June 14, 2011

Bokutachi wa Shitte Shimatta [Chapter 46]

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Kotori is surprised when Yukito asks her if she wants to go to his house today. Flustered Kotori thinks, “Could..could it be.. this.. is referring to that thing!?” Later on, Kotori peeks of the room and thinks that Yukito is there but of course, he would be since she agreed to go to his house. Yukito is waiting for her at the hallway while doing something on his cellphone. Kotori wonders if it is okay and what should she do. Her thoughts are interrupted when Haruna asks her what’s up with her for she has been sneaking around like that for a while. “Aren’t you going home?” Flustered Kotori says that yes, she is. Then, Yukito closes his cellphone upon seeing her. He asks if they can go. She says yes. Then, there is a pause. Flustered Kotori thinks that it was a bit awkward a while ago and during this kind of time, she doesn’t know what to say. “No no no, I shouldn’t mind it, right? Perhaps, it isn’t that. Perhaps, I’m just overly analyzing this. And maybe, he is only inviting me to go and play [/hang around] at his house. Ya! That’s right!” Kotori looks gloomy for she is unconvinced by her own monologue. She then tells Yukito about buying something to eat for a while since she is a bit hungry. Kotori thinks, “See! How can I not think of it--~~~” Keigo is surprised that Kotori is ordering food from him. Flustered Kotori tells him that she wants a big order of French Fries. Keigo comments that it is quite rare for her to buy something before going home. Kotori says that is true and she is just a bit hungry today. Keigo tells her that it is 200 yen. Just when Kotori is going to get the money from her purse, Yukito puts two 100 yen coins on the counter. Kotori and Keigo look at Yukito who tells Kotori that he’s going to pay for it. Kotori tries to insist that there is no need for that since she can pay for it, but Yukito tells her that he already said that he is going to pay for it so as her boyfriend, can’t he pay it for her. Kotori blushes over being called girlfriend so she relents and just thanks him. They were surprised when Keigo suddenly puts the ‘take out’ food in front of Kotori and exclaims, ‘Thank you for waiting--!” Sparkling, Keigo says, “Kotori, about the cultural festival, I’ll be waiting for your answer ♥” Kotori just says, “Ya..yes..okay” to smiling Keigo. Keigo and Yukito exchanges angry glances. After the couple left, Haruna tells Keigo that he really likes to flirt around with girls and didn’t he already give up. Holding his hands up, Keigo says that he is just taking advantage of such opportunities.. at any time.. and he is very patient.

