June 14, 2011

Stardust★Wink [Chapter 28]

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Cover page: “Spring is very much in the air♪ Thump, thump, start of [romantic] love’s premonition [/have a feeling of love] ♥” Elephants, penguins, giraffe and red panda. “Very cute..” “So cute..” Move into tears, Anna, together with moved and blushing Hinata, looks at a squirrel munching on an acorn. Anna says, “It’s extremely cute~~” The two felt at peace as Anna muses that this place is heaven. Narration: “Sitting in the car as it rock about at the highway after several hours, it turns out that the place where ‘there are a lot of cute kids’ and where Hinata chose to go on a date is actually the zoo.” Hinata asks Anna, “What about it? Are there any kids cuter than you, Anna?” Anna laughs it off and says, “What are you saying!! Of course, these kids are cuter than me. Ah- If compared with animals, Anna-chan cannot compare to them-” Hinata asks what’s up with her [that kind of reaction]. Anna thinks that she has been agonizing at the car regarding what Hinata will tell her regarding his answer to her confession. “And the end of that worrying, ‘No matter how much I think of it, only Hinata knows about it, right!? Isn’t it a waste to think of it for such a long time!?’ And that is the conclusion that I came up with. *holding up fist* Since it is like that, I might as well just simply not think of anything and enjoy this date with Hinata. Isn’t this more sensible!? *freezing* If I said it this way, perhaps someone would say that I’m just running away from reality..” Looking at a brochure, Hinata cannot help control his joy for the next one they are going to see are pandas. Anna looks at him in surprise for Hinata can actually get excited over some other animals, other than squirrels. Happily smiling at him, she thinks, “But, right now, I do not want to waste the time I’m with Hinata. And, for a while, is it okay for me to just forget everything and have fun as much as I like..?”
At the Giant Panda exhibit, there is an announcement that the park is currently very crowded so the visitors, who are going to view the panda, shouldn’t stop walking and just keep on moving forward. “Thank you for your cooperation.” Anna exclaims that it is very popular. Hinata comments that even if he had predicted it to be, he didn’t expect it to be this crowded. Hinata asks if they should give it up. Anna asks what he is talking about. “It’s rare for us to come here, so let’s go together and see it!!” Hinata says that she’s right. “Let’s go!!” Because of the vast number of people pushing each other to see the pandas, the two got separated. Anna thinks that it is really very crowded that she couldn’t see the pandas. Hinata calls out to her and asks if she is alright and he has already seen the pandas. Anna exclaims if that is true. Hinata tells her that it is at this side, this side. Just then, someone is holding Anna’s hand tightly. This made Anna blush really red as she thinks, “Wait, Hinata!! It’s quite hard to just totally abandon those evil thoughts and decided to have fun as much as I like. If this keeps up, I’ll quickly [start] anticipating. *holding her hand tightly* And, to be pulled so forcefully like this, sorry but I cannot help but become really happy over this-!!” Then, Anna is pulled out from the crowd..by a young boy. Anna looks at the boy and asks to herself, “Who..[is this]..” Hinata goes out from the crowd and asks Anna what happened. Anna looks at Hinata who is approaching them, and tells him that her hand got pulled out by this boy whom she doesn’t recognize. The boy looks at Anna and says, “Not..ma..ma..” Anna looks tense as she and Hinata think, “Ha?” The boy becomes teary-eyed then cries, “Wah..I got kidnapped!! Waaaaahh (cry)” =P Anna tensely exclaims for him not to say things that will make other people misunderstand.
As Anna and the boy are sitting on a bench, they learn from the crying boy that he got lost from his parents and thought that the hand he is got hold of is his mother’s. Anna looks away aghast for her [overly imaginative] ‘girl’ brain switched the reality of a child holding her hand with an absurd idea of someone older = Hinata, is the one holding her. Hinata tells the boy that it seems that his parents aren’t nearby so they’ll bring him to a lost child center. The boy whines that he doesn’t want to go to the lost child center for it is so lousy. Hinata muses that kids at his age already knows how to be ashamed. The boy tells him that it feels strange to be in that place. Thinking that it is dangerous to just leave him alone, Hinata suggests that they go together in looking for the boy’s mother since the boy hates the lost child center. Anna reluctantly agrees with him. Anna thinks that because of this situation, it has become not quite like a date but then, this also gives her an opportunity to become cool-headed. As they start walking around, Hinata asks the boy what his parents are like. The boy says that his father likes beer while her mother is very scary. =P The boy suddenly shouts, “Ah!! It’s Zebstrika--!!” then starts running off. Anna shouts for the boy to wait up. Soon, Anna is breathing hard as she manages to catch up with the boy. She tells the boy that he is like that, so no wonder he got lost. Holding the bars, the boy happily exclaims, “Zebstrika, Zebstrika!! It’s for real!!” Anna asks if the Zebstrika, he is talking about is actually a zebra or is Zebstrika.. Hinata tells her that what the boy is saying should be from Pokemon wherein it looks very much like a zebra. The boy happily asks if Hinata knows about Pokemon. With a twinkle in his eye, Hinata says that he knows really well and doesn’t a Blitzle [/Shimama in Jap] evolves into a Zebstrika [/Zebraika in Jap; It is a fast and powerful electrical zebra-like Pokemon that was introduced in the fifth generation games. Source: gamehiker.com].
