June 14, 2011

Chitose, Etc [Chapter 29]

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Holding each other’s hands, Chitose and Yuki walk at the beach. Chitose happily says that it has been a long time since she went to the beach. Yuki says that it is the same with him and the last time he went on a beach, was when he went to Okinawa. Yuki then asks Chitose if he can call her ‘Chi’ just like how her brother calls her. He feels that it is cute to call her that way. Flustered Chitose happily smiles and says, okay. Yuki smiles over this. Then, he tells her that it seems that Chitose has not formally told him that she likes him. This surprises Chitose that she asks if she didn’t. Yuki says yes, and even if he knows about it in his heart but he still wants her to say it from her own mouth. “Can you?” Chitose looks at him. Chitose tells him that before Saaya asked her why would she like Yuki and if she [Chitose] only wanted a nice, good-looking guy from Tokyo, she can totally find other guys.. “At that time, I’ve become skeptical for a time.. is my feelings for Yuki-kun really that superficial.. *Yuki looks somewhat surprised* Later on, I’ve realize that it isn’t like that. Because.. just like in a manga, the only one who can make my feelings suddenly become tight is Yuki-kun. I don’t have this kind of feeling with other guys. The one I truly like is only you. ..even if I do not know why, but from the start, I really like you.” Yuki quickly hugs her. A bit flustered, he says, “Thank you.. I also really like you. I will cherish you forever.” Chitose hugs him back and says, “Ya.” Back at the apartment, Yuki apologizes to Tadashi over the trouble yesterday. “And also.. Even if saying it right now, may be a bit late.. I really like Chitose, can you allow us to go steady?” Tadashi smiles and says yes, of course. “If only Chi can be happy, then I, as her brother, don’t have any objections. From today on, I’ll be leaving Chi, to you, Yuki-kun.” Yuki thanks him for that. Tadashi asks if Shun and Saaya agreed with this. Yuki/Chitose tells him that those two originally liked each other and right now, they are also going steady. Tadashi goes pop-eye in surprise. He exclaims if this is like exchanging each other’s girlfriends and they are really amazing for how were they going steady before. Yuki and Chitose sweatdrops as Yuki apologizes. As he prepares to leave, Yuki tells Chitose that they’ll go to school together tomorrow. He’ll just text [/sms] her what time they’ll leave. As Yuki holds Chitose’s hand, Chitose tells him to rest early. Yuki says, “You, too.”

