June 14, 2011

Stardust★Wink [Chapter 29]

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Narration: “Now that I think of it, during junior high, it is also like this. Case 1: Anna tensely thought, “Could it be that I and Hinata mutually think of the same thing!? [<- share much in common/mutually like each other] That I only have to confess!!” Then, holding Hinata’s hand, Anna exclaimed, “Hinata!! I..” Da-dum..interrupted when Mari came along. Case 2: While running, Anna thought, “In the end, I do not want it to be like this wherein we’ll graduate while quarreling. I’m going to apologize to Hinata!!” Just when Anna is going to call Hinata who is standing far from her.. Da-dum, Mari appeared and talked with Hinata. Narration: “I don’t know why but whenever I and Hinata consider things to be, ‘This is it!!’, she always appears. Compared with me, that person has more intensely snatched away Hinata’s heart.” Mari giggles and says that it turns out that it is indeed Hinata for she thought that it is just someone who looks like him. “Ah? The one at that side, could it be Koshiro-chan?” With a disbelief expression, Anna turns to look at the back then she backs away a bit. Anna thinks, “She appears again--” Mari exclaims that it is indeed Anna and what is she doing here. Anna looks aghast as she wonders what kind of script Mari is saying. With a smiling face, Mari says that the two of them had properly reconciled. “But it is really great. I was really worried for it seems that the origin of your quarrel is [little] me..” Anna gloomily thinks, “Ah..how nostalgic. In this situation, I feel powerless to say anything and [I] feel apprehensive..” Mari asks if Anna is staying there for today. Anna tells her no, she is going back. Mari is surprised that Anna is heading back today. Mari apologizes for interrupting them and if there is time, she would want to chat some more with Anna. While Anna is wondering why this woman is here, Mari tells her that she’ll just ask Hinata about the rest at school. This surprises Anna when Mari mentioned school. Mari asks Hinata isn’t that right. She is puzzled since Hinata is just looking away and isn’t reacting to her. Mari approaches him and asks, “What is it?” Hinata looks surprised when Mari is about to touch him while saying, “Tokura-kun.” Before Mari can touch Hinata, Mashiro stops her by putting his hand in front to stop her finger. Mari looks surprised while surprised Hinata is looking down at Mashiro’s hand. Smiling Mashiro says, “Okay, this will stop here for now-☆ There’s not enough time--”

Puzzled Mari asks who he is. Pushing up his glasses, Mashiro says that he is a type of guardian for Hinata and Anna. “And, just like the rumor, you are very beautiful, sensei.” Mari thanks him. Pointing to the car, Mashiro exclaims okay, Anna get in the car and Hinata go back home on his own from here. Gloomy Anna tries to protest. She thinks that she knows that she has to go but in the end, she still wasn’t able to ask Hinata [/hear Hinata’s answer]. “And what’s really important is if I just go and leave Hinata behind with that person..” Suddenly, Hinata grabs Anna’s arm. Anna looks surprised and Hinata looks somewhat tense. Hinata didn’t say anything but to Anna’s surprise, Hinata holds her tighter. Anna wonders what this is. “What could this mean!? Are you telling me not to go!? Why- I can’t properly interpret it!! I better calm down.” Hinata tells her to go ride the car. Flustered Anna says ya, yes, she will, if she can. Anna looks at him then at his hand that is holding her. Then, Hinata lets her go. Mashiro calls out to Anna [to get in else he’ll leave her]. Anna exclaims yes. “Goodbye Hinata, see you next time!!” Hinata looks somewhat surprised then sadly waves her goodbye with the panda doll. After the car left, Mari happily calls out to Hinata by saying what is that panda, and it is so cute. Hinata didn’t seem to reply back. He just looks thoughtful-sad. Soon, it is night. Anna and Mashiro stop over a restaurant and ate some ramen for dinner. While eating, Anna thinks, “A lot of things happened today. I went on a date and saw a lot of cute animals. In the end, I wasn’t able to ask Hinata when I obviously have a pile of things that I’m thinking of [/want to ask]. And at the end of all of it..” A chibi Mari said that she’ll ask Hinata about the rest in school. While chewing, Mashiro comments to Anna that he always felt that it is quite unexpected. Anna asks, huh. Mashiro tells her that in his mind, his impression of Mari-sensei is that kind of person who is quite sexy as she seduces the students. Then, there is a picture of what Mashiro thinks Mari would be like – a sexy seductress of a teacher. Aghast, Anna stands up and exclaims at Mashiro as to what kind of topics has he and Hinata been talking about. Mashiro says that it is because they are guys and his ‘polite talk’ is quite amazing. [<- casual talking yet he can dig up a lot of stuff from the other person?] Somewhat flustered Anna looks at him in disbelief.
