June 14, 2011

Stardust★Wink [Chapter 30]

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Cover Page: “Thank you for the support, we are now on chapter 30! Everyone, how about we also take a picture together?” [This series has a vcomic so if you want to check it out, go here] Pointing to her, Mashiro exclaims, “If you want to know about Hinata’s feelings, defeat Mari-sensei!!” Narration: “That is what Mashiro-kun told me in a bit (or I should say, really) excited manner. But..” In the classroom, the teacher tells the students that time is up so pass the answer sheets from back to front. Anna looks shock and aghast as a girl takes her answer sheet. Anna thinks that it has become that time again when this happened. “It is devil-type exam season once again... I wasn’t able to answer everything yet, and it has already left me.” While Nanoka happily rejoices that it is finally over and she is free, Anna slumps her head on the table and mutters, “It’s over.. all sorts of meaning [/significance in life or studying?] is over.” She then notices a guy calling out to Sou how he did on the exam. Sou says that it is typical. Anna thinks, “Even going far as saying, ‘typical’. *pop vein* What are you saying, when every time, you would quickly put your head down and sleep when there is extra time!” Sou tells his friend that he is hungry that his friend offers him some chewing gum. Sou refuses by saying that he doesn’t eat gum. He looks back in the room and probably sees Anna looking at him with a somewhat pleading[?] look. She remembers Sou telling Mashiro that it is nothing and he already heard it from Hinata. Anna thinks, “He knows that I went out on a date with Hinata. I wonder what Sou thought of it. *sweatdrop* No matter how I look at it, doesn’t his reaction seem to mean ‘So what?’.” Then, Aya comes in the room and calls out to both Anna and Nanoka. She greets them a ‘good work’ regarding the exams. Nanoka says that since it is rare for them to get an early school dismissal so why don’t they go hang out for a while before going home. Aya agrees with this idea. Anna happily exclaims that she wants to eat some gelato. Nanoka exclaims that is good and they should go do it. Turning to Hinata, Aya thanks him for his text [/sms] and they’ll be troubling him this weekend. After a pause, Hinata just says ya.

At Vita Italian gelato cafe, the three girls are eating their ice cream. Anna exclaims if they are going to take pictures of Hinata this weekend. Aya says that the storyboard is already done so right now, Hinata is going to start drawing the final draft. Aya happily informs Anna that it seems that she has been a great help before. Anna exclaims if that is so, that’s great. Then, she asks if it is really okay to pay a visit during the rumored ‘mangaka’s battlefield’. Nanoka asks what she is being so excited about and visualizing it as something heroic. Nanoka says that she thinks that Anna will be disappointed. Anna sweatdrops and says, really. Aya comments that this time around, it seems that Hinata has plenty of time. She asks Anna if she is free this weekend. Anna says that she is. Aya says that is great for she thought that she is going to have a date with Hinata again since exams are over. Anna’s smile froze in surprise. Nanoka tells Aya that she is mistaken for there is a problem even before the date because those two are currently at a delicate situation. Aya exclaims is that so. Aya starts to apologize to Anna for once again she had.. Anna tensely tells her that no, not really but rather, it is only because she didn’t ask Hinata a question that she should ask so currently, she is suspended in midair. Nanoka says that is why she said ‘delicate’. “Nanoka obviously told you that it will be okay to just quickly call and ask it clearly.” [<- Nanoka addresses herself like that, instead of ‘I’.] Aya asks if they didn’t talk on the phone since then. To Aya’s shock, flustered Anna admits that they still frequently chat on the phone but..they didn’t talk about that topic. Aya exclaims why. Nanoka says, “See- Even Aya-chan thinks that it is mind-boggling.” After a pause, Anna says that it is because.. While remembering what happened during the date, Anna thinks, “That day..although I wasn’t able to ask about the crucial issue, but, even if it wasn’t said, I also was able to feel some things that Hinata had conveyed. From his expression. From his action.” Anna sadly tells her friends that she cannot just depend on the phone to convey this thing and isn’t it too much.. Nanoka says, “So, to put it bluntly, you are scared of asking him. That is the meaning of your explanation.” Anna admits that, too. She thinks that of course, she’s afraid but if it is okay for Hinata to say it on the phone, then, he would have already said it. “I’ve already made myself aware [of this possibility] but then, I cannot do anything about it for the problem doesn’t solely lie with me.”
