June 14, 2011

Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu [Chapter 83]

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And, it is spring. Spring means a new school year. Everyone is checking their classroom assignments. Miho happily shouts to Tsubaki that they are classmates. Tsubaki exclaims if that’s true. Miho screams that they are all together in one class this year. Haru, together with his cats, say that he is also in their class. Flashing a v-sign, Nishiki says that he, too, is in the same class. Sakura is furious that she is the only one who is left out. She gets angry at Nishiki for being happy. “Nishiki, you idiot, I hate you.” Nishiki freaks out over this. With a somewhat bored look, Miho says that it is inevitable since Sakura is a year lower than them. When she is asking Tsubaki if she is right about that, Miho notices that Tsubaki is looking at the classroom assignments. Miho says that is right, it is quite baffling that unexpectedly, everyone is in one same class. It turns out that Kyouta is also in their class. This made Tsubaki think that God likes to play practical jokes on her. In section 3-5, at the start of the class, the teacher tells everyone that they ought to know already that Tsubaki Kyouta got into an accident and is currently recuperating. “It seems that around summer season, he’ll be able to go back to school. So, until that time, everyone, [hope you’ll] help him a lot--” While someone is asking if Kyouta’s injuries are that serious and someone answered that he broke his right arm and leg, Tsubaki looks aghast. She thinks that last year, she prayed with all her might but her wish didn’t come true. There is a scene of Tsubaki hoping to be in the same class as Kyouta. “Then, when I want to separate [/cool off] for a while with Tsubaki-kun.. Why is it that it turned out like this.. *looks at the empty seat beside her* he became my seatmate.. When Tsubaki-kun goes back to school, what kind of expression should I use then..”

The teacher claps his hands and tells everyone to quiet down and stop talking about Kyouta for now. “One year, as a third year high school student, is very short so one has to decide with utmost strength as to what one will do in the future and [do that] seriously in each passing day!” This surprises Tsubaki and thinks that she broke up with Kyouta in order to properly find out what she wants to do in the future. “But, I wasn’t able to make any progress on that *head on hands/frustration* and it is almost a month already..” Later on, Tsubaki is standing in front of the street while waiting for the go signal. Holding a magazine-type of book, Tsubaki has been encircling some dates of open days of some universities. Tsubaki thinks that it is useless to just keep on thinking about it in her mind. “In short, I should first visit the universities one by one. *holding pen and looking determined* This way, there might be an opportunity to find something. Anything will do. I only have to be a bit interested in it..!!” As the other people start to cross the street, Tsubaki is surprised over the last two sentences she thought. She looks sad and thinks that she didn’t break up with Kyouta just to find that kind of thing. “I don’t want to lose to Tsubaki-kun’s love for the universe. *A scene of Kyouta happily looking in the telescope* Looking forward to one’s goal.. If I weren’t able to find it here [universities/herself], then I cannot go back to Tsubaki-kun’s side..” Flustered Tsubaki looks up and sees a glass windowed two-story building. She sees a hairstylist cutting a female customer’s hair. Tsubaki has a yearning expression on her face.
Flashback: Her mother screamed, “You want to become a hair stylist!? *grabs Tsubaki’s shoulder when they are in some parent-teacher meeting during junior high* Didn’t you promise me that you are going to a good university!? Are you going to break your word!?” The teacher tried to calm her down. Tsubaki’s distraught mother continued to tell Tsubaki, “Something’s wrong.. Tsubaki who is marvelously obedient, will not do this kind of thing that will make mama broken-hearted.. Right?!” End flashback. Tsubaki looks aghast and thinks that it is impossible to persuade her mother. Soon, the walk signal is go. Tsubaki is about to walk away when a hat guy suddenly pulls her hair. Tsubaki is startled and tries to say, “--!? About.. that--” The man looks at her hair that he is holding and says, “Ah, sorry.. I thought it’s a really beautiful hair that I unconsciously.. *looks as if he is blushing* To be able meet this kind of girl.. I’m really lucky!” Somewhat tense Tsubaki asks him to please let go.. To puzzled Tsubaki’s surprise, he exclaims, “Afterwards, you’ll also be super lucky!! *somewhat holding her hair to his face* I will make you become my model.” Looking a bit flustered, Tsubaki thinks that this is the first time she encountered this. “This is the legendary unethical way of doing business--!!” There is a scene on the television of girl A tearfully saying that the person told her that she’ll be a model so she agreed to go with that person but in the end, it was a hard sell for she was forced to buy a 300,000 worth of painting. “S/he even said that if I don’t agree to it, s/he won’t let me go.” Still holding Tsubaki’s hair, the man takes out his business card and tells her this is what he’s doing [/occupation].. But Tsubaki is already freaking out that she dropped her pen. Tsubaki immediately pulls back her hair from him and shouts that she is still a high school student and she cannot buy anything very expensive so.. Tsubaki has already run away. The man sighs and curses that she ran away. “She totally thought that I’m a suspicious character..” He looks down and notices something. He picks up the pen Tsubaki dropped and says, “Ah-ah, and it wasn’t easy to find an ideal girl..”
At the house, Tsubaki and her mother are eating dinner. Her mother exclaims if that is really dangerous..Tsubaki should absolutely not to go with that kind of person. Tsubaki says that she knows. “What model.. I won’t be deceived by that.” Sakura suddenly comes in and exclaims that she is home, and she’s really hungry. Sakura happily takes one of Tsubaki’s gyoza [dumpling] and says that she’s taking one. Their mother angrily stands up and reprimands Sakura that if she is come home late for dinner, she should call home earlier. “Where did you go!?” While eating the gyoza, Sakura tells her that she went to see Kyouta. This surprises Tsubaki. Sitting down on the chair, Sakura tells her sister that since Kyouta’s right arm is broken, it is very hard for him to balance because he can only use one hand while using the clutches. This surprises Tsubaki that she says that Kyouta can already use clutches and he is really doing his best to get well soon. Sakura looks at her in surprise. She suddenly stands up and exclaims to Tsubaki that Kyouta has already using the clutches before. “Could it be-- you lately haven’t been visiting him!?” Tsubaki sadly says, ya, for she had temporarily separated with Kyouta so she also haven’t been in touch with him.. While cooking something for Sakura, their mother looks at their direction and probably overheard that. Tsubaki tells her sister that Kyouta is trying to get better while she tries to think about her college studies. “Each of us are doing our best..” Sakura interrupts by exclaiming, “Huh--? How can that be!! Leaving your boyfriend at the hospital without a care, as a girlfriend, isn’t that really awful. You are absolutely going to be dumped--!” Tsubaki looks somewhat nervous. She then looks at Sakura with a smile and says, “This is something that the two of us had decided on. We thought that this is for the best. There will be no problem for me and Tsubaki-kun..!” Sakura is amazed by what Tsubaki said but she didn’t notice that Tsubaki is somewhat shaking as she holds her rice bowl to eat. Tsubaki’s mother just looks thoughtful-sad. Next chapter blurb: Tsubaki and that suspicious man she previous met, will--!?
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