June 13, 2011

Akatsuki no Yona [Chapters 16-17]

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[These are the last summary for this series because seiryou who translates this in Chinese has gotten busy. The recent Chinese scanlations are still way behind.]

Chapter 16: 龍の隠れ里 (Dragon’s Hidden Village) Yona exclaimed to Haku that it is Yun’s things that are left on the ground. This made Yona shout out loud as to where Yun is. Then, they hear people murmuring to tell them to quickly leave that place. They are told that if they continue to proceed, they will be punished by the Heavens. Haku retorts as to how they can say divine punishment when they are hiding in the fog and how about knowing how great this god is. In one swoop of his halberd, the fog dissipates. The people, who are all pointing their arrows towards the two, are shock that Haku did that with one swing. Haku pulls Yona to him and asks the people if they are people from the dragon village. The people say that since they knew who they are, the more they won’t allow them to go to their village. An elder asks if the youngster earlier is their companion. Yona asks if they took Yun and what they did to him. The elder is about to say something when he notices Yona’s red hair. Everyone else begins to notice it that they start saying that it is red hair but it’s a girl. The elder bends on his knee and asks where they come from. Yona says they came from the Wind territory and though the shinkan’s guidance, they were told to find the four dragon warriors. Yona asks if the elder has the blood of the one of the four dragon warriors. The people are surprised by this revelation. The elder says no, but they protect the person of the White dragon’s blood. He offers to guide them through the village. Inside the village, Yun is all tied up and put in a cage. He shouts if someone would free him. He starts shouting that they are so mean to treat a bishounen like him like that and about getting punished, he thought that he won’t be punished because of his good looks bestowed by the heavens. He also starts to namedrop by saying that Raiju is his friend. His guard tells him that the punishment will be meted by their dragon. This made Yun realize that this is indeed a tribe that has the dragon blood but then, how will he escape. While he is wondering how to escape and if Yona and others were captured, he goes into shock upon seeing the elder giving Yona and Haku a tour around the village. [I find this scene funny because the elder is holding a flag just like in most tour guides.] This made Yun protest why they are being toured around while he, a bishounen is all locked up like that for he should be the one given a special treatment. Yona sees him and asks if he is alright. Yun exclaims if he looks alright. The elder apologizes for being rude to Yona’s companion. He tells the guard to set Yun free. The guard is about to protest until the elder tells him that he is the red hair [Yona]’s guest. The guard quickly apologizes and sets Yun free. Yun asks Haku what that is all about. Haku says that he doesn’t quite understand it because they started to act differently upon seeing Yona or rather, after seeing Yona’s..

The elder then apologizes for their rudeness. He then explains that this is the place where Hakuryu-sama [white dragon] resided after the great war during the time of the legend. The elder explains that there are some bandits who wanted to get the strength of Hakuryu but they managed to eliminate those people. It is their mission and honor to keep protecting Hakuryu’s bloodline that is why they always keep outsiders away from their place. Haku says that he understands that but then, what’s with this situation. Haku is carrying Yona [princess-like carry] but everyone are awed by her that they kept on saying ‘red hair’ and how beautiful – respectable it is. They all seem to want to touch her. This made Yona’s eyes twinkle that she exclaims to Haku if he heard, they just said that her hair is beautiful. Yun says that red hair is indeed rare but what is going on, is it red hair worship. The elder explains that they have special memories regarding red hair because since ancient times, [the first] Hakuryu-sama had served a master who has red hair. Yona tells them that she always hated her hair because it is unlike others. The elder exclaims for her not to say that for she has the same red hair like Hiryuu and has been guided by the shinkan to go there so she might or might not be the person that they have been waiting for such a long time. Yun asks what if they aren’t the one, what will happen for they already know this secret place. After a long pause, he says that they should first see Hakuryu-sama. [They also use it as a ‘title’ for the one who inherited the blood] Yun starts shouting that the elder paused too long. Tapping at Haku, Yun asks Haku to protect him if something happens. Haku just says that if it has to be done, he will. Yun asks what’s so special about this Hakuryu-sama and if all of the people there are offsprings of Hakuryu. The elder says that he is right for they are all Hakuryu’s descendants but there is only one who inherits the power and there is one in their village. When that person is born, the dragon will stay at his right hand. In one of the huts, a young man wakes up from bed and holds out his dragon-like claw hand. He looks at it while facing the window. An old granny, carried by four women on a wooden board, calls out to him as ‘Hakuryu’ and if he is awake. Hakuryu says that he doesn’t know why but his right hand is slightly hurting. This made granny frantically call out that they should get the doctors. Hakuryu says that it isn’t that grave for her to fuss about it. Granny says that she thought her heart is going to stop if ever his hand is injured. Hakuryu tells her that she really likes to make a fuss about nothing. He says that he has always been protected from illness and outsiders since he was young but he should be the one who should protect them. Granny asks what he is saying for having a ‘Hakuryu’ in their clan is an honor to them and they hope to keep it living until future generations so that ‘Hakuryu’ will become more radiant than ever.

