June 14, 2011

Stardust★Wink [Chapter 27]

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Cover page: “Unable to look away! Finally! Finally? Anna and Hinata are going to date!?” Sitting cross-legged on a chair, Prince Hinata says, “Anna, when we were in third year junior high, you said, 'I already know the answer so there's no need for you to answer', right. Right now, you still won't let me say it?” *This might have some discrepancies from reality* [← since he is a prince here] Someone says, “What, then doesn’t it mean that Anna and Hinata-kun like each other mutually!!” While dressing up at the lockers, Nanoka tells Anna, “It means that the 'not wanting me to answer the confession' = 'I want to answer it' = 'I also like you'!!” While she is wearing her coat, Anna happily says that she's jumping into conclusion. Anna sheepishly smiles when Nanoka says that it is obvious that Anna is also thinking that way since she is obviously really delighted about it. Anna suddenly looks surprised for she feels that this is some sort of deja vu. Nanoka sighs and tells Anna that she thinks that Hinata has some apprehensions towards Sou. “Before, the two of you like each other but Hinata has no way of betraying Nagase-kun-- But right now, finally, 'Anna!! In reality, I also like you-!!!” Anna gloomily holds up her hand and tells Nanoka to please stop this. Nanoka froze and asks her why she suddenly became cold like that. Anna says that it is nothing, it isn't sudden but rather she just calmed down and realized something. “Just now, I've remembered it.. I've already thought that Hinata likes me that I was super delighted over it but in the end, it totally wasn't like that.” Nanoka didn't say anything more. At home, while eating, Anna thinks, “That's right. I should calm down first. I'm really happy about the date!! Because of what Hinata said, I'm pretty much excited!! But what Nanoka said about, 'mutually like each other' is absolutely impossible. The one whom Hinata likes during junior high is--.. *remembers Mari-sensei; Anna feels ill* [Ugh,] I've remembered something unpleasant.. Ultimately, regarding that phone call, I also totally have no inkling as to what Hinata is thinking. 'Next time we meet, I'll tell you' What will Hinata tell me--..”
At school, while Anna is taking her shoes at the shoe lockers, she overhears some girls saying that it is from the photography club and it is a picture of Nagase who looks so handsome. She looks at the poster and sees a huge picture of Sou along with a couple of other pictures. Anna goes into shock for it is the picture she accidentally took of Sou. Freaking out, Anna takes the poster to her club adviser and asks her what this poster is all about. Flashing a v-sign, Chikai asks her if she has seen it and it looks good, right. She tells Anna that she chose a picture from the Kyugi Taikai [/balls competition] by each of the members and put it up in one poster for she wants the others to see it. Anna shouts that it isn't good at all and what's to report. “Just sticking this up without even some discussion, please change the picture I took, with something else!! Right now, immediately!!” Anna is stunned when Chikai tells her that from the ones Anna took, there are no other good pictures. Chikai reprimands her that she wasn't seriously taking pictures during the competition. Anna tensely denies it. Chikai tells her that it is useless to cover it up for one would know just by looking at her pictures. Chikai reminds her of 'the intuition of wanting to put importance on the pictures taken' is very important. “One has to have a feeling of 'want to take a picture of' and it is also when one's inner being is moved. A picture which manifests this kind of feeling will also stir up the feelings of the person looking at it. How can you take pictures if your heart [/mind] is preoccupied?” Anna gloomily apologizes. Chikai tensely tells her that she didn't say that all of her pictures aren't good. “I think that this picture is really good so I used it for the poster!” A bit flustered, Anna asks, “That picture?” Giving her an okay-sign, Chikai tells Anna, “Yes, I really felt your feelings of liking Nagase-kun. *Anna is gloomily speechless.* But, he's really popular- Nagase-kun. Wasn't it said that he has a lot of fans within the school? Anna-chan, are you also a fan? Or is it [more] serious?!” Anna is aghast and angry.
While angrily walking at the hallway, Anna thinks, “So, I've said that we are purely childhood friends--. I feel tired from having to deny it until now. What fan!! You are the fan!! (← note says that it seems quite unexpected) Hm..it would be good if because of the poster, one would think that it is taken by a fan of Sou.. if it is like that, then it will be quite fortunate. But compared to this being something funny, if Sou sees it, and it is exposed that I'm the one who took that picture.” Anna imagines Sou angrily shouting, “Didn't I say that we 'separate [/cool off] for a while', what is the meaning of this picture! You are really such an insensitive girl!! Do not stick it out [in public], are you an idiot?!” Anna gloomily thinks that before it is exposed, before Sou gets to see it.. At the stairwell, aghast Sou looks at his picture on the bulletin board. His friend laughs that it is really amazing for Sou made it into a super big feature article. Standing at the corner, Anna is really scared and thinks that she is too late. “Ah ah, from this side, I cannot see Sou’s reaction to know what he is thinking. In the end, he’s angry, right?! Isn’t he? This is the result of this and that reasons!!” Sou’s friend continues to laugh and says that the one who took the picture is definitely a girl. “Could it be Sou’s fan? Shouldn’t we ask someone from the photography club?” Anna freaks out over this. She wonders what that guy is saying. “It’s fine if it’s just Sou’s fan!! There will be no problem if it is a fan, don’t make Sou do that!! If Sou learns that I’m the one who took it--..” Sou sighs and says not to mind it for he isn’t interested to know. Anna is surprised to hear that. As Sou and friend head upstairs, his friend comments that Sou is quite calm about it. After they left, Anna goes up and looks at the poster. She goes into an ‘eh’ expression and mutters, ‘not interested’, huh. She thinks, “Is that- so. That is also true. Hahaha.. haha.. I’m the only one who’s flustered at this side that I couldn’t sit still, that I couldn’t even calm down in class. I’m really such a fool.”