At the bedroom, Anna happily tells Hinata about a mangaka in her class. She told him before that mangaka had agreed to be their model for the Photo Koshien. “If I took nice pictures, I’ll show it to you ♪ A professional at work.” Hinata says okay, he would really want to see. Anna happily asks Hinata what pictures had he taken of lately. After a pause, Hinata says, all sorts of stuff. Anna looks at the phone and pauses for a while. Then, looking up, she says that Coco has lately been always looking for traces of Hinata. Hinata exclaims is that true, how cute. While she is telling Hinata that Coco has been lonely ever since GW, Anna thinks ever since that day, Hinata seems to have suddenly closed himself up that he won’t talk about his matters again. She sighs and thinks that right now, she cannot continue talking about that day. “Mashiro-kun had also said that Hinata is interested in photography but like this, asking him about it, his reaction is quite indifferent..” Then, her mother comes in the room and tells her that no one is in the bathroom now. Anna says, okay. Hinata takes the opportunity to say goodbye and says that he’ll call again. Anna looks at the phone and thinks, “..but, he is quite diligent in keeping in touch with me. (So happy). Hinata is really becoming more and more mysterious.” Going to school the next day, Anna sighs when someone taps her back. She turns around and it is Kurumi who greets her a good morning. Anna greets her back and exclaims that it has been a long time since she has seen her since they are in different classrooms. Kurumi says that is true and it doesn’t seem like a long time since Hime would always talk about Anna. Anna nervously says that it would definitely be about criticizing her like she’s made them worry and she won’t sincerely study. Kurumi says that it isn’t like that because based on their talk, she thought that they really like Anna. The everyday situation: Rui sighs and asks why Anna is so stupid that it is really unbelievable. Hime agrees and says that even if it is fun acting as the tsukkomi* on Anna, that kid would be very sad without a tsukkomi. [* refers to “straight" or deliberately unfunny partner in a two- man manzai comedy routine. Also, the verbal or physical reprimand he administers to his partner, the boke. (Source: ANN)] End flashback. Kurumi giggles and says that they are easily embarrassed. Aghast Anna thinks that it is amazing what a good kid can strain [/filter out]. “Now, I can finally understand.. as to why Mochiduki-chan can have a good relationship with that Mari-chan during junior high.. *light bulb* That’s right, if it is Mochiduki-chan..!!” Anna tensely asks Kurumi if she knows that Mari is in the same school as Hinata’s. Puzzled Kurumi answers yes, she knows, she heard it from Mari.
Anna rushes towards Kurumi and exclaims if she doesn’t find it strange for in reality, it is very strange. “During junior high, she quit and won’t be a teacher anymore because she is getting married and it seems that her boyfriend stays in Tokyo. Then, after getting married and have settled down in Tokyo, because there is a recession right now, I can understand why both the husband and wife have to work but, why would she particularly go to work at the school where Hinata goes!?” Anna thinks that Hinata had become change from that day on and it definitely has something to do with that person, just like before, how sensei treated [/act towards] Hinata during junior high. Kurumi looks at her in surprise and asks could it be that Anna detests the situation of Mari and Hinata being in the same school. Anna covers her mouth in surprise. Looking aghast, Anna tensely denies that she detests it but rather it is quite shocking. Anna thinks that she has forgotten that Kurumi didn’t know what Mari did to Hinata behind her back – that ‘I’ll cheer you up’ magic. Anna tensely thinks that she couldn’t tell Kurumi about it. Kurumi asks if Anna knew about it only recently. “It’s because Hime-chan said that you entered the photography club that I thought that it is because of Hinata’s influence.” Anna perks up and saks, “Influence?” Kurumi tells her, “I heard that Tokura-kun had also entered the photography club and the adviser is Mari-chan.” After a pause and it sinks in, Anna goes “!?” Kurumi continues to say that Mari even praised about Hinata having a photographer’s touch so he’s amazing and she would want to see his work. Looking tense and aghast, Anna mentally tells Kurumi to stop, what did she just said, is that for real, for even if she mentioned about the club, Hinata had also totally not.. Then, Kurumi happily asks Anna if she and the others were the ones who took the pictures on that poster, those were really nice. She also asks if Anna and the others are also aiming for the Photo Koshien. Kurumi happily says that she heard that Hinata’s school, because it is an art school, would frequently compete in it. “And maybe, you guys will meet at the competition! It will be nice if it is like that! Koshiro-chan, gambatte!!” Anna covers her eyes and thinks that it’s too shiny. Sparkling Kurumi happily waves and bids her goodbye. After Kurumi left, Anna processes what just learned. Hinata entered the photography club and Mari is the adviser. Hinata is in the same school as Mari and Hinata do not want to mention things concerning him. “It makes me think more that it concerns Mari.. but why? Is it because right now, he still likes Mari-chan so he doesn’t want to talk about his love life? But based on the mood before, this doesn’t seem to be the reason. Wrong, maybe it is only me who is hoping for that.. ~~ *holds head* I don’t understand. In the end, there are a lot of things that I want to say to Hinata. And also, sensei.. If I can really meet them at the competition, then it will be two birds in one stone.. *putting on her fiery delinquent looking pose* Photo Koshien..I only have to put my all into this fight [/competition]..!”