Anna is a bit speechless and tells Hinata really knows about it. Hinata sighs and tells her that it is because lately, the topic that Sou talks about with him is Pokemon. “Yesterday, at the telephone, he kept on talking about it on and on.. I-- I always have to use Pokemon- [<- ah, I think it made him knowledgeable about Pokemon or Hinata is the only one whom Sou can talk about it.] Thanks to him, I wasn’t able to get enough sleep--” Anna thinks Hinata and Sou’s relationship is still very good just like in the past. “Originally, I was worried that they would be awkward and don’t know what to do because of me.” Then, the boy blurts out, “By the way, are oniisan and oneesan, lovers?” The two freeze. Anna is shock at how fast the topic has been changed. “But then again, it is this question again..” Just when aghast Anna tries to say what he is talking about, Hinata pats the boy’s head and says, “Even if we are not lovers, but our feelings for each other [/relationship] is much better than lovers.” Then, someone is calling out to ‘Yuuto’. The boy exclaims that is her mother’s voice. Yuuto quickly runs to the direction of the voice to where his mother is. Hinata says that it’s great that they found the mother. He notices that Anna is lost in thought that he asks if she is listening. Anna snaps out of it and says, ah, yes..that’s right. Then, Anna looks somewhat tense. As they continue on walking together, Anna tries to quickly think of something to say or else--. Then, Hinata calls out her name. Anna immediately shouts where else does he want to go. This surprises Hinata. Anna continues to say that elephant, giraffe and also penguins.. “Even if the panda wasn’t seen much but we saw the red panda quite clearly. Ah, that’s right, do you want to see a lion!? Coming to the zoo, we should see the king of the beasts. Want to go see it!? *pause and tensely says* What..do you think?” Hinata tells her ya, he also wants to see the lion. Anna says, okay, it has been decided, let’s go!”
Anna thinks over what Hinata said that even if they aren’t lovers, their relationship is much better than lovers. “What Hinata said just now, how should I understand it? Should I be happy about this? Or, should I be broken-hearted about this? I couldn’t distinguish it clearly. *remembers Hinata telling her on the phone, ‘Next time we meet, I’ll tell you.’* What Hinata said a while ago, if I were to link it up with what he said before, I will..” At the souvenir store, Anna is holding up a panda [puppet?] on her hand and happily tells Hinata to look, it’s a panda doll. Blushing a bit, Hinata says that it is really nice. Anna tells Hinata that she would want to buy it for Mashiro. “Would he want it? I personally would want one!!” Hinata tells her that didn’t she already gave a gift to Mashiro this morning. Anna says that she did give him one but she would want to also give Mashiro something on the return trip. “Since, Mashiro-kun cannot go back to Tokyo today..” Hinata tells her that he thinks that Mashiro doesn’t mind that he cannot go back because it seems that he has a girlfriend at the other side. “He said that he won’t come home [to Tokyo to sleep] tonight.” Anna goes into shock and exclaims if that is so. Anna thinks that Mashiro’s girlfriend is definitely a cute girl. Hinata looks at her then becomes thoughtful. He then says, “Anna, can I say something for a while? *Anna freezes and becomes tense* Regarding that ‘Next time we meet, I’ll tell you.’, that I told you on the phone, perhaps, you might not agree.. *using the panda doll to talk* But in the end, it is quite hard to talk while at the zoo, so is it okay if we talk [about this] again next time? Let’s choose a new place again. *Anna looks surprised at Hinata as he wiggles the panda doll* Sorry--” While Hinata looks at the panda and mutters about being reluctant to leave, somewhat flustered Anna knits her eyebrows and thinks, “..there it is again. It seems that no matter when, Hinata can read through my heart.. No matter when..”
At the Ueno JR Station, when it seems to be sunset soon, the couple meets up with Mashiro. Holding up the panda, Hinata says, “Mashiro-kun, thank you for coming to fetch us, accept our ‘Mama’.” After a pause, Mashiro asks what that is and is ‘mama’ a suffix. [<-Sorry, I don’t know the exact term used but I’m guessing that Hinata is playing around with words of ‘kuma’ which means bear.] “Is that something that a male high schooler would buy?” While Anna just quietly stands at his side, Hinata tells him that he [/they] already bought it. Mashiro tells him that it would be cuter if a girl bought it. Anna is thinking, “What am I doing? Always being pampered by Hinata, always running away.. when obviously, if I don’t ask, then nothing would also start [/happen].” Anna suddenly grabs Hinata’s arm and exclaims, “Hinata, say it! I’m sorry. It is alright, whatever it is that you are going to tell me. Even if I cannot be your lover, but then, I’m also the only girl whom you are childhood friends with. *teary-eyed yet somewhat smiling* When I seriously think about it, that is also an amazing thing, right..?” Hinata looks really surprised. Anna looks at him as she waits for him to say something. Hinata says, “I..” Flashback 1: ‘The one I like is Anna, do you know that?’ [<-Sou said that at the end of the first chapter and it seems that Hinata overheard it based on chapter 2.] Flashback 2: Anna happily holds up her little finger over their pinkie promise and says, ‘Hinata’. [<- chapter 2; Anna will do her best if Hinata stands by her side when she and Sou quarreled] Hinata continues to say, “I..[towards]..Anna..” [<-this sentence is usually used for confession] Flashback 3: ‘Tokura-kun, feeling down? Do you know that there is a magic that can cheer you up?’ [<- I think you already know who said that.] Then, Anna’s eyes widen in surprise when she hears someone says, “Hinata-kun?” Someone is approaching from behind Anna. Anna thinks, “..ah, this voice..” And yes, it is smiling Mari-sensei coming towards them.
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