Mashiro tries to tell Anna that Kobayashi-sensei is.. Anna gloomily asks if she is Hinata’s high school teacher. Mashiro says she is. Freaking out, Anna exclaims, “Why!? Why!? Kobayashi-sensei obviously went on a marriage leave from our junior high school!” Mashiro sweatdrops and says that Mari isn’t pregnant so even if she has married, she can still work though he doesn’t know the details about it. Anna gloomily thinks, “Even if-- I can just say things, [<- say things yet nothing will change] then, right now, Hinata is still meeting sensei at school. This kind of thing.. this kind of thing.. This kind of thing..” Aghast and trembling, Anna mutters out loud, “Could it be that Hinata has not yet forgotten that thing about sensei.. Having an unrequited love with someone’s wife..!!” Mashiro looks surprised at her then he asks her if that is what she thinks. Anna is puzzled and asks, huh. Mashiro asks, “Today, when you see the two of them, do you feel that Hinata likes that teacher?” Anna looks surprised then she thinks, “Today’s Hinata is..” Flashback: After Mari is deterred by Mashiro from touching Hinata and Mashiro is introducing himself, Anna is surprised when Hinata’s left hand is holding his upper right arm. Hinata looked serious-sad-tense. End flashback. Anna thinks, “How.. how can I say it.. overall, it feels kind of strange..?” Mashiro holds Anna’s chin up with his finger and says, “Anna, save Hinata.” Anna goes huh? Mashiro exclaims if it is okay for her to just let things unfinished and from that beautiful teacher’s hand is a woman’s weapon that anyone can use. Anna is puzzled as to what Mashiro meant. With a sparkle in his eye, Mashiro says, “Listen up, Anna. In doing that kind of thing, the more you do it, the more you get too deep into it.” Anna imagines Mari leaning down on Hinata and saying, “Let me teach you a way to cheer you up, a lot more.” With hands on her head, Anna exclaims out loud, “Nnnnooo!!” Mashiro tells Anna that she would want to save Hinata from that sting, right. “Defeat that Kobayashi-sensei. Gambatte-♥” While walking away, Mashiro muses that things are going to be more interesting. Anna exclaims, “Bu..but, Mashiro-kun.. I..!!”
At the parking lot, Mashiro asks Anna what it is for didn’t they already finish things up. Anna says no. She tensely tells him that before, she was told by Hinata that ‘they are childhood friends who are better compared to lovers’. Mashiro asks, “So?” Anna tensely says, “Ah.. so.. for me to have this kind of jealous feelings towards sensei, won’t Hinata feel that it is kind of quite troublesome..” Mashiro darkly asks, “Huh?” [<- kind of like Sou’s reaction when Anna is doing/thinking something stupid.] This made Anna feel tense. Mashiro asks her what about being troublesome for Hinata, and he won’t be troubled over that kind of thing. Anna exclaims, “But I feel that because I like Hinata, the current Hinata doesn’t want to hurt me that he doesn’t want to tell me his feelings!! *crying* for me, to be the only one, to be Hinata’s female childhood friend.. I already felt that it is such an amazing thing.. But, is it okay to ask about that, but I totally feel it’s no good.. and I also won’t want trouble the current Hinata. Regarding sensei, I would think of ‘you idiot--’ but..” [<- I think the last part meant, she might call him an idiot or he’ll call her an idiot which might cause them to quarrel just like before.] Mashiro looks tense and tells her that yes, sorry, it’s his fault. While comforting Anna who is wiping her tears, Mashiro asks what, does Anna think that Hinata’s answer is ‘no’. He tells Anna that he feels that Hinata won’t say it, isn’t because ‘it’s a pity if I dump Anna’. Anna asks him why Hinata won’t say it. Mashiro tells her that it is because it isn’t enough, opening the key to Hinata’s heart. Anna asks him what he just said. Mashiro tells her that he saw it a while ago. “If you want to know Hinata’s feelings, untying that chain is a necessity. [There is an image of Mari.] Fight on, Anna. The winner has not yet been decided. *grabbing Anna by the neck and gesturing ‘forward’* Defeat Kobayashi-sensei!!” Anna sweatdrops and thinks that in the end, it is back to that topic.
