June 14, 2011

Mei-chan no Shitsuji [Chapter 102]

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At school, the girls are gossiping about Mei eloping with her butler, Rihito. Someone says that Mei has no shame and upbringing. Another one defends Mei by saying that she heard that Rihito has been dismissed of his duty so maybe that is the reason. They wonder what Izumi and others thought of this. With Izumi and others looking sober, Kento, wearing what seem to be pilot clothes, tells them that he is going after Mei so if they ever get in touch with Mei, he hopes that they can quickly inform him about it. Nezu comments that Kento has already totally became Hongo’s son-in-law. Kento didn’t reply back. Aloof Miruku asks if they [/Kento] definitely ought to check out all the routes connecting from the school. Claris comments that is quite troublesome. Rika exclaims that it isn’t troublesome but rather, it is quite shameful. “Eloping with the butler? What kind of joke is this! The honor of being a student of St. Lucia Academy has become a laughingstock. Kowtow [kneel-prostrate] down to us to apologize, Shibata Kento, for Mei has disgraced us!” Kento didn’t move and just seriously tells them that this isn’t Mei’s fault, but Rihito’s since he forcibly took Mei away when he [Kento] has officially been declared as Mei’s marriage partner. Daimon mutters to the other butlers that it seems that the news about Kento becoming Mei’s groom is true. Aoyama just says, ya. Kento tells them that there are only nine days left before Mei’s birthday, the day when the wedding ceremony is going to be held so Rihito.. Tami comes in and says that if Rihito did that then, that is really such a despicable way of doing things. Without turning to look at Tami, Kento says that is right. “Rihito is really despicable so I’m going to use my both hands to defeat that guy.” Tami tells Kento that he doesn’t believe him because that guy is his brother. Preparing to leave while emitting some dark aura, Kento says, “He isn’t my brother anymore, and I should defeat..the enemy.” Just as he is going out, Kanzaki mutters to him that his shoulders are too stiff. Kento looks a bit flustered then he leaves by slamming the door.

Izumi is surprised when Miruku and Claris quickly go near her. The glittering two ask Izumi as to how they are going to look for Mei and will they install a monitoring device around the world. To their shock, Izumi smiles and says that they are not going to do anything. Rika says but of course, since it has nothing to do with them. Miruku exclaims that for Mei, that is something very important to her. Fujiko smiles and says that is why. “When Mei really needs us, if we are not here, won’t she be very distressed?” Miruku says that is true but.. Claris asks if they are to idly talk about this, at this time. Izumi tells them that right now, they have not yet verified if it is like what Kento said, that Rihito took Mei by force or Mei went with him voluntarily. Fujiko says that if Mei went with Rihito voluntarily then she doesn’t want to disturb them. Rika tells Fujiko that she is very naive. “As a butler, to forget one’s position and would elope with the ojousama whom he is serving, do you know what the conclusion will be?” Miruku asks Daimon what that conclusion will be. Daimon couldn’t answer her. Nezu says that it will be ‘anywhere’ no standing. “One day, when that butler is found, he will be stripped off his qualifications [/rights] as a butler and he cannot be a butler anymore. Until the end, not only will he be made to bear a large amount of money for compensation, his life afterwards will be thoroughly ruined.. Committing an offense against rich people can be quite terrifying. *smiles* But, the good point is perhaps they can still live a happy life at the lowest layer of society.” Fujiko looks thoughtful. Claris mutters that it’s quite cruel. Rika says that in order to preserve the ‘butler system’, it is only through this. “A butler to do such a foolish thing without having qualms about it, fundamentally cannot be used!” Aoyama looks quiet and thoughtful over that comment.
Izumi says that this is different from the time when Irufan took Mei for this time around, Mei is with Rihito so she doesn’t feel that they shouldn’t worry about Mei’s life [/safety]. Kiba mutters that he hopes that is so. Puzzled Izumi looks at him but Kiba tells her that it is nothing. Leon whispers to Nezu that compared to worrying about life, they should be more worried about Mei’s virginity. Somewhat grinning, Nezu comments that Rihito really makes him surprised. [<- didn’t expect Rihito would..] Leo tells him that this isn’t something to grin about. Nezu just says that things has finally become interesting. While Kento is going out of the building, he remembers his talk with Kintaro. At a room, Kento informed Kintaro via videophone that Mei and Rihito are missing. Kintaro commented that they would unexpectedly do such a thing. Kento told him that it seems that he’s very calm about it. Kintaro asked isn’t such a thing of a butler eloping away with his ojousama common. Kento corrected him that it isn’t an elopement but Rihito forced Mei.. Kintaro said that whichever it is, it is the same for him. He repeated to Kento over his decision, that whoever guy, Mei brings with her in front of him [Kintaro] on her birthday will be her husband, has not changed at all. “But, if it is Rihito, he should not care about those, and perhaps he plans to be like this, running away throughout his life, together with Mei.” Kento asked him if he is going to allow that to happen. Kintaro said that no matter if he allows it or not, he only has three months to live. “The one who won’t allow this to happen is you, Kento, (right).” Still looking serious, Kento said that is right for he cannot allow this kind of thing, he absolutely couldn’t. Kintaro burst into laughter and said that is right, and it will be quite distressing if he [Kento] would allow it because right now, he is Mei’s official reserved fiance. “Hongo family’s funds, organizations, talented people.. you can use them all at will, go all out in pursuing Mei and Rihito!” End flashback. Kento goes out to the helipad where Fei and Xiang are waiting with a helicopter. The two butlers say that from today on, they will be Kento-sama’s subordinates. Kento somewhat smiles and says that he doesn’t trust them but he will make them be of use [/effective at some capacity] for him.
Mei is standing somewhere as she closes her eyes, while in deep thought. She opens her eyes and thinks that she doesn’t regret leaving the school together with Rihito. “[But] simply..” Mei blushes as Rihito is standing beside her while carrying a huge bag. Rihito asks if she is cold. Mei happily says that she isn’t cold, not one bit. “And, you, Rihito?” Mei is surprised when Rihito says that he is, a bit. Mei feels sad for him that she quickly holds his hand. Rihito tells her that he is just joking. Mei exclaims that she wants to do this. “I..” Mei thinks that because right now, if she isn’t here beside Rihito, it seems that he would go to a very far away place. Rihito says, “But.. there are a lot of people..” A lot of people are there with some elderly women whispering that it is nice to be young [lovey-dovey in public]. [The place seems to be Gongyaqian Station if it is a name or, some place which is a port/harbor park public transport station.] At a huge building with a ferris wheel beside it, Rihito says that they are going to stay there for the night. Mei says okay. She thinks that she can smell of the night sea. To her surprise, Rihito pulls her to him and says, “Then, sorry for the rudeness.” While Mei exclaims for him to wait a minute, Rihito walks with her into the hotel. Mei blushes when Rihito whispers to her, “Is it possible for you to please lean closer to me? Be [/act] happy.” While Mei is thinking what this situation is, the receptionist welcomes the two and asks what kind of room it will be. With a sparkle, Rihito pulls Mei to him and says, “Of course, a double [bed] room.” Mei is blushing and somewhat shock over this.
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