While walking, Kotori thanks Yukito for the fries. He tells her that it is just a small thing. She tells him that they’ll eat it together later on. Then, the two flustered Kaji-s walk quietly. Kotori thinks that it still feels awkward and things aren’t the same as before. “Is it because I’m thinking about it too much? Am I analyzing too much? But, since he invited me that way, of course, I would mind it. What he said in the morning at school has a deep meaning to it. *Scene of Yukito asking Kotori if that thing is strange* I really want to know why he said that.. should I bluntly ask him about it? No, this isn’t the time to ask, right? But.. does what he said about ‘thing’ mean ‘want to do it’? Should I ask it more tactfully.. like, ‘What are we going to do in your house?’ Do what? What do you want to do? What are you thinking? Isn’t that really scary? I don’t know what to do! We will be at Yukito’s house soon. I should think what to do..” She suddenly says, “Book..bookstore!” This surprises Yukito that he asks her what it is. Kotori lamely points at the bookstore and says that she wants to go there to check some new publications. Kotori quickly rushes in just as Yukito tries to cal her. He wonders if she did that deliberately or is he just overly analyzing it. Inside the bookstore, Kotori wonders where the new publications are. Then, Kotori gloomily goes out. Yukito asks her if she found what she is looking for. While muttering that it is futile to delay it, Kotori tells him that she has found it yet she didn’t find it. Yukito asks what she meant by that. Soon, they are in Yukito’s house. Kotori is speechless and tense as she thinks that they are here. Yukito invites her inside. Inside the house, Kotori casually says that this is her third time in his house. Yukito says, really, she remembered it clearly. Kotori says that it is because she is very happy during that time so she remembered it. She thinks that if visiting Yukito while he had a fever counts, then, this would be her fourth time. Kotori tells her that the first one is when they reviewed for the exams, and the second one is to make lunch during the summer break.. She stops when she remembers Yukito hugging her tightly then. She blushes and thinks that her imagination is running wild. Yukito tells her not to just keep standing there, please come in. Kotori tensely says okay.
Before they can go in Yukito freezes when Kotori asks about his family [if they are at home]. With a goofy look, Yukito asks, “Family?” Kotori says that it is already late so if his brother or anyone else is there, she would be disturbing them. Flustered and somewhat tense, Yukito says that generally, someone is there. Kotori asks, “Generally?” Yukito tells her, “..here! I think in the past.” Kotori asks him further about this. While mentally apologizing that his brother has probably went to cram school, Yukito exclaims, he’s here, he’s here. Kotori somewhat smiles and sighs in relief that ‘he’s here’. Yukito’s eyes widen and thinks that Kotori just sighed in relief so could it be that she is on her guard that is why she went in that bookstore. Looking dark, Yukito wonders if Kotori has already noticed his intention. He says, “Kotori.. About that.. (What should I do? How am I going to lower her guard.. or should I clearly tell her? *Kotori asks what it is* (Tell her about it? What am I going to tell her? ‘I want to do it!’ Idiot! That’s too direct!) Ah.. *holding fist* Let’s play a game! (No, that’s not right!)” Yukito looks gloomy as Kotori looks surprised. Kotori asks, “..Game?” Yukito answers, “Ga..game!” Kotori exclaims in disbelief that Yukito wants to play a game. While holding his hair bangs, Yukito tells her that lately, he is into playing this game. His brother bought a PS3 console and also a game wherein two players can play together so.. Kotori blushes and thinks that Yukito actually wants to play a game, so she is really just thinking too much and now, she can be at ease. Yukito isn’t too happy that Kotori exclaims, “Ah..game! Let’s play together! I can’t wait!” Suddenly Yukito pinches Kotori’s cheek that Kotori asks what’s up with him. Yukito says that he just wants to pull it. Kotori tells him that it will sag. He says it won’t. She says it will. He insists that it won’t. Then, someone asks what they are doing that they are always standing in front of the door [/entrance hall]. It is Masaya who tells Yukito not to just foolishly stand there and ask the visitor to come in. The couple is somewhat surprised to see him for Masaya is really at home. Soon, Kotori is happily playing a fighting game with Yukito who isn’t quite happy over the turn of events. As speechless Yukito’s mouth is filled with cold and soft French Fries, Kotori happily eats it with him.
Soon, Yukito walked Kotori to the station and bid her goodbye. Yukito smiles, then after she left, he looks sad. At home, Yukito takes out a piece of paper and starts to write. He wrote:

My and Kotori’s Timeline/Year


  • Meet before the Opening Ceremony

  • Around first third of the month:
  • Going steady (also kissed already)

  • Unsuccessful kiss (Too impulsive, introspection)

  • Last third of the month:
  • First date/kiss/ 2 times

  • During sports exam, kissed

  • Cleaning duty, kissed

  • Date after school (kissed 2 times)