After the door closes, Tadashi tells his younger sister that this is very good for she finally got the reward of traveling to a far place to Tokyo [for Yuki]. Tadashi says that he is happy for her. Blushing Chitose happily hugs her brother and thanks him. Laughing Tadashi pats her head and says, ‘okay, okay’. Then, Tadashi asks Chitose about what is the deal about Shun and the other mutually liking each other. Can it be used as material for his novel? Chitose begs off and says that she’ll tell him next time because it is a long complex story. Tadashi pouts over this. Chitose wonders how things between those two other people are. “Did they also have a date today? Ah, speaking of that, I’ve always brought a bento box for Akaishi-kun. Should I also bring one tomorrow?” The next day, while walking to school, Chitose asks Yuki about his lunch. Yuki says that his sister will occasionally make him a bento but for the most part, he still buys things to eat. “What about it?” Chitose tells him that before, she usually makes two portions of bento box and eats together with Shun. “Today, I temporarily made two portions.” Yuki exclaims that he’ll eat the other half and don’t give Shun to eat again. Chitose nervously smiles and says that she guessed he’ll say that. Chitose asks him if she can eat with Shun one last time today because she thinks that he also didn’t prepare a bento for himself. “And, at Atami, we had also hastily broken up so I want to take this opportunity to properly thank him.” Yuki seems hesitant but Chitose assures him that starting tomorrow, she’ll make his food. Yuki finally relents and says that he’ll just endure it for today, then. Chitose sweatdrops and smiles over this. At the clubroom, Shun puts his hand together and says, “I’ve finished eating-- It's very delicious!” While drinking his tea, Shun asks isn’t it okay for them to eat in the classroom just like before, because anyway, the others didn’t know that they broke up. Chitose smiles and says yes, but just in case-- Shun finds it regrettable that from today on, he cannot eat this kind of bento. Chitose tells him to ask Saaya to make him one. Shun tells her to forget about it because Saaya fundamentally cannot cook. “Ah, that’s right, did.. you do it with Yuki?” Blushing Chitose spits out her tea. Chitose exclaims that is impossible for they have just gone steady. Shun is puzzled that he asks if Yuki also didn’t have a desire to do it. Chitose exclaims, “Of course!”
Shun mutters what’s up with Yuki when it is rare for him to give them a good opportunity to do so, yet Yuki acted like a gentleman. Chitose looks aghast then she realizes something. She asks, “Could it be.. that after you and Saaya went home..” Chitose screams over Shun’s answer in order not to hear it and exclaims to forget it, there’s no need to tell her. After calming down a bit, Chitose says, “..anyway, thank you for always taking care of me. *smiles at Shun* I was really happy during the time that I’ve went steady with you!” Shun looks surprised over this. With crossed arms, Shun says that it is unnecessary to thank him. “I had a girlfriend, only to forget about Saaya. I chose you because I felt that you’re not that bad. Of course, it is to separate you far from Yuki. I had also deliberately made Saaya to see [us] and make her jealous. Perhaps..there is also the part of wanting to hurt Yuki. *smiles and wave at Chitose* Anyway, it includes a lot of dark thoughts, so it’s totally unnecessary for you to thank me.” Chitose replies, “But.. you definitely also had thoughts about I’m pitiful and you would want to help me forget about Yuki, right? *Shun looks surprised and slightly flustered* I never thought that you would be considerate to everyone! So! *smiles and holds out her hand to him* I still want to thank you!” Shun smiles over this and shakes Chitose’s hand. Then, Chitose is puzzled when Shun is ‘kneading’ her hand. She asks him what he is doing. Shun tells her that, touching her, feels comfortable whether it is her hand, hair or lips. “Is it because of high moisture content..” This surprises and made Chitose blush really red. Chitose quickly takes her hand away from his, and exclaims what nonsense is he talking about. Still with a deadpan expression, Shun continues to say that what is really regrettable are her poor breasts which is only 1/3 of the size of Saaya’s. Chitose shouts that he’s awful. Shun says that he still would want to do it with her once. Chitose screams in shock. Shun continues to say that he’s envious of Yuki because from today on, Yuki can touch her as he pleases. Chitose shouts that he’s an idiot and a lewd wolf. Chitose exclaims in embarrassment over how Shun can say such lewd things. Shun innocently tells her that guys are like that but only, not everyone say it clearly. Aghast Chitose doesn’t believe him and exclaims that is absolutely impossible.
Happily holding Chitose’s shoulders, Shun says, “It’s very good that right now, it is only the two of us, do you want a farewell kiss?” Chitose exclaims in shock and exclaims for him to dream on. Shun insists that it is okay, they had kissed many times before and it isn’t a big deal if it is one more. Chitose shouts for him to wait and no. Chitose quickly covers her mouth with both of her hands. The two quietly look at each other. Shun bends to her and kisses her hand where her lips are. Shun says that he’ll forgive her today but next time.. Blushing Chitose is speechless over that. She then angrily tells him that she’ll tell Saaya. This surprises Shun that he exclaims, ‘No way’ and it is unnecessary for he is only teasing her. Chitose angrily says that, this exceeds the limit of teasing. During the club meeting, Midoriko and Kanata are shock that the two pairs had exchanged partners. “Why!?” Yuki sweatdrops and says that it is a very long story. Midoriko says that she can understand Chitose and Yuki but what’s up between Shun and Saaya, is it a case of ‘misery loves company’ or ‘pity each other and they turned out to have a lot in common so let’s be together’. To Midoriko’s shock, Saaya says that she is mistaken for actually, they liked each other from the start. Midoriko comments that is really confusing. Kanata nods in agreement. Midoriko asks if all four are satisfied with their current situation and there are no ill feelings at all. Yuki says yes. Saaya says none. Chitose just blush while Shun looks aloof. Midoriko is delighted over this because lately, the feeling of the atmosphere is quite stressful/delicate so later on, she can finally plan and prepare activities at peace. She then angrily reprimands the four that from today on, they are not allowed to have disputes for she will really be troubled if someone isn’t happy and wants to quit the club because of someone else. The foursome sweatdrops and timidly says, yes.
Midoriko thinks for a moment and says that the three will be okay but she is a bit worried about Chitose. Chitose is puzzled. Midoriko explains that it is because she just transferred to school yet in less than half a year, she already got two boyfriends, Shun and Yuki, so she’s afraid that Chitose would incur the ire of the other girls. Chitose is shock and aghast to learn that. Midoriko asks Yuki if he is going to date other girls after today. Yuki says of course, not and it isn’t necessary. He adds that ever since he liked Chitose, he didn’t do that much anymore. Saaya says is that so, and that isn’t good for Yuki’s fans might meet Chitose and attack her. Saaya was totally fine before because she is strong. Chitose is shock and gloomy over this. Yuki tells Chitose not to worry for he will protect her, absolutely. “I will definitely not let anyone indiscriminately criticize you.” Chitose blushes over this. Saaya tells Chitose that she and Shun will also support her so there’s no need to worry. She looks at Shun and asks, “Right?” Shun says, ya. Chitose smiles and thanks them for their concern. She tells them to relax and, she also doesn’t regret that she went steady with Shun as well as liking Yuki. “It’s alright. No matter how others look at me, I can take it.” Midoriko happily says that if she keeps being strong like that, then there’s no need for them to worry about her. All pepped up, Midoriko exclaims that they go for a change of mood and start preparing for the activities for Valentine’s Day. She tells the foursome to properly work and they aren’t allowed to only talk about love. The foursome sweatdrop and says, yes. Later on, a guy is looking at the posters regarding the Vday activities. The guy looks at the list of club members whom they can ask about the details of the activity. He mutters, “Matsuri club..”
Scans by rukimaoyou for BW.

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