June 14, 2011

Reimei no Arcana [Chapter 26]

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A ship is sailing in the seas. Caesar bends near to Nakaba who looks ill by the ship’s side and asks if she is alright. Seasick Nakaba gloomily tells him that a so-called ship actually rocks/sway around quite violently and the wide, vast sea is really amazing. Carrying a tray of water, Loki apologizes for making her wait. He brought some water for her to drink. Nakaba thanks Loki. Loki tells her that he also cooked some medicine that will help prevent seasickness. As Nakaba is about to drink, Loki smiles and tells her that he did his best in trying to remove the bitter taste of the medicine. Nakaba looks at him and remembers Loki admitting to her that he has a secret which he cannot tell anyone. Nakaba thinks that everyone has their own secrets, and she doesn’t want to probe into it but she wants to know about it. She thinks that it is necessary for her to know about it. “I want to know as to what made you so fearful--.. so.. I want to see it.” Sitting on her bed, Nakaba grips the blanket and uses her Arcana. She ‘sees’ younger King Guran saying that clan will bring about a calamity so kill them all. Nakaba tensely thinks that no, this isn’t right, this isn’t what she wants to see. She ‘sees’ the soldiers destroying the village and killing everyone in sight. Then, while young Loki tries to protect Nakaba from the slaughter, a soldier appears before them. Then, Stasha shielded them but ended up being slashed. Blood splattered on young Nakaba’s face. End Dream. Nakaba instinctively wipes her face then she is surprised by what she did. She sadly thinks that it is that again when she obviously wanted to know about the thing regarding Loki. She has tried using her Arcana so many times since their sea voyage but all of it are the past which she doesn’t want to see. Holding her head, she decides to go out and have some fresh air. Then, she sees Loki at the deck of the ship, looking up the starry night sky. Loki notices someone is there so he turns and sees Nakaba. He asks her what’s up. Nakaba says that she cannot sleep. To her surprise, Loki puts his cape around Nakaba and says that she doesn’t look quite well. He tells her that even if they are going southward and it is getting warmer, but the night sea breeze is still very cold. “There will be more exhausting days to come so please, you should definitely take care of yourself.” Nakaba snuggles to him and says, yes. “Thank you, Loki..” At the corner, Caesar is frowning while crossing his arms. He looks displeased over this.