  • Kotori takes the initiative to kiss my cheek

  • Kiss -> Quarrel:
  • Entered cold, winter period

  • Summer festival [/Matsuri] reconciled, kissed

  • Yukito looks at the list and thinks that it has already been half a year so what about the rest of the year. He let out a long sigh as he falls down on his bed. “When will we.. do it.. Today, she is definitely on her guard-- *lies to the side* Our progress is only up to an ordinary kiss, is it too slow? I’m also not too sure.. but for that girl, just kissing can be pretty much intimidating. Won’t it be really hard to go one step further..? That girl.. Could it be that she doesn’t want to do it with me? Ah..but, I’m..” He looks surprised when someone is saying, “Eh? What is this.. Kiss once, twice.., 3, 4..5 and also unsuccessful--” To Yukito’s shock, Masaya is reading the list that he wrote. Happily looking at the paper, Masaya says, “How~ cute~ ♥” Embarrassed Yukito tries to get the paper back as he exclaims for his brother to give that back. Holding up the paper, Masaya says that the last one is a summer kiss. Yukito shouts for him not to read it. Holding the paper, Yukito asks what’s up with him and why is he in his room. Holding a uniform, Masaya says that it will soon be the season of changing uniforms so he brought his uniform. “Here.” Yukito exclaims for him to just leave it there and quickly leave. Masaya says okay, okay. Before Masaya leaves, he tells Yukito, “Ah. You are still quite pure, right? From the looks of it, the future is still quite remote. It’s still very much far away.” Yukito is surprised by that. He then throws a book at the closed door and shouts for Masaya to mind his own business. Looking really flustered, he mutters that he isn’t that pure.
    In school, Yukito holds the shoulder of someone and says, “Do not stay far away, come closer to me.” That someone goes closer to Yukito and lovingly says, “Yukito..” Yukito continues to say, “We.. have been going out for around half a year already.. I think that is good enough..” The other asks, “..Good enough? For what?” Yukito asks if ‘she’ wants him to say it. “You know what I mean, right? What I’m referring to more or less [that]..” The other person gestures for Yukito to stop by putting one’s finger on his mouth. “..If it’s Yukito, I’ll agree to it.” Yukito is aghast as Abe goes ‘chu-chu’ + ‘hearts all over’ at him. This made Yukito turn away and shouts to quit it, it’s too gross. “And, I think that Kotori won’t be saying that, she won’t!” Abe angrily shouts what’s up with Yukito when it is rare for him to agree to be someone whom Yukito can practice with. “Why don’t you be serious!” Yukito says that he couldn’t get serious and he isn’t Kotori. Abe tells Yukito that the way he is acting, it seems like he is some dirty old man and he talks too much. “Don’t you think that your opening remarks are too long? Don’t say unnecessary things! I think it is okay to be a bit tough. You see, girls really like those ‘bad boy’, forceful type of guys.” Yukito doesn’t quite believe him but Abe insists that it is true. Yukito asks where he learned about it. Abe tells him that on the television. Yukito says that isn’t reliable and after a lot of talking/stuff, in the end, it is still good to be the nice one. Abe says ya but maybe the other party wants him to take the initiative. “Even if being nice is important, but during crucial moments, one should be, rough!” Abe suddenly pulls Yukito to him which surprises Yukito. Then, the two guys almost kiss each other. =P They turn away from each other and look disgusted. Yukito tells him to forget about it. After a pause, Abe shouts that it is alright, they should continue. “Think of me as Kaji Kotori, Come on!” No longer in the mood, Yukito turns down his offer. While walking at the outdoor corridor, Yukito sighs and wonders about Abe’s suggestion to take the initiative but he isn’t too sure about it. “How can I say this.. I’m worried that if I don’t do my best in doing it the right way, I might ruin the current relationship..”
    In the classroom, the votes as to what they are going to do for their cultural festival are tied with maid cafe and horror house so to compromise, they will do a horror maid cafe wherein the members will be ghosts = maids, Dracula, fallen warrior/samurai, crying demon/ghost, Frankenstein, pervert guy [werewolf-type?], sifting sand/Sasa grandma [witch-type?] and Oscar [<- no idea, is there a famous horror character of that name? Maybe it should be Jason. ^^;] At the hallway, during the break, Kotori is talking with Natsume. Natsume tells her that she finds the horror cafe quite interesting. Kotori says that she pretty much think that it will be quite funny and she always look forward to high school’s cultural festival so she is very excited. Natsume says that Kotori