At home, Anna is lying on her bed and holding her cellphone. She looks for Hinata’s number and calls him. She closes her eyes as she listens to the other phone ringing. “Moshi-moshi.. Anna?” Anna opens her eyes and smile. Then, she giggles. Sitting at his study table, Hinata asks her what it is. Anna says that it is nothing but she just thought that Hinata’s voice can send away negative ions. Hinata sweatdrops and asks what is that. Anna just happily smiles. Hinata asks her if she thought of a place where she would want to go on the weekend. Anna quickly sits up and exclaims that she thought of it. “Anywhere is okay!!” Anna is shock when he says that answer can make things difficult. Anna asks him what about him. Hinata says, “Ah, me? *long pause* anywhere is okay.. I’m sorry, I will completely [be] enthusiastic in thinking about it.” Anna tells him that she has always thought that the words ‘completely enthusiastic’ is not a part [/connected] to Hinata’s vocabulary. Hinata replies, “What are you saying. I’m super completely enthusiastic. Completely enthusiastic in planning this date trip to make you, Anna, cheer up. *Anna looks surprised* Then, please anticipate it.” Anna thinks, “Geez, how did [he] know.. Hinata, he..” Anna happily says, “Okay!!” Finally, it is the day. Carrying her bags, Anna calls out to her mother that she is going out. Her mother reminds her to properly thank Mashiro and remember to give that [thank you/visiting] gift to him. Anna says okay to all of that. Her mother also reminds her to if she is going to be home soon, she should send a text [/sms]. Anna heads down to the parking lot to see Mashiro. He greets Anna and tells her that he has come to pick her up. Anna happily greets him. Mashiro comments that she dressed up really cute and it has a ‘powerful presence’. This made Anna happy that she says that she is after all, going on a date. She then gives him a package and tells him that her mother wants to give that to him. Mashiro says okay. He tells her to first sit in the car for it takes three hours to get to Tokyo.
When she opened the door, she is surprised to see Hinata sleeping soundly at the backseat. She exclaims that it’s Hinata. Mashiro says that is right, for Hinata told him that he would also want to fetch her. “Even if he said that, he promptly fell asleep. This kid.” Mashiro tries to wake up Hinata by calling him but Anna says that it is alright, there is no need to wake Hinata up. She asks Mashiro what time he left from home. Mashiro tells her that they left at six o’clock. Anna sweatdrops and apologizes to him for the trouble, as well as thanks him for taking the trouble. Mashiro assures her that it is fine since he is an idler. “Okay, let’s go.” Anna tells him that she’ll be under his care. [<- being polite]. At the backseat, Anna feels a bit tense as she sits at the other side of sleeping Hinata. She glances at Hinata and thinks that Hinata isn’t really much of an early riser so it must be quite an inconvenience for him to go on this long-distance date. Then, Mashiro notices that he should have made a right turn a while ago so now, he has to make a u-turn. He swiftly turns around that because of the centrifugal force, they all lean to the left. Mashiro apologizes and reminds them to wear their seatbelt. Anna notices something on her. She blushes really red and freaks out that Hinata is now sleeping on her lap. While wondering if this is for real, Anna tensely calls Hinata. [I’m not sure if it is Mashiro or] Anna apologizes that this happened while he is sleeping. She nudges him a bit. This wakes Hinata up. He turns sideways and finds Anna looking down on him. He sits up and rubs his eyes. He says, “Ah.. Anna? Are we already at the apartment?” Anna blushes really red and thinks that Hinata is acting as if nothing happened. Hinata is puzzled that he asks why Anna’s face is really reddish. Mashiro says, okay, okay, don’t flirt around at the back or could it be that they are already going steady. Hinata is surprised when flustered Anna exclaims, “We are not!! What are you saying, Mashiro..”
Anna freezes and thinks that the way she said it just now isn’t appropriate. “Simply, it should be said in a way that it won’t be misunderstood. *Chibi Anna flashes a v-sign and winks, ‘I hope that we can go steady-♡’ Is saying it that way much better?! Or, what should I say?! I don’t know..” While she is thinking over that, Hinata says, “Wait a minute, Mashiro-kun. Because of you, I’ve been dumped before the date. What do you want me to do then?” Mashiro replies, “Ah ha..sorry- Just make it up during the date-” Anna turns to Hinata and asks what did they just say. Noticing her looking at him, Hinata tells her that he has already decided where they will go. Anna perks up and asks, where. Hinata says that he’ll tell her if she guessed it right. Anna asks for a hint. Looking at her, Hinata says, “It is a place where there are a lot of cute kids.” While Hinata quietly looks/observes her, Anna looks surprised then she looks aghast while wondering what kind of place that is. “In the end, what does that mean? Is that a place where one will go for a date!? Is it a nightclub type of place? If we are going to a place where there are a lot of cute kids, what am I to do..” Anna glances at Hinata then notices that he is giggling. She asks him if he is laughing. Trying to suppress his laughter, Hinata apologizes and says that he never thought that she will take it so seriously. Anna is shock and gloomy over it. She asks him if he is just kidding. Somewhat whispering to her, Hinata says, “It’s alright. I think that there are no kids cuter than you, Anna.” While Anna is stunned-blushing, Hinata tells Mashiro to drop them off at Ueno. Mashiro says, understood. While Hinata feels sleepy again, flustered and tense Anna tells herself that she obviously decided not to anticipate [the date]. “But it seems that it is still a date that I cannot help but to anticipate. Starting right now”
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