The next day, Nakaba is puzzled as to why Caesar has covered her with his cloak. Nakaba tells him that it’s quite hot. The sun is shining brightly up the sky. With crossed arms, pouty Caesar tells her that it is because of the sea breeze and he doesn’t want her white skin to get a tan. Covering her eyes from the sun, Nakaba thinks that Caesar is worried about her and perhaps it is because lately, her body isn’t feeling well. Loki tells them that they will be reaching the port of Inhaca [伊尼卡; invented name] soon. Nakaba looks out the ship and sees the port. After they have landed and walking in the streets, Belenus tells them that Lithvanel is an inland country so it is necessary that they have to pass by Inhaca. Even if this is an unofficial visit but they cannot just take the liberty of visiting so they[/he] already sent news about it and Prince Ahkil said that he will dispatch someone to meet with them. Then, someone calls out, “It has been a long time.” The couple [and others] turns around and is surprised that it is Ahkil with a couple of attendants. Belanus says that he didn’t expect him to personally come. Ahkil says that they came as a group to his country so if he wasn’t the one who’ll welcome them, then who will. Nakaba tells Ahkil that she is happy to see him again. Ahkil quietly observes[/looks at] her then tells them that he will guide them to his palace in Lithvanel. At a huge Arabian-style palace, a servant welcomes Ahkil back and asks who the people with him are. Ahkil tells the servant not to mind it for they are his guests. Inside, Ahkil leads them to his palace. While entertaining them with some food and drinks, Ahkil says that he already know about their aim of Senan wanting to establish diplomatic ties with his country as the reason why they travelled a long distance to their place this time around. Ahkil tells them that before meeting with the king, he would want them to meet someone else first. Nakaba asks who they are going to see. Ahkil tells her that it is his brother who is a good guy even if he is a bit weird. Nakaba wonders what kind of person Ahkil’s brother is since she already thinks that Ahkil is weird. She repeats about meeting his brother. Ahkil says that is right but because of their long voyage, they should be tired so he’ll introduce his brother to them tomorrow. “So, Rest well first for tonight..”
In her bedroom, Nakaba is facing her bed and worriedly thinks of Loki. She looks tense when she remembers him telling her not to probe into it. Suddenly, she feels dizzy. She bends over as she tries to stable herself on the bed. Just then, Loki enters the room and apologizes for disturbing her. He is about to ask her if she is already resting when he sees her kneeling on the bed. Loki rushes to her and frantically puts her on the bed. He asks her what happened and is she alright. Nakaba says that she is alright and she just got dizzy while standing. Loki looks serious then asks her, “Princess Nakaba, have you.. been probing into my ‘secret’? Using the Arcana of Time..” Nakaba looks surprised. She sits up and calls out his name. Judging from her reaction, Loki realizes that Nakaba did. Nakaba thinks that it is because she felt uneasy. Loki looks really flustered and somewhat sad as he mutters that he obviously told her that he does not wish her to probe into it. Seeing his reaction, Nakaba felt bad about it. She thinks that she is really awful since she made composed [/coolheaded] Loki to lose control [his emotions] and hide things [from her]. She felt that it is because she ‘can see’ it that she easily thought of going to pry into it. “I’m really very awful.” Just when Nakaba is about to apologize to him, Loki holds her shoulders and tells her, “That power.. can help you, Princess Nakaba but at the same time, it can impair [/weaken] your life.” This surprises Nakaba. Loki continues to tell her that such a strong power is a kind of burden to the body. “So.. please, somewhat exercise control in using that kind of power.” Nakaba looks tense upon hearing that.
The next day, a long haired guy greets Nakaba as Senan princess but corrects himself by saying that she’s Belquat’s [crown] princess. The guy introduces himself as Azhar. To the trio’s disbelief, Azhar starts praising Nakaba by saying that her red hair is brighter in color than a ruby that it is like a blazing flame. “In regards to the royal clan’s position, I should assume that you definitely experienced a lot of hardships. But because of those hardships wherein you felt quite desperate at times, it has in a way made you have such a gorgeous appearance.. Besides, those beryl-like eye pupils of yours look very strong that they are also very beautiful. *sparkles* I cannot suppress the desire to bring you into a harem.” Ahkil reminds his brother that it will be morning soon. Azhar says that he is right. He stands up and tells them that he’ll leave the rest to Ahkil. After Azhar leaves, Ahkil tells speechless Nakaba that is his older brother. He says that they do not look the same because they do not have the same mother but they were brought up by one mother. Among his brothers, he is closest to Azhar whom he wants to be the next one in line for the throne. Caesar asks him what the issue is all about. Ahkil tells them that there are seven princes in their kingdom and the oldest one is the one who will become the next king. Azhar is the second prince even though he is born on the same day as the first prince. That is because the first prince’s mother wants her son to become king so upon learning that Azhar’s mother is about to give birth, she quickly had a caesarian operation to give birth to the first prince. Ahkil sighs and says that if the first prince is an outstanding person then he won’t be this unsatisfied and everyone thought that way, too. So, the king gave them a condition that lately, there is a group of robbers causing trouble in the country. The prince who catches those robbers will inherit the throne. Those robbers ‘appears and vanishes unpredictably’ that until now, they weren’t able to find the robbers’ headquarters to capture them.
Ahkil tells them that as a condition to promote diplomatic ties between his country and Senan, he wants them to help his brother Azhar in capturing those robbers. Ahkil explains to them that the first prince is a person who wants to curry favors [/social climber] so he absolutely does not want to make an enemy with Belquat, hence he will not establish ties with Senan. “Other than helping my brother prince, there is no other way that you guys can do it. Furthermore.. I want to talk with Princess Nakaba alone.” Caesar protests about that. Ahkil assures them that he won’t do anything strange and if they are worried, Loki can stay behind. Nakaba and Loki look at each other. Holding Nakaba’s shoulders, Caesar tells her that if something happens, she should call for him. Nakaba says okay. Caesar looks thoughtful while standing outside the closed door. Nakaba asks what he wants to talk about. Ahkil tells her that in order to know the robbers’ whereabouts, he would want her to use her Aracana of Time. Loki looks serious at Ahkil. Loki protests when Nakaba says okay. Nakaba assures him that it is okay and this kind of power can be used during ‘this kind of times’. Loki relents and says that it is as she wishes. Ahkil says that he’ll leave it up to her. At night, in some courtyard, Nakaba looks up the starry night and wonders if she can use the Arcana smoothly. She looks at her hand then the color of her pupils start to turn red. Someone calls out, “Hey-- what are you doing here?” Nakaba turns around to see Caesar. She quickly turns around to cover her eyes and says that it is nothing. This irritates Caesar that he grabs her hands and says, “That’s impossible for you are obviously trembling.” This surprises Nakaba as she notices that her hands are shaking on its own. She mutters that it is true. Holding Nakaba’s face to him, Caesar exclaims that there is definitely something up. “..Are you not feeling well? Did something happen between you and that dog? Or is it something that Ahkil said? You can have a secret, but if there is something that makes you uneasy, you should definitely tell me!” As Caesar comforts her, Nakaba thinks, “..Then, Caesar, I’m very afraid.”
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