June 14, 2011

Hadashi de Bara wo Fume [Chapter 46]

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Cover page: “Can Soichiroh sufficiently protect Sumi..!?” They were told that the old shack has been bought by Ashida Products and it will be demolished immediately. The man exclaims that this land already belongs to Ashida Products and they should leave. Eisuke tells Sumi to take only the things that are necessary for their daily living. Sumi starts looking into the drawers and sees the cross necklace. She wonders what it is. The man shouts for them again to quickly leave. Eisuke urges the others to leave. The grey skies start to pour down its rain. At some other old-type apartments, Eisuke is asking a woman with three children to take care of the baby. The woman refuses for she cannot take care of such a young child. Eisuke says that he knows that she is also hard pressed but please, can she help. Soichiroh asks Sumi who that woman is. Sumi mutters that it is her brother’s ex-girlfriend, probably. Putting on his charms, Eisuke tells the woman that he will come back to have fun with her. The flustered woman tries to resist by saying that even if he say it that way.. Eisuke deeply kisses the woman on the lips. The woman tells him to stop for the kids are watching. Sumi pleads to the woman to kindly take the baby and after a short while, they will definitely take it back. She asks the woman to please give it shelter. The woman finally relents that Sumi happily thanks her. Then, Eisuke asks her to also take the other three older kids. The woman looks at him in surprise and exclaims for him to quit joking around. Soon, under a wooden land bridge, Eisuke and Soichiroh prepare to leave. Eisuke tells Sumi and the kids that they’ll go look for work. [I think] Sumi says that they shouldn’t force themselves. Tomi worriedly calls out to Sumi. Sumi can only assure them that it will be alright. She hugs them and continues to assure them that everyone will be alright. As the rain continues to pour, Soichiroh keeps on getting ‘no work available here’ from all the stores he went to. They even tell him not to come back. Holding an umbrella to him, Komai calls out to Soichiroh. Soichiroh looks surprised. Holding a thick wad of money, Komai tells him not to say anything and just accept the money. He also says that right now, this is the only thing that he can do. Soichiroh looks surprised as Komai sadly smiles at him. Then, to Komai’s surprise, Soichiroh got angry that he shouts that he doesn’t need the help of a traitor. With that, Soichiroh quickly leaves.

Later on, a beard man says that they do not need any workers but based on Soichiroh’s outfit, he doesn’t look like a poor person so how could he be having difficulties with money. The man offers to buy the ring on Soichiroh’s finger for a high price. Soichiroh is surprised. Much later on, Eisuke returns to Sumi and the others who are using a blanket to keep themselves warm. He tells Sumi that it’s cold and today, he wasn’t able to find work. The kids cry that they are cold and hungry. Sumi looks sad for she cannot do anything. Then, happy looking Soichiroh arrives and says that he bought some food, it’s eel. Sumi is shock to hear this. While Atari asks what eel is, Sumi asks where he got the money to buy such an expensive thing. Soichiroh tells her that he sold his shoes and leather belt. Sumi exclaims that he came back barefooted. Eisuke exclaims so Soichiroh bought eel and yet, he didn’t even save some money. Soichiroh smiles and says that it is because eel is delicious. While Sumi looks tense over this, Eisuke exclaims in frustration that that is why he hates them young rich guys. Sumi quickly bends down to Soichiroh’s feet and offers to wipe them. Soichiroh thanks her. Eisuke asks Soichiroh about selling that wedding ring. Soichiroh protests that he won’t sell it. Showing it to Sumi, Soichiroh exclaims that no matter what happens, he absolutely won’t sell this ring since ‘that ring is the proof that they are a married couple’. Flustered Sumi smiles and says, “Ya..” Soon, the kids are eating the eel and they agree that it is delicious, something that they have not eaten before. Soichiroh urges Sumi to also eat. Sumi thanks him but says that she’ll let the kids eat first. Soichiroh protests that he bought it for her. Sumi exclaims that she knows and she felt Soichiroh’s good intentions on it. Soon, they are all fast asleep. Afterwards, Sumi wakes up and notices that the rain has stopped. Then, she notices that Soichiroh is breathing hard and looks unwell. Eisuke wakes up when he heard Sumi calling out to Soichiroh to hang in there. Eisuke asks what happened. Sumi says that Soichiroh..he.. Soon, Eisuke and Sumi carry sick Soichiroh around town trying to look for a doctor to treat him but they refuse since they won’t have any money.
Then, another doctor shouts for them to go elsewhere. Sumi is infuriated that she prostrates down and asks him to please help. The doctor says that even if she prostrates down, he won’t see the patient. Eisuke urges her that they go elsewhere. Sumi tries to protest as she sees Soichiroh’s condition looking bad. Taking off her ring, Sumi offers it as collateral, which she will definitely redeem later on. The doctor looks at the ring closely and comments that it is a silver ring. To their delight, the doctor accepts the deal and tells them to bring Soichiroh inside. Inside the clinic, the doctor puts on his coat and tells them to put the patient on the bed. He tells his nurse to prepare some hot water to wash up the patient. Sumi lovingly looks at Soichiroh then tells her surprised brother that she’ll leave Soichiroh to him. She kisses Soichiroh. With tears falling from her eyes, Sumi tells her brother again that she’ll leave Soichiroh to him. Eisuke looks a bit nervous and flustered over this. He calls out to Sumi but she already left. While she runs at the streets, she bumps on a man and falls down from the impact. The man scolds her to watch where she is going. Some onlookers ask what’s up with her and she’s all muddy. Sumi didn’t mind them as she keeps on crying. At Nozomu’s house, ding dong. Komai answers the door and asks who it is. He looks surprised. Coming out, Nozomu asks if they have a visitor. Nozomu sees a muddy figure. After looking surprised, Nozomu smiles and says, “Welcome.” Back at the Dr. Kiyomizu*’s clinic, Eisuke is puzzled when Kiyomizu returned the ring. [*It literally means ‘clear water’. It is a made up name based on the kanji] Kiyomizu tells him that just now, someone had already paid for the doctor’s fees. Eisuke is surprised by this that he exclaimed what is going on. At the bathroom in Nozomu’s place, Sumi takes a shower and thinks that she didn’t think that she will unexpectedly be selling herself once again. Later on, Komai opens the door and tells Nozomu that Sumi had wash and dressed up. Nozomu turns around to face Sumi and his face brightens up like a kid who just got his Christmas present. Then, he goes back to dark mode by looking sinisterly and says, “I welcome you. My princess!”
Scans by rukimaoyou for BW.

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