As they ride the car, Anna thinks that even if he said it, she obviously knew that they cannot return to being ordinary childhood friends, she still.. She looks up the window and sees the full moon. She mutters, “moon..” and Mashiro says that is right, it’s very beautiful. She perks up and exclaims, “That is it!!” This surprises Mashiro that he asks, what. [<- it turns out to be a Chinese slang. ^^;] if she is talking about ‘shinme’ [<- sacred horse; I think it is a pun and he misunderstood her.] Anna happily tells him that a high school teacher told her some stuff about ‘when you are moved [by something], you should press down the shutter of the camera’. Mashiro asks which teacher it is. Anna tells him that she entered a photography club in high school. “After testing it a bit, it became quite interesting!! And also, this time around, there’s a Photo Koshien kind of thing, that club members will join in-- If we can stay up to the final competition, we can go to Hokkaido, hence-- *looking at Mashiro* Mashiro-kun, are you listening?” Anna goes scared-shock when Mashiro, who is looking like he has an idea [<- up to some mischief type], says that he is listening. Mashiro is happily laughing as he exclaims that it turns out that Anna has joined a photography club. “Photo Koshien!! You should absolutely stay until the final competition, gambatte-!!” Anna sweatdrops and says, ya, she’ll do her best. To Anna’s surprise, Mashiro tells her that speaking of that, lately, Hinata has become quite interested in photography. Anna exclaims is that so, this is the first time she heard of it. Mashiro suggests that Anna takes a picture of the moon and give it to Hinata. “He’ll definitely be very happy.” Taking her cellphone, Anna says okay and can he open the window. Anna is really happy even if it is a coincidence that Hinata is also interested in photography. She takes a picture of the moon and checks her cellphone if it looks okay. She thinks, “Undeniably, there are a lot of things that I do not know about Hinata. What can I do to help.. it’s not at all that kind of amazing thing.. [<- she cannot do much] *looking sad* if it is to understand more of Hinata’s feelings then..” Message sent.
In front of their apartment, Anna thanks Mashiro for today. Mashiro says that it is nothing and he just like observing the youthfulness of youngsters. [<- acting cupid? A busybody? =P] Mashiro asks Anna if she already got Hinata’s reply. Anna says that she didn’t. Mashiro sighs and asks could it be that he’s already sleeping, after all, he woke up early today. Anna[/Mashiro] muses that normally, Hinata answers quickly. While Mashiro[/Anna] is saying that is how Hinata’s mother trained him, Anna suddenly hides behind Mashiro’s car. This surprises Mashiro. Anna whispers to him her apology and asks him to treat her as if she isn’t there. While Mashiro is puzzled, someone behind him, calls out to him. It is Sou. Sou comments that it turns out to be him for he thought it is some bum [/idler]. Mashiro asks what he is doing so late at this time. “Are you night gaming--?” Sou says he isn’t and he just got home from work. At the back of the car, Anna begins to wonder what she is doing but then, right now, she is to ‘keep distance’ from Sou. While thinking that Mashiro has read the mood, she freaks out when Mashiro asks Sou to guess what he just finished doing before coming back home. Mashiro is giggling while Sou mutters that he’s so annoying. Sou darkly asks what’s up with him. Before leaving, Sou says that it is nothing and he has already heard about it from Hinata that is why he called Mashiro a bum [<- has too much free time]. Mashiro looks somewhat surprised. Anna is surprised that Hinata has told Sou about it up to that point. Mashiro somewhat smiles [<- like someone who got caught] and says, “In the end, it isn’t only one [and the same] that is binding Hinata, right?” Anna looks thoughtful as she is somewhat sitting out the car. [I’m not sure if she heard what Mashiro said. ‘Not only one and the same’. The moon is partly covering the sky. While pulling the curtains to the side, Hinata is looking at it from the window. Hinata is holding his cellphone that has a picture and a message from Anna, probably about the moon. [It wasn’t translated.] Hinata looks somewhat sad-thoughtful. Narration: “The key to opening Hinata’s feelings.”
Scans by all★wink汉化组制作

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