On weekend, Aya happily waves to Anna and tells her to go here. Enthusiastic Anna apologizes for making her wait. Aya comments that she is all fired up. Holding her fist up, Anna exclaims that it is because for a long time, she has been anticipating the day when they can take pictures. “Come, let’s go!! To Kazami Hinata’s house!!” At an apartment, Aya tells Anna that Nanoka had sent her a text that she will go first to Hinata’s house but then, Anna is carrying a lot of stuff. Holding her bag up, Anna says that it is because she plans to stay overnight at Nanoka’s place after they took the pictures. It will be like a pajama party. Anna tells her that Nanoka has always been complaining that she also invited Aya but Aya declined. While ringing the door bell, Aya tells her that it is because she has a prior engagement with someone else but next time, she’ll definitely join them. The door opens and they are surprised to see haggard looking Hinata, who welcomes them. Aya asks if Hinata didn’t sleep. She apologizes for disturbing him while he’s drawing the final draft but they’ll just take pictures and quickly go home. Nanoka peeks out of the room and says that she thinks that it would be better if they don’t go home. Aya looks surprised as Nanoka winks and flashes her a v-sign. “Because right now, Hinata is in his most desperate battle of all history [as a mangaka] ☆” Aya asks Hinata that didn’t he had a lot of time this time around. Hinata tells her that before, there are a lot of time but last night, the editor called and said, ‘I thought of a more interesting progress, re-draw the latter half of the manuscript.’ Aghast Aya asks when the deadline is. Hinata tells her on Monday. Aya exclaims if there is no extension. Hinata says that the editor said, ‘Hinata-chan draws really fast, so there’s no problem’... Anna whispers to Nanoka that she doesn’t quite understand but it seems that the situation is bad. Nanoka tells her to know about Hinata’s situation, they must start from the midterm exam. Nanoka explains that Hinata obviously reviewed his lessons diligently but when the exams are coming up, the exam topic’s range are suddenly changed and the exam date wasn’t changed. Flashback: Bunny teacher told Hinata that won’t it be better to change the exam’s scope. Hinata went, ‘Wha!?” End flashback. The teacher who changed the scope of the exam even irresponsibly said, “If it’s you, you’ll definitely be able to do it!! I believe in you.” Flashback: Bunny teacher told irked Hinata to believe in himself. End flashback. Anna freaks out over it and exclaims that’s too much and it’ll lead to a dead end. [<- About school, that is the probably another reason why Hinata is sleepy aside from the need to do the last minute manga revisions.]
Aya offers to help Hinata. Anna also offers to help him. Hinata asks if that is true but then, the pictures.. They tell him that they’ll help him and take pictures at the same time. Hinata asks if they can do that. Nanoka says that just now, she has always been helping him but that table of his can only sit two people so she is going to stay on the bed. Holding a book, Nanoka jumps to Hinata’s bed. Speechless Hinata just looks at her [for doing whatever she wants?]. Then, Hinata gives the other two girls some manga pages and tells them that he has already inked the first half of the manuscript so could they help him erase the draft/pencil lines. Aya takes the papers and says that’s great for it is something that she can do. She gives half of it to Anna. Anna blushes a bit upon seeing some of the pages of the manga. Hinata tells them sorry for the trouble and he’ll be continuing re-drawing the latter half. Anna is surprised at how fast ‘vroom vroom’ and intense Hinata goes in drawing so if she didn’t do her best.. She sees Aya busy erasing the lines so Anna quickly goes to work. They finish and they were given new things to erase. Erase..erase.. Soon, it is night. Nanoka complains to Hinata that she is hungry and it is already 7pm. Hinata goes into shock that it is already 7pm. While Aya immediately looks at her cellphone, Nanoka asks in a singsong manner if Hinata’s mother and others aren’t home today. “Call on the phone, that ramen store, and order some delivery food-- Nanoka wants chashu [roasted pork fillet] ramen ♥♥.”
Aya stands up and apologizes for it is almost time for her to go home. “Gambatte, Hinata. I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to help you much.” Hinata tells her that she already helped a lot but then, what about the pictures. To Anna’s shock, Aya tells Hinata that she had already took them. Anna wondered when did Aya took them since she is so busy helping, she [Anna] totally forgot about it. As he walks Aya out, Hinata asks if it is alright for her to go home by herself. Aya tells him that it is okay, because right now, there are still buses. She also tells him that it is okay for him to just walk her to the gate. While holding her camera, Anna asks if it is only Aya-chan who doesn’t live in this apartment and she thought that she did since they are childhood friends... While on the phone, Nanoka tells her that Aya has moved out from there earlier. Nanoka asks Anna if she also wants chashu ramen and it is very delicious. Anna says ya. Nanoka mutters that Hinata would definitely want vegetable ramen. When Hinata returns, Nanoka exclaims that she ordered some food. Hinata sweats over the assistant deciding things on her own. Anna watches Hinata as he sighs and gets back to work. She seems mesmerized by him. “Bent over at his desk while working slavishly, even if I have taken his picture several times, his concentrate won’t even decline a bit. It is simply as if he and the one at school are two different persons. Kazami-kun, he...” Her thoughts are interrupted by the door bell. Hinata says that it must be the delivery. Raising up her arm, Anna volunteers to go. She tells Hinata to continue on drawing. The door opens and Anna says, “Com—ing.” Delivery boy Sou reads from a paper, “I’m from Sennin-ya. [Sennin store] Two orders of chasu ramen and one order vegetable ramen..” He stops reading and looks at the customer who turns out to be Anna who looks dumbfound at him. Then, the aghast and surprised childhood friends back away from each other and goes, “!?”
Scans by all★wink汉化组制作.

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