Soon, Soyo tries to pull Satsuki’s pants down but Satsuki is kicking him away. Soyo shouts to his two friends to help out. His friends refuse because they do not want to be misunderstood. They were surprised when someone shouts, “Stop that!” Blushing and angry Riene comes out while holding her book. She exclaims about letting other people do that kind of interesting thing. Soyo exclaims what’s with this girl to suddenly come out from the ground. Satsuki is speechless for he couldn’t explain it. Riene darkly shouts, “So, it turns out to those injuries are from being beaten up. *looks dark* For coloring Satsuki’s cute face [black and blue], you guys had committed a heinous crime!” Flipping the pages of her book, Riene starts reading some incantation. Satsuki notices that it seems the sky has become dark. Soyo exclaims what’s with that girl. Satsuki thinks that he also wants to know. Suddenly, a black string goes around Soyo and friends. Looking dark and devilish, Riene says, “Amen.” Suddenly, Soyo and friends’ clothes got ripped into pieces. The guys scream out loud then run off for cover while the other students think that they are disgusting for being totally naked. After they left, Riene apologizes to Satsuki for coming late. Riene admits that her incantation usually fails but occasionally, it is a success which includes what happened today. Since Satsuki isn’t saying anything, Riene worriedly wonders if he is angry. Satsuki just smiles and says that Riene is really reckless. This made Riene nose-bleed and her heart to jump out from her heart. Blushing Riene wipes her nose and about forgetting to record [video tape?]. Satsuki thinks that even if it is reckless, it isn’t bad at all. Suddenly, Satsuki feels different that his head is very heavy that he doesn’t feel good. Just when Riene is asking what happened, Satsuki holds her shoulders and thanks her for saving him. He removes his glasses and asks, “Do you really like me?” Riene promptly replies, “Really like!” Satsuki thinks that even if this is his body yet he couldn’t control it. Holding Riene’s face, Satsuki asks, “Would you become my bride?”

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