would definitely want to cosplay as a maid. Kotori says that she would want to try it out and Natsume would definitely suit in being a maid. To Kotori’s surprise, Natsume tells her that she is more interested in the sifting sand grandma. Then, Natsume asks Kotori about her relationship with her boyfriend. She asked before and they had a quarrel then, but how about now. Kotori happily says that everything is going smoothly though earlier, she is quite embarrassed for she made a misunderstanding. Natsume asks her what happened. Later on, after telling Natsume, Natsume tells Kotori that isn’t necessarily Kotori’s misunderstanding. Kotori asks if that means that Yukito’s real goal isn’t to play the game but that thing. Natsume says yes, even if before they cooked something at his house, during the crucial moment, they were hindered by someone so she [Natsume] thinks that Yukito is hoping that there will be another opportunity. Kotori says is that so, but while they were playing the game, he didn’t show this kind of thinking [<- didn’t make any moves on her]. She then remembers flustered Yukito asking if it is strange. Natsume tells her not to mind and be anxious about it too much for it might be like what Kotori think, she is just over analyzing things. Kotori just says yes..okay. Then, Abe tells Yukito that Kotori is there at the hallway. Yukito looks at Kotori who is happily talking with Natsume. Yukito says that he’s right. Abe tells Yukito that they are probably talking about a game and their relationship is really good. “Right?” Yukito just looks at them as Natsume is hugging and tickling[?] Kotori. Yukito blushes and becomes envious of Natsume for he hasn’t done any lovey-dovey yet with Kotori at the hallway. Holding Yukito’s shoulder, Abe tells him that he is always looking at the girls’ direction. “Are you thinking about how Kotori would look like in a maid outfit?” This made Yukito blush-surprise. He exclaims, “Idiot..” then starts holding Abe on a head grip as he denies that he is thinking of any maid-stuff. Abe says that he is a pervert then, says that it hurts since Yukito is gripping him tightly.
    Kotori overhears them and looks at their direction where the two guys are fooling around. Kotori wonders if Yukito is really thinking of that, then what should she do, she wants to progress to that step with Yukito.. [<-not sure if she wants to, or she is wondering if she wants to] “If that mood happens again, ..what should I do?” Later on, Yukito looks at his watch and says that there is still some time left before they go to work. Flustered Kotori says, ya. Kotori is really nervous and even if Natsume told her not to mind it, but once she minded it, she thinks about it even more. Kotori decides not to shift the topic towards that direction and do her best for that kind of mood not to appear. She nervously thinks about she should first act normal. Yukito tells her that since they have time, why don’t they go somewhere to sit [/hang out] for a while. At the esplanade, the two looks out the view. Kotori says that it has been a long time since they went there and the view ought to be nice at night. Yukito tells her that next time, they go back there at night. Kotori says okay. Kotori thinks that she obviously decided to do her best to not creating this kind of mood but the surrounding area has this kind of mood. There are a lot of couples around them. Kotori thinks that she doesn’t dare look around but then, Yukito ought to have also noticed it. Yukito asks if she wants something to drink, he can go buy something. Thinking that Yukito shouldn’t turn around to see those lovey-dovey couples, Kotori declines his offer and tells him that they will only just watch the sea. This made Yukito somewhat puzzled. Then, Kotori realizes something. She thinks that since she doesn’t want that kind of mood to happen, does it mean that she actually still do not want/think about that. “Is that it?” Kotori freezes when she notices that Yukito is holding her waist. Kotori is blushing while Yukito has a somewhat goofy look on his face. ^^; Kotori thinks that it isn’t around the shoulder like it usually is, his hand is on her waist. Somewhat freaking out, Kotori wonders if Yukito wanted to hold her. Then, she notices that Yukito’s hand is moving. Frantic Kotori wonders what to do, should she just keep still or should she say something. “--If it is to say something, what will I say? It would be strange if I suddenly refuse, Wha..what is the tactful way to say something.. *surprise* Wha..what? It seems that his hand is nearer than just now.. If this kind of move continues.. Not good!” Kotori says, “Tha..that..” Kotori turns to him and faces somewhat surprised Yukito. Kotori says, “I.. I..”
    Scans by 17kkmh.com

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