Hakuryu says that he also doesn’t want to smear this title but he is a bit impatient on how to make use of this power. Granny says that this power is inherited since ancient times and one cannot say if it is needed in this era but maybe in the next and so on eras, this power will be needed and it will definitely be used to protect one’s master. She tells him not to worry and it is okay for him to just stay in the village. Hakuryu wonders as to who is the master he is suppose to protect and when will that person appear because if this power isn’t needed in this era, he will only exist to pass over this bloodline. “I really want to see the master who’ll need me.” He is surprised when granny asks if he is currently 20 years old. Hakuryu mutters yes. Granny then starts pressuring him to get married already since he isn’t getting younger. She reprimands him about always refusing to get married and could it be that none of the girls in the village attract him. Hakuryu starts praying that his master to quickly come. =P He then says that it seems that there is some sort of ruckus in the village. Granny says that there are intruders from outside. Hakuryu exclaims that they should promptly be eliminated. Granny says that it is really rare for them to have visitors so that is why there is a bit of ruckus in the village. Hakuryu is shock that they had let those intruders in the village. Granny says that she heard that it is a cute girl. Hakuryu exclaims his disbelief that the girl might be an assassin and they shouldn’t be negligent [just because it’s a girl]. Not heeding granny’s calls, he quickly dresses up and heads out. He prepares to teach the outsiders a lesson. Otuside, Yona looks thoughtful that Haku asks what it is. She tells him that things are a mess for this child with the power of the White dragon has always been in this clan/village that they cannot say if that person will be useful or not. She wonders if it is suitable for her to use this power which had been passed down through generations to be used when the time comes. Haku asks if she wants to give it up. Haku is surprised to see Yona smiling. She then leans towards Haku and takes his dagger. She tells him to lend that to her. She says that she has already decided so there is no turning back. Holding out the dagger, she tells him, “If Hakuryu isn’t willing to help, then, you ought to toughen me a bit, Haku.” Haku smiles at her. Hakuryu is still going towards Yona’s direction while granny kept on calling out to him to wait. He then sees the hooded girl. He plans to use his claw on this intruder who dare cause confusion in his tribe. He shouts at Yona, ‘Hey, the girl there--” He is surprised to see Yona when she turned around to face him. He notices that she has red hair. His dragon claw starts aching as if his blood is going backwards [against the current]. He hears[?] a voice saying about the vow of the four dragon warriors to hence forth be a representative and to put importance to Hiryuu throughout one’s life – to protect and love; never betray. When the pain subsided, he realizes that Yona is the master whom he always has been waiting for.

Chapter 17: 待望 (Long Awaited) Hakuryu remembers a talk before with his father. Flashback: His father said, “Kija, since ancient times, the four dragon warriors are born to protect King Hiryuu and the king will definitely appear in the flesh again and will seek your strength.” Young Hakuryu/Kija asked when this will happen and when will the king appear. His father said that he’ll know when he sees him for his blood will sought the king because he has the White dragon’s blood. “You will see a dazzling light until then, Kija, no, Hakuryu, you’ll be going on a journey.” End flashback. The people start calling out to Kija who has fallen on the ground. Yun turns him over while Yona asks if he is alright. The people then notice that Kija’s dragon hand has enlarged. Kija opens his eyes to look at Yona. He mentally thanks his father and all the others before him who had continued and protected the bloodline of the White dragon. Yona asks if he is the Hakuryu. Kija says yes. He sits up and prostrate down to Yona. “I’m the successor of the White dragon’s bloodline. I’ve always waited for you, my master.” Yona asks what he is talking about. Then, Yona and others are surprised when everyone are prostrating down to them. With twinkling eyes and tears in their eyes, they are all congratulating Hakuryu for their king has finally appeared since the time to use this god-given power had finally arrived. Yona and Yun is a bit confused over what’s happening but Haku tells them that it is probably because of Yona’s red hair and they thought of her as King Hiryuu. Yona says that she isn’t a descendant of King Hiryuu for in the history of Kou, there is also a time when either the fire tribe or the water tribe also held power. She believes that King Hiryuu’s bloodline has already been severed. Note from the author is Yona belongs to the sky tribe that held power for 250 years. Kija then calls out to Yona as master and asks what her name is. Yona says that it is Yona. He calls her, Yona-sama. Yona looks at him and thinks that he is the Hakuryu – silver hair and almost white skin which is really out of this world. Yona says that he is beautiful. Kija is extremely happy to be praised and he says that she really has such a divine bearing. Yona tells him that she isn’t his king nor his master for she is just a rude believer who only wanted someone to protect her and her comrade/s with his god-like powers. Yun tries to tell Yona that she shouldn’t have said that. Not minding Yun, Yona continues to tell Kija that she is travelling to get his and the other three dragons’ powers. “First of all, would you lend me your strength?” Yun looks surprised while Haku is pleased with what Yona said. After looking a bit surprised, Kija smiles and says that he feels really honored for no matter who she is, with that kind of goal, he will be her dragon from now on. “That is what my blood within my body tells me.” Afterwards, Yun and Yona are resting near the large tree with a dragon statue. Yun says that he is really astonished for even if it is as Ikusu predicted, he didn’t expect Hakuryu to be eager and happily agree to become their companion. Yona says that the people were really surprised when they learned that she is a princess. Yun comments that it is surprising that she would even call herself as a rude believer. Yona says that she is just saying the truth because she doesn’t want to lie to him. Pointing at Haku who has a mischievous grin on his face while tightening some bandages, Yun says that guy is also smiling that looks really disgusting. Haku says that he just finds it really interesting since they got the support of god just because of what Yona said. Yona asks if he is being sarcastic again. Haku smiles and says, how could he. He then thinks that it is only a restless bluff but putting everything in stake in one go isn’t bad at all. Note says that Haku is a bit of a S(adist) when he thinks like this. Yona says that since Hakuryu had quickly answered them, their journey can also proceed smoothly.

In the hut, Kija is holding his right arm for it is starting to ache again and his body feels hot. With just one glance at Yona, he feels that the blood within his whole body is boiling and the dragon’s voice within is calling out. Kija remembers being taught since young about the promise to always protect and love, and never betray one’s master. He mentally tells his father to just watch for he found his mission that has gone through a thousand years. He is surprised when Haku knocks and says that he’ll be intruding. Kija stands up and starts exclaiming how rude Haku is for daring to enter the Hakuryu’s place. Haku just apologizes and says that he came to look for money that can buy weapons and food. He starts searching around the place for something that he can use. Kija shouts what he is doing. Afterwards, Kija gives him a bagful of coins. Haku accepts it and says that Hakuryu is really so generous. Haku is surprised when Hakuryu tells him that with that, Haku should leave that place. To Haku’s irritation, Kija tells him that Haku did well all this time but now, he [Kija] will be the one who’ll protect the princess so Haku can go return to his homeland. Later on, Yun says that Haku has returned but it seems that there is a weird atmosphere. While emitting tiger vs dragon, Haku and Kija go to Yona. Yona asks what happened. Haku says, “Little princess, this guy won’t do. We should just look for someone else.” Kija shouts that Haku should just leave for it is enough for the princess to have him. Yun asks what happened. Haku says that Hakuryu gave him money then wants to send him away. Yun then asks what is that thing protruding on his waist. It is the bag of money. Haku claims that it is just indigestion. Kija shouts that it is the duty of the four dragons to protect the princess so anyone who isn’t one of the four dragons ought to go.. Yona grabs on to Haku’s arm and shouts, “I don’t want to! Haku is my childhood friend! After leaving the capital and becoming all alone afterwards, he still didn’t abandon me! He is my important person! If I cannot be with Haku, then I don’t want it!” The two guys are surprised by Yona’s outburst. Haku then starts giggling. Very, very happy, Haku says that since it is like that, then there’s no helping it. Yona then takes the bag of money and returns it to Kija. Haku can only lament about his ‘indigestion’ being taken. Yona says that she also needs Hakuryu because if this continues on, Haku might die while protecting her. “So, Hakuryu, you should definitely protect Haku so that he won’t die.” After a pause, Kija, with all sparkles, tells Yona, “..Ho, what, so that’s the situation! Is that guy so weak that you want me to save him! Please leave this to me! As long as it’s the princess or that person, I’ll protect you all!” That really irritated Haku. Haku angrily tells Kija, “Excuse me! I’m not that fallen to need a white snake to come and save me!” Kija exclaims, “White snake?! Why you, to go as far to call a divine dragon a snake?!” Yun says that things had become more troublesome so they ought to leave. Yona agrees with him.

Then, granny with everyone calls out to Kija. Kija tells them that he said that there is no need to send him off. They exclaim that they couldn’t since that will be too cruel. They say that they would want him to at least leave until tomorrow. Kija asks what they are talking about when he had always been waiting to serve his master who has finally appeared. That person needs their strength that has been passed over generations from the Hakuryu of the ancient times. He says that if he still let himself be spoiled by the people when he is suppose to go on a journey, the Heavens will definitely scold him. The people then say that he is really strict with himself, very outstanding, very beautiful, skin so smooth, and floating hair that he made girls cry. Then, Kija sweatdrops when they also say that they [some girl] used to be chosen for a blind date with him. The people then tell him that they will protect the village until he returns. Kija thanks them and they only need to guard the village for even if he dies, a new Hakuryu will be born. Everyone starts crying as they tell him not to say such things else, they’ll cry and one of them calls him an idiot. Granny calls out to him and tosses to Kija some onigiri [rice ball], coat, herbs and cosmetics that will last for ten years. One of the girl carriers is also pushed to Kija to bring one along with him. [as bride to be?] Kija exclaims that he don’t need that many for he is just going to leave for a while. He will leave the village up to the elders. Granny says that she hasn’t heard of this but does it mean that when he leaves, all of the affairs of the village will be left to her. Kija says that her eyesight is now poor. Granny angrily shouts back that she is the healthiest and liveliest of them all. Kija says that is true for he had inherited her energy. Granny laments that she no longer has a goal tomorrow morning since she won’t be waking him up anymore but this is the village’s great aspiration. Prostrating to him while crying, she tells him that she never expected it to come so suddenly. Kija tells her to raise her head. He says that compared to his parents, he has been with her for a longer time and she is the one who protected him until he became an adult. “You are my treasured granny. Even if I’m in a far away land, I will continue to pray for granny and everyone’s happiness. So, granny, you should also take care of yourself while living out the rest of your life.” This made granny shout that she doesn’t want to hear that for it seems as if she hasn’t been living well. “I still haven’t lived enough. I’ll wait until Hakuryu-sama has finished his mission and has come home. This rotten body will be the first person to greet you. Definitely. No matter how much time had passed, even if my eyes have already become blind, this rotten body can still see Hakuryu-sama’s brilliance.” This touched Kija as he kisses his granny goodbye. Everyone bids him goodbye with thoughts that Kija will definitely be back upon finishing his mission. At the forest, Yona then asks where they should go next. She asks Yun if Ikusu said anything else as their clue. Yun says that there are no other clues and there is no clue in that place either. Haku then teases Yun that his eyes are all red. Embarrassed, Yun shouts that is nonsense as he chases after Haku. He cried during the farewell earlier. Yona says that this will be difficult. Kija asks if she is looking for the rest of the dragons. Yona says yes. Kija tells her that he can feel the other people who have the dragons’ powers though it is weak but since he and the other dragons are like brothers, and even if they were separated since the time of antiquity, their blood continues to call to each other though originally, he didn’t get a chance to see them. Yona happily says that’s really convenient. Haku says that they should head down the mountain first. “White snake-sama, which direction should we go?” Kija angrily exclaims that he isn’t a white snake. Yona tells Haku not to bully him when he is the White dragon. She then asks what Hakuryu’s name is since Hakuryu isn’t a name. “What name should I use to call you?” Kija thinks that this name is only something that his parents can use to call him, and no one calls him by that name anymore. He tells Yona, “Please call me